Behind the
Amwaj Mermaid, newest project launch on the islands

Letter from the
Explorer of the
Title: Al Kindi, Philosopher of the
The year 2015 started off with a bang! On January 16, we were happy Birth: 801
to host the ‘Color Me Bahrain' fun Death: 873
run, with a turnout of more than Region: Iraq
700 participants. The first of its Main Interests: Astrology,
kind event in Amwaj and in Bahrain Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, proved a huge success for those Psychology, Medicine, Islamic who participated in the run as Theology, and Music Theory.
well for the market vendors and Notable Ideas: Al-Kindi took his view
people who just stopped by to Explorer of the
of the solar system from Ptolemy, enjoy the day. We are thankful for who placed the Earth at the centre the positive feedback we received, of a series of concentric spheres, in and we definitely look forward to which the known heavenly bodies hosting it again next year. We were Mercury, Khalid
happy to see many of our residents Al Mutawa
Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and the stars) participating in the run and getting are embedded.
splashed with colors; for those who Position: Security
were unable to make it, see all the Manager, Amwaj Islands
The Book of the Judgement of the fun inside this issue. On a final note, we would like to Company:
Treatise on Secure
the Judgement of wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day- may the love be spread Treatise on the Dominion of the between you all and around the Arabs and its Duration.
The Choices of Days.
Treatise on the Spirituality of the The Amwaj Team
Behind the Name Amwaj Mermaid
A new project has been launched on apartments with high quality the islands, adding to the prestigious finishing, marble flooring and great portfolio of residential buildings sea views; now available for viewing. available. Amwaj Mermaid launched The building consists of 17 spacious last month with brand new show 3-bedroom apartments with modern facilities and sea views. Sizes range from 167 sqm to 178 sqm and prices start from BD 114,000. Amwaj Mermaid also boasts a unique 1-bedroom penthouse, 102 sqm in size with a large terrace at the selling price of BD 93,840. The above prices are inclusive of Amwaj Maintenance and Capital Contribution fees. Lena Monasava
M: + 973 38386365
E: [email protected]
Vanessa Diaz
M: +973 38386365
E: [email protected]
60 Seconds with. residents of this lovely island.
by covering all common areas in How did you start? I started my Amwaj island and have a 24-hours
first a few days by building a hotline available for all resident relationship with key people in and visitors.
the island and in the government When was Secure Services
to improve communication and established in Bahrain? Secure
relations for the future. As we Services is an ISO 9001 registered all know, safety and security are company and was established aspects in life that need constant in 2000 to provide a range of improvement. This can only be met professional security related by on-the-job learning and training services of international quality so I have set several courses and to banks and financial institutions training for my security team to be together with commercial and held on a regular basis to polish private clients requiring asset Name: Khalid Al Mutawa
their skills and abilities to be able protection, risk and liability Position: Security
to handle any situation they come reduction.
Manager, Amwaj Islands Do you have any advice for the
Company: Secure
What plans do you have to Amwaj residents with regards to
improve Amwaj Security? My goal safety and security? There are a
is to exceed resident expectations few major points I would like to in providing a complete emphasize on this subject.
Can you tell us a little about your security solution through our
work background? I have over 21
1. Do not let others into your international team of highly years of experience in the aviation trained and motivated security industry working at Gulf Air and professionals. All of our operating 2. Do not put yourself at risk or in Emirates Air for in-flight services procedures provide services that potentially dangerous situations.
and ground operations covering are flexible and tailored to the Dubai and Bahrain airports. 3. Program your cell phone with resident's requirements but not one touch- key for our security How do you feel about being the compromised by implementing hotline or Police.
new Amwaj Security Manager? recognized industry standards.
I am very thrilled to be part of 4. If you have to walk late at night What do you do in your spare time?
the well-run group of Amwaj take all precautions to be safe. I spend most of my time with my Property Development and am family, wife and angel twin boys, 5. Finally, if you see something or looking forward to contribute my also I love reading and sports.
someone suspicious, immediately background experience courses report it to security hotline or and training to this respected What are Secure Services and what police. My main concern on that
organization. A great deal of do they currently do for Amwaj? subject is to be vigilant and know
improvement of safety and security Secure services are a contracted what's happening around you, the was carried out by the previous company by Amwaj and are number of the emergency line of Manager Mr. Abdulrahim and one of the oldest companies in the security which is available 24-7 the security team. Nonetheless, this field. Safety and security for everybody on the island.
there are still lots of areas for come first; they are based on the You have a big job ahead of
improvement to meet and exceed insurance of providing safe and you. Are you nervous?It's a new
the high expectations from the secure environment for residents challenge and a big responsibility, which I am glad to accept.
Amwaj Security in Training
To increase internal awareness, prevention and readiness, The Amwaj Security team underwent training ensure our staff has the latest information in this area.
‘Color Me
Bahrain' Fun
Amwaj Islands was proud to host the

first of its kind event on January 16.
Organized by Bahrain Road Runners and sponsored by Viva, the event saw adults and kids all having a blast with a splash of color, where after crossing each kilometer participants were showered with colored powder and finish the race covered in five different colors. The race ended with a variety of family and kid's entertainment and an outdoor market for everyone to enjoy.
interior featured furniture, while Sara Valente [spoon] and Reine Lahoud took SPACE: Opens Doors lead on the Landscape side. On the curators'
on January 30th
front, Tarik Omar and Hasan Hujairi are consulting on the sound room equipment and developing workshop ideas related to It is a place to give artists a space, tools, First community hub in the Middle East music and studio production. Meanwhile, and intimacy to unleash their creative
to support and connect all types of Art in
Frances Stafford and Yasmin Sharabi art side. By mixing these different types of art, the most innovative way. Nested under consultants, will manage the annual gallery Malja wants to offer the creative minds
the trees at the entrance of Amwaj Islands, which will be held in Malja's main hall. with a unique experience and captivate Malja, Bahrain's first open creative space A team of story tellers are documenting art aficionados with concepts that take is set to open its doors on January 30th at Malja's coming to life. Behind the camera, their passion to a whole new level. On the 4 pm with it's first show Double tap and JEO's Productions team of producers and opening week (Jan 30th – Feb 4th), Malja's live graffiti performances, followed by the cameramen are capturing every moment program will feature several artists from opening ceremony at 6:00 pm. After taking from the construction to the people different disciplines who will give a sneak over Al Osra's old supermarket, creative involved. In photos and writing, Noor peek into the type of programs to expect at hands and minds have been working for Noorudin, Quentin de Pimodan, Melchior Malja. To learn more about the opening and the past three months to transform this de Tinguy and Ali Haji are telling the story the full program visit: www.maljabahrain.
hidden place into a communal location to of Malja, on the blog www.maljabahrain.
com and join the conversation on social create, promote and support Arts in Bahrain com designed by Maroon Frog. It will be media; Facebook: and the Middle East: spoon Consultants are a pace for creative minds to learn, create, maljabahrain , Instagram: @maljabahrain leading the design of the 350 sqm multi- develop and perform by supporting and #Maljabahrain #Bahrainculture Malja
functional project space featuring their connecting all types of arts in the most is a non for profit venue and is opened
unique façade installation. The indoor innovative way. Part artist incubator, part from 12:00pm to 10:00pm 7 days a week.
and outdoor space is brought to light by gallery and art cultural curator, Malja's For more information you can call: 32-
LumenArts Lighting Consultants who are core purpose is to give critical acclaim 323-000 Malja partners include: BMMI;
responsible for all the illumination. Jody to involved artists, while breaking down Amwaj Islands, Meritas, Batelco, Virgin
Peck [Artist] and Noof Al Refaei [Sikkeh regional barriers as well as financial and Megastore, Likwid Productions, Hala
Gallery] contributed with some of the institutional constraints between them. Bahrain Show and Time Out Magazine.
Think fresh,
cook local
Cook up a treat with the freshest ingredients! Enjoy healthy living and help us support local farming and regional produce.
At Alosra we've refined the art of fresh, healthy cooking through our ‘Think Local' initiative, supporting local farmers. Now we've teamed up with the famous Chef Suzy Massetti, to create a selection of delicious recipes using only fresh local produce. Pick up a recipe card at Alosra and enjoy cooking local! Amwaj Photo
Upcoming Events Amwaj Notice
& Sessions
The Amwaj Security and From Bahrain With Love
Maintenance teams are 23- Amwaj Book Club – resident
responsible for the below.
Maison du Maillot, meaning ‘House book lovers are invited to of Swimsuits' in French, was launched attend, please contact Suzanne For leaks or blockage in a earlier in 2014 as an online boutique for 33109531 for more information common area; contact Kamel contemporary beachwear. Established by and details on location on 3666 6007. Beach and road two sisters based in Amwaj, Leila and Fifi, cleaning, damage on roads or the e-boutique, offers a wide selection Every Friday – The Muju
pavements, fallen signboards of the most stylish swimsuits, beachwear Jazzy Brunch. Midday-5pm,
or flags and garbage bins and accessories. The latest designs and this unique offer provides a request, contact Niaz on 3315 key trends are chosen from a range of splendid buffet selection, the regional and international designers, glamorous Sushi counter and For construction site issues ensuring customers have the sleekest the extensive live cooking contact Roger on 3909 4842. beachwear looks at their fingertips. From stations as well as choice of For workers' gate pass, free flowing kaftans to chic bright bikinis, dining inside the lounge area, contact Mohammed on 3943 the easy-to-navigate website gives you the beside the private infinity pool 4809. For pest control issues widest range of pool and beachside looks, or relaxing on the sun filled contact Verminex on 3920 ideal for our warm climate. Customers in decking area, BD 25 net inclusive Bahrain have access to private shopping of food and beverages. For Traffic accidents can be appointments, free next day shipping more information, contact reported to police on with online Muju Lounge and Restaurant on 199, medical emergency, orders and an ambulance or fire can be Every Saturday – Amwaj Marina
directed to 999, with the Prize Night. Enjoy a beautiful
assistance of the Amwaj Security team.
night by the Amwaj Marina while savouring live BBQ cooking, 8pm-12am. For more information, please call 1601 beachwear and we hope you enjoy the shopping Visit to enjoy
online shopping today.

The Rules & Regulations document for Residents and Visitors is available from the Management of Amwaj Islands. Secure Services are responsible to manage the Security of the common areas of Amwaj. Mr. Khalid Al Mutawa, Head of Amwaj Security by Secure Services, can be reached on 36046147. Security Team's contact details are: 33 530 223 during working hours, Sunday Congratulations to Sarah Alfadhel who won a BD25 shopping voucher from to Thursday 8am-5pm. 24-hour Alosra Supermarket for February's ‘Photo of the Month' Competition with emergency telephone: 39 866 952 this picture! To participate, please send your photos to [email protected]
or email amwaj@secureservices.
Please make sure all photos entered for the competition are over 1MB in size to qualify
waterside residential Inland residential Residential & Commercial Directory
Amwaj Islands' Security
Maya Beach Resort & Fitness, Meena 7 Emergency Numbers Working Hours: 24 hrs Tala Service Center - Location: Amwaj Islands entrance Working Hours: 6.30am - 10pm Saturday - Thursday, 8am - 10pm on E [email protected] Properties and Facilities Al Hidd Police Station Amwaj Islands Main Office Muju Lounge & Restaurant Main Office - 69694000 Working hours: 8am – 5pm, Sunday Samaheej Police Station E: [email protected] Location: Amwaj Islands entrance Park & Shop Supermarket, Zawia 2 Closest Removal & Storage Tala Island Security Quest Realty, Meritas House Takhzeen Self Storage Nuetel Communications Nearest Hospitals to Amwaj Working Hours: 8am – 5pm, Sunday - Thursday, 8am - 2pm on Saturdays American Mission Hospital, Amwaj Medical & Wellness Tala Leisure Center International School of Choueifat Weekdays 6am - 10pm Bahrain Specialist Hospital Amwaj Marina Dive Club Weekends 9am - 6pm Robin BugejaM 39 671 748 Al Hilal Hospital Baz Cargo Services Bahrain International AirportT 17 339 339 Yara Beauty Lounge, Zawia 1 King Hamad Hospital Closest Post Office to Working Hours Everyday 9am - 8pm Closest Vets to Amwaj Al Hidd Post Office The Dragon Beach Hotel & Resort Zaman Studio, Meritas House Dr Mohammed Hussain Working Hours: 7am - 2pm Saturday to Thursday The Sea Loft Boutique Chalets 24-Hours Supermarket Closest Pharmacies to Amwaj ACES Taekwondo Academy, Tala Island Bahrain City Center Al Osra Supermarket Ibn Sina Pharmacy Everyday 7am - 11pm Azizia Bird Kingdom Black & White Laundry Hunger Line (Papa Johns, Dairy Queen, Costa Coffee, Tala Island Burger King, Quiznos & Chilis) Dance Studio, Tala Island Aradous Travel and Tour Environment Friends Society Little Ceasars Pizza Car Washing Services Joz Salon & SPA, The Dragon Hotel & Resort Pizza Inn Home Maintenance Services La Contesse Beauty Center M 36 558 817M 36 191 810 AXEM T 17 500 260 Wahid PastriesT 17 466 771


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