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CURRICULUM VITAE Suzanne Valerie McDiarmid, M.B., Ch.B. Business Address UCLA Medical Center, Room 12-383 MDCC 10833 Le Conte Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90095 Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Ashburton, New Zealand Education: 1976 Medical School of the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand Postgraduate Training 1977 Junior House Surgeon, Dunedin, New Zealand Three months rotations in each of the following: Cardiac Surgery, General Surgery, Pediatrics, General Medicine.

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PRODUCT MONOGRAPH rosiglitazone maleate/metformin hydrochloride 2 mg/500 mg Tablets 2 mg rosiglitazone (as rosiglitazone maleate) and 500 mg metformin hydrochloride 4 mg/500 mg Tablets 4 mg rosiglitazone (as rosiglitazone maleate) and 500 mg metformin hydrochloride 2 mg/1000 mg Tablets 2 mg rosiglitazone (as rosiglitazone maleate) and 1000 mg metformin hydrochloride


mise au point le reflux gastro-œsophagien chez le sujet âgé Quel es spécificités ? n Le reflux gastro-œsophagien (RGO) est une affection fréquente. En France, près d'un adulte sur 10 a des symptômes typiques de RGO au moins une fois par semaine (1). Surtout la préva-lence du RGO est en augmentation dans de nombreux pays sur les dernières décennies (2). La prévalence du RGO semble augmenter avec l'âge, et le vieillissement des populations pourrait contribuer à cet accroissement. En réalité le RGO du sujet âgé, s'il semble à l'origine de fré-quentes comorbidités, reste peu étudié. Pourtant, de nombreux aspects physiopathologiques et cliniques du RGO et de sa prise en charge sont modifiés chez le sujet âgé. Ainsi, si les bases de la prise en charge restent les mêmes, il en résulte une adaptation thérapeutique liée à la fragilité et aux comorbidités.

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A Guide to the City of Greater Sudbury Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplaces Un guide du règlement 2002-300 de la Ville du Grand Sudbury interdisant l'usage du tabac dans les endroits publics et les lieux de travail To make an appointment with a By-law Enforcement Officer, please call Smoke-Free By-law Enforcement • 688-7726. Pour prendre rendez-vous avec un agent d'Exécution


THIS CIRCULAR IS IMPORTANT AND REQUIRES YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION If you are in any doubt as to any aspect of this circular or as to the action to be taken, youshould consult your stockbroker or other registered dealer in securities, bank manager, solicitor,professional accountants or other professional adviser. If you have sold or transferred all your shares in Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd,you should at once hand this circular and the accompanying form of proxy to the purchaser(s) ortransferee(s) or to the bank, stockbroker, or other agent through whom the sale or transfer waseffected for transmission to the purchaser(s) or transferee(s).


Medicare Supplement Table of ContentsContacts . Page 1 • Addresses for Mailing and Delivery Receipts• Online Forms• Important Phone Numbers Introduction . Page 2 Policy Issue Guidelines . Page 3 • Open Enrollment• States with Under Age 65 Requirements• Selective Issue• Application Dates• Coverage Effective Dates• Replacements• Reinstatements• Medicare Select to Medicare Supplement Conversion Privilege• Telephone Interviews• Pharmaceutical Information• Policy Delivery Receipt• Guarantee Issue Rules


Medical to Lay terminology (Version November 2011) MEDICAL TO LAY TERMINOLOGY Refer to the medical to lay terminology list below when you are preparing any research subject material. Try to avoid complex medical terms and simplify the information as much as possible. MEDICAL TERM LAY TERMINOLOGY Instead of this Term / Phrase Use this Term / Phrase


kreativ:  Das Dinnerspektakel grippewelle:  Vor 90 Jahren aktuell:  Martinus Oper stellt «Clowns & Kalorien» ist bis endete die Krankheit für viele die christlichen Werte Januar in Winterthur seite 12 Winterthurer tödlich seite 13 auf den Prüfstand seite 17 Attraktive Lernlandschaft am Stadtrand Oberwinterthur wächst ins Land hinaus. In Zinzikon


PEPP-Vorschlagsverfahren für 2016 Veröffentlichung der eingereichten Vorschläge *1 Inhaltsverzeichnis Vorschlagsnr. Einreichende Institution Psychosomatische Klinik Bad Neustadt SHG-Kliniken Sonnenberg St. Marien-Hospital Düren Baden-Württembergische Krankenhausgesellschaft e.V. Baden-Württembergische Krankenhausgesellschaft e.V.


Understanding Diabetes And Your Risk Presented by: Sheryl Bartholow, FNP-BC Family Medicine 10/13/2014 Important Notice The information contained in this document is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat specific patients and should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your health care provider. In addition, this document may contain references to specific products and/or medications. Such references, whether by brand name or generically, are provided for informational purposes only and do constitute endorsement, recommendation, or approval by GRHS or its medical providers. Always consult a medical professional if you have concerns regarding your health. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911.


MANUAL DE USO Y CUIDADO ESTE APARATO DE AIRE ACONDICIONADO ESTÁ EQUIPADO CON UN NUEVOCABLE ELÉCTRICO ESTÁNDAR CON UNA FUNCIÓN DE TEST-REPOSICIÓN LEA Y GUARDE ESTAS INSTRUCCIONES APARATO DE AIRE ACONDICIONADO CONTROL ELECRÓNICO DE VELOCIDADES EN VARIOS PASOS GARANTÍA DEL AIRE ACONDICIONADO DE HABITACIÓNSu producto está protegido por esta garantíaSu electrodoméstico está garantizado por la empresa Electrolux. Electrolux ha autorizado a Servicios al Consumidor Frigidaire y a susservicios autorizados de otorgar servicio bajo esta garantía. WCI no autoriza a ninguna otra persona a cambiar o agregar a cualquiera de las obligaciones bajo esta garantía. Cualquier obligación de servicio y partes bajo esta garantía deben ser desempeñadas por ServicioFrigidaire para el Consumidor o un servicio Frigidaire autorizado.


Making Education Easy Issue 97 – 2015 Welcome to issue 97 of GP Research Review. Italian research suggests that strict control of systolic blood pressure (SBP) may hasten cognitive decline among older adults with pre-existing dementia or mild cognitive impairment. Patients whose daytime SBP was lowered to ≤128 mmHg had greater


N° 10 Abril 2013 Publicación de contenido científico editada por GT Laboratorio S.R.L. Necochea 3274 Rosario Método enzimático UV para la determinación cuantitativa de lactato en suero, plasma o líquido LACTATO Liquid Plus cefalorraquídeo. El nuevo método enzimático UV GT Lab para la determinación de lactato permite la cuantificación rápida y precisa, empleando un reactivo de tra-bajo único de sencilla preparación. Dicha preparación se hace por disolución de un polvo en el buffer provis-to listo para usar. El reactivo de trabajo es estable 24 horas a temperatura ambiente o 15 días refrigerado. Se resume seguidamente el documento "Lactato: utilidad clínica y reco-mendaciones para su medición", de la Sociedad Española de Química Clí-nica preparado por P. Guevara Ramírez, R. Díaz García, A. Galán Ortega, E. Guillén Campuzano, S. Malumbres, J.L. Marín Soria, M. Muñoz Pérez, X. Navarro Segarra, P. Oliver Sáez, E. Oujo, N. del Río Barcenilla y A. Buño Soto en 2010.


FINNISH HIGH-TECH STRONGHOLDS Innovative Pharmaceuticals .4 2 Clinical Diagnostics .6 3 Imaging and Non-Invasive Measurement Technologies .8 4 Innovative Foods . 10 5 Care Support Products and Technologies .12 6 Wearable Body Function Monitoring .14 7 Dental Health .16 Future Opportunities . 18 2 – www.goldenbridge.fi Finland is known worldwide for its high quality of life, telecommunications industry as well as the excellence in education and academic research. Over the past decades, Finland has also invested heavily in research and development in the field of biotechnology and life sciences.

A range of treatment options individualizes spasticity management

U.S. Postage Twin Cities, MN 200 University Ave. E. Permit No. 5388 St. Paul, MN 55101 Angela Sinner, D.O. Pediatric Rehabilitation A Pediatric Perspective focuses on specialized topics in pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology, neurosurgery and rehabilitation A Range of Treatment Options


Designing and Analyzing a Habitat Model of American Ginseng in the Southern United States Seth D. Webinger Department of Resource Analysis, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona, MN, 55987 Keywords: American Ginseng, Habitat Model, Raster Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Abstract American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) is a threatened plant harvested for its root, which when dried, can sell for $125-$500 per pound domestically and $1500-$2000 per pound internationally. Starting during the 2012 field season, resource management staff and law enforcement officials at the research study area (omitted for data privacy) began proactive efforts to help protect the plant and catch poachers within the study area's boundary. To aid in the effort of locating potential ginseng growth sites, a habitat model was created consisting of different habitat variables most favorable for ginseng growth and analyzed using point data of known ginseng locations. Statistical analysis was used to examine the legitimacy and usefulness of the model in being an effective tool. Introduction

Antibiotic use in eastern europe: a cross-national database study in coordination with the who regional office for europe

Antibiotic use in eastern Europe: a cross-national database study in coordination with the WHO Regional Offi ce for Europe Ann Versporten, Ganna Bolokhovets, Lilit Ghazaryan, Vafa Abilova, Galina Pyshnik, Tijana Spasojevic, Irma Korinteli, Lul Raka, Baktygul Kambaralieva, Lidija Cizmovic, Angela Carp, Vesela Radonjic, Nargis Maqsudova, Hatice Demet Celik, Marina Payerl-Pal, Hanne Bak Pedersen, Nina Sautenkova, Herman Goossens, on behalf of the WHO/Europe-ESAC Project Group


The FINANCIAL - Region's Logistics Centres' Gravity to Shift toward. Make it your homepage E-mail: MOTOROLA MOBILITY AND NEXTEL LAUNCH A STYLISH VERSION OF THE MOTOROLA I867W IN WHITE FINCHANNEL.COM - GLOBAL NEWS CHANNEL Username:Password:Remember me: No account yet? Register Monday, April 30, 2012 News Making Money INSURANCE BANKS PR RELEASES TRAVEL BIZ MARKETS JOBS SEARCH BUSINESS WORLD SCHOOL TECH

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Sept. - Oct. 2007 GSIA BI-MONTHLY NEWS BULLETIN GOA STATE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION (An Apex Association for Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises in Goa) ISO 9001:2000 Certified 4 FLOOR, GOA-IDC HOUSE, PATTO PLAZA, PANAJI, GOA 403 001. Office Timings: 9.30 a.m. 6.00 p.m. (Mon.-Fri.) & 9.30 a.m. 1.30 p.m. (Sat.) Ph.: 2438395 Fax: 2438210 E-mail : [email protected] Website: www.gsia.in


THE EFFECTIVENESS AND SAFETY OF Australian Tea Tree Industry EFFECTIVENESS AND SAFETY AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) has been working closely with the Australian tea tree oil industry for more than a decade on the efficacy, safety and production of tea tree oil. Many research reports have now demonstrated tea tree oil's effectiveness as an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent. More recently, the Australian Tea Tree Oil Industry Association and RIRDC have worked closely to develop a comprehensive safety dossier for tea tree oil. The results of RIRDC and related research on efficacy and safety of tea tree oil are summarised in this report in order to make them accessible to a wide range of interested producers of tea tree oil and tea tree oil products, companies, regulatory authorities and researchers.


Control of Medical Journal Content: Suppressing the MBT Contamination Warning (Chapter 8, The Nurses are Innocent – The Digoxin Poisoning Fallacy, Dundurn Press, 2011) Key words: adverse reactions, Apotex, Avandia, benoxaprofen, deferiprone, drug companies, editorial interference, injection contamination, medical ethics, medical journals, MBT (mercapto-benzothiazole), Olivieri

Population briefs vol. 21 no. 2

REPORTS ON POPULATION COUNCIL RESEARCH Volume 21, Number 2 September 2015 New Population Council analysis details HIV risks faced by adolescents in Tanzania. See page 2. I N S I D EUnderstanding the Adolescent Experience in Tanzania .2New Program Demonstrates Success in Reducing Gender-Based Violence in Bangladesh .4Effects of the New One-Year Reusable Nestorone®/Ethinyl Estradiol

Material safety data sheet


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COLPOSCOPY AND PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT Guidelines for the NHS Cervical Screening Programme NHSCSP Publication No 20 NHS Cancer Screening Programmes The Manor House 260 Ecclesall Road South Sheffield S11 9PS Tel: 0114 271 1060 Fax: 0114 271 1089 Email: nhs.screening@sheffield-ha.nhs.uk Website: www.cancerscreening.nhs.uk © NHS Cancer Screening Programmes 2004

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FINAL TERMS dated 11 November 2014 in connection with the Base Prospectus dated 23 June 2014 (as supplemented from time to time) UBS AG, London Branch (the London branch of UBS AG) for the issue of 300 (indicative) UBS Gearing Certificates ISIN CH0260315137 linked to shares These final terms (the "Final Terms") have been prepared for the purpose of Article 5 (4) of the