Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate ABELIOPHYLLUM DISTICHUM This handsome, deciduous shrub is smothered with small, star-shaped, light pinkflowers in late winter and early spring. Scented. Grows to 1.5m ACEANA NOVAE ZEALANDAE ACER AUTUMN GLORY a fast growing upright tree becoming broadly oval with age. New foliage emergesvibrant red. ACER ESK FLAMINGO, SNAKE BARK MAPLE Very exciting new-ish snake bark maple. Bark is pinkish red and white stripes.
Leaves are a spectacularly mottled pink then take on orange autumn tones. Abushy small tree with a graceful weeping habit.
ACER GRISEUM, PAPER BARK MAPLE Cinnamon brown bark peeling in thin papery flakes. Fiery red Autumn colours. Idealgarden contrast. Grows to 6x5m ACER JAP AUTUMN MOON Green and Red foliage during growing season. Colours up beautifully in Autumn.
Ideal for a small garden. Dislikes wind.
ACER JEFFERS RED A rapid growing tree with great autumn colours. ACER PAL BLOODGOOD, JAPANESE MAPLE Deepest red purple coloured leaves through late Summer. Has showy red seeds andfiery Autumn foliage. Grows to 4m ACER PAL CHISHIO Dwf growing form with brilliant shrimp red spring foliage. Bronzegreen insummer,bright orange-red in autumn.Small dainty leaves. Grows to 1m ACER PAL DIS CRIMSON QUEEN
Deep red purple foliage colouring for much of the summer. Autumn tones are fieryscarlet. An outstanding purple weeper. Grows to 2m ACER PAL DIS CRIMSON QUEEN 0.25M STD ACER PAL DIS CRIMSON QUEEN 0.5M STD ACER PAL DIS CRIMSON QUEEN 1M STD ACER PAL DIS EMERALD LACE
Very strong growing weeper. Soft finely cut lime green fresh growth with a faint winemargin. Darkens to bronze green. ACER PAL DIS EMERALD LACE 1.8m PILLAR ACER PAL DIS EMERALD LACE H/W ACER PAL DIS TAMUKEYAMA TOPIARY, JAPANESE WEEPING Strong cascading mound with new foliage of deep crimson-red turning to darkpurple-red. Bright scarlet Autumn tonings. Grows to 3m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate ACER PAL DIS VIRIDIS, LACELEAD JAPANESE MAPLE
This is an attractive, deciduous, fine laced, green leaved weeping maple. Ideal forgrowing in a container. ACER PAL DIS VIRIDIS 0.5m STD ACER PAL DIS VIRIDIS 1.0m STD ACER PAL DIS VIRIDIS L/W ACER PAL DIS VIRIDIS H/W ACER PAL DIS GREEN MIST This maple is a cascading tree with light green leaves that look like a waterfall. Ithas beautiful orange red colors in the autumn Grows to 2.5M ACER PAL FIREGLOW Intense purple red colour that retains its depth in Summer. Autumn shades ofscarlet and crimson. Upright habit. Grows to 3.5m ACER PAL HANAMI NISHIKI Light green leaves emerge in the Spring tinged with orange, eventually turning apleasing green in Summer. Grows to 1.2m ACER PAL HIGASAYAMA Spectacular cream and crimson buds open to green, cream edged, deeply serratedfoliage. New growth can be green and change to variegated in second year.
Orange-yellow in autumn.
ACER PAL OSAKAZUKI, JAPANESE MAPLE One of the best Autumn foliaged maple with bronze green Summer foliage. Intenseglowing crimson foliage in Autumn. Grows to 4m ACER PAL RED EMPEROR Has large deep rich burgundy purple leaves that glow intense red with sunlightthrough them. ACER PAL SENKAKI, CORAL BARK MAPLE Spring foliage of soft lime green margined red, mid green in Summer & goldenyellow in Autumn. Striking vivid coral red bark. Grows to 4m ACER PAL SKEETERS BROOM Red compact witches broom sport. Deep red-purple foliage holds colour well, turnsbright red in Autumn. Good patio plant. Grows to 2m ACER PAL UKIGOMO One of the most outstanding forms or varigated cultivars. The basic leaf colour is alight shade of green. ACER PALMATUM, JAPANESE MAPLE Attractive from Spring to Autumn with gorgeous red orange or yellow Autumncolours. Likes moist, well drained soil. ACER RUBRUM RED SUNSET Deep red tones in Autumn. Needs shelter from salt winds. Has straight trunk andnarrow crown at first but spreads with age. Grows to 5M ACER SHIDAVA GOLD Dwarf bushy habit, green new growth brightens to yellow green. Yellow autumn. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate AGAPANTHUS BLUE BLAZER
DEEPEST DARK BLUE flowers on a very easy care specimen. Mass plant for weedsupressant. Grows to 60CM AGAPANTHUS BLUE BLAZER AGAPANTHUS BLUE BLAZER AGAPANTHUS BLUE DOT
Very hardy blue flowering variety. Ideal for driveways, rockeries. Suits mostconditions. Will grow in full wind dry/wet. Grows to 40cm AGAPANTHUS BLUE DOT AGAPANTHUS BLUE DOT AGAPANTHUS BLUE DOT AGAPANTHUS CAMPANULATA
A beautiful cornflower blue variety. Can be planted under trees or coastal sites. Veryhardy. Grows to 1m AGAPANTHUS CAMPANULATA AGAPANTHUS CAMPANULATA AGAPANTHUS CAMPANULATA AGAPANTHUS FINNLINE Striking silvery/grey foliage with white edge. Well formed cream flower buds openingto white on short stems. Superb edging or container plant.
Grows to 30x20cm
A very hardy Agapanthus. Will grow in full shade or full sun. Lilac blue flowers in midsummer. Ideal for borders. Grows to 60cm AGAPANTHUS GAYLES LILAC AGAPANTHUS GAYLES LILAC AGAPANTHUS GAYLES SAPPHIRE
Highly recommended, compact selection with intense deep blue indigo flowers.
Forms a tidy clump. Excellent cut flower.HARDY Grows to 60cm
AGAPANTHUS GAYLES SAPPHIRE AGAPANTHUS GAYLES SAPPHIRE AGAPANTHUS ORIENTALIS BLUE Very hardy blue flowering variety. Ideal for driveways, rockeries or under treeplanting. Suits most conditions. Grows to 1m AGAPANTHUS ORIENTALIS WHITE A very hardy variety. Ideal for planting up driveways, in rockeries and under trees.
Should be used more in landscape work. Grows to 1m
A dwarf African lily with blue flowers. Ideal for tub and under tree plantings.
Excellent contrast for landscaping. Grows to 50cm
AGAPANTHUS PETER PAN AGAPANTHUS PETER PAN AGAPANTHUS PETER PAN Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate AGAPANTHUS ROYAL BLUE, BLUE AFRICAN LILLY Almost electric blue flowers. Always a show winner.Great in Pots or borders.Willgrow in a wide range of sites.HARDY Grows to 1M AGAPANTHUS SEA CORAL
Semi dwarf narrow leaved variety with pure white flowers flushed coral pink. Hardy tomost soils. Grows to 60 CM AGAPANTHUS SEA CORAL AGAPANTHUS SEA CORAL AGAPANTHUS SEA FOAM
A smaller growing variety with pure white flower heads.Strong broad foliage.Willtolerate most soil types.HARDY. Grows to 45cm AGAPANTHUS SEA FOAM AGAPANTHUS SEA FOAM AGAPANTHUS SEA FOAM AGAPANTHUS SILVER BABY
A dwarf growing plant with green strap like foliage. Free flowering with steely silverflowers.Will grow on most sites Hardy. Grows to 50cm AGAPANTHUS SILVER BABY AGAPANTHUS SILVER BABY AGAPANTHUS STREAMLINE
A hardy blue flowering variety. Will grow in full sun or shade. Group plantings forbest display. Grows to 80cm AGAPANTHUS STREAMLINE AGAPANTHUS STREAMLINE AGAPANTHUS STREAMLINE AGAPANTHUS WAVY NAVY
Bears large heads of trumpet shaped navy blue flowers in summer. Excellent forborders rockeries and mass plantings. Grows to 1m AGAPANTHUS WAVY NAVY AGAPANTHUS WAVY NAVY AJUGA JUNGLE BEAUTY Evergreen ground cover with blue flowers in Spring.Sun or shade. Increase bydivision. ALBIZZIA J RED SILK A selected form of the 'silk tree'. Carmine red silky flowers produced in profusion. Achoise selection. Grows to 5m ALCHEMILLA MOLLIS, Ladys Mantle
Choice plant for semi-shade and moisture vetentive soils. Ideal edging perennial.
Lime green flowers.
ALCHEMILLA MOLLIS ALCHEMILLA MOLLIS ALCHEMILLA MOLLIS ALNUS GLUTINOSA IMPERALIS, FINE LEAVED BLACK ALDER Attractive form of alder with finely cut leaves, will grow in any soil. Does not toleratelime. Grows to 5m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate ALNUS RUBRA, RED ALDER Medium to large tree with slender pyramidal outline and slightly pendulous branches.
Buds distinctly red. Will grow in damper sites.
Graceful stems of orangy-green and delicate seed heads. Hardy evergreen. Ideal forharsh sites. Grows to 1.2M ANEMENTHELE LESSONIANA ANEMENTHELE LESSONIANA ARAUCARIA ARAUCANA, MONKEY PUZZLE TREE A very hardy stately specimen tree. Will grow upright in the most exposedconditions. Fairly slow growing. Female seeds are edible. ARTHROPODIUM CIRRHATUM, RENGA LILY Starry white flowers on long pannicles. Good cut bloom. An evergreen preferringsemi shade. Grows to 60x60cm ARTHROPODIUM MATAPOURI BAY, NZ ROCK LILY NZ rock lily. Masses of starry white flowers on tall stems in summer. Ideal for massplantings under trees, semi or full shade. Grows to 60cm ASPLENIUM BULBIFERUM , HEN AND CHICKEN FERN Must be protected from direct sunlight, winds and strong draughts. Soil must neverdry out. Fertilize regularly. ASTELIA ALPINE RUBY A colourful foliage plant with long arching ruby red leaves with silvery reverse.Formsa low compact plant.full sun part part shade. Grows to 60CM Green conspicuously veined leaves. Flowers are small and fragrant. Female plantsproduce orange berries. New Zealand native. ASTELIA SILVER SPEAR Silver leafed evergreen landscape plant. Looks great in pots, on patios or in thegarden. Frost hardy. Grows to 1.2m AZALEA COMTESSE DE KERCHOVE, Azalea very succyus Compact growth with double, clear salmon-pink blooms with some white edging,over a long period. Plant in well draind soil. Grows to 28mx136m AZALEA ADDY WERY Small evergreen shrub with masses of bright red with orange flushed flowers whichcover the whole bush in Spring. It has lovely medium single snow white flowers in Autumn and Spring. Perfers gooddraining soil. Evergreen. AZALEA APPLE BLOSSOM Late Spring. Two tone pink flowers. Great in massed groups. Likes acidy feriliser.
Water and mulsh in summer for best results. Grows to 60cm
Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate AZALEA BLUSHING BRIDE Small evergreen shrub with masses of flowers during spring. Likes a cool moistposition free from lime. AZALEA BRIDES BOUQUET Formal double white gardenia styled flower. Small evergreen shrub with masses offlowers during spring. Flame red, orange flare, ruffled petals. Large. No lime. Deciduous. Mid season. Semi-double milky white flowers with green in the throat. Grows to50cm A deciduous Azalea with firey orange red single flower clusters appearing inNovember. AZALEA DOROTHY CORSTON.
Deciduous Azalea with small red blooms and bronze foliage in Spring. Hardy,preferring acid soil. No lime, part shade. Can trim to height required. Grows to1.5m AZALEA ELLIE HARRIS Fat rounded buds and cool shell pink flowers with bright green foliage. Compactspreading habit. Grows to 50cm AZALEA FIELDERS WHITE Large, single frosty white flowers. When in peak bloom, all the leaves are coveredwith flowers.
AZALEA GLOWING EMBERS Red flowers with an orange blotch in November. New foliage is glowing bronze.
AZALEA GOLDEN EAGLE Bright Orange Splashed Red! Medium sized deciduous shrub. Flowers from Octoberto November. Requires semi shade. AZALEA GUMPO PINK Small compact habit with single frilled, light rose pink blooms that a have darker redblotch in the throat. Requires acid soil. Grows to 40cm AZALEA GUMPO SALMON Flowers are a single frilled salmon pink with a light red blotch and small bright greenfoliage. Compact dwarf habit. Grows to 40cm AZALEA GUMPO WHITE Flowers are a single frilled white with a green blotch and small bright green foliage.
Copmpact dwarf habit. Requires acid soil. Grows to 40cm
Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate AZALEA HONEY BUNCH Kurume type suitable for the South Is. A good landscape subject. Medium sizehose-in-hose double white petals to pastal salmon pink tip. Grows to 1.2m AZALEA KIRIN (KURUME HYBRID) Bushy medium growth. Hose-in-hose double silvery rose pink flowers. Long floweringfrom autumn to early spring. Grows to 75x75cm AZALEA MAGNIFICA ALBA A very hardy, vigorous tall growing Azalea. Large single white flowers with a slightperfume. AZALEA MELFORD FLAME
Frilled orange and red flowers in November. An attractive deciduous Azalea Growsto 1.5m AZALEA MELFORD FLAME AZALEA MELFORD FLAME AZALEA MELFORD LEMON Butter yellow flowers in November. An attractive deciduous Azalea Grows to 1.5m Bright glowing saffron yellow, with an apricot flare.An attractive deciduous AzaleaGrows to 1m AZALEA NICHOLAS DE ROTHSCHILD Double yellow pink and orange flowers in November. Likes some shelter from wind.
No lime. Deciduous. Grows to 1.5m
AZALEA PARTY TIME A combination of red, pink and orange in a very large truss. Fragrant with superautumn foliage. Grows to 1.5m A popular evergreen shrub with masses of flowers double white in late winter orspring. Likes part shade and morning sun. Grows to 1x1.5m AZALEA PEACH KIRIN Small, single, hose-in-hose peachy pink flowers. Blooms prolifically in mid winter toearly spring. Upright. Grows to 60cm AZALEA PEACHY PERFECT Delicate salmon peach with a light yellow flare, in rounded trusses. Neat double,hose in hose blooms .A free flowering shrub that provides a big splash of colour inspring. Can be easily trimmed to required height. Grows to 1.5m AZALEA PURPLE GLITTERS Abundant open single flowers, glowing purple in colour, appear mid-season on avigorous bush. Good tub specimen, feed regularly. AZALEA RED GIANT Single, trumpet-shaped, frilled, intense blood red flowers with an orange flare.
Upright, deciduous shrub that is cold hardy Grows to 2m
Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate AZALEA RED POPPY Glowing red flowers with satin sheen. Petaloid centres. Likes full sun orsemi-shade. Grows to medium AZALEA RED RAG
Deep red single blooms. The deepest red on the market. Beautiful Ilam hybrid withflowers on an upright plant. Prefers some shade. No lime Grows to 1m AZALEA RED WINGS Evergreen. Long flowering brilliant red, double flowers. Full sun, or semi shade.Suntolerant. Grows to medium Masses of double ruffled light red flowers in Spring. Spot flowering in autumn andWinter. Cool moist position free of lime. Grows to 50cm AZALEA ROSE QUEEN Semi double bright pink blooms over long period. Evergreen, medium to tall bushygrowth. Prefers acid well drained soil. Small evergreen shrub with large single lavender/mauve flowers in Spring. Hardy andcan take a reasonable amount of sun.No lime. AZALEA SILVER GLOW Double. Deep red blooms. Variegated foliage. Hardy. Grows to 50cm Hose-in-hose blooms, white with yellowish blotch. Flowers midseason. Vigorousfresh growth. Evergreen. AZALEA SOUTHERN AURORA Double deep apricot to salmon muted white blooms.Medium bushy growth.Ideal fortubs and well drained soils. AZALEA SWEET INSPIRATION Very free flowering, cream flowers with soft pink edges to give a blush pink overalllook with a small yellow flare. Sweetly scented. A free flowering shrub that providesa big splash of colour in spring. Grows to 1.5m AZALEA SWEET NELLIE Small evergreen shrub with masses of scented carmine red flowers in Spring. Goodfor group planting or suitable for tubs. No lime. AZALEA SWEETHEART SUPREME Semi double hose in hose. Light pink, darker markings. Mid season. Grows to70cm Large double, rich violet purple flowers. Medium spreading bush. Spot flowering inautumn, then spring. Evergreen. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate AZALEA VUYK'S SCARLET A very hardy variety, with single bright red flowers. Early-mid season. Grows to1x1.2m AZALEA DE WAELES FAVOURITE Flowers are rich pink, edged with white. Best in a semi shaded position. Likes acidfertilizer. Grows to 60cm AZALEA WARDS RUBY Small bushy shrub. Masses of small single flowers in Spring. Preferssemi-sheltered position. Grows to 1m AZALEA WHITE ROSEBUD Very pretty double white flowers with a beautiful rose like form when open. Smallevergreen. Prefers acid soil, part shade. BACOPA, MEDICINAL HERB This plant has long, cascading stems that smother themselves in tiny, perfect,five-petal flowers. A medicinal herb with calming effects. BERBERIS AUREA, GOLDEN BARBERRY Charming low compact deciduous shrub. Young shoots pale yellow becomingbrighter yellow during summer. Gleaming gold in autumn. Grows to 60x90cm BERBERIS ROSY GLOW Dwarf shrub with slender arching branches. Young shoots bright purple mottledsilver pink, cream and bright rose. Hardy. Grows to 1x1m BERBERIS THUNBERGII "ATROPURPUREA", PURPLE BARBERRY Striking Japanese shrub valued for deep bronze purple foliage through Spring andSummer. Shiny red berries. Grows to 1.3x1m BERGENIA CORDIFOLIA WINTER GLOW Bright pinkish red flowers appear in clusters on thick stems just above the foliage.
The leaves take on remarkable reddish-bronze hues which remain until spring whenthey turn back to green.
BETULA PENDULA LACINIATA, CUTLEAF WEEPING BIRCH A tall, slender, graceful tree with drooping branchlets and prettily cut leaves. Yellowautumn colour. Tolerates dry conditions but dislikes coastal winds. Grows to 4m BETULA UTILIS JACQUEMONTII, MALAYAN BIRCH
Beautiful white peeling bark, looks outstanding planted in groups. One of the betterbirches. Hardy. Grows to 5-6m BETULA UTILIS JACQUEMONTII BETULA UTILIS JACQUEMONTII BLECHNUM DISCOLOUR Attractive fern native to New Zealand. Suits moist free draining soil. Rosettes offishbone shaped fronds. Grows to 50cm BORONIA BLUE WAVES An upright attractive bushy shrub with aromatic fernlike foliage, bearing anabundance of spectacular bell shaped flowers. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate Nice Plant. BORONIA ICED CHARLOTTE Lovely hardy boronia with aromatic foliage and attractive pure white bell shapedflowers hanging in clusters. Small evergreen shrub with fine aromatic yellow-green foliage and hanging cupshaped flowers which are yellow. BORONIA MEGASTIGMA, BROWN BORONIA Upright fragrant flowered and foliaged, evergreen shrub. Fine bright green foliageand fragrant brown bell shaped flowers. BORONIA PURPLE JARED Bushy shrub with perfumed purple bell flowers. Very hardy plant that will grow in fullsun or part shade or full shade. Has fragrant brown bell flowers in winter and spring. Prune after flowering for shape.
Grows to 80cm
A small dense evergreen shrub.Ideal for pots and containers. It is suitable for a fullsun to part shade position and is frost tolerant. Grows to 50cm X 30cm BUXUS MICROPHYLLA JAPONICA, JAPANESE BOX
Popular evergreen shrub with light green, rounded leaves and dense growth. Makesan excellent sheared hedge or left unpruned. BUXUS MICROPHYLLA JAPONICA BUXUS MICROPHYLLA JAPONICA BUXUS MICROPHYLLA WINTER GEM Excellent evergreen shrub for small hedges. The rich green foliage acquires agolden bronze hue through winter, returning to green in spring. Evergreen. Grows to1.5m BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS SUFFRUTICOSA, EDGING BOX A low compact form, Glossy green leaves.Ideal for low hedging around edges ofgardens.Needs very little training. Grows to 30 X 30 CM BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS, ENGLISH BOX HEDGING
One of the best small evergreen hedges. Slow growing. Very hardy. Good for formaltraining. Grows to 80cm BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS BUXUS SEMPERVIRENS Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate CALYCANTHUS HARTAGE WINE A beautiful fast growing plant with large glossy green leaves covered with manyburgundy - red flowers. Grows to 2.5m CAMELLIA ADORABLE Formal double pink flowers.Large evergreen shrub with attractive, glossy, dark greenthick foliage. Large showy flowers are borne in early winter to mid spring. Grows to1.5m CAMELLIA CRIMSON KING Vigorous, upright, evergreen shrub, valued for rich green foliage and red, single,scented flowers with a boss of golden stamens. CAMELLIA FAIRY BLUSH This beautiful Camellia has tight bright pink buds that open to miniature, single,apple-blossom pink blooms which are lightly fragrant. Would suit a small courtyardor patio area. Flowers for a long period. Grows to 2m CAMELLIA FAIRY WAND Miniature producing semi-double blooms of bright rosy red to crimson, mid to lateseason. Fast bushy grower.
Sprinkle some magic in your garden. Grows to 2x1.5m
CAMELLIA JURYS YELLOW Evergreen, medium sized anemone blooms are ivory white with creamy cushioncentre.Flowering mid winter to spring. Grows to 1.8m CAMELLIA LES JURY Large hybrid formal rose form to peony shaped blooms of deep red from mid to lateseason. Upright bushy habit. Drops blooms cleanly. Grows to 3.5m CAMELLIA NIGHT RIDER The Night Rider has a very dark black red, small semi-double flowers, with blackred new growth. Mid to late season. Grows to 1.2M CAMELLIA SETSUGEKKA (SASANQUA) Produces pure white, semi-double fragrant flowers that are a startling contrastagainst the deep, dark green foliage. Ideal for espalliering, topiary, hedging or aspecimen on it's own. Grows to 2.5x2m CAREX BUCHANANII, BUCHANAN'S SEDGE
Dark bronze to purple foliage. Upright graceful habit. Hardy to wind and coldconditions. Will grow in any soil. Grows to 50cm CAREX COMANS FROSTED CURLS
Evergreen perennial grass. Very pale green leaves which twist and curl at the tips.
Grows to 25cm
CAREX COMANS FROSTED CURLS CAREX COMANS FROSTED CURLS CAREX COMANS GREEN Small tussock grass with long arching foliage of light green. Excellent for massplanting. Evergreen. Grows to 40cm Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate CAREX COMANS RED Red graceful arching foliage. This attractive plant has long drooping seed heads.
Grows to 40cm
Attractive bright green grass suitable for rockeries and borders. A very hardyevergreen landscape plant. Grows to 50cm Attractive green foliage with distinctive black seed heads which hang and shimmerin the wind. More effective planted in groups. Grows to 50cm A delightful dwarf flax-like plant ideal for rockeries and is often planted in groups.
Attractive foliage. Grows to 30cm
CAREX FLAGELLIFERA BRONZE Very hardy native tussock. Attractive bronze foliage adds contast to the garden.
Grows to 50cm
CAREX FLAGELLIFERA GREEN Graceful arching green foliage. Good contrast species for mixed plantings. Growsto 40cm CAREX FLAGELLIFERA, NEW ZEALAND DWARF TUSSOCK Graceful arching brown foliage. Seed heads are ideal for dried flower arrangements.
Good contrast species for mixed plantings. Grows to 40x50cm
Native bog plant, best suited to wet or damp areas. Weeping habit with brown flowerspikes. Grows to 1.5m CAREX TESTACEA, NATIVE TUSSOCK
A distinctive green and brick orange foliage. Withstands cold and windy conditions.
Will grow in most soils. Grows to 40cm
CAREX TRIFIDA, BOG PLANT - SEDGE Tussock forming plant with erect smooth stems chestnut brown. Grow in full sun orshade, wet to damp areas. Ideal bog plant. Grows to 1m CARPINUS BETULUS , HORNBEAM
A medium to tall tree with deeply serrated leaves that turn yellow in autumn. Growsin dense pyramidal form. Grows to 6m CEDRUS ATLANTICA GLAUCA, BLUE CEDAR Pot: EUROTUB25LHeight: 200cm A beautiful conifer that has a pyramidal form and attractive cones on adult trees.
Adds contrast to any garden. Very hardy. Grows to 3x3.5m
Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate CHAENOMELES CAMEO 0.9M STD Apricot flowering Quince/Japonica. A very hardy deciduous densely branched shrub.
Rich apricot blooms open along bare thorny stems. Grows to 2x2m
CHIONOCHLOA BEDDIEI A rare species excellent for landscaping. Lovely plumes. Very Hardy. Grows to30x60cm CHIONOCHLOA CONSPICUA , HUNANGAMOHO GRASS Fully hardy tussock. Short arching stems of creamy white flowers in summer. Willgrow in most situations. Grows to 1m CHIONOCHLOA FLAVICANS, MINATURE TOI TOI
Weeping foliage with lime green flower heads on long arching stems. An attractive,versatile and hardy native. Grows to 1x1m CHIONOCHLOA FLAVICANS CHIONOCHLOA FLAVICANS CHIONOCHLOA RUBRA, RED TUSSOCK
Forms large bronze red tussocks with long slender rolled leaves and a flowing form.
Hardy native. Grows to 1x1m
Forms a neat rounded bush with rich green lustrous leathery leaves. Pure whiteflowers during summer. Fragrant. Grows to 1.5x1.5m COLEONEMA PULCHRUM AUREA, SUNSET GOLD One of the most versatile and easy to grow dwarf evergreen shrubs available. Idealin rockeries, large tubs, or for low hedges. Grows to 35cm COPROSMA ACEROSA
Hardy, suckering ground cover. Hard wearing and suitable for use as a lawnsubstitute. Likes well drained, sandy soil. COPROSMA CHOCOLATE MARTINI
Small leafed with chocolate tonings and a splash of green and gold varigation Growsto 1.2M COPROSMA CHOCOLATE MARTINI COPROSMA CHOCOLATE MARTINI COPROSMA KIRKII
Closely branched plant rapidly forming a dense mat of shining deep olive green.
Great wall spiller or bank cover.
Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate COPROSMA LIZ MEIKE
Forms an upright shrub of glossy chocolate brown foliage. Suits a well drainedsunny situation. Grows to 1m COPROSMA LIZ MEIKE COPROSMA LIZ MEIKE COPROSMA MIDNIGHT Small, very dark brown, glossy foliage highlighted with just a hint of orange andgreen. The dark colour intensifies in cooler weather . COPROSMA PORT WINE Has lovely shiny red foliage. Doesn't mind frost, coasts and is very wind hardy. Avigorous grower. COPROSMA PROPINQUA This shrub has tangled branches with long thick leaves and blue or indigo berries. COPROSMA ROBUSTA , KARAMU This coprosma is found in forest and scrubland throughout New Zealand.It is likeCoprosma repens but the leathery leaves are less glossy. COPROSMA TENNICAULIS, SWAMP COPROSMA Grows in waterlogged soils on the margins of lakes and swamps. The fruit are avaluable food source for birds CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS PURPUREA
Very hardy will grow in most sites. Rich bronzy-purple leaves. Impressive flowerspikes in summer attracts birds. Grows to 5m CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS PURPUREA CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS PURPUREA CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS, SOUTH ISLAND PALM TREE
Very hardy and will grow in most extreme conditions. Salt wind tolerant. New Zealandnative. CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS CORDYLINE RED SENSATION Deep purple-red leaves on a palm-like, sub-tropical tree that grows with an uprighthabit and with age will branch to produce several heads. CORNUS ALBA, RED BARKED DOGWOOD
Forms a thicket of stems up to 3m high, young branches being rich red in Winter.
Good Autumn colour. Grows to 3m.
Creamy yellow four petalled flowers through summer. Orange-scarlet ediblestrawberry-like fruit. Grows to 4m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate CORNUS CONTRAVERSA VARIEGATA, WEDDING CAKE TREE Displays variegated leaves with a dramatic summer flower show. Red stems arerevealed in Autumn and Winter. Grows to 5-7m CORNUS CONTROVERSA Broad clusters of cream coloured flowers early summer. Small black fruits inAutumn along with rich purple red leaves. Deciduous. Grows to 5m CORNUS FLORIDA CHEROKEE CHIEF Four petalled bracts are ruby red flowering April/May. Bronze red new growth turningscarlet. Deepest red flowering Cornus available. ATTRACTS BIRDLIFE. Growsto 4m CORNUS FLORIDA CHEROKEE SUNSET Large, showy, long - lasting red blooms. Leaves are a deep green broadly marginedwith yellow. Decorative fruit/berries for the birdlife. Brilliant autumn shades Grows to3m CORNUS FLORIDA CLOUD 9 Prolific pure white large flowered variety, autumn foliage colours are orange &scarlet. Strong growing tree of round spreading habit. Grows to 3m CORNUS KOUSA SATOMI Lovely rich salmon red. Rounded bracts soften to rose pink as they mature.
Spreading branches in Spring. Grows to 4m
Compact bronze foliage, Handles hardy coastal conditions. Has bright red berries.
Can be used for under tree planting. Grows to 2x1.2m
COROKIA BRONZE KING COROKIA BRONZE KING COROKIA BRONZE KING COROKIA COTONEASTER, The Wire Netting Bush A very hardy shrub.It is very dense growing with dark green or bronze foliage.Growswell on costal sites. Grows to 2x1.5m COROKIA FROSTED CHOCOLATE
A very hardy shrub with bronze chocolate foliage and frosted reverse side of leaf.
Ornamental berries in autumn. Grows to 1.8m
COROKIA FROSTED CHOCOLATE COROKIA FROSTED CHOCOLATE COROKIA GEENTY'S GIANT Small starry, yellow flowers are mildly fragrant and are followed by small yellowberries. A hardy native shrub that has a bushy habit and attractive coloured foliage. COROKIA GEENTY'S GREEN
Leaves are a bright shade of green on a compact shrub. A hardy New Zealandnative. Grows to 2.5 x 1.5m COROKIA GEENTY'S GREEN COROKIA GEENTY'S GREEN Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate COROKIA PHANTOM
Attractive dense growing Corokia with dark choc - black foliage, slivery tomentumon the undersides. Grows to 1.2m x 1m COROKIA RED WONDER
Upright slender shrub, narrow bronzy green leaves and starry yellow flowers followedby HEAVY crops of bright red berries. One of the best fruiting varieties. Grows to2x1.2m COROKIA RED WONDER COROKIA RED WONDER COROKIA YELLOW WONDER
Upright shrub, densely branched starry yellow flowers followed by bright yellowberries. Green glossy leaves Grows to 2x1.2m COROKIA YELLOW WONDER COROKIA YELLOW WONDER CORTADERIA FULVIDA Cortaderia Fulvida is wonderful as good low shelter. Produces creamy plumes in themonths of summer. Grows to 2m CORTADERIA RICHARDII, TOE TOE
Ideal for low shelter. Creamy white plumes in summer and autumn. Very hardynative. Useful as a screening plant. Grows to 2m CORTADERIA RICHARDII CORTADERIA RICHARDII CORTADERIA RICHARDII COTINUS GRACE, SMOKE BUSH Young foliage is a translucent wine red. Large pinkish plume-like flowers emergefrom red stems in mid summer. COTONEASTER DAMMERI STD Small spreading shrub with small rounded shiny leaves and white flowers. Bright redberries. Attracts birds, wall spiller. CRANBERRY MYRTUS UGNI., CRANBERRY Plant in good ground with plenty of humus. An evergreen densly branched shrub withsmall fragrant flowers. Edible fruit. Grows to 80cm. CRATAEGUS OXY ROSEA PLENO, DOUBLE PINK HAWTHORN Double pink flowers in November. Suitable in most soils and cold climates. Hardy.
Easily grown. Deciduous. Grows to 5m
CRATAEGUS PAULS SCARLET, DOUBLE RED HAWTHORN Literally smothered with small double scarlet blossom. A cold hardy adaptable tree.
Outstanding in flower. Grows to 6 M
CRYPTOMERIA JAPONICA, JAPANESE CEDAR A quick growing tree which forms a tall stately pyramidal structure. Turns deepbronze in winter. Very Attractive. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate CUP. LEY. CASTLEWELLAN GOLD
A popular slower growing form. Foliage tinted golden yellow. Very salt wind tolerant.
Keeps a tight compact habit. Grows to 4x2.5m
One of the most hardy evergreen conifers. Withstands salt laden winds. Ideal forhedging. Trim regularly. CUP. LEY. LEIGHTONS GREEN CUP. LEY. LEIGHTONS GREEN CUP. LEY. LEIGHTONS GREEN CUP. LEY. LEIGHTONS GREEN CUP. LEY. LEIGHTONS GREEN CUP. LEY. ROBINSON'S GOLD
Compact and of conical habit with lemon-green foliage in spring,becoming gold.Afast growing screen,tall hedge or specimen tree.Evergreen. Grows to 5x3m CUP. LEY. ROBINSON'S GOLD CUP. LEY. ROBINSON'S GOLD CUP. LEY. ROBINSON'S GOLD CUP. LEY. ROBINSON'S GOLD DAPHNE BHOLUA PINK ICE Richly scented, soft pink flowers in late winter on an upright bush. Likes gooddrainage and loamy soil. Grows to 1.5m DAPHNE BHOLUA WHITE ICE Richly scented, soft white flowers in late winter on an upright bush. Likes gooddrainage and loamy soil. Grows to 1.5m DAPHNE BHOLUA
White and mauve star shaped flowers, likes acid soil and a free draining site. Veryrare in New Zealand. Fragrant. Grows to 2m DAPHNE JACQUELINE POSTILL An evergreen medium sized shrub, with an erect habit and leathery leaves. Highlyfragrant purplish - pink and white flowers late winter. Grows to 2m DAPHNE O LEUCANTHE ALBA Produces highly fragrant white heads of flowers during winter and early spring.
Requires lime free soil, and a cool position. Grows to 1 x 1m
DAPHNE ODORA LEUCANTHE Shade is required to maintain glossy, green foliage. Strongly scented rose & whiteblooms in late winter. Grows to 80cm DAPHNE TANGUTICA Hardy evergreen with terminal clusters of white fragrant flowers, tinged purple.
Prefers a sunny position. Grows to 80cm
Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate DICKSONIA FIBROSA Evergreen tree like fern, with thick textured fronds and trunk. Great in ferneries andshaded courtyards. Remove faded fronds. Grows to 2.4x2.3m DICKSONIA SQUARROSA, PUNGA
Grows in most soils either in sun or shade Keep moist while establishing. NewZealand native tree fern. Grows to 3m DICKSONIA SQUARROSA 1.M STD DICKSONIA SQUARROSA 1.5M STD DICKSONIA SQUARROSA 1.8 M STD DIERAMA PULCHERRIMUM BELL BIRD, ANGELS FISHING RODS Lovely arching stems of rich black-purple pendulous, funnel-shaped flowers. Astunning strong growing form Grows to 90 CM DIERAMA PULCHERRIMUM FANTAIL, ANGELS FISHING ROD Pink Pendent bell shaped flowers.Upright summer flowering with long narrow straplike leaves. Great for beside ponds. Grows to 1.2m DIERAMA PULCHERRIMUM KEA, ANGELS FISHING RODS Coral pink flowers in late summer, with gracefully arching stems. Grows to 45 CM DIERAMA PULCHERRIMUM MIXED Pendent bell shaped flowers.Upright summer flowering with long narrow strap likeleaves. Great for beside ponds. DIERAMA PULCHERRIMUM TUI, ANGEL'S FISHING ROD Pendulous floral bells infused with cerise pink hues on stems that bow gracefullyfrom the weight. Grows to 90 CM DODONAEA VISCOSA PURPUREA, PURPLE AKEAKE
Good low shelter tree with deep purple foliage. Reasonably hardy. Coastal plant.
Grows to 3x1m
Hop-like fruit in Summer. Grows to 3m
ECHINACEA CHEYENNE SPIRIT A hybrid Coneflower, featuring single flowers in the first year. Petals are narrow,rolled or quilled in vivid shades of orange, red, rosy-red, yellow, purple and creamsurrounding a large brown cone. Spectacular display from misummer to early fall.
Grows to 65CM
ECHINACEA HAPPY STAR This stunning, large flowered coneflower comes into bloom. A sturdy, vigorouscultivar with large flowers, the pure white petals Grows to 90cm ECHINACEA PURPUREA, PURPLE CONE FLOWER Showy purplish pink blooms that are great for cut flowers. Attracts the birds andbutterflies. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate ECHINACHEA MAGNUS SUPERIOR ECHINAECEA DEEP ROSE Elegant daisy like flowers have rosy pink petals with an orange centre that riseslike a cone. •Very hardy and drought tolerant. •An excellent cut flower. Spikes of rich red flowers in winter. Likes well drained soil. Good rockery plant. Longflowering. Evergreen small shrub. Ice white flowers in late winter and spring. Prune well afterflowering. ERICA WHITE DELIGHT Small white flowers on a compact evergreen shrub. Needs a well drained spot. Massplant for a beautiful colourful garden or rockery specimen. Also great in a container. ERIOSTEMON PROFUSION AUSTRALIAN WAX FLOWER. Compact growing habit profuse pink flowers. Preferspeaty, acid, well drained soil, Evergreen shrub. Grows to 75x100cm ESCALLONIA APPLE BLOSSOM Glossy deep green leaves with masses of pinkish white flowers opening from pinkbuds in late spring. Very hardy. Grows to 1.5x1m Red flowering. Ideal for hedging, will withstand exposed sites. Trim to keep a formalshape.
Very hardy. Grows to 2m
Flowers start off light pink then turning to white. A very hardy and easy to growshrub, Ideal for hedging.
Grows to 2x1m
EUCALYPTUS ARCHERI A hardy silver leafed Eucalyptus. Will stand up to Southlands harsh conditions.
Ideal for fire wood. Suits most soil conditions.
A hardy growing shelter tree, ideal for exposed sites. Has a narrow growing form withits branches growing right to the ground. EUCALYPTUS CORDATA EUCALYPTUS CORDATA EUCALYPTUS JOHNSTONII , TASMANIAN YELLOW GUM Tall tree with narrow pyramidal form. Bark smooth yellow with orange green newbark. Green glossy leaves. Hardy. Grows to 30/60m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate EUCALYPTUS KITSONIANA Also known as the Gippsland Mallee or Bog Gum, is a species of native Australiantree. It is known for its adaptability and rapidity of growth. It is grown as a single ormulti-trunked specimen. EUCALYPTUS NITENS, SHINING GUM
A hardy tree for shelter or firewood, Stands moderate salt winds. A very quickgrowing hardwood. EUCALYPTUS NITENS EUCALYPTUS NITENS EUCALYPTUS RODWAYII, SWAMP PEPPERMINT A cold tolerent Eucalyptus. Will grow in Southland conditions. Suits damper sites.
Can be used for firewood.
EUCALYPTUS URNIGERA The leaves and stems of this superior ornimental tree are of a beautiful purple tinge.
Great for our cold conditions
EUPHORBIA POLYCHROMA Large flat heads of brilliant lime yellow bracts create a most dazzling eye catchingdisplay. Grows to 2 x 2m FAGUS SYLVATICA DAWYCK GOLD Deciduous columnar tree with erect branches. Oval pale green leaves, rich yelloworange brown in autumn. Young foliage lime yellow. Grows to 6x3m FAGUS SYLVATICA DAWYCK GREEN Deciduous columnar tree with erect branches. Oval green leaves, rich yellow orangebrown in autumn. FAGUS SYLVATICA DAWYCK PURPLE A splendid narrowly columnar tree with deep purple foliage. Grows to 7m FORSYTHIA LYNWOOD GOLD Free flowering with golden yellow flowers in spring. Trim after flowering. A hardydeciduous shrub. Grows to 2m FRAXINUS CIMMZAM A robus low maintenance tree with an excellent branch structure, Dark greensummer foliage, turning a deep burgundy in Autumn. Grows to 10m FRAXINUS EXCELSIOR AUREA Magnificent deciduous tree with golden yellow young shoots. Yellowish branches withblack buds. Good specimen tree for a lawn area. Grows to 6m FRAXINUS ORNUS , FLOWERING ASH A rapid growing tree with a broad rounded crown. White to greenish-white fragrantfluffy flowers. One of the hardiest Ashes. FRAXINUS OXYCARPA RAYWOODII, CLARET ASH
Very attractive foliage in autumn when its leaves turn plum purple. An excellent treeof relatively compact habit. Grows to 6m FRAXINUS OXYCARPA RAYWOODII FRAXINUS OXYCARPA RAYWOODII Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate FRAXINUS X GREENGLOW Compact beehive shaped deciduous ash makes it ideal for use in landscape oravenue planting Bronze foliage when young. Hardy. season. Grows to 10x8m GLEDITSIA TRI SUNBURST Limey-yellow foliage in spring, deepening to fresh green through summer,bronze-yellow in autumn. Deciduous. Grows to 4-6m GREVILLEA VICTORIA Drooping heads of rusty red flowers in pendant, terminal racemes in Summer toearly Winter. Prunely lightly each year great necter source for feeding the birds.
Grows to 2m
A bushy tree with broad, glossy green leaves. Excellent for screening. Hardynative. Grows to 2.5m. GRISELINA LITTORALIS BROADWAY MINT.
A handsome and hardy shrub or small tree. Grows right throughout New Zealand inany conditions, especially coastal. Grows to 3m GRISELINA LITTORALIS GREEN GRISELINA LITTORALIS GREEN GRISELINA LITTORALIS GREEN GRISELINA LITTORALIS GREEN GRISELINA LITTORALIS KAPUKA
A handsome native that's excellent as hedging, screening or low shelter including oncoastal sites. Grows to 3m GRISELINA LITTORALIS KAPUKA GRISELINA LITTORALIS KAPUKA GRISELINA LITTORALIS KAPUKA GRISELINIA TWILIGHT
A handsome and hardy shrub or small tree. It is a smaller leaved variety with rustyred stems. GRISELINIA TWILIGHT GRISELINIA TWILIGHT HAMAMELIS ARNOLD PROMISE, WITCH HAZEL Spidery flowers of a rich cadmium yellow clothe the leafless branches in mid Winter.
Deciduous. Grows to 4mx3m
Low growing multi branched spreading shrub. Flower buds are pink, opening to whitewith purple anthers. Grows to 60 x 75 cm HEBE BLACK PANTHER Dark glossy foliage which is deep green on the upper side and maroon on theunderside. Masses of large deep purple flowers. Grows to 1m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate HEBE COLENSAI GLAUCA Delightful glaucous foliage with prostrate habit and compact growth.White flowersand very hardy.Great for contrast in the garden. Grows to .6x1m HEBE DIOSMAFOLIA
Close set narrow leaves and small flat heads of pale lilac flowers. Sometimes theyare almost white in colour. Grows to 75x75cm HEBE EMERALD GREEN A dwarf, hardy evergreen bushy plant with a neat growth habit. Prefers a sunny, welldrained site. Grows well in tubs. Grows to 30-40cm Compact native shrub with white flowers in summer.Can be trimed to shape afterflowering hardy. Grows to 75cm HEBE FLAME
Purple tinged foliage with rosy pink flowers.
Grows to 75cm
An upright growing whipcord hebe with beautiful white flowers. Plant in an area withfull sun and good drainage. Grows to 35cm HEBE ICING SUGAR A neat and tidy compact native shrub with pink and white flowers. Should be used alot more in garden plantings. Grows to 1mx1m HEBE INSPIRATION
Oval evergreen foliage with spikes of vibrant purple flowers which change frompurple through lilic to white in Spring. Grows to 1x1m Ideal for garden or container planting. Hebe Margret is smothered in masses of skyblue flowers from early Summer until Autumn. Grows to 60x60cm HEBE MARIE ANTOINETTE
Flowers open cerise and fade to white. Leaves are narrow and dark tipped. Lowgrowing, bushy, evergreen shrub. Hardy. Grows to 1 x 1m HEBE MARIE ANTOINETTE HEBE MARIE ANTOINETTE HEBE ODORA, BOXWOOD White flowers from October to March.Rounded ball like shape with small Buxuslike leaves. Hardy evergreen, suits most sites. Grows to 1.5m. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate HEBE PAUCIRAMOSA
Small white flowers on short spikes. Hardy small Hebe, useful for an edging or rockgarden. Dark green foliage. Prune regularly to keep compact. Grows to 40cm HEBE PEWTER DOME
Small grey-green oval leaves on a dome shaped shrub. Prefers an open position. Avery hardy evergreen. Grows to 80cm HEBE RANKANENSIS
A hardy evergreen Native. Will grow on exposed sites. Massives of white flowers lateDecember. Ideal for native gardens. HEBE RED EDGE
Pink flower buds opening white on a splendid dense mounding shrub. The green -blue leaves sport a striking red margin. Grows to 60cm Long spikes of white flowers over a long period .Excellent compact shrub. Will growin exposed sites.
Hardy. Grows to 1m
white flowers mid season.a very hardy compact shrub.Withstands exposed sites willgrow in most soil types. Grows to 60cm HEBE SUTHERLANDII HEBE SUTHERLANDII HEBE TOPIARIA
Masses of white flowers in summer. A hardy evergreen shrub. wind tolerant. Willgrow in most soil conditions. Grows to 90x75cm HEBE TOWNSONII
Produces white mauve blush flowers and distinctive green foliage. Compact habit.
White to pale violet flowers during Summer. Neat compact habit. Hardy. HEBE WAIREKA
Broadly variegated leaves with creamy yellow edges. Attractive all year. Smaller thanBlue Gem. A hardy native evergreen. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate HEBE WINSOME GIRL
Green with a purple tinge in the warmer months the leaves then darken as the coolermonths approach. Grows to 40 x 40cm HEBE WINSOME GIRL HEBE WINSOME GIRL A new compact variety that is easily grown. Pretty tiny pink blooms in Summer.
Lush green foliage. Suitable for rock gardens. Grows to 1m
Neat compact shrub with abundant rose purple flowers in late Winter throughSummer. Very neat and compact. Distingushed by it's compact, habit and dark green foliage, violet flowers appear. HEBE WIRI MIST
White flowers in late spring on bright green spear shaped leaves. An evergreencompact spreading shrub.
HARDY Grows to 40x90cm
Produces white flowers.A New Zealand native with good erect habit. Holds adense columnar form. Grows to 5m HOHERIA SEXSTYLOSA HOHERIA SEXSTYLOSA Has beautiful pale blueish lavender flowers. The leaves are smooth with littlecorrugation. HOSTA KROSSA REGAL.
Perennial with lush foliage Spring and Summer with flower spikes in Summer.
Excellent under trees,prefers moist soil. Grows to 70cm.
Medium mound hosta with a heavy substance, and a dark green leaf andcreamy-white cupped margin. Lavender flowers in mid summer. HYDRANGEA BLAUMEISE Large round heads of beautiful blue flowers. Plant in a position protected from sun.
Provide ample moisture. Grows to 1.5m
HYDRANGEA BLUE DIAMOND PVR Clear blue flowers & lush green foliage. Has a compact, vigorous growth habit.
Excellent for use in containers or on decks etc. Grows to 70-80 CM
HYDRANGEA BLUE MOP Gorgeous rounded tight 'Mop Head' blooms in vivid blue will decorate the gardenfrom summer through to autumn. Nice compact growth habit.To ensure that thebloom stays blue plant in acid soil or side dress with Aluminium Sulphate Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate HYDRANGEA BLUE WAVE Mauvy blue in colour. Prefers lightly shaded position,with good summer moisture.
Prune to half size after flowering. Grows to 100cm.
HYDRANGEA MERVEILLE SANGUINA A mophead Garden Hydrangea with distinct red autumn colour. Hardy. Grows to1.5m HYDRANGEA PETIOLARIS Vigorous climber,excelent on walls. Large clusters of white flowers.DeciduousHardy. Grows to CLG HYDRANGEA RED STAR Superb cherry red flower heads make a lovely display from summer on. Dramaticcontainer plant. Best in semi shade. Grows to 1m HYDRANGEA RENATE STEINIGER Lush blue blooms are ideal for cutting. Compact habit, ideal for smaller gardens orlarge containers. Grows to 1.5m An evergreen climbing or ground-creeping woody plant that is important for theirnectar and fruit production. Ivy seeds are spread by bird KNIPHOFIA , RED HOT POKER Bright red and orange flower heads in summer. One of the hardiest perennials forundertree and roadside planting. Will grow on harsh sights. KNIPHOFIA BORDER BALLET Flowers are of orange, red, pink, yellow and creamy pastels. Best grown inhumus-rich, evenly moist, well-drained soils in full sun. Grows well in sandy soils.
Intolerant of wet, heavy soils.
KNIPHOFIA LITTLE MAID Green, grassy foliage and soft lemon-yellow spikes of flowers 45cm tall all summerlong. KUNZEA ERICOIDES , KANUKA Dense weeping large shrub or small tree with massed fluffy white flowers alongarching branches, Spring & Summer. LABURNUM ALPINUM PENDULUM, WEEPING LABURNUM Forms a low dome-shaped head of stiffly weeping branches covered in goldenracemes. Deciduous. Grows to 4m LABURNUM VOSSII, GOLDEN CHAIN TREE Slender deep golden racemes of bloom up to 45cm long hang through the leaflessbranches. A graceful specimen tree. Hardy. Grows to 3m LARIX DECIDUA, EUROPEAN LARCH Forms a slender pyramid with horizontal branches & pendulous branchlets.
Yellowgreen leaves turn yellow & orange. Grows to 8mx5m
LARIX OCCIDENTALIS Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate LAURUS NOBILIS , BAY TREE Evergreen tree with dark green aromatic leaves used as flavouring in cooking. Smallyellowish flowers. LAVENDER BIRCHWOOD
Forms a neat, compact bush of stunning silver foliage, set off by vibrant purpleflower spikes in summer. LAVENDER BIRCHWOOD LAVENDER BIRCHWOOD LAVENDER BLUE MOUNTAIN
The deep blue flowers have a stem length of about 15-20 cm long and can be usedas fresh cut flowers, dried or used in potpourri. LAVENDER BLUE MOUNTAIN LAVENDER BLUE MOUNTAIN LAVENDER BOGONG
Large showy lavender blue flowers form on this uprightstrong grower duringsummer/autumn.Looks great in a hedge. Grows to 90cm LAVENDER DILLY DILLY, ENGLISH LAVENDER
An blue English variety of Lavender that is widely used for oil production. Has amagnificent scent and is a nice compact bush. LAVENDER DILLY DILLY LAVENDER DILLY DILLY LAVENDER GROSSO, ENGLISH LAVENDER
Produces masses of violet flowers late Dec. to Autumn. Suitable for dried flower andoil production. LAVENDER HIDCOTE
A bushy dwarf evergreen shrub with narrow, silvery-grey leaves and small deepviolet-purple flowers in dense, aromatic spikes. LAVENDER LADY, ENGLISH LAVENDER A new introduction which is compact, free flowering and wonderfully fragrant. Idealfor bedding, edging or container plant. Flowers all summer. Not hard to care for.
Grows to 20-25cm
Dwarf, compact bushes with spiky grey-green leaves. Heavily fragrant deep blueflowers appear in mid-summer.
LAVENDER MUNSTEAD LAVENDER MUNSTEAD Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate LAVENDER PACIFIC BLUE, ENGLISH LAVENDER
A classic plant well admired for the masses of flowers and fragrant foliage. LAVENDER PACIFIC BLUE LAVENDER PACIFIC BLUE LAVENDER SUPER, ENGLISH LAVENDER Generally used for fragrant and culinary purposes and for cut flowers and oilproduction. It starts flowering late November/early December Grows to 80cm LEPTOSPERMUM SCOPARIUM , MANUKA White flowers, occasionally tinged with pink and rarely red.A usually compactshrub, leaves are variable in shape and size. Grows to 2m LEPTOSPERMUM WIRI JOAN A stunning New Zealand tea tree that is a blaze of red colour when it comes intoflower. Green foliage. Will tolerate drought. Grows to 1.5x1.5 LEPTOSPERMUM WIRI KERRY Compact grower with small bronze foliage. Rose-red fully double flowers fromAutumn through Spring. Grows to 80cmx60cm LEPTOSPERMUM WIRI LINDA double white flower blooms on upright slender stems for long periods. Performs bestin full sun with good drainage. Grows to 2x1.5m LEPTOSPERMUM WIRI SANDRA, Manuka Wiri Sandra A very hardy evergreen shrub. Soft pink single flowers appear in abundance duringspring on a thick backdrop of rich green foliage. Rich green foliage, soft pink singleflowers. Grows to 1.5m x 1m LEPTOSPERMUM WIRI SHELLY Vibrant rose red single blooms in Spring. Foliage is a rich green, with a slight pinktinge. Hardy. Grows to 1.7mx1m LEPTOSPERMUM WIRI SUSAN Large single glistening white flowers are borne in profusion on slender stems inSpring. Green foliage. Ideal as cut flowers. Grows to 1.5x1m LEUCOTHOE CRIMSON GLOBE Red to bronze winter colouring with pendant racemes of white flowers in November /December. Evergreen compact form. Likes acid soil. Grows to 75cm LIBERTIA GENTLE ANNIE
A heavy-flowering form of the New Zealand Iris, an evergreen perennial found overmuch of New Zealand. LIBERTIA GENTLE ANNIE LIBERTIA GENTLE ANNIE LIBERTIA GRANDIFLORA Attractive native with flax-like foliage. Ideal for ground cover. Very hardy. Grows to50cm Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate LIBERTIA GRASSHOPPER, NZ IRIS Green foliage White flowers in late spring early summerEvergreen hardy native.Ideal for mass planting Grows to 30cm LIBERTIA IXIODES RED ROCKS Smaller proportions than the grandiflora range and the flowers are amongst theleaves rather than above.
Height 30cm
White flowers in spring.Native to New Zealand. Volcano has the same gold, orange,and red colours we admire in fall leaves in its thin grassy blades. Its colours andhandsome erect shape make it an outstanding container plant for autumn. Great formass planting and rock gardens. Will grow in any soil conditions Tolerates coastalconditions and is frost hardy. Grows to 40cm LIBERTIA IXIODES VOLCANO LIBERTIA IXIODES VOLCANO LIBERTIA IXIOIDES KIWI GOLD, NZ IRIS This Libertia is named for its bright golden strappy leaves.Produces white flowersin Spring.Will grow in a wide range of sights.Hardy LIBERTIA IXIOIDES, NZ IRIS
Attractive small white flowers followed by decorative orange yellow fruit.Stiffsword like yellow tinged green leaves. Grows to 30cm LIBERTIA IXIOIDES LIBERTIA PEREGRINANS
Small White flowers in Spring with brownish green fans. Prefers full sun. A goodrockery plant.
Hardy. Evergreen.
Grows to 25 cm
Large panicles of white flowers in late Summer. Rigid form with round black-greenleaves. Compact shrub ideal as a tub plant. Grows to 1.5m LIGUSTRUM J. ROTUNDIFOLIUM LIGUSTRUM J. ROTUNDIFOLIUM LIQUIDAMBER WORPLESDON Autumn colours are pale orange with apricot shades. Has distinctive finely cut andlobed leaves. Upright pyramidal habit Grows to 5mx3m LIRIODENDRON T. ARNOLD This tree is selected for its narrow columnar habit. Tulip shaped yellow green andorange flowers. Rich butter yellow in Autumn. Grows to 17mx10m LONICERA NITADA, BOX HONEYSUCKLE
Ideal for growing in cube pots. Can plant in pairs. Feed me with shrub and tub mixannually for best results. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate MAGNOLIA BANANA FLIP The outer petals on the lemon yellow flowers fall back like a peeled banana. Uprightgrowing and later flowering. MAGNOLIA CHARLES RAFFILL Huge clear soft rose pink bowl shaped blooms. White within, held elegantly on thebranches. A perfect beauty when in full bloom. Grows to 6m MAGNOLIA GR BLANCHARD Creamy-white fragrant blooms produced during the summer months. Leaves aredark green and glossy above with distinctive coppery indumentum on lowersurfaces. Very attractive foliage. Grows to 8m MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORA LITTLE GEM, EVERGREEN Produces large fragrant creamy white flowers from an early age. Glossy greenfoliage all year round. Looks great in any garden.Needs acid soil. Grows to 6M MAGNOLIA IOLANTHE Large bowl shaped blooms flushed pastel rose-pink,deeper in bud. Creamy white.
Flowers at an early age. Erect tree, Grows to 6-9m
MAGNOLIA JANE PLATT Rich pink flowers with many tepals on a compact bush. Dwarf stella type. Grows to1.5m MAGNOLIA SHIRLEY'S PERFUME The growth habit is quite upright to slightly spreading tree with delicate pinkperfumed flowers. Grows to 4m MAGNOLIA STELLATA DAWN Rich pale lavender pink flowers fading to soft pink in spring. Slow growing bushyhabit. MAGNOLIA STELLATA ROYAL STAR Pale pink buds opening to pure white starry blooms Spring. A slow growinground-spreading tree with dense twiggy growth habit. Grows to 2 x 4.5m MAGNOLIA STELLATA WATERLILY Palest pink buds open starry white, blush pink outside. Semi-double flower & manypetals. Medium sized, compact densely branched shrub. Grows to 2m MALUS CORONET PEAK 1.5m STD This tree has good form and size, golden fruit are a delight late Autumn. Producesweeping branches. MALUS FLORIBUNDA Graceful arching branches, crimson buds in spring open into white to pale pinkflowers early in the season. Grows to 3x2.5m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate MALUS IOENSIS PLENA, BETCHELS CRAB
Large double pink fragrant flowers. Grey green leaves with grey bark. Later floweringthan most Crab Apples,Hardy. Grows to 2x2m MALUS IOENSIS PLENA MALUS IOENSIS PLENA 1.2m STD MALUS IOENSIS PLENA 1.5m STD MALUS VAN ESELTINE Semi double flowers, rose scarlet in bud. Buds open to a deep rose pinkflower.Yellow fruit. A vase or columnar shaped tree Grows to 3x1.5m MALUS WRIGHT'S SCARLET Very fine crab apple with large fruits that turn brilliant crimson. Free fruiting.
Spectacular in Winter. Grows to 3x3m
MELALEUCA ERICIFOLIA, SWAMP PAPER BARK Yellow or creamy white flowers that look like small bottle brushes. Tolerances:Drought; poor drainage; any soil; salt air; gusty winds Grows to 3M MELICYTUS RAMIFLORUS, MAHOE, HINAHINA, WHITEYWOOD The berries of this small tree or large shrub are eaten by a number of native birdsFlowering occurs in late spring and on into summer while the berries appear later onin summer and also in autumn . Will grow on a coastal sight Grows to 5M METROSIDEROS UMB XMAS DREAM A good red flowering plant. Protect from hard frosts. METROSIDEROS UMB. ST NICHOLAS, SOUTHERN RATA Has masses of bright red flowers on an upright bushy native shrub. Protect fromhard frosts. Flowers early December. METROSIDEROS UMBELLATA, SOUTHERN RATA Small pointed foliage with bushy slow growth. Bright crimson flowers later in theseason than Pohutukawas. Grows to 3m MORUS ALBA PENDULA, WEEPING MULBERRY
Vigorous grower,prolific bearer of large sweet fruit.Pure white at maturity.Prune inJuly to maintain compact tree. Grows to 2m MORUS ALBA PENDULA 1.5m STD MORUS ALBA PENDULA 1.7m STD MUEHLENBECKIA ASTONII
An unusual NZ native shrub forming a tangled mass of wiry brown stems and smallheart shaped leaves. Suit well drained site. Grows to 1.2m MUEHLENBECKIA ASTONII MUEHLENBECKIA ASTONII MYOSOTIDIUM HORTENSIA, CHATHAM ISLAND FORGET ME NOT Clusters of blue flowers in spring.Magnificent plant with handsome shining greenfoliage. Grows to 30cm NERINE ARISTOCRAT In late winter and spring the plant produces several strap-shaped, dull green leaves,about 20 cm long and 1 cm broad, arranged in two rows. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate In late winter and spring the plant produces several strap-shaped, dull green leaves,about 20 cm long and 1 cm broad, arranged in two rows. NOTHOFAGUS FUSCA, RED BEECH
A hardy native with erect habit. Red foliage throughout the year. Ideal gardenspecimen Grows well in southland. NOTHOFAGUS MENZIESII, SILVER BEECH
A New Zealand native Beech with very fine dark green, double toothed leaves.
Grows well in a garden situation. Hardy.
Mountain Beech. Graceful spreading branches. and attractive foliage. Very hardy.
Fairly fast growing as a juvenile. Grows to 5x3m
NOTHOFAGUS SOLANDRII CLIFF NOTHOFAGUS SOLANDRII CLIFFORTIODES NOTHOFAGUS SOLANDRII CLIFFORTIOIDES NOTHOFAGUS SOLANDRII CLIFFORTIOIDES NOTHOFAGUS SOLANDRII CLIFFORTOIDES NYSSA SYLVATICA , BLACK TUPELO Brilliant red and yellow colouring in Autumn. Requires moist and acid soil. Broadconical tree. Dark blue fruit is relished by birds. Grows to 4m OLEARIA AVICENNIAEFOLIA , MOUNTAIN AKE AKE Forms a bushy shrub. White sweetly scented daisy-like flowers. Useful hardygarden shrub. Tolerant of dry conditions. Grows to 2x1.5m OLEARIA CHEESMANII, DAISY BUSH A small tree with masses daisy-like flowers covering the plant in Spring. Glossyleaves. Suits well drained site. Grows to 2x2m A fast growing evergreen Native, withstands salt winds. Ideal for hedging or lowshelter. Requires well drained soil. Grows to 3x2m OLEARIA PANNICULATA, GOLDEN AKE AKE
Very hardy evergreen, excellent for shelter screening hedging or under tree planting.
Withstands salt winds. Needs good drainage. Grows to 4x2m
One of the most salt hardy shrubs available. Will not stand wet sites. Reponds wellto trimming. Grows to 4x2m OLEARIA TRAVERSII OLEARIA TRAVERSII Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate OPHIOPOGON BLACK DRAGON, BLACK MONDO GRASS
Small hardy grass-like plant forming a tuft of curving leaves. Dark purple to blackfoliage with purple flowers. Grows to 20cm OPHIOPOGON BLACK DRAGON OPHIOPOGON BLACK DRAGON OPHIOPOGON JAPONICUS NANA, MINATURE MONDO GRASS Produces glossy green foliage offset by spikes of lilac flowers followed by blueblack berries. OPHIOPOGON JAPONICUS, SNAKES BEARD, MONDO GRASS Racemes of white or lilac flowers followed by deep blue berries. Dark green foliage.
Can also be used as a deep water margin plant. Grows to 25 x 20
OPHIOPOGON PLANICAPUS Flower spikes rise above the foliage carrying loose clusters of pink,white,blue orpurplish flowers in summer. Straplike narrow leaves are green . PARROTIA PERSICA, PERSIAN IRONWOOD Wide spreading habit, leaves turning crimson & gold in Autumn. Clusters of crimsonflowers in Spring. Fine Autumn colour. Grows to 5x5m A creamy white glowing double with a pink tint at the flower centre, Strong stems.
Lovely scent. Flowers early to mid season
PEONY BOWL OF CREAM This double-flowered selection has snowy white petals, shaded cream towards thebase. Good strong stems, great fragrance. PEONY CHEDDAR CHEESE Large white double with yellow overtones. The fragrant flowers bloom in the middleseason. Dark foliage. Grows to 90cm Double, white, attractive rose-type flower, very dark green foliage, strong stems,lovely fragrance, good cutflower,flowers later in the season PEONY MONSIEUR JULES ELIE Light lavender pink fragrant flowers with large outer petals and a raised centre thatvaries in colour and shape as the bloom develops. Grows to 80cm PEONY ORLANDO ROBERTS Bowl shaped black-red semi double flowers on red mottled stems. Stunning colorFragrant PEONY PETTICOAT FLOUNCE Petticoat Flounce has Pink Petals with Creamy Pink Skirt & Creamy White at Baseof Each Central Petal Tuft. Deep Green Foliage. Grows to 1m PEONY SARAH BERNHARDT An old favourite variety with lovely full scented soft pink bloom. Most widely grownpeony in the world.
Strong and reliable. Flowers mid to late season. Grows to 90
Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate PEROVSKIA ATRIPLICIFOLIA , RUSSIAN SAGE Upright, grayish white stems. Tall, with lobed, deeply notched silvery-grey leaves.
Grows to 1.3m
Hardy erect shrub with aromatic, pale green olive-like leaves and small whiteflowers. A popular choice for shelter. Grows to 3m PHEBALIUM SQUAMEUM PHEBALIUM SQUAMEUM PHEBALIUM SQUAMEUM PHEBALIUM SQUAMEUM PHORMIUM BLACK RAGE A bold striking flax. The blue-black foliage makes a stunning contrast againstgreen or silver foilage. Grows to 1.5m PHORMIUM BRONZE BABY Evergreen upright perennial, with bold stiff pointed wine red leaves. Reddish flowersproduced on purplish stems Summer. Grows to 50-60cm PHORMIUM COOKIANUM
Tufts of upright sword shaped leaves ,pale greenish-yellow flowers in summer.Veryhardy and adds contrast to the garden. Grows to 1m PHORMIUM COOKIANUM PHORMIUM COOKIANUM PHORMIUM DARK DELIGHT A fantastic native hybrid with some of the darkest flax foliage. Great for contrast inthe garden. Very hardy. Grows to 1m PHORMIUM DAZZLER A striking phormium. dark marroon-purple arching leaves, approx. 75cm long arestriped with red to pinkish red. Hardy on most sites. Grows to 75x75cm Dwarf growing upright flax.Will grow in exposed sites,wet or dry full hardy. Sun orshade. Grows to 60cm PHORMIUM EMERALD GEM
A very hardy evergreen dwarf growing flax with yellow flower spikes. Will grow indamper sites. Grows to 60cm PHORMIUM EMERALD GEM PHORMIUM EMERALD GEM PHORMIUM EVENING GLOW Varigated, bright pink red with bronze margins. A good hardy native. Will suit a goodrange of sites. Yellow flowers followed by yellow seed pods. A stunning Cookianum form with abrilliant pink mid rib and fine green edging. HARDY. Grows to 1 x 1 M PHORMIUM PLATTS BLACK A dark leaved selection of our NZ flax, prized for its deep rich leaf colour andcompact clumping growth habit. Grows to 60cm Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate PHORMIUM RAINBOW CHIEF Rich tones of bronze and scarlet, upright variety. Darker larger form of RainbowQueen. Grows to 1.5 X 1M PHORMIUM RAINBOW RED
An attractive colourful foliaged flax. Is very hardy and is easily grown. Very good asa tub plant. Grows to 180cm PHORMIUM RAINBOW RED PHORMIUM RAINBOW RED PHORMIUM RAINBOW SUNRISE, NZ NATIVE FLAX Strong red and brown variegation, on a plant with very upright pointed leaves.
Grows to 1m
PHORMIUM SUNDOWNER Broad upright sword-like leaves of coppery red & radiant pink margins, fading tocream. Flushed pink at maturity. Vigorous grower. Grows to 1.8m PHORMIUM TENAX , GREEN FLAX A hardy evergreen, ideal for shelter. Will grow in damp or dry sites. Withstands fullsalt wind. Grows to 1.8M PHORMIUM TENAX PURPUREUM Vigorous grower with smooth bronzy sword leaves. Usually grown from seedresulting in many unusual and interesting varietions. Grows to 1.5mx1m PHORMIUM TOM THUMB Classy dwarf flax. Narrow leaves in bright green margined bronzy brown. Good forrockeries and pots. Grows to 35cm PHORMIUM WAITARA GOLD Brilliant golden low growing flax. Hardy to most situations. A very hardy NewZealand native. Grows to 1M PHORMIUM YELLOW WAVE, FLAX A very hardy ornamental flax with graceful drooping foilage. Heavily variegated yellowleaves. Grows to 1mx1m PHOTINIA RED ROBIN
New shoots bright red for long periods all year round. A hardy shrub. Ideal forhedging and adding contrast to the garden. Grows to 2.5m PHOTINIA RED ROBIN PHOTINIA RED ROBIN PIERIS DOROTHY WYKOFF., PEARL FLOWER Evergreen, with sprays of pearly white flowers in Spring. Prefers partial shade andacid soil. Mulch to conserve moisture. Grows to 1 - 1.5m. PIERIS FLAMING SILVER.
Drooping white flowers. Mature dark green leaves crisply margined silvery white. Newgrowth shoots brilliant flame red. Compact Grows to 1.2m PIERIS FOREST FLAME White 'Lily of the valley' panicles of flowers hanging on the tips of each stem.
Brilliant flame red young growth. Grows to 2x1.5m
Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate PIERIS FORMOSA LORD WAKEHURST, CHINESE PIERIS Attractive evergreen shrub renowned for its brilliant red young growth. Fades to pink& maturing to deep green. Pearly white flowers. Grows to 2m. PIERIS J. LITTLE HEATH A neat bushy shrub of cream edged foliage. One of the best varigated shrubs. Likeacid soils. PIERIS J. MOUNTAIN FIRE Large clusters of pure white flowers in Spring. Fiery deep crimson newshoots.Compact shrub with glossy green foliage Grows to 1.5m PIERIS J. PINK DELIGHT Charming pink pendant buds opening and turning white with a pink tint. A compactand tidy shrub. Ideal for picking. Grows to 1.5m PIERIS J. VALLEY VALENTINE.
Dark red winter buds on pendulous panicles, open to spectacular rich rose red bellsin Spring. Vigorous bushy upright habit. Grows to 1.2m PIERIS JAPONICA WHITE CAPS Flowers on this pieris are pure white and are borne in exceptionally long clusters.
Spectacular looking plant.
Large glistening pure white flowers in spring smother this compact rounded bush.
Evergreen. Semi shade. Grows to 1.5m
PIERIS SNOWDRIFT Profuse panicles of snowy white blooms with a green calyx.Smaller bushy growingvariety, Grows to 1.2m PIERIS TEMPLE BELLS A superb shrub, slow growing and erect, flowers are ivory white and apear in Spring.
Leaves green apricot bronze. Grows to 1.5x1m
PIERIS WHITE CASCADE Evergreen with attactive new growth reddish in colour. White clusters of flowers arelong and pendulous and longlasting. Attractive year round. Grows to 1m PIMELIA PROSTRATA, NEW ZEALAND DAPHNE Attractive prostrate mat with creamy flowers. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil.
PINUS COULTERI, BIG CONE PINE Withstands hot windy dry conditions. Tolerates most soil types. Relatively fastgrowing. Blue/green needles. Large cones. Grows to 18m PITTOSPORUM EUGENOIDES, LEMONWOOD
Pale yellow richly scented flowers. Leaves emit a distinct lemon fragrance. Willgrow in poor soils. Grows to 5x3m PITTOSPORUM EUGENOIDES PITTOSPORUM EUGENOIDES PITTOSPORUM EUGENOIDES Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate PITTOSPORUM MOUNTAIN JADE An elegant, fine leaved, two tone green selection. Perfect for screening. PITTOSPORUM PIXIE A shrub with very small silvery leaves on thin blackish stem. Does not grow very tallso suitable for a lower hedge. PITTOSPORUM STEPHENS ISLAND
Excellent form of Pittosporum with very dark green foliage. Ideal screening orhedging plant, or as a background plant. Grows to 2m PITTOSPORUM STEPHENS ISLAND PITTOSPORUM STEPHENS ISLAND PITTOSPORUM TENUIFOLIUM, KOHUHU
A very hardy native, will grow in full sun or shade. Slender erect narrow pyramidalform. Flowers bright purple. Grows to 4mx2m PITTOSPORUM TENUIFOLIUM PITTOSPORUM TENUIFOLIUM PLAGIANTHUS BETULINUS, NZ RIBBONWOOD
Exciting foliage plant which adds a contrasting dimension to any garden. Hardy to awide rande of conditions. Upright shape. Grows to 3m PLAGIANTHUS BETULINUS PLAGIANTHUS BETULINUS PLATANUS ACERIFOLIA, LONDON PLANE TREE A very handsome tree with rounded head. Bark has a mottled effect with flakingoccuring. Excellent shade tree. Grows to 8m POA CITA , SILVER TUSSOCK A fast growing silver green tussock grass. Prefers well drained soil and opensunlight. A frost hardy evergeeen. Grows to 1m POLYSTICHUM VESTITUM (Prickly Shield Fern) Is a hardy evergreen Native fern that prefers a damp shadyposition in good soil. Grows to 40cm PRUNUS ACCOLADE
Rich semi-double pink flowers in pendulous clusters.An outstanding small treewith spreading branches. Grows to 5m PRUNUS ACCOLADE 1.2m STD PRUNUS ACCOLADE 1.5m STD PRUNUS ACCOLADE 1.8m STD PRUNUS AMANOGAWA 0.9m STD Has clusters of fragrant semi-double shell pink flowers. A small columnar tree.
Young leaves greenish bronze. Grows to 4m
Semi-double flowers of white blushed pink. Ideal for small gardens. Tight compacthabit. May flower up to four times a year. Grows to 1.4m PRUNUS AUTUMNALIS ROSEA 1.2m STD PRUNUS AUTUMNALIS ROSEA 1.5m STD PRUNUS AUTUMNALIS ROSEA 1.8m STD Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate PRUNUS CAMPANULATA SUPERBA 1.5m STD Claret coloured bells in August. Ideal as a specimen tree in any town garden.
Improved form of Prunus Companulata Grows to 3.5m
Large fully double cerise pink flowers. One of the hardiest flowering cherries. GoodAutumn colour. Grows to 6m PRUNUS KANZAN 0.9m STD PRUNUS KANZAN 1.2m STD PRUNUS KANZAN 1.5m STD PRUNUS KANZAN 1.8m STD PRUNUS KIKU SHIDARE SAKURA, CHEALS WEEPING CHERRY
Has reddish branchlets. Dark green glossy leaves. Forms a large evergreen shrubwith smooth stems. Grows to 3m PRUNUS LUSITANICA PRUNUS LUSITANICA PRUNUS LUSITANICA PRUNUS LUSITANICA PRUNUS LUSITANICA PRUNUS LUSITANICA Dark purple-black leaves through Summer. Also through Autumn with small prettypink flowers in Spring. Purple Leaf Cherry Plum, Grows to 4mx2.5m PRUNUS PINK PERFECTION
Rose pink in bud opening to paler double flowers. These are carried in long droopingclusters. Erect spreading vase-shaped tree. Grows to 5m PRUNUS PINK PERFECTION 1.2m STD PRUNUS PINK PERFECTION 1.5m STD PRUNUS PINK PERFECTION 1.8m STD PRUNUS SHIDARE YOSHINO
Quickly forms a neat umbrella with masses of single pearly white blossom.
Handsome autumn foliage. Strong grower. Grows to 5m
Small tree with wide spreading branches & double pink flowers. These soon open towhite. Later flowering variety. Grows to 4m PRUNUS SHIMIDSU SAKURA 1.2m STD PRUNUS SHIMIDSU SAKURA 1.5m STD PRUNUS SHIMIDSU SAKURA 1.8m STD Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate PRUNUS SHIROTAE, MT FUJI
Flowers are very large semi-double snow white. Wide spreading habit with slightlydrooping branches. Grows to 5m PRUNUS SHIROTAE 0.9m STD PRUNUS SHIROTAE 1.2m STD PRUNUS SHIROTAE 1.5m STD PRUNUS SUB. FALLING SNOW
A pale pastel-pink form, Early to mid season flowering. Slender arching and gracefulpendant branches. Grows to 2.5mx2m PRUNUS SUB. FALLING SNOW 0.9m STD PRUNUS SUB. FALLING SNOW 1.2m STD PRUNUS SUB. FALLING SNOW 1.5m STD PRUNUS SUB. FALLING SNOW 1.8m STD PRUNUS SUB. PENDULA ROSEA, WEEPING ROSE BUD CHERRY.
Flowers are a rich pink on drooping branches in early Spring. A small mushroomshaped tree. Grows to 1.2m PRUNUS SUB. PENDULA ROSEA 0.9m STD PRUNUS SUB. PENDULA ROSEA 1.2m STD PRUNUS SUB. PENDULA ROSEA 1.5m STD PRUNUS SUB. PENDULA ROSEA 1.8m STD PRUNUS TAI HAKU, DIACKS GREAT WHITE
Very large single white flowers & Rich coppery-red young leaves. Has small fruit forbirds. Grows to 6m PRUNUS TAI HAKU 1.5m STD PRUNUS TAI HAKU 1.8m STD PRUNUS UKON
Large semi-double blossoms of rustic pinks. These then change to chartreusegreen. Mid October. Grows to 5m PRUNUS UKON 1.5m STD PRUNUS UKON 1.8m STD PRUNUS YEDOENSIS
A graceful early flowering cherry, fragrant white blushed flowers. Flowers inSeptember. Brilliant Autumn colours. Grows to 4m PRUNUS YEDOENSIS 1.5m STD PRUNUS YEDOENSIS 1.8m STD PSEUDOPANAX ARBOREUS , FIVE FINGER Forms a small rounded bush with open habit. Small greenish flowers, attractive tobees, followed with black berries. Grows to 3mx3m PSEUDOPANAX FEROX, SAVAGE LANCEWOOD
Rare species, similar to Lancewood. Juvenile leaves 50cm long, pale grey withtoothed margin. Flowers early summer. Grows to 3mx60cm. PSEUDOPANAX FEROX PSEUDOPANAX FEROX BROWN PSEUDOPANAX FOREST GEM Rich dark green glossy foliage. Lanceolate with serrated edge and prominent creamrib. Fresh clean foliage colour. Upright, bushy. Grows to 3m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate PSEUDOPANAX SABRE.
A small tree of erect habit, branching early. A fine plant plant for landscape work.
Dark green leaves with orange midrib. Quick growing growing. Grows to 3m
PSEUDOWINTERA RED LEOPARD Medium sized native shrub with unusual colour and aromatic leaves marked red.
Grows best in woodland conditions. Grows to Med
PYRUS CALLERYANA 'ARISTOCRAT' Beautiful ornamental pear, white cluster blooms. Waxy,wavy, cupped, long greenfoliage that turns a brilliant purple-red in autumn. Grows to 6 x 4m PYRUS SALICIFOLIA PENDULA, SILVER WEEPING PEAR
Cream to greenish white flowers in spring. A hardy weeping tree with silvery greyleaves. Adds contrast in any garden. Grows to 8m+ PYRUS SALICIFOLIA PENDULA 1.4m STD PYRUS SALICIFOLIA PENDULA 1.5m STD PYRUS SALICIFOLIA PENDULA 1.8m STD QUERCUS COCCINEA, SCARLET OAK Turns scarlet red & often persisting into winter. Has the most brilliant autumncolourings of all the Oak family. Grows to 22 x 13m QUERCUS PALUSTRIS, PIN OAK Brilliant scarlet yellow and reddish bronze in Autumn. Remove lower branches topromote a spreading, weeping habit. Grows to 8m QUERCUS ROBUR FASTIGIATA, UPRIGHT ENGLISH OAK Deciduous columnar tree of dense habit. Dark green leaves, resembling LombardyPoplar. Produces acorns. Grows to 15 x 3m QUERCUS ROBUR, ENGLISH OAK Dark green foliage turning yellow in Autumn to Winter. Produces Acorns.Theclassic Oak. Usually found in public parks or gardens. Grows to 15 x 3m QUERCUS RUBRA, RED OAK Ideal choice for large lawns. New leaves rich red in spring turning to dark green insummer and dull red in Autumn. Fast growing. Grows to 50 x 10 m RHODODENDRON ALEX HOLMES Pale lavender flowers that have a flare on the throat and fade to white. Nice compacthabit. Late season.
Yak Hybrid. Grows to 1.5 x 1m
RHODODENDRON ALICE Large upright conical trusses of rose pink flowers, lighter centre. Oct/Nov flowering.
Likes well drained soil. Grows to 1.8m
RHODODENDRON ANNA KRUSCHKE Tight trusses of reddish purple flowers. Suits acid soil. Flowers in Oct to Nov. Mulchwith rhodo mix. Grows to 2.5m RHODODENDRON ANNA ROSE WHITNEY Large trusses of rich pink flowers in November. Prefers well drained acid soil. Mulchwell in Summer. Grows to 2.5m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON APRICOT NECTAR Nice compact plant with lovely orange blooms, surrounded by scarlet edges. Goodfoliage. Blooms October. Acid soil. Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON BAMBINO, BAMBINO Hardy pale pink, flowering October/November. Prune lightly after flowering for shape.
Fertilise in Spring, and mulch well. Grows to 1.5x1.5m
RHODODENDRON BELLE HELLER Large pure white flowers with a striking gold blotch. Lush foliage. Hardy and suntolerant. Evergreen.
Flowers October. Grows to 1.5m
RHODODENDRON BIBIANI Compact trusses of rich crimson flowers. Needs well drained acid soil. Flowers earlyOctober. Hardy. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON BLACK MAGIC
Darkest red blooms with black flare in nice round trusses. These are freely borneon a compact neat bush. Mid to late season, New hardy hybrid Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON BLACK MAGIC RHODODENDRON BLACK MAGIC RHODODENDRON BLACK SPORT This attractive red flowering bush, looks best in October. To improve this plant tryusing DIACKS rhodo mix. Grows to 1.5x1.5m RHODODENDRON BLUE DIAMOND.
Small violet blue flowers all along the stems. October flowering. Compact growing.
Evergreen. Mulch well. Acid soil. Grows to 50cm.
RHODODENDRON BLUE PACIFIC Trusses of wavy mauve blue flowers with a dark purple splotch and speckling. RHODODENDRON BLUE STEEL Masses of small violet blue flowers in October. A dwarf compact bush withattractive blue foliage. Evergreen. Grows to 50cm RHODODENDRON BLURETTIA Flowers with rich purple wavy margins and pale centres in october. A compact plant.
Grows to 0.5m
RHODODENDRON BONNIE DOONE Golden yellow flowers with waxy edge that flower in October. New hybrid variety. Veryhardy. Use rhodo and azalea mix when planting. Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON BRIGETTE Purple red flowers contrasting with white centres. Attractive dense green foliage. RHODODENDRON BRONZE WINGS.
Flowers white with pink edges, warmed with a cream centre. New foliage is a deepbronze-red. Flowers mid season. Acid soil. Grows to 1m. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON BROWN EYES Full trusses of rose pink flowers with brown spotting are produced on this freeflowering vigorous plant with deep green foliage. Grows to 2m RHODODENDRON BROXTON 247 This pink to red, beautiful rhodo, likes part shade. It is hardy to -12 degrees.
Flowers in October. Plant with Diacks Rhodo Mix. Grows to 2x2m
Evergreen shrub has light pink bell shaped flowers in mid spring. Grows as acompact dense shrub Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON BRUCE BRECHTBILL RHODODENDRON BRUCE BRECHTBILL RHODODENDRON BUMBLEBEE
Deep purple flowers with large, almost black eyes borne on large conical trusses.
Has very glossy green foliage. Flowers october. Grows to 2.5x2m
RHODODENDRON BUMBLE BEE RHODODENDRON BUMBLE BEE RHODODENDRON BUMBLE BEE RHODODENDRON BUNA Rich biscuity-yellow flowers open from peachy cream buds. Well formed trusses ofvery open, star like flowers. Dense mounding habit and deep green foliage. FlowersOctober Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON CALYTHRIX Scented white blooms flushed with rose pink. Early to mid season. Small compacthabit. RHODODENDRON CANADIAN SUNSET, (Yakusimanum X Gypsy King) Pot: 7.5 L Red buds open to salmon orange,to creamy yellow centre. Lovely compact roundedbush. Acid soil. RHODODENDRON CAROLINE ALLBROOK Small to medium habit with blooms produced in mid season. Flowers of soft mauvepurple in a large rounded truss. Use Diacks Rhodo mix. Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON CENTENNIAL DAY Mauve buds open to frilly pinky mauve blooms. Delightful compact rounded habit.
Brilliant early season colour Grows to 1.5 x 1m
RHODODENDRON CHARISMA Beautifully scented pale white flowers. This shrub has a vigorous habit. Flowers midseason. Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON CHIFFCHAFF A compact little plant with small loose trusses of bright lemon yellow flowers. Thefuzzy dark green foliage turns a lovely shade of bronze in the winter. Grows to 60cm RHODODENDRON CHIONOIDES Flowers white with yellow centres. Numerous trusses on a broad dense bush inOctober. Prefers acid soil, light shade. Grows to 1m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON CHRISTMAS CHEER Smallish compact trusses of blush-pink flowers fading nearly white. Growth habit isrounded and bushy. September flowering. Grows to 1.3x1.4m RHODODENDRON CHRYSOMANICUM Primrose yellow flowers in September. A neat compact growing bush. Especiallysuited to coastal areas. Grows to 1 x 1m RHODODENDRON CILPINENSE Very free flowering with masses of blush pink bells in August-September. Growswell in full light. Keep moist in dry weather. Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON CITY OF DUNEDIN A dwarf compact bush covered in November with bright pink flowers later turning toan attractive soft pink. RHODODENDRON COCONUT ICE Pink buds open to white blooms with rose edges. 'Good enough to eat'. Densecompact mounded habit with good foliage. Grows to 90cm RHODODENDRON COLLEGE PINK Bengal rose to pink flowers. Compact growth habit. Grows to med-tall RHODODENDRON CORNUBIA Very showy blooms of a bright blood red colour. Bell shaped flowers found in largecompact rounded trusses.Flowers mid august Grows to 3x2.5m RHODODENDRON COTTON CANDY Tall,conical trusses of very large pastel pink flowers, with paler centre. Flowering inOctober. Grows to 1.8m RHODODENDRON COUNTESS OF HADDINGTON Large, lax trumpet flowers of light pink flushed rose early to mid season. Small lowbushy habit. Use Diacks Rhodo mix. Grows to 1.7m RHODODENDRON CREAM SURPREME Soft apricot buds open to cream flowers with some pink flares on the outer lobesthat flower November. Bright green-gold speckled upper lobe. Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON CUNNINGHAM WHITE
White flowers on a large, very hardy bush. Flowers mid season Likes acid soil .
Grows to 3m
RHODODENDRON CUNNINGHAM WHITE RHODODENDRON CUNNINGHAM WHITE RHODODENDRON DAWNS DELIGHT Carmine buds open to large, frilly soft pink flowers, marked in crimson, shadingwhite in tube. An evergreen specimen. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON DENDRICOLA Palest pink flowers, blotched with yellow. Fragrant perfume. Grows to 3m RHODODENDRON DENISE Creamy yellow flowers are tinged apricot pink, fading to white with a red blotch. Asmall leafed, free flowering variety.Flowers september Grows to 1m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON DOC Masses of frilly florets in tight trusses are rose pink fading white. Neat compacthabit flowering October. No lime, part shade. Grows to 1.3x1.3m RHODODENDRON DORA AMATEIS Large pure white flowers in Sept-Oct. Prefers acid well drained soil. Keep wellwatered and mulch during summer. Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON DOUBLE EAGLE Yellow like flowers in early to late October. hardy to -12 degrees. Can handle sun,but likes part shade. Use Diacks Rhodo mix. Grows to 2x2m RHODODENDRON DOUGLAS R STEPHENS Strong rose red flowers with deeper throat. Large glossy, dark green leaves. Abrilliant contrast. Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON DREAMLAND Prolific bloomer producing good trusses of pale pink florets. Each is bordered withdeeper pink margins. Sturdy compact bush flowering in spring. Grows to 1.2M RHODODENDRON FASTUOSUM FLORA PLENUM Large trusses of deep mauve frilled double flowers. Good hardy variety. Suits coolsheltered sites.
Late season Grows to 1.8m
RHODODENDRON FIREMAN JEFF The brightest blood red variety you'll find. Large red calyx gives these compacttrusses an almost double effect. Flowers October Grows to 2.5m RHODODENDRON FOREVER YOUNG Phlox pink flowers with slightly lighter edge. Compact plant. Mid season Grows to90cm RHODODENDRON FOREVER YOURS Buds are vivid red and open to frilled white blooms with accents on red innerspeckling with a red margin.
Early to mid season. Grows to 1m
Open trusses of blushed-carmine buds, open white tinged pink with creamy yellowcentre. Highly fragrant, October/November. Acid soil. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON FURNIVALS DAUGHTER Beautiful evergreen shrub with clusters of pink flowers with a cherry pink blotch.
Flowers October.Plant in well drained soil. Vigorous plant. Grows to 1.5m
This pretty light purple flowering bush, flowers September/October. It likes partialshade. Plant with Diacks Rhodo mix. Grows to 60x60cm RHODODENDRON GLENFALLOCH BLUE RHODODENDRON GLENFALLOCH BLUE Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON GORDEN VALLEY SUPREME Large smoky pink trusses. Dark green attractive foliage. Mid to late season. Growsto med. RHODODENDRON GRACE SEABROOK Deep blood red, margined currant red flowers borne in full dense trusses. Hasheavily textured foliage early to mid season. Grows to 2.5x2m RHODODENDRON GRUMPY Has rounded trusses of funnel shaped cream flowers tinged pale pink at theirmargins and spotted orange yellow. Mid-season flowering Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON GWILLT KING Rich scarlet red in large compact trusses. Masses of flower in early to mid spring. Atop variety. Grows to 2m RHODODENDRON GWYNETH MASTERS Flowers 20-21 truss, deep red, spotted on dorsal lobes with five dark nectaries inthe throat. Leaves 140 x 60mm with a light tan indumentum. RHODODENDRON HAPPY ANNIVERSARY This Rhododendron has soft pink fading to almost white flowers in November.
Evergreen. Dislikes lime. Grows to 1m
RHODODENDRON HARRY TAGG Large white flowers are tinged pink with faint green markings. compact growth.
Grows to 1.2m
Pure white flowers opening from pale pink buds,perfect,erect domed truss .Deepgreen foliage. Flowers mid season. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON HELEN SCHIFFNER RHODODENDRON HELEN SCHIFFNER RHODODENDRON HIGH SOCIETY Salmon-orange flowers on an interesting New Zealand hybrid from Timaru. Late midseason bloomer. Good Yakusianum like habit. Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON HONEY BUTTER Strong peach buds open to a soft peach edged flower that fades to a warm honeybutter centre. Fantastic compact grower. Flowering mid October. Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON HORIZON MONARCH
Huge creamy yellow trusses on dark green large leaves. Flowers in late October.
Grows to 1.5m
RHODODENDRON HORIZON MONARCH RHODODENDRON HORIZON MONARCH RHODODENDRON HUNTINGTON A compact new red colour with the most frilly flower you can imagine. RHODODENDRON JEAN MARIE DE MONTAGUE Large trusses of deep red flowers. Flowers through October and November. Likessun or part shade. Doesn't like Lime. Grows to medium Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON JINGLE BELLS A low growing plant with dense foliage flowering in October. Orange flowers fadingyellow with red throat. Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON JOHN BULL Trusses of strong perfumed pale pink to white flowers, flushed cream. Late Oct-Nov.
Plant with Diacks rhodo mix for best results. Grows to 1m
RHODODENDRON JOHNSTONIANUM KEN BURNS Dense foliage and white flowers blushed cream, appear on a spreading roundedbush in October. protect from frost when in flower. Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON KAPONGA Clear brilliant red flowers in large, rounded trusses over a long period. Early to midspring flowering. Prefers full sun/acid soil. Grows to 2.5m RHODODENDRON KATIE Compact and upright with pale creamy-orange flowers on dark foliage. Octoberflowering. Grows to 1.8M RHODODENDRON KOTUKU Pale pink buds open to white flowers with a gold eye. A very hardy rhododendronthat copes with heat and cold. Particularly fragrant. Flowers November. Grows to1.5m RHODODENDRON LADY IN RED
Excellant foliage plant. Dark green and vigourous. Will tolerate wind and extra sun.
Bright red flowers late September. Grows to 1M
RHODODENDRON LADY IN RED RHODODENDRON LADY IN RED RHODODENDRON LEMON ICE Outstanding white chartreuse yellow flare flowers mid season. Bushy vigorouscompact growth. Use Diacks rhodo mix. Grows to 1.8m RHODODENDRON LEMON LODGE
Produces well shaped trusses of primrose yellow blooms en mass. Highly sort afterin the rhodo world. A vigorous evergreen grower of medium height. Flowers OctoberGrows to 2.5x2m RHODODENDRON LEMON LODGE RHODODENDRON LEMON LODGE RHODODENDRON LEMON MIST Bright greenish yellow flowers. Compact grower, small foliage free-flowering. Early tomid season. Grows to 50 x 90cm RHODODENDRON LEMS CAMEO An exceptional hybrid with glowing flowers of apricot cream and pink. Small scarletblotch in October. A must for rhodo lovers. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON LILY Large soft peach flowers, paling to creamy white are held in large round, trusses.
Grows to 1.8m
Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON LITTLE JACK HORNER Great Yakusianum hybrid with dark rosy pink buds opening to dusky pink flowers.
Has a neat and compact habit. Flowers October. Grows to 50cm
RHODODENDRON LODERI FAIRYLAND Large scented heads of pale pink flowers in early October. Shelter from wind. A niceevergreen. NO LIME!. Grows to 2m RHODODENDRON LODERI ILAM CREAM Sweetly scented large blush white to cream flowers in October. Evergreen. Growsto 2m RHODODENDRON LUCY LOU White flowers in early spring. Needs some shelter when flowering. Likes acid soil.
Hardy. Evergreen. Grows to 1m
RHODODENDRON MADDENII Tubular white to blush white funnel shaped flowers.Growth habit is vigorous, withdistinctive papery bark. Leaves are a lush green. Flowers late Nov. INTENSEFRAGRANCE. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON MARQUESS OF WATERFORD Attractive red and white bicolour flowers on a medium sized bush. A very heavybloomer that extends most of the season. Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON MICHAELS PRIDE.
Somewhat tender, but well worth growing. Large fragrant creamy-yellow funnelshaped flowers. Mid season. Acid soil. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON MIDNIGHT Reddish, pink flowers in October. Hardy to -21 degrees. Loves part shade. For bestresults, plant using Diacks Rhodo and Azalea mix. Grows to 1.5x1.5m RHODODENDRON MOST ADMIRED A specutular flowering hardy compact plant. Flowers of soft purple in October.
Grows to 1.5m
RHODODENDRON MOUNT EVEREST Conical trusses of white flowers with red spotting in the throat. Flowers early Oct.
Use Rhododendron mix at time of planting. Grows to 2.5m
RHODODENDRON MRS G W LEAK Has clear light rose pink flowers with prominent reddish brown flare in the throat.
Free flowering in October on compact conical trusses. An oldie but a goodie!!!!Grows to 2.5x2m
RHODODENDRON NOYO BRAVE The flowers are a lively bright pink, that soften with age. A small red blotch appearson the inside of the flower. Lovely dark green glossy leaves. Flowers October Growsto 60cm RHODODENDRON NOYO CHIEF
Tight trusses of bright red flowers in October. Prefers semi shade, acid soil and nolime. Grows to 2m RHODODENDRON NOYO CHIEF RHODODENDRON YAK X NOYO CHIEF Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON OLIN O DOBBS Deep waxy plum purple flowers in perfect conical trusses. One of the nicestpurples. Flowers late October.
Mars x Purple Splendour Grows to 1.5m
RHODODENDRON OSTBOS LOW YELLOW Buds are apricot pink with blooms maturing to creamy yellow. Deep pink apricotcentres. Flowers mid season. Dark green foliage. Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON PANDA This Rhododendron bears pure white flowers on a compact hardy plant. Evergreen.
Grows to 30cm
RHODODENDRON PARISIENNE Smallish funnel shaped clear mid-yellow flowers. Low compact spreading habit.
Early - mid season flowering. Grows to 1m
RHODODENDRON PASTEL PEARL Tall conical trusses open a lovely white with a pink flush. A vigorous growing uprightvariety. Evergreen Grows to 2m RHODODENDRON PERCY WISEMAN Splendid free flowering, dome shaped bushes with flowers of soft apricot. Has palerpink centres. Flowers in October. Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON PHYLLIS KORN Gorgeous creamy white flowers tinged primrose yellow, with a currant red blotch.
Early season bloomer. This plant has a well branched upright habit with good darkglossy foliage and is suitable for hedging and screening. Grows to 2m
RHODODENDRON PINK CAMEO Shrimp pink flowers with darker centre giving a two tone colour. Nice dainty compactfoliage. October / November flowering. Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON PINK PEARL Large dome shaped trusses, rose pink in bud, opening to soft pink and fading toblush. Likes acid soil. Hardy mid season. Grows to 2m + RHODODENDRON PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT Showy red & white flowers. Large compact upright truss. Flowers mid season.
Leaves are variegated green & gold. Use Diacks rhodo mix. Grows to 2.5m
RHODODENDRON PRINCE OF JAPAN Lovely bushy shrub with deep glossy green foliage. Silvery white new growth withappleblossom - pink flowers in mid season. Grows to 1.2m RHODODENDRON PRINCESS ALICE A compact plant with pale pink buds opening to white flowers, Intensely fragrant.
Needs to be sheltered from frost. Flowers October. Grows to 1m
RHODODENDRON PURPLE GEM Beautiful large purple blooms with violet streaks and edging adorn this majesticshrub in mid to late spring. Grows to 1.2 x 1.2m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON PURPLE HEART Light violet flowers with bronzy green flare compact truss. Flowers midseason.Medium compact bushy habit. Grows to 1.5M RHODODENDRON PURPLE SPLENDOUR Sturdy and compact grower with ruffled florets borne in November. Has a blackblotch. Stunning. Grows to 2m RHODODENDRON RAGING BULL.
Nice red, spreading to 1.5m.and flowering in October. Requires acid soil, and partshade. Mulch round plant and fertilize in Spring. Grows to 1.5m. RHODODENDRON ROCKHILL IVORY RUFFLES Creamy yellow flowers with marvelous frilled petal edges and a hint of red freckling inthe throat emerge from deeper yellow buds.Strong bushy habit. Mid season Growsto 1.6m RHODODENDRON RUBICON Deep velvety red tight trusses, spotted darker red. Superb foliage Exceptionalglossy foliage on a well shaped plant. Blooms October. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON RUBY BOWMAN Long lasting large trusses of rose pink with blood red throat. Striking flowers, easyto grow. Full sun, no lime. October flowering. Grows to 1-2m. RHODODENDRON SAFFRON QUEEN A hardy evergreen shrub with masses of small yellow flowers in loose trusses. Greatfor brightening up a dull corner or semi-shady spot. Mid season. Compact, and freeflowering. Tolerates full sun. Grows to 1-2m RHODODENDRON SAPPHO
White with deep black maroon blotched flowers. Flowers in November. Likes welldrained soil. Plant with Rhodo mix. Grows to 1.8 m RHODODENDRON SAPPHO RHODODENDRON SAPPHO RHODODENDRON SENORA MELDON
A really pretty purple coloured flower in September. Likes partial shade.This Rhodolikes rich soil. Grows to 1.5x1.5m RHODODENDRON SENORA MELDON RHODODENDRON SENORA MELDON RHODODENDRON SILENT SHADOWS Plum pink buds mature to large white trumpets, suffused pink, with a yellow throat.
Mid season. Grows to 1.5m
RHODODENDRON SILVER EDGE Lavender with light orange flare. Attractive deep green leaves, margined creamywhite. Hardy vigorous grower. Flowers November. Grows to 2.5m RHODODENDRON SMOKED SALMON New bronze foliage changes to apple green. Prolific flowers of smoked salmon witha melon like fragrance. Flowers in October. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON SNEEZY Massive rich pink trusses of trumpet shaped flowers bloom heavily mid season. Aversatile compact plant. Ideal for smaller gardens. Enjoys a shady spot. Grows to1m RHODODENDRON SNOW LADY Flowers white in mid september.Compact bush likes well drained acid soil.Will growin part shade.Hardy evergreen. Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON SPICED HONEY Apricot pink paleing to cream with a distinctive red eye. felted foliage. Prefers peatyacid, well drained soils. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON SUSAN Large open trusses of lilic blue with maroon blotches in October. Large bushyplants, that are hardy. Grows to 1.8 RHODODENDRON TAURUS
Globular trusses of glowing red flowers with black speckles. Evergreen, vigorousand full in shape. Mid season. Prefers acid soil. Grows to 1.8m RHODODENDRON TAURUS RHODODENDRON TAURUS RHODODENDRON TIANA This has white flowers that fade to a pale pink. The underside of the leaves arefuzzy. Flowers October. HARDY Grows to 1M x 1M RHODODENDRON TRUDE WEBSTER Huge trusses of clear pink, ruffled, rounded conical flowers in mid season. Medium,vigorous and bushy. Large wide leaves. Grows to 1.5m RHODODENDRON UNIQUE A compact grower bearing masses of elegant creamy flowers tinged pink. Superbround trusses. Early to mid season flowering. Grows to 2.5m RHODODENDRON VAN DEC Very large blooms of a lovely pale pink shade suffused lilic. Vigorous growing shrub.
Flowers mid season. Hardy. Grows to 1.5m
RHODODENDRON VIBRANT VIOLET Small, pointed dark green leaves are a beautiful backdrop for these very brightviolet flowers. A very early flowerer. September Grows to 1m RHODODENDRON VIRGINIA RICHARDS Pink buds open a pale yellow with crimson throat borne in conical trusses. Deepgreen heavily veined foliage. Grows to 2.5m RHODODENDRON VULCAN Good round trusses of bright fiery red flowers.blooming mid to late season.Compactbushy habit.Hardy evergreen. Grows to 2m RHODODENDRON VULCANS FLAME A magnificent specimen with brillant red flowers in mid to late Spring. Bushycompact grower. Grows to 3m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RHODODENDRON WALLOPER Flowers deep pink in huge trusses in early November. large, vigorous plant whichhas heavy foliage typical of this grex. Grows to ht: 2m RHODODENDRON WEE BEE A low, spreading evergreen shrub, with small, elliptic leaves and funnel-shaped lightpink flowers, flushed light red on the outside, opening in mid spring Grows to 50cm RHODODENDRON WHITE PEARL Large dark green leaves. Pink buds opening to pure white.Tall conical trusses.
Flowers mid season. Likes acid soil. Grows to 2m
RHODODENDRON WINSOME Great profusion of bright pink funnel shaped flowers in loose trusses. A neatcompact shrub with coppery new growth. Oct Flowering. Grows to 1m x 1m RHODODENDRON YAK F.C.C Pretty pink buds opening to delightful white flowers.The stunning october floweringYak, is superior in every aspect. Grows to 1m ROBINIA LACE LADY
Neat, unique twisted & contorted foliage with bonsai effect. Brilliant foliage.
Excellent patio or small garden tree. Deciduous. Grows to 2m
An ideal garden specimen tree that can become quite thick with a lush, roundedbushy head within 12 months of planting. ROBINIA MOP TOP TM 0.3m STD ROBINIA MOP TOP TM 0.6m STD ROBINIA MOP TOP TM 0.9m STD ROBINIA MOP TOP TM 1.2m STD ROBINIA MOP TOP TM 1.5m STD ROBINIA MOP TOP TM 1.8m STD ROSEMARY MASONS FINEST An extremely dense dark green leafed ground hagging form of common rosemary.
Very fine leaves and bright blue flowers.
Graceful low growing plant forming mats of light blue flowers. Good for ground cover,draping over walls. Grows to 30cmx2m ROSEMARY OFFICINALIS 'PROSTRATA' ROSEMARY PROSTRATA ROSEMARY TUSCAN BLUE An upright rosemary with narrow rich green foliage and deep violet-blue flowers.
Flowers Summer. Grows to 1.8mx1m
RUDBECKIA FUGIDA GOLDSTURM Plants make a bushy, upright clump with a profuse display of brown-eyed,golden-orange daisies from midsummer through the autumn. Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate RUDBECKIA PRAIRIE SUN The petals are a soft orange that fades to yellow at the tips and it blends in well witheither pastels and hot colors. The stems are very sturdy. SALIX CAPREA PENDULA, KILMARNOCK WILLOW
Particularly noticeable in early spring when the large catkins appear. Very hardy.
Grows to 1.8m
SALIX CAPREA PENDULA 1.5m STD SALIX CAPREA PENDULA 1.8m STD SCIADOPITYS VERTICILLATA , UMBRELLA TREE Dense & conical when young. Exfoliating bark reveals reddish brown new bark. Richglossy green foliage. Attractive short stalked cones. Grows to 3m SKIMMIA X CONFUSA KEW GREEN Compact shrub with large heads of fragrant white flowers in late winter to spring.
Male. Good for shade. Evergreen. Grows to 1m
SKIMMIA JAPONICA ROGERSII (FEMALE) Compact shrub with fragrant white flowers in spring followed by bright red fruits.
Good for shade and coastal conditions. Grows to 1m
SKIMMIA JAPONICA RUBELLA (MALE) A compact shrub with fragrant white flowers in the Spring. Good for shade andcoastal conditions. Evergreen. Grows to 1m SOPHORA MICROPHYLLA, SOUTH ISLAND KOWHAI
Golden yellow tubular nectar filled flowers. Semi evergreen. Attracts native birds. Ahardy New Zealand native. Grows to 5mx3m SOPHORA MICROPHYLLA SOPHORA MICROPHYLLA SOPHORA TETRAPTERA, NEW ZEALAND KOWHAI
Bright yellow flowers through Spring, a slender small tree with an airy graceful habit.
Attracts birds. Grows to 4.5mx3m
SOPHORA TETRAPTERA SOPHORA TETRAPTERA SOPHORA TETRAPTERA SORBUS ARIA LUTENSCENS, GOLDEN WHITEBEAM A handsome tree with large leaves of creamy white in Spring. Compact uprightgrowth. Wind resistant. Grows to 4mx2m SORBUS AUC. SCARLET KING Grey green foliage contrasts well with large bunches of vivid scarlet oval fruit,Summer to AutumnUpright form of Mountain Ash. Grows to 5mx2m Small rosy red fruits borne in densely packed clusters. Forms a small unpright treewith sturdy, stiffly ascending branches. Grows to 4 x 3m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate TEUCRIUM FRUTICANS, SILVER GERMANDER
Lavender blue flowers.Grey foliage adds contrast to the garden. Ideal forhedging. Very hardy. Grows to 1.5x1.5m TEUCRIUM FRUTICANS TEUCRIUM FRUTICANS TILIA CORDATA, SMALL LEAVED LIME Golden yellow leaves in autumn. Excellent specimen or avenue tree, has a goodeven crown.
A very cold hardy deciduous tree.
ULMUS GLABRA HORIZONTALIS 2mSTD, SPREADING ELM A picturesque shade tree with a large spreading head. Withstands semi windy sites.
Feed well for optium growth. Hardy. head. Grows to 3x4m
UNCINIA RUAPEHU, HOOK SEDGE This clump forming sedge has attractive foliage in tones of bronzy red. In summerlittle brown flowers appear and produce seeds that have a 'hook' on the tip. Grows to30cm VIBURNUM DAVIDII (FEMALE) A hardy evergreen with large green leaves all year on a compact tidy bush. Grows to1m VIBURNUM DAVIDII (MALE) A hardy evergreen with large green leaves all year on a compact tidy bush. Grows to1M VIBURNUM ANNE RUSSELL.
Burkwoodii Hyb with clusters of pink tinged buds opening to waxy white clusters offragrant Spring flowers. Grows to 5m. VIBURNUM CARLESII KOREAN VIBURNUM, medium sized rounded shrub. Sweet fragrance. Pure whitestarry flowers opening from pale pink buds. Grows to 1.5x1.5m Very prolific large round snow ball heads of pure white blooms on a dwarf compactbush. A hardy shrub. Grows to 1m VIBURNUM FULBROOK A medium sized shrub producing clusters of large sweetly scented flowers that arepink in bud opening white in spring. Hardy. Grows to 2m VIBURNUM OPULUS STERILE, SNOWBALL TREE Rounded clusters of white snowball-like flowers sometimes tinged pink. Maple-likefoliage. Drought resistant. Grows to 3m VIBURNUM P. PINK BEAUTY Blush pink flat flowers in Spring on tiered branches. Leaves reddish-purple inAutumn.Plant in well drained sunny position. Grows to 2m VIBURNUM PL. NEWPORT, JAPANESE SNOWBALL Produces double rows of white snowballs along the horizontal tiered branches inSpring giving the apearance of icing on a layer cake. Grows to 2m Diacks Nursery Catalogue 2016 Friday, 26 February 2016 Retail - 100 Rate VIBURNUM TINUS EMERALD BEAUTY
Use as a specimen plant or as hedging for privacy. Pink buds, opening to whiteflowers in Spring. Prune after flowering. Hardy. VIBURNUM TINUS EMERALD BEAUTY VIBURNUM TINUS EMERALD BEAUTY VIBURNUM TINUS 'EVE PRICE' Selected dense compact form with smaller leaves. Carmine red buds open to whitetinged pink flowers. A hardy shrub. Grows to 1.5mx1.3m VIBURNUM TINUS
A very hardy evergreen dense shrub. Glossy dark green leaves. Starts floweringearly winter. Grows to 2.5m

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