16th October 2015 / Issue 131

About this bulletin

This bulletin contains important information for practice managers, including requests for
information and deadlines, as well as updates on issues relating to GP contracts.
Copies of the bulletins and attachments are available on our website –

If you have any questions or wish to provide feedback, please contact the Primary Care Team for
Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Devon Cornwall and Isles of Scilly by

• Key Deadlines
• Items for all Practices
o Friends and Family Test – September data due today – 16th October 2015
o NHS England Business Rates Refunds Process o GMS Statement of Financial Entitlements – Amended Directions o RGCP/NSPCC Safeguarding toolkit o Haloperidol 5mg/1ml injection 1ml Supplies o Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening o Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake Collection 2015/16 – GP Patient Survey o Shingles: questions and answers for healthcare professionals o Shingles (herpes zoster): the green book, chapter 28a o Cervical Cytology o Vaccine Update: Issue 234, October 2015 • Items for Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire Practices only o Clifton Village Practice, Bristol o Important: NBT e-referrals migration to Lorenzo o School aged immunisations catch up in Bristol and South Gloucestershire • Items for Devon, Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Practices only o Deadline for submission of Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit - 15th January 2016 o Local Estates Strategy (LES) update Key Deadlines
DCIOS Directed Enhanced 10/11/2015 Submission of DES Claim Forms should be sent to - BNSSSG Directed Enhanced Avoiding Unplanned Admissions DES Report 31/10/2015 Please send your first report to Workforce Minimum Dataset Please submit information via the Primary Care 11/11/2015 Webtool
Items for al Practices
Friends and Family Test – September data due today – 16th October 2015
Just a gentle reminder (for practices that have not already done so) that the Friends and Family
data submission for September is due today 16th October. I have attached the data submission
timetable for your information.
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept data submissions beyond this date. Although, CQRS will
allow data to be entered onto the system and does not alert you to the fact that the submission
deadline has passed, late data wil not be uploaded to the national NHS England team passed the
Please note that, should you not have received any responses from patients, you are required to
enter ‘0' responses in CQRS. If you do not submit, your practice will be highlighted as ‘no data submitted', which wil be subject to future monitoring. If you would like any blank templates for post cards, feedback posters etc or if you have any general FFT enquiries, please contact . If you have any specific queries relating to the data or its submission, please contact the national FFT Team If you have any issues submitting the data on CQRS, please contact the CQRS Service Desk on: 0800 440 2777 or
NHS England Business Rates Refunds Process

Practices may recall that appeals against rateable values were lodged with the land tribunal on behalf of many surgery premises. Rateable values (RV) were being assessed on the basis of rental value rather than the cost of rebuild, as has been the case with purpose built health centres historically. After protracted legal and land valuation argument, the ruling passed down was that RV should be assessed on the basis of rebuild cost rather than rental value. This has seen a substantial reduction in many RV assessments. This has no impact on your notional/current market rent reimbursement. As business and water rates are reimbursed in full, except where apportionment applies for shared use of a building, any refunds received from Local Authorities will need to be returned to NHS England has entered an arrangement with GL Hearn to manage the return of Business Rates Refunds from Local Authorities. If your practice has received a refund directly this wil need to be transferred back to NHS England via GL Hearn. There are two ways of doing this: a) to GL Hearn via cheque to their Southampton office: NHS England, c/o GL Hearn Management Ltd, PO Box 1610, Southampton, SO15 3WX or, b) By BACS to the dedicated client monies account: NHS England client account Barclays Bank plc, Hatton Garden, London GL Hearn has set up a dedicated e-mail address to use when communicating with them. Please use this e-mail address for all general queries or where information/notifications are being sent to GL Hearn.
GMS Statement of Financial Entitlements – Amended Directions
The Department of Health has published the General Medical Services Statement of Financial Entitlements (Amendment No.3) Directions 2015 (see attached). The document sets out amendments to the GMS contract for GPs from 1 October 2015 affecting global sum, dispensing and seniority payments. These changes wil be implemented into GMS practice payments from The associated changes in PMS practices amounts have not yet been published. Details wil be shared once this information is known.
RGCP/NSPCC Safeguarding toolkit
Please see attached the RCGP/NSPCC Safeguarding children toolkit to assist GPs and practices in
delivering the children's safeguarding agenda local y. You may have seen this useful document
before in 2014 but a recent request for it prompts us to re-circulate for your information.

Haloperidol 5mg/1ml injection 1ml Supplies
We have been advised by a pharmacy in Bristol that having spoken to their suppliers it is estimated
that Haloperidol 5mg/1ml injection 1ml wil be out of stock until at least November.
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening
A reminder that the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening Service can screen any of your
male patients born before 1st April 1945, please contact them for details. All men in their 65th
year born after this date will be invited to an appointment automatically. Further details can be
We would like to thank all practices who currently accommodate the service, enabling us to keep
the screening as local to the patient as possible. If this is not something you currently do but
would like to host the service in the future or would like us to attend a PPG/Health Fair please
contact us. Further details of your local AAA Screening Service can be found
Plymouth & Cornwall - 01752 764858South Devon & Exeter - 01803 655441
Bristol, Bath & Weston - 0117 3421630
For Plymouth & Cornwall - in December a list of patients for the 2016/17 screening year wil be
sent to practices, with a 2016 desk calendar which we hope you will find useful.
Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake Collection 2015/16 – GP Patient Survey
Please find attached updated versions of the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake in GP patients user
guide and GP letter via the following link:

Shingles: questions and answers for healthcare professionals

Shingles (herpes zoster): the green book, chapter 28a
[Updated: Updated shingles vaccine Q and A for healthcare professionals.]

Cervical Cytology
Please be aware that the fol owing documents have been updated and can be viewed on the
fol owing website- Cervical Sample Taker Training
and the Cervical Policy.
Vaccine Update: Issue 234, October 2015
Please find below the link to the Vaccine Update. This edition provides information about
MenACWY, MenB and details of vaccine deliveries over the Christmas and New Year holidays and
updated resources.

Items for Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South
Gloucestershire Practices only
Clifton Village Practice, Bristol
Please see the attached information regarding the immediate closure of Clifton Village Practice,

Important: NBT e-referrals migration to Lorenzo
North Bristol Trust (NBT) will shortly be migrating from their existing Patient Access System to a
new system, ‘Lorenzo'. To enable the migration, NBT wil ‘switch off' the NHS E-Referral Service
from dates yet to be announced but due shortly.
It is expected the transfer wil take four weeks in which the e-referral system will not be available.
Patients referred for an outpatients appointment wil not be able to select North Bristol Trust (NBT)
hospitals as an option through NHS E-Referral.
In anticipation of the migration, we would recommend that practices consider how they engage
with patients to make their choice of provider. This will provide a prudent amount of lead in time
to safely manage the referral route.
A contingency plan has been arranged by NBT and various local stakeholders to ensure continuity
of service. Once the start date has been announced, documents and further information will be sent which outline the means by which to manage referrals for patients who either need to be seen at an NBT or who have indicated NBT is their preferred option. During the ‘switch off' period a 24 hour GP Queries Hotline will be made available and run by NBT. Details will follow shortly. We will keep you informed of the start date with further details and further information to follow.

School aged immunisations catch up in Bristol and South Gloucestershire
In the 2014/15 academic year a number of children in Bristol or South Gloucestershire were not
vaccinated against HPV or MenC within the school programme. This is currently being investigated
as an incident. We are urgently addressing this issue and are tackling the two vaccine catch-ups in
different ways. Please see the attached documents which contain details of the catch-up
campaigns and the MenACWY process. We would appreciate your assistance with both campaigns,
in particular please note the HPV campaign where girls may be invited to phone your practice to
arrange an appointment for vaccination as soon as possible. We have tried to ensure that both
these catch-up processes vaccinate adolescents quickly with as little disruption to primary care
services as possible. Thank you for your cooperation with this process. If you have any queries
please contact us a
Items for Devon, Cornwal and Isles of Scil y Practices only
Deadline for submission of Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit -
15th January 2016
Page 5
GP Providers and Non-Providers
A GP Provider and non-GP Provider in NHS pension terms is a GMS/PMS/APMS/sPMS ‘single hander', partner or shareholder.
GP Provider
Where a GP Provider is involved in more than one practice/surgery they must in law complete an Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit per practice/surgery.
Non – GP Provider
However a non-GP Provider can only superannuate income from one selected practice/surgery.
PCS Pensions would kindly request that the annual certificates are submitted as early as possible, with a final deadline of 15th January 2016, to increase the chance of the team being able to
process the adjustments within the 2015/16 financial year. The earlier PCS receives the certificates the sooner these can be processed and reconciled. If the certificