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Operating since 1999, AIT has educated
thousands of students from all over the world
who have gone on to build successful careers in
the creative industry.
AIT's cutting-edge courses are delivered using

the latest industry tools and supported
by specialist educators that are passionate
about creative industries. We are committed
to ensuring our students develop the right skills
and competencies to complete their courses and
confidently enter the workforce.
Our academic team are specialists in our

course disciplines, and have a deep level of
engagement within the broader digital industry.
We strive to support our students becoming
active members of the growing creative digital
We look forward to welcoming you to AIT and

helping launch your creative career.

Our Sydney campus is conveniently located in the heart of Sydney's educational precinct, close to Central Station, Broadway Shopping Centre and Chinatown. It is a lively and safe area, with an energetic vibe. Our funky warehouse campus is friendly, with lots of spaces for relaxing and creative Melbourne
AIT is proud to launch our brand new Melbourne campus in 2016. Located in the heart of the city on Spencer Street, AIT Melbourne will continue the traditions set by the Sydney campus, offering a small, personalised learning environment with access to industry standard equipment and first class The right tools for
your creative career
AIT has a multi-disciplined and hands-on approach to creative

technology education. We provide everything that our students need to
gain the most from their education, including premium facilities and
access to world-class educators.
We are proud to provide our students with quality facilities including:

cutting-edge industry software tools, a purpose built Green Screen room,
an interactive Cintiq display and a unique Markerless Motion Capture
Students have access to both Mac and PC labs, with all computers

loaded with the latest version of industry leading software, including
Adobe Creative Cloud, Unity, Unreal Development Kit, Autodesk Maya
3DS Max, Z-Brush, ToonBoom and Xhail.
AIT is proud to provide students unlimited access to our digital library,

which includes an extensive film library and e-resources such as tutorials. Students also have regular interaction with our
creative professional teaching body.
We want our students to gain real-life experience using industry tools

and techniques designed to help them succeed in their digital careers.
AIT teaches a broad range of skills within the digital space so our

graduates can take on a range of creative roles in this fast-paced and
ever changing industry.
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AIT delivers a unique range of vocational and
higher education qualifications specialising in
creative digital media.

Our courses are regularly updated to ensure we
remain at the forefront of emerging technologies
and industry trends. Courses are designed to
deliver the best outcomes for students to support
their career aspirations.

AIT is recognised as a high quality tertiary
education provider by the Australian
Government's Tertiary Education Quality &

To obtain government registration, AIT is Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the Australian
subject to rigorous scrutiny and review by TEQSA and ASQA. Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). We maintain very
high standards of academic governance to ensure

This means we must be able to prove: our students receive qualifications of the highest

• outstanding academic quality• solid student oucomes Our courses are designed in a way that allows
• sound corporate governance students to gain a broad exposure to a wide
• financial management range of creative digital disciplines, as well as
• measures and policies to ensure fair treatment developing a deep understanding of their chosen
and protection of students • excellent facilities and services that
The quality
difference at AIT
Specialist in delivering vocational and higher Passionate specialist Long established education courses in educators who are actively creative industries where engaged in the creative with over 15 years there is growing graduate technologies and facilities to ensure students are exposed to the right industry tools Rigorous academic governance by Australian Government regulatory bodies Innovative courses to assisting students gain teach a broad skill set exposure to industry employers to compliment specialist and be ready to confidently Why should I study
digital media? The creative industries are growing exponentially
and you could be part of this exciting growth sector. New South Wales and Victoria, especially Sydney and Melbourne are renowned as Australia's centres for creative industries. AIT's campus location gives you a competitive advantage.
Here are some statistics* about the growth of the creative industries in our country.
The incomes of those employed within the creative industries are increasing. Over 20% of those employed within the creative industries were earning $2000 or more per Employment growth in the NSW creative industries was week – equivalent to $104,000 pa. nearly double that of the rest of the state's workforce (2.6% vs 1.4% per annum over a five year period).
This is an increase from around 13%.
VIC creative industries contributed $22.7 billion to Victoria in 2013 - representing 8% of the state's NSW is home to 42% of Australia's design
On average companies with 250+ employees spend 55% of their annual marketing budget on content production and creation alone. Software and interactive content is the largest segment within the creative industries with a work force of approximately 200,000.
Since 2008, there has been There are over 123,000 businesses growth of around 2% per operating in the creative industries.
annum in the number of businesses operating in the creative industry group.
The creative sector contributes around Trade in ICT services totalled $90.19 billion annually almost $5 billion in 2014, comprising $2.9 billion in imports and $2 billion in exports. * Statistics taken from the NSW creative task force report and Kissane, K. 2015, Minister Unveils Taskforce to Steet Future of Creative Industries, media release, 16 April, State Government Victoria, Melbourne. On course for a career
AIT courses are of the highest quality and recognised by all relevant bodies. We
are a Higher Education Provider and a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
Our courses are accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
and are also registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and
Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).
Bachelor of
Bachelor of
Standard 073206D/Accelerated 073205E
Standard 086324B/Accelerated 086325A
Campus: Sydney, Melbourne
Specialisations include:
2D Animation, 3D Design, Film & Video
Taking you from core principles to advanced techniques, the Bachelor of Digital Design will cover a broad range of or Game Design.
skills to prepare you for any creative task. Strengthen your The Bachelor of Interactive Media is a three-year degree design thinking while covering all facets of digital design. (or two-year accelerated program). In this degree, you will Whether you're interested in studying traditional design gain multi-disciplined and hands-on experience that is principles, branding for products, web interface or even underpinned by theoretical knowledge. You will become creating imagery for interactive game worlds, this course competent across many digital platforms, allowing you will build your design skills in the digital arena.
to combine a broad skill set designed to increase options in industry employment. Whether you want to merge animation with traditional film making by rendering large crowd scenes, or give smooth motion to immersive games, this course will give you a solid grounding in the very latest digital media • 6 terms of 15 weeks, 3 years (2 year accelerated program also available) • 16 core + 8 electives • 4 subjects per term, 16 face-to-face • 6 terms of 15 weeks, 3 years (2 year accelerated program also available) • FEE-HELP approved.
• Choose your area of specialisation• 4 subjects per term, 16 face-to-face • FEE-HELP approved.
Bachelor of IT
(Mobile Apps Development)
Standard 080428J/Accelerated 080429G

Campus: Sydney, Melbourne
Bring mobile apps from idea to reality with a Bachelor of IT. This course focuses on the skills necessary to program for a variety of platforms, as well as ensuring the product is interactive, user-friendly and stable. This course allows you to create apps for iOS and Android as well as cross into other realms of digital media, ensuring a foundation in design, 2D interactivity, virtual world creation and other relevant fields. Learn the very best coding techniques and create a strong portfolio of apps & websites that will be ready to show future employers, as well as sell in the marketplace.
Need to know:• 6 terms of 15 weeks, 3 years (2 year accelerated program also available) • 4 subjects per term, 16 face-to-face • FEE-HELP approved.
Diploma of Interactive Media
Diploma of Digital Design
Campus: Sydney, Melbourne
This Diploma offers a solid grounding in a balanced set Embedded within the Bachelor of Digital Design, this Diploma of digital media subjects designed to help kick start your teaches the basic principles of design. Combining hands-on career. With a focus on hands-on and practical subjects, you education with design thinking, this Diploma will prepare you will learn the fundamentals of digital media. The Diploma for a career in the design industry or enable you to continue articulates into our Bachelor degree, which means you can your studies by entering the second year of the Bachelor of go straight into second year if you wish to continue learning.
Digital Design.
Need to know:• 2 terms of 15 weeks, 1 year • 2 terms of 15 weeks, 1 year • 4 subjects per term (8 in total), 16 face-to-face • 4 subjects per term (8 in total), 16 face-to-face • FEE-HELP approved.
• FEE-HELP approved.
Diploma of Software Development
077080C/ ICA50711

Campus: Sydney, Melbourne
Our Diploma of Software Development gives you a solid grounding in the basics of developing content for mobile platforms and the web, preparing you for a career or further study. This is a one-year, hands-on course that provides plenty of practical experience in programming, software engineering and web development. You will also gain valuable exposure to a variety of interactive media techniques and multimedia skills. Beginning with the foundations of programming, you will progress to C++, iOS and Java while also gaining skills in information systems and game development.
Need to know:• 3 terms of 15 weeks, 1 year• 5 subjects per term (12 in total), 20 face-to-face • VET FEE-HELP approved (Melbourne only).
Bachelor of
Specialising in 2D Animation Standard 073206D/Accelerated 073205E Diploma of
" Ever since an early age I have been fascinated with drawing imaginative worlds and inhabiting them with characters and stories. I love animation because it allows me to bring those ideas to life and see worlds unfold on screen. The reason I chose AIT is because of its hands-on teaching, and the ability to have creative freedom with my work. It's also great to be surrounded by friendly teachers and students that are so vibrant and creative in their own ways."
Bunny Trouble by Trystin Sinnott Sandcastle by Reginald Cortez Wait by Fanci Wang As bad as it gets by Tomas Curda
Some of the greatest stories ever told were the cartoons and animations that have stood the test of time. 2D story telling is loved the world over, for its simplicity, depth of character and creative possibilities. These days, 2D animation extends beyond the staples of Disney and childhood heroes. Japanese anime and manga are global phenomenons and 2D content is used in many avenues, including advertising, video games, web promotion and brand creation.
2D animation is for those who want to learn animation using traditional 2D techniques (but with modern tools). Students who take this path will have interests in things like drawing, character development, character animation, story and directing. Students will end up with a strong base of fundamental animating, and storytelling principles. Bachelor of Interactive Media
Specialising in 2D Animation
Also available 2 years,
Diploma of Interactive Media
8 subjects in total
Subject Highlights 2D Animation • Motion Graphics • Typography for
Screen and Motion • Creative Drawing • Digital Images • Digital Audio
Design • 3D Animation
Bachelor of
Specialising in 3D Design MOTION GRAPHICS DESIGNER
Standard 073206D/Accelerated 073205E Diploma of
Interactive Media
" I'm an International student and currently studying Animation at AIT. I have been studying in Australia for four years and AIT is by far the best place to hone 3D animation skills using Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Maya. I'm also interested in sculpting 3D models with Zbrush. My passion is Animation, both traditional and CGI; and sci-fi films. I also read some graphic novels and comics. What I like about AIT is that it's a small but efficient college. The people are friendly and are very supportive. AIT has provided everything I need in order to become a digital artist." Liêm Nguyen
3D Design
Batman by Liem Nguyen Artwork by Jenny Tao Artwork by Geumyoul Park Artwork by Andrew Levancini Azrael by Trystin Sinnott
3D Design
As technology advances, the industry need for qualified 3D artists grows. 3D content is used to tell stories, create characters and portray digital worlds that would otherwise only be part of the imagination. 3D artists work in advertising, video game production, online content creation and web development. 3D software such as Z brush, Maya and 3DSMax will be the tools at your disposal. Along the way, you will learn to create content for the exciting growing industries of VR, VFX and Virtual 3D worlds. 3D Design ensures students have a solid grounding in 3D modelling and animation techniques. It will introduce students to the 3D workflow or ‘pipeline', multiple softwares and associated skills like lighting, and texturing will be covered. Students will be able to create models for a number of contexts including games and dramas. Bachelor of Interactive Media
Specialising in Animation
Also available 2 years,
Diploma of Interactive Media
8 subjects in total
Subject Highlights 2D Animation • 3D Modelling
3D Animation • Decoding Media • Digital Pathways • Concept Art
Illustration • Intro to VFX • Motion Capture • Virtual Worlds
Bachelor of
Interactive Media
Specialising in Film & Video
Standard 073206D/Accelerated 073205E
Diploma of
"Not often, but sometimes, there is a strange desire to look past beauty into the darker elements that we are surrounded by. Within those elements there are stories to be found. I take great pride and joy in using devices such as film, writing and illustration as my light to reveal something unseen and untold. We live in a world with new technology that is constantly evolving and studying at AIT has given me the opportunity to explore this technology and bring my stories to life. Through AIT's Internship program I have completed my first internship and now have a job at Mindconsole. I love what I do and am eager to see what stories the future holds."
& V

Advert by PeeJay Svoboda
In recent years, digital technology has completely transformed the film industry. Graduates from the Bachelor of Interactive Media, specialising in Film will receive a foundation in these revolutionary digital media processes as well as traditional film theory – a highly sought after combination in the industry. Each term, you will have the opportunity to write and direct original stories for the screen through the development and production of independent and team-based projects. Get hands-on and learn the entire process of film, including script writing, cinematography, directing, documentary production, advertising, producing and editing.
Bachelor of Interactive Media
Specialising in Film
Also available 2 years,
Diploma of Interactive Media
8 subjects in total
Subject Highlights Cinematography • Screen Production • Motion
Graphics • Digital Storytelling • Documentary Production • Visual
Effects (VFX) • Commercial Film • Typography for Screen and Motion
Bachelor of
Specialising in Game Design MOTION GRAPHICS DESIGNER
Standard 073206D/Accelerated 073205E Diploma of Interactive
"Prior to attending AIT no one fully appreciated my style and personality. During high school, creative projects were limited and their subject matter was restricted. Because of this, I never really excelled at school. But now things are different. I have made a variety of games including an educational game about texting while driving. AIT embraces and nurtures my individuality and highly motivates me to do great things. It has equipped me with important information and taught me vital skills. AIT is the megaphone for my creative voice".
Stirling Mulvey
Game Design
Jetpack : Game project Tarius by Andri Yando Putera, Earl Nigel Vicente, Andi Winata Ciputra Tjong, Vorakit Krerkkraivoottikool (Oak) Frog hunt : Game project
Game Design
By its nature, game design is a broad process involving multiple aspects of digital media, including (but not limited to): audio, video, film, graphics, animation, storytelling, script writing and programming. Whether you are an aspiring Interface Designer, 3D Artist or want to redefine interactive storytelling, our Bachelor of Interactive Media, specialising in Game Design will prepare you for a career in numerous aspects of this growth sector within the entertainment industry. Developed in consultation with industry experts, our course covers the latest in design theory as well as the hands on skills that are the hallmark of an AIT education.
Bachelor of Interactive Media
Specialising in Game Design
Also available 2 years,
Diploma of Interactive Media
8 subjects in total
Subject Highlights Introduction to 3D • 2D Interactivity • Virtual Worlds
• Game Development • Game Assets • Digital Audio Design
• Game Design • Advanced Game Project

Bachelor of
Standard 0863248B/Accelarated 086325A UX/UI DESIGNER
Diploma of
Digital Design
" For me, coming to study at AIT was a no brainer. Working as a pro photographer mainly in advertising, I see first hand how the world of digital media is constantly evolving. And if one is to survive long term, one has to evolve with it. Learning skills in all aspects of digital design, motion graphics and concept development is a natural progression towards the goal of starting my own advertising agency."
Artwork by Tomas Curda Design By Sarah Barber Design By Stephanus Raya Rangga Design By Sarah Barber
Our world is made by designers. Everything we see, from websites and advertisements to games, film and product logos, was crafted by someone who made decisions on colour, layout and style. Our design courses focus on both traditional and digital design principles. Hone your designs skills and learn how to translate content into visual form for effective communication and arm yourself with the skills to establish a career in the growing design industry. This course gives you the flexibility to be creative by choosing 8 electives from over 25 specialised digital subjects.
Bachelor of Digital Design
Also available 2 years,
Diploma of Digital Design
8 subjects in total
Subject Highlights Design Principles • Interface Design
Digital Images • Business Marketing & Design • Creative Drawing
Digital Painting • Motion Graphics • Print & Publication
Design Thinking & Processes • Typography • Advertising & Brand Design
Bachelor of IT
(Mobile Apps
Standard 080428J/Accelerated 080429G WEB CONTENT MANAGER
Diploma of Software
" I've always been interested in IT, from building my own computer to diagnosing Wi-Fi problems for technology illiterate family members. " After studying finance in Italy, I decided I needed a change. Although, my goal has always been to develop something that people will use. That' Once I saw AIT was offering the course for a Bachelor of s why I was thrilled to find a college that ran a hands-on Mobile IT, I jumped at the chance. It's a bit smaller than a big uni Application Development course. Being a programmer can be stressful but easier to navigate and any information I needed was and, at times, completely infuriating, but there's no better feeling than available straight away. At a uni you are one in a million, spending months on a project to then see it come to life and be used by and you can feel quite lost. AIT is much friendlier" people. I highly recommend AIT if you're interested in some form of IT or Stefano D'Annunzio
Digital Media, even if you're not sure what realm yet, and are looking for a different learning environment than University."
IT (Mobile
App by Daniel Schofield Web design by Noureddine Azhar
IT (Mobile
This course is the first of its kind in Australia and is designed to enable you to become a successful developer for web and mobile platforms. Strong, practical software skills across a range of cross-platform subjects will position you to take advantage of a constantly changing market. As well as building apps, the course teaches you how to test, debug and refine them for industry. Our goal is to make you not only a qualified programmer, but also teach web design skills from a programming perspective.
Bachelor of IT
(Mobile Apps Development)
Also available 2 years,
Diploma of Software
5 20 VET-FEE
12 subjects in total
Subject Highlights C++ • Database Systems • Foundation Networks •
Foundation Programming • JAVA • Mobile Apps Android
Mobile Apps iOS • User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX)
*VET-FEE Help available in Melbourne campus only
Hi, we're
Meet: Rob Mack
Meet: Kriss Mahatumaratana
Rob has been a specialist 3D character artist Kriss joined the faculty at AIT in 2012 and animator for more than 15 years. During and draws on his extensive professional this time, he has worked with some big names experience to teach software development. like Marvel, Warner Bros and Coca-Cola and As well as a Masters Degree in IT and has developed innovative techniques for Software Engineering, he has worked on designing, modelling, detailing and animating IT development projects such as: inventory 3D characters. "My current focus is primarily control management, customer relationship on cutting-edge technologies such as the management, in-house mobile apps and digital clay programs Zbrush and Mudbox systems for call centres. He has also and developing methods to more effectively conducted training in an IT training centre integrate them into 3D production pipelines. and special courses for client, database and I also have a strong interest in the emerging data warehouse systems, database admin, technology of 3D printing." Unix programming, e-commerce and web programming and other web languages.
Meet: Helen Holt
Helen is a Director for HH Studio and has
worked on diverse projects, including environmental graphic design for Westfield Parramatta, Le Piaf Photographers, School of Visual Arts Australia, Celebrity Vogue Photography and Wentworth Equity. When she is not working at AIT, Helen is a generative graphic designer and architectural photographer. She has a diverse background that gives her a unique perspective on teaching career development.
Meet: Carlton Zhu
Carlton began his career as a multimedia freelancer.
He has been involved in various projects, from front-end web development to graphic design for product branding and 3D character animations for private companies. He is heavily involved with the Australian games community and is a contributor to Global Game Jam and the Independent Game developers of Australia (IGDA). Carlton has created several successful games, such as the mobile games "Draw a Box" and "Cell Surgeon. " When he's not teaching at AIT Carlton is focused on creating more games and currently has two titles in Meet: Helen Goritsas
Dr Helen Goritsas is an award-winning director
and member of the Australian Directors Guild. She lectures at AIT in Screen Production, Media and Creative Enterprise. Helen has served as President of Women in Film & Television NSW and in 2010 was the Program Manager for the Media Mentorship for Women initiative. She is currently co-ordinating the Media Mentorship program for Screen Composers with APRA AMCOS. Helen has been a Film Selector and judge for numerous festivals and competitions, including: the WOW Film Festival, the 48 Hour Film Project, the Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival, the Kidz Flicks International Film Festival and the Best Tertiary Short Fiction for the IPAF ATOM Awards.
*AIT has over 20 industry based teachers
your career
What is The Forge?
The Forge is a chance
for you to the test and fulfil a real professional brief under the kind of pressure you'd expect to experience in the real world. Worth 3 subjects, The Forge is a final year unit for students studying the Bachelor of Interactive Media or Bachelor of Digital Design.
Using a real industry brief with a two- week deadline, The Forge forces you to work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary environment. By dropping you into the deep end of the industry, you will develop speed and efficiency. Success or failure is not the focus of The Forge, it's learning that counts, and by putting you under real-world industry pressure you will Let AIT be your
learn just how much you're capable of.
The Forge concludes with a four-week project that allows you to create a more polished portfolio LAUNCHPAD
project. Where possible, you will be mentored, critiqued and assessed by a real industry panel. The Forge is a high-stakes environment, designed Sometimes, being creative just isn't enough. To score a dream job and get ahead in a to give you a taste of how to turn around a career, we also need business savvy. This is where our Launchpad programme comes creative project in the real world. in. A final year subject for all Bachelor of Interactive Media and Bachelor of Digital Design students, Launchpad will give you the skills you need to not only land a great job, but also to advance your career in an industry where self-promotion can be everything. Launchpad focuses on every aspect of the business of building a career, from portfolio development to creating a brand identity for graduating students. Some key skills this unit focuses on include: • Ethics and attitude
• Preparing a resume
• Workplace skills
• Portfolio development
• Conflict resolution
• Self marketing
• Workplace strategy
• Branded collateral
• SWOT analysis
• Interview techniques
AIT Internship Program:
We believe that a good internship can be your doorway to a career, which is why we will assist to engage you in meaningful work that develops your skills in your chosen field. That means no photocopying, filing or making coffee!The ActivAIT Internship program has been developed in collaboration with industry leading companies. You can expect to be supervised by an expert in your field while enjoying a meaningful learning experience aligned with your studies. AIT students have interned at some of Australias top creative studios including on set for Ridley Scott's Alien: Convenant.
ActivAIT Internships are competitive and interns will undergo a rigorous interview and training process. For the duration of the internship you will be personally mentored by our ActivAIT Internship Director who will ensure that your goals are balanced with the needs of your employers.
AIT believes that internships aren't just your chance to get ahead, but an opportunity for you to shape the industry from the ground up. It starts with a simple question: "What does AIT
do?", and I like to look beyond the immediate,
the apparent answer: "We teach, and hand out
qualifications." because what we actually do is affect
lives, we can change people from being naive, with
limited prospects, to having the knowledge skills
and attitudes needed to flourish, even beyond this
we can imagine the positive effect our graduates
might have on employers and audience. It's only
when you stand back like this do you properly
understand what AIT can do for you.
Peter Cameron,
Dean of Studies
At AIT we believe creativity cannot be measured by
academic results. Students who may not have achieved their desired ATAR are still invited to apply to study at AIT with the submission of a creative portfolio. Your creative portfolio may include any work that you have created as part of a high school assessment, projects that you have worked on in your spare time, or any other material you feel highlights your creative or technical ability that supports your application to study Fee facts
AIT offers a personal, multi-disciplined and, hands-
on approach to education that is designed to give our graduates the skills to achieve personal fulfilment and add value across a range of industries. Domestic students, depending on whether they are studying Higher Education Bachelor Degree courses or VET Diploma-level courses, may access student loans via FEE HELP or VET-FEE HELP from the Australian Government. More information about FEE HELP or VET- FEE HELP can be found at or
Artwork by Trystin Sinnott Pathways to University
AIT's commitment to quality has been recognised by a number of universities in Australia.
We have agreements with top Australian universities such as University of Sydney and University of Technology, Sydney.
who recognise the rigour of our programs by offering pathways to their Bachelors & Masters Courses.
Graduates of AIT have also gone on to pursue postgraduate education at many other institutes including University of New South Wales, University of Wollongong, Central Queensland University, University of Canberra. and Macquarie Scholarships
AIT students have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship by submitting a portfolio using the media of their choice (e.g.
illustration, short film, animation, storyboard, photography, mobile app etc). Two domestic scholarships are awarded each year.* Recipients will be granted with a 50% tuition fee discount in their first year of study (valued $8000) in the Bachelor of Interactive Media, Bachelor of Digital Design or the Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile Applications Development). International students are also eligible to receive a scholarship towards their tuition fees upon submission of a creative portfolio.
*To be eligible, applicants must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Scholarships will be awarded in AIT's March intake. Applications close 5 February each year. For more information on Terms & Conditions, please visit Celebrating you
As well as discovering a career path, AIT is a place where like-minded creative people can discover their passion and push
one another to excel. AIT celebrates your creativity with several annual events and a range of student clubs and activities. AIT hosts regular events for our students. Previous events The annual gallery exhibition is a presentation of the year's have included presentations from Colin Gibson (Mad Max), best work by our finest concept artists, animators and Deb Riley (Game of Thrones) Lewis Morely (The Matrix, Star Wars), Virtual Reality Meet-Ups and more! Oscar Night
AIT's annual student awards is our night-of-nights. Submit
your best work in the fields of animation, film, game design and digital design to our premier showcase of student Games Night
AIT Games Night features some of the best games created
by students in the last year. The 12 best games are pitted against each other in a battle royale to determine who built the years most addictive game.
Get to know us
If you'd like to learn more about AIT then we invite you to
visit our campus and talk to a team member. While you're here you can also try your hand at some of the software tools you could use when you enrol into one of our courses. For more information visit: AIT loves passionate people. That's why we have several social clubs where you can meet like-minded creatives. Our clubs help students push the boundaries of your imagination and workshop ideas for assignments and personal projects. These include: Free Digital Workshops
AIT offers regular Free Digital Workshops for all people
3D Club: Go deep into the latest advances in 3D
aged 17 and over. These teach introductory skills in game development, animation or film-making, giving you a taste of a possible creative career. • Drawing Club: Keep your eye sharp and express
yourself through this basic skill.
Register at
Film Club: Examine the latest breakthroughs in
film or just quote your favourite movie lines.
Fight Club: First rule of fight club is.
Info Nights
Game Dev Club: Develop games with your peers
We encourage you to attend one of our Info Nights. We host • Table Top Club: Table top gaming enthusiasts.
these sessions to give students and parents the opportunity to visit us on campus and talk to both staff and students. Info Nights are the perfect first step to anyone considering a career in Digital Media.
Personalised Campus Tours
You are invited to a personalised campus tour to discuss
your goals & how we can help you get there.
Contact us to arrange a suitable time.
Academy of Information Technology Pty Ltd
Level 2, 7 Kelly Street, Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia
Telephone: +61 2 9211 8399
Level 8, 120 Spencer Street, VIC 3000 Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9005 2328
ABN 35 094 133 641 CRICOS 02155J RTO 90511 Email: [email protected] AIT is a member of the Redhill Education Group Cover page artwork by Sarah Barber, Victor Limsila, Tomas Curda


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