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Portable Rostrum with Automated Height Controller
Based on PIC Microcontroller
Muhamad Fairus Adzha bin Muhamad Raslani 1, Mohd Fauzi Bin Abdul Aziz 2, Nik Izudin bin Nik Ramli 3 1,2,3Electrical Engineering Department, Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09000 Kulim, Kedah Malaysia [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Keywords: PIC microcontroller, ultrasonic, rostrum, servo motor, lithium polymer.

In this proposal, we plan to build the prototype portable rostrum with automated height
controlled based on PIC Microcontroller. Rostrum is the platform on which a person stands to
make a public speech or to say something to audience. An audience may be large or small group.
PIC microcontroller which is the main controller or the brain to the electronic components is
attached onto this rostrum. While the Ultrasonic distance sensor will be mounted above the user's
head. Height sensor will be used as it is cheap, convenient for distance detection and easy to install
with less power consumption. Once the height sensor detects and measures the user's height, it will
send data to main controller to process it. Microcontroller manipulates the input data then delivers
it to the servo motor as output. The servo motor which is connected to the customized mechanical
slide rail will adjust the height of the microphone stand. All electronic devices and motors in this
rostrum system are powered by wired and wireless power supply (Lithium Polymer battery).

Electricity consumption is very important at the present time; it is a power that is able to give
pleasure to users in their daily life. The rostrum is equipment which is used globally and is very
important to the success of an event, especially a formal ceremony. It is used to draw public
attention to the speaker. However, the heights of most Rostrums are fixed. As is well known, the
average human height by the whole world is far different. Thus, a Rostrum to be used globally must
not have fixed height. A normal or disabled individual no longer need to move or adjust the
microphone height before starting or during a speech. This rostrum is automatically controlled by
the sensor works to detect distance which will be applied to determine the microphones position
based on the user height. In addition, this rostrum also has a backup device if the sensor for height
device fails. It has a wireless remote control device that can control the height microphone. The
device is controlled manually by a technician on duty on the event day. Therefore, the project
entitled "Portable Rostrum with Automated Height Controller Based on PIC Microcontroller"
improves the existing rostrum in the global market. Portable rostrum is specially designed for the
convenience of the users while giving a speech. It is a smart touch design with a strong aluminum
frame, lightweight and foldable makes it handy and easy to carry.
The main objectives of this proposal are:
To produce rostrum with an automatic height control.
To build rostrum with backup device to control height if sensor malfunctions.
To design mechanical smart folded portable rostrum.
Use light weight and strong material for its frame.
Assemble electronic controller part into rostrum frame.

Problem Statement
Nowadays, we can see the microphone adjustment on the rostrum is done manually and distracts
user during speech. The existing rostrum models and design in the market, either fixed size or
adjustable rostrums have not yet completely solved the problem to suit the various heights of
speakers. Furthermore, the size and weight of the rostrums are burdensome transported.
Literature Review
Based on Oxford Dictionaries, rostrum is a raised platform on which a person stands to make a
public speech, receive an award or medal, play music, or conduct an orchestra. It is used as a place
for the speaker to stand and give his or her speech. Some speakers use the podium to place notes or
cue cards for their speech. This helps them to organize what they plan to say better. The rostrum
can also be used to ease stage fright.
There are 3 types of rostrum in current market; the fixed rostrum, adjustable rostrum and multimedia rostrum.
Fixed Rostrum. Fixed rostrum usually comes in many building materials such as wood, metal and
acrylic based. The very famous fixed rostrum is wood based which is usually easy to find in the
current market. The market price for this rostrum ranging from RM1000 to RM2+++ depending on
the design. Figure 1 below shows the fixed classic wood base rostrum.
Figure 1: Wood Base Rostrum

Adjustable Rostrum.
Another type of rostrum that is available in Malaysia market is the
adjustable type. This rostrum is designed for a wider range of target users. The main focus on this
rostrum is the mechanical design itself, it is sleek, elegant & stylish. The price range for this
rostrum is usually between RM3000 to 4+++. This rostrum can be plugged in, unplugged and
installed to suit user's needs. However, this rostrum does not have the full automatic microphone
height control. Figure 2 shows the Adjustable Rostrum.

Figure 2: Adjustable Rostrum
Multimedia Rostrum. Multimedia rostrum was mainly designed for the electronic application
utilization such as e-class, e-learning or e-classroom as shown in figure 3. It consists of complete
computer set such as desktop, liquid crystal display, optical mouse, printer, scanner, projector and
white screen. Public Address System (P.A) is also included in this rostrum with large speaker and
microphone as audio presentation. The advantages to this rostrum are in the educational practice
where knowledge, skills and understanding can be expressed very fast. The price of this
multimedia rostrum is very expensive starting from RM5000 to RM20000 depending on the
electronic appliances installed. The disadvantages of this rostrum are heavy and difficult to move.
Figure 3: Multimedia Rostrum

This project divided two major parts such hardware and software development. In hardware
development it's divided into two sections. Section 1, is mechanical design, mechanical
fabrication and mechanical assembly. Section 2, is an electronic circuit design which consists
power supply circuit, sensor circuit, motor circuit and controller circuit. But all the hardware
activity can be analyzed first before proceeding with the development of this project. Meanwhile software development, it divided into two parts, part 1 is the mechanical software used to design smarter and folded rostrum frame or structure such as Solid Works® 3D CAD software delivers powerful design functionality with the intuitive Solid Works user interface to speed the design process and make the design instantly productive. Solid Works is powerful and user friendly software to design 3D mechanical structure. Part 2 is the electronic software that will be used is Proteus 7 to design all electronic circuits in this project. The main controller for the microcontroller will be used the Mplab software to compile all the programming part and simulate it. Below figure 4 shows the simplified methodology flow chart to build the rostrum. Figure 4: Flow Chart of Project Development

Project Graphical Design

Ultrasonic sensor Microcontroller circuit Figure 5: Portable Rostrum with Automated Height Controller Based on PIC
Expected Result
Hopefully, this idea or concept of "Portable Rostrum with Automated Height Controller Based on
PIC Microcontroller"
could be accepted by My Grants and meet the local government/private
agencies demand. This portable rostrum is specially designed for the convenience of the users
while giving a speech. It has a smart touch design with a strong aluminium frame and lightweight.
Furthermore, it can be folded and easily transferred to anywhere by one person. Lastly meet the
entire objectives of the project.
[1] Shahrul Faiz Bin Sabir Ahmad, "Rostrum System for Automated Height Adjustment", in:
Thesis, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang.(2008). [2] Information on [3] Information on [4] Information on [5] Information on [6] Information on


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