International mission trip packet-2016

Juna Amagara Ministries International Mission Team Juna Amagara Ministries Post Office Box 2384 Glen El yn, IL 60138 630-248-9472 [email protected] Contents: Short Term Mission Trip Participant Information --------------------------- 3 Travel Insurance Sources ------------------------------------------------------- 3 Timeline for Traveler ------------------------------------------------------------ 6 Quick Guide to Rukiga / Runyankole ------------------------------------------ 7 Documents to be Filled out and Submitted to JAM Prior to Departure Application ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9 Waiver of Liability --------------------------------------------------------------- 11 Personal Covenant ---------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Short Term Mission Trip Participant Information
Juna Amagara Ministries is excited and delighted you have answered God's call to share in
the work we are doing in Uganda. This packet has been prepared to assist you in preparing
for your trip and hopefully answer many of the questions you may have.
Mission Trip Coordinator
Your first step in planning a trip to Uganda is to request a Mission Trip Coordinator
(MTC) from Juna Amagara. The MTC will be responsible for connecting you with the
appropriate staff in Uganda. S/he will also help you through the paperwork and will
schedule an orientation for you and your team in advance of departure. Even if you know
Juna Amagara people in Uganda, it is important to plan your trip through the MTC in the
U.S. Please request your MTC from [email protected].
Estimated costs
Your mission trip leader will determine the actual cost for your trip. In the past, round-trip
airfare from Chicago has run from $1,500 to 2,000 per person. In-country costs for
accommodations, meals, transportation, tours and tips is figured at $80.00 per day per
person. A Uganda visa costs $100.00 at Entebbe airport. A Rwanda visa costs $100.00 at
Kigali airport. You can request an East African visa which will allow travel between
Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya for no additional visa costs. International Travel
Insurance is required and runs from $75-150.00 per person. Additional costs may be
incurred for immunization.
Personal Covenant
Juna Amagara requires that all travelers agree to the Personal Covenant included with this
document. You or your team leader will be responsible for collecting this document from
each traveler and forwarding it to Juna Amagara prior to departure.
Application and Waiver of Liability
Juna Amagara requires that all travelers fill out a Mission Trip Application and sign our
Waiver of Liability. Your church or sponsoring organization may collect this document
from you and forward it to Juna Amagara or, if you are traveling independently, you may
send it to Juna Amagara directly. It is essential that we have this document in our hands
prior to your departure. Each person must fill out an application and waiver even if
multiple members of one family are traveling together
Travel Insurance for Medical & Evacuation
Since it is likely that your US-based health insurance covers little or no cost of services
outside of the U.S., Juna Amagara Ministries requires that you purchase international
travel insurance for the duration of your trip. This insurance will cover any and all medical
costs in case of life-threatening injury including medical evacuation or air-lift. Each
traveler is responsible for purchasing his or her own insurance; the cost and the coverage
are NOT included in travel fees. Insurance sources we have used in the past include:
AIG Travel Guard: Multiple carriers: Multiple carriers:
Payment for Trip
If you are traveling with a church group or sponsored organization, you will most likely
make payment for airfare directly to that organization which will, in turn, pay for travel
services. If you are traveling independently, you may pay the travel agent for airfare
directly. In-country costs must be paid to Juna Amagara-USA in advance of
. Funds will be wired to Mission Team personnel in Uganda prior to your
If you cancel your participation in this trip prior to departure date, the only way you can
get a refund is if you purchased trip cancellation insurance from AIG Travelguard. Some
in-country costs apply to the entire group's travel and are not refundable.
Booking Air Travel
Airline tickets are the responsibility of each team. Flights may be booked through any
travel agency. Here are a few that specialize in missionary travel:
GTS: (Brian Coblenz) [email protected] MKI: (Tina Holbrook) [email protected] Adoption Airfare: or In order to fly at a missionary rate, some airlines require a letter from the missions
organization certifying that the people who are going are actually going to assist the
organization. Should your travel agent request such a letter from you, please make that
request to your MTC via [email protected].
Passport / Visa
The traveler assumes all costs for passports and visas needed prior to arriving at Uganda.
Very important: Be sure the expiration of your visa is more than six months away from
your date of return to the U.S. A visa may be purchased at the airport upon arrival for
$100.00 U.S. It is not necessary to go to the Uganda or Rwanda embassy for visas.
Recommended Vaccinations
Contact your physician, a local travel clinic or your county health department to receive
recommended immunizations 4-6 weeks prior to the trip to allow shots to
take effect. Typically, none of these immunizations are required for entry into Uganda
when you are coming from the U.S. However that may change if an epidemic occurs in-
counry. Your MTC will know the entry requirements and advise you to get the appropriate
shots and documentation. You may also visit the CDC website for the latest updates: If funds are limited,
items 1-3 are the most highly recommended.
1. Yellow fever 2. Typhoid 3. Hepatitis A 4. Polio 5. Tetanus-diphtheria booster Prescription Medicine If you take prescription medicine, make sure you bring enough for the whole trip. The following prescribed medicines are recommended as precautions: 1. Malaria medication. Malarone is a daily medication. Mefloquin (Lariam) is
weekly however it can have psychiatric side affects (bad dreams, anxiety etc). Doxycycline is daily and cheaper than the others. However it can cause you to be sensitive to the sun, which might cause discomfort since Uganda is on the equator. 2. Cipro is an antibiotic that your doctor must prescribe for severe diarrhea that does
not resolve with Immodium. If you are sensitive to a change in diet, Cipro will help. 3. When bringing prescription medicine, be sure to leave it in original containers 4. Please notify your MTC of any food allergies or medical conditions if it might be important for your safety. This information will be passed to the people in Uganda. Dealing with Money The currency of Uganda is the Uganda Shilling, exchanging at approximately 3,000//= per US dollar. The most effective way to carry money to Uganda is to bring cash in $100.00 bills that were issued in the year 2009 or later. Those can be changed to shillings at a local Foreign Exchange (Forex) office. Lower denominations will be exchanged at higher rates. We do not recommend using traveler's checks as they are rarely accepted outside of the capital city of Kampala. ATMs are available at banks in most towns, but may not connect to your bank's network in the U.S. First Aid Items These items can be carried individually or as a first aid kit for the team: 1. Immodium or other anti-diarrhea medicine 2. Laxative 3. Assorted bandages 4. Antibacterial cream (like Neosporin) 5. Hydrocortisone cream 6. Antihistamine tablets 7. Motrin, Advil or Tylenol 8. Powdered electrolyte packs (Gatorade) for rehydration 9. Aloe vera gel for sunburn 10. Tums Any items left over may be left with the Uganda Team Director at the end of the trip for use in the Juna Amagara medical clinics. If you do become ill or sustain minor injury, our HEAL Clinic in Rubanda is well-equipped with competent staff to take care of you. For personal use, everyone should carry: 1. Sunscreen (no stores sell sunburn products in Uganda) 2. Mosquito spray / cream (Cutter's Lotion) 3. Hand gel (Purel) or hand wipes What to Bring & Not Bring DO NOT BRING: • Candy or gifts to hand out to individual children. It is important that missioners control the urge to just give treats to individuals, especially children. Such actions create a begging mentality that is detrimental to the ministry and the community. • Valuables such as diamonds, jewelry or expensive watches. DO BRING: Items collected for the ministry such as clothing, books, hand tools, school supplies and monetary donations. These will be distributed according to standard ministry guidelines; they will be accepted by the community with gratitude to you and our Great Lord God. Your team leader should have consulted with the Ministry to discover the most current urgent needs and will guide you in a team-wide collection effort. If you are bringing medical supplies, contact [email protected] for the latest needs and shipping requirements. PERSONAL ITEMS: 1. A daypack or fanny pack to carry all personal items for the day 2. Minimum electrical appliances; pack an international power adapter that will allow you to charge batteries with 220-volt British plug 3. Hat for sun protection 4. Work gloves for building projects 5. Enough undergarments for trip (your host families may do some laundry for you if you ask however, out of courtesy, they will not wash your lingerie) 6. Sandals, gym shoes, hiking shoes, nicer sandals for church days
7. Women's clothing: comfortable, wrinkle free skirts and dresses that hang below
the knee. Nice dress for Sunday church. Capri pants and jeans are ok for travel
days or working. No shorts. No camisole, spaghetti string or tube tops. Shirts must
be modest.
8. Men's clothing; wrinkle free pants and shirts. T-shirts and collar shirts only. Shorts are OK except for church. 9. Fleece jog suit and socks for sleeping in Ben's village; it gets cold in the highlands. 10. Febreeze for the clothes in your suitcase 11. Plastic (grocery store) bags to store your shoes in; they can become full of red mud and acan be a mess to pack when moving from place to place. 12. Alarm clock 13. Washcloths 14. Small mirror to fix hair, shave etc; some accommodations do not have mirrors 15. Pillowcase for your personal use 16. Small disposable garbage bags 17. Flashlight 18. Notebook or journal 19. Bible 20. Camera or phone with camera 21. Snacks for in-between meals or long journeys (especially if hypoglycemic). Nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, beef jerky, power bars and M&M peanuts travel well. Flavored tea or lemonade in powder form for bottled water also works well. Timeline for Traveling 1. Secure a Mission Trip Coordinator (MTC) via [email protected]. You will be advised to download this packet of information to begin the process of preparation. Read the packet and prepare questions for your MTC. Remember, s/he is there to help you prepare well and have a successful trip. 6-9 months in advance Make sure your passport is current, that is, it is not due to expire within six months of your last day in country. Apply to the U.S. passport office, post office or library early if you do not already have travel documents. 3-4 months in advance Read vaccination requirements and schedule a time to get any that are not current. Some vaccinations require a series of shots over a span of time. 1-4 months in advance. Secure funding for your trip. Start 6 months in advance. You or your Trip Leader are responsible for securing air travel. Reservations recommended at least 90 days in advance. Visas for Uganda need not be secured prior to travel; they will be purchased upon arrival. Plan to attend at least one orientation session in-person or on-line prior to travel. 2- 3 weeks in advance. Prepare for this trip in prayer. Quick Guide to Rukiga/Runyankole (This language is generally spoken everywhere we work except Kampala) K is often pronounced "CH"
Example: Rukiga= Roocheega C is often pronounced "CH"
Example: Kacerere=Kacha-rarreh KY is often pronounced "CH"
Example: Kyotera=Cho-tera R is often pronounced as an "L" Example: Kare= Colley
GY is pronounced as a "J" Example: Tugyende= Tuh-jenday
Multiple vowels mean stretched out sound Example: Omusiisi= oh moo seeeeee si
J is pronounced as a "ZH"
Example: Kwija= Kwee-zha, Najuna=Na-zhoona E at the end of a word is "AY"
Example: Arahe = Ara-hay Useful words and phrases: Praise the Lord: Praise Him indeed: Asiimwe Munonga How is everyone? Murigye Mwena? We are fine Note: Ego (ay-go) means "yes" Iziina Ryangye Ninye… I come from America What are you called? I was a sinner but Jesus saved me Nkaba Ndi Omusiisi, Jesu Na Kanjuna Now I walk with Jesus Ningyenda Na Jesu I greet you in Jesus' name Nimbaramusya Mwiziina Rya Yesu I am happy to come here Nashemererwa Kwija Hanu Is there any hot water? Hariyo Amaizi Agari Kwotzia May the Lord bless you. Mukama Abahe Omugisha Thank you (very much) Webare (Munonga) Sheka (or sheka sheka) (many = msheka) Hello, how are you? Nigye (pronounded Nidjeh) You are welcome (to my house) Kare (pron. Colley) Goodbye to several men Goodbye to several ladies Though it is in the Luganda language and not Rukiga, you will hear this song often when giving thanks to God: Tukutendereza, Jesu, Jesu Orimwana Gwandi-ga Omusai Goo-na Na-zi-za Nebaza Omolokozi. ### Last updated 2-9-16 Participant Application and Waiver
Short Term Mission Trip – Juna Amagara Ministries
Traveling as a short term missioner for Juna Amagara Ministries (JAM) is not the same as typical
vacation travel. You will visit remote areas of the world where logistical requirements for
volunteers may involve modes of transportation and/or accommodations that are unfamiliar to
Americans. In addition, JAM Short Term Mission trips contain the full range of risks and
inconveniences of international travel and volunteer service including physical labor, timing
delays, decision frustrations, surprises and changes in plans. It is important that you realize these
facets of missionary travel are not meant to be an irritation but are, in fact a valuable part of the
cross-cultural experience. As a necessary precaution, JAM requires that each program participant
understand and execute the following application and waiver.
Participant Information – Please fill in all blanks
Name as it Appears on your Passport _ U.S. Passport No. _ Phone Numbers: Home/Cel ( ) Emergency Contact Name: Your Relationship to Emergency Contact: Emergency Contact E-mail address Past Missions Team Experience (year/place/sponsoring organization) This Trip's Sponsoring Church or Organization: Juna Amagara Ministries – Post Office Box 2384 Glen El yn, IL 60137 630-248-9472
Waiver and Release of Liability
, hereby apply to Juna Amagara Ministries (JAM), a charitable organization recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, to participate in the mission trip to Uganda, East Africa, scheduled for the dates from _ . JAM provides advisory services regarding the planning and logistics of this trip. In consideration of the mission opportunities provided to me by the JAM
or any other sponsoring organization, and through the advisory services provided by JAM, which I
agree are adequate consideration, I agree to what follows.
Acknowledgment of Risks. I acknowledge that I am a volunteer and assume all risks associated
with international travel to non-tourist locations. I understand and acknowledge that due to the
nature of the trip, preparing for it, traveling to and from it, and actually participating in it, involves
risks of damage to or loss of property, harm to my body, mental faculties, or emotions, or those of
my family and even death; by signing this legally binding contract, I hereby assume those risks.
Sources of damage, loss, harm or death may include, but are not limited to, (1) harmful acts or
failures to act in harmony with employees, agents and volunteers of JAM and other trip
participants, who have varying levels of knowledge, experience, and judgment; (2) a remote,
primitive, unsanitary, dangerous and at times inaccessible location; and (3) potentially dangerous
construction work. I understand and acknowledge that JAM will act according to recognized
mission agency procedures in the unlikely even of a kidnapping or hostage situation and will
attempt to negotiate the release of a trip participant, but will not encourage the future abduction of
missionaries by paying a ransom of any kind. I agree expressly and voluntarily to assume all risks
and full responsibility for any bodily injury, death or property damages arising out of or related to
this trip.
Acknowledgment of Insurance. I acknowledge that I have been advised by JAM to purchase
international travel insurance to cover any necessary medical or evacuation expense while
traveling. I hereby attest that by departure date I will have purchased international travel insurance
and will provide the ministry a bona fide receipt for same.
Facts About Me. I am _ years old. I am in good health and sound mind, and able to
understand this Contract. I have or will discuss my participation in the trip with my physician,
have or will receive any vaccination he or she deems necessary, and will participate in the trip only
if I have received his or her approval and believe that I am able to endure the physical requirements
that may be associated with such participation. If I am under the age of 18 years, it is understood
that all risks assumed here will be borne by my parent or guardian as agreed by signature on this
Approval for Participation. I acknowledge that JAM reserves the right to deny participation in
this mission trip to any applicant and I will abide by any such decision.
Covenant Not to Sue, Release, and Indemnity. I promise the following: (a) I WILL NEVER
SUE JAM FOR DAMAGES, including damages resulting from JAM's negligence (excepting its
willful and wanton misconduct.) That means that I hereby agree and covenant not to institute and
suit or action at law or at equity against JAM. I intend this Instrument to be defense to any such
suit or action, and a complete bar to the commencement and prosecution of any such suit or action.
LIABILITIES, including liabilities arising from its negligence, (excepting its willful and wanton
misconduct), and including liabilities arising from my actions. In addition, I hereby give JAM
permission to use my image as captured by still or video photography for ministry purposes.
Definitions. When I use the following words, I mean the following: (a) "DAMAGES" means any
damage of every kind and nature, including damage or loss to property, financial loss, harm to
body, mental faculties or emotions, or death, resulting from, in connection with, or in any way
related to the trip whether caused by JAM's negligence (excepting its willful and wanton
misconduct), or any other cause. "DAMAGES" includes, but is not limited to, damage that occurs
or is caused during the planning of, preparation for, travel to or from the site of, and actual conduct
of, the trip. (b) "I" means myself, my spouse, members of my family, my insurers, heirs, estate,
legal representative, executor, administrators, successors, and assigns.
(c) "LIABILITIES" means any liability of every kind and nature in connection with my
participation in the trip, including any and all causes of action, actions, suits, claims, demands,
rights, damages, judgments, executions, court costs, attorney and other legal fees, and including
such liabilities that arise from claims for contribution by others that I have sued or from whom I
have received compensation for DAMAGES. (d) Juna Amagara Ministries (JAM) means its
directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, affiliates, associates, sponsoring churches, and
cooperative institutions, including the spouse, insurers, heirs, estates, legal representatives,
executors, administrators, successors, estates, and assigns of the foregoing.
Governing Law and Disputes. I agree that the laws of the State of Illinois only will govern every
aspect of this Contract, and my rights and responsibilities in connection with the trip. I intend this
Contract to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Illinois. I may sue
only in state or federal court in DuPage County, Illinois.
Complete Reading and Understanding. I have carefully read this Agreement and fully
understand its contents. I am aware that this is a complete and irrevocable Release of Liability and
a Contract between myself (along with my parent or guardian if applicable) and Juna Amagara
Ministries and/or their affiliates. No oral representations, statements or inducements apart from
this Agreement have been made by me. I sign this Agreement of my own free will.
Signature of Applicant (Releasor)
Parent / Guardian (if applicable)
I have read this document and agree to be governed by al of its terms and conditions as they apply to my child during this trip Signature of Applicant Signature Parent/Guardian Witness Signature
Signature of Witness Revised 10/11/2007 Juna Amagara Mission Trip Personal Covenant
As a traveler to Uganda for Juna Amagara Ministries, I agree to conduct myself in a courteous and respectful manner both to people in Uganda and my fellow team members. In this regard, I hereby agree to: • Accept responsibility to represent myself and my organization with dignity and cultural sensitivity by being a positive role model in Uganda. • Accept and submit to the leadership and authority of the team leader and promise to abide by his/her decisions as they concern this mission trip. • Abstain from and not tolerate physical or verbal abuse of people or animals. • Abstain from and not tolerate foul language, jokes or gestures, being especially insensitive to cultural differences in gestures and clothing, politics, customs or traditions. • Not attempt to establish my own agenda or methods, but instead will comply with nationals and show deference to customs and differences in lifestyles. • Not use any forms of tobacco, alcoholic beverages or prohibited substances while • Refrain from giving gifts (money, clothing, jewelry or other items) to individuals. If I feel compelled to make a gift to someone I have met, I will first consult with the team leaders before promising or making such a gift. This covenant does not apply to host gifts. • Refrain from promising sponsorship to any individual without first consulting Juna Amagara team leaders. • Care for and manage all property and equipment both owned and borrowed by Juna Amagara, its agents or other members. I agree that in the event my conduct is considered so unsatisfactory that it jeopardizes the success of this trip, and that mediation during the trip has failed to correct my behavior, that my services in connection with this mission shall end and I shall return home immediately at my own expense. In signing this covenant, I represent that I am eighteen (18) years of age or older. If I am under the age of 18, my parent or legal guardian signs on my behalf. This (these) signatures seal my acceptance of these conditions declared in this covenant. _ Signature Parent / Guardian


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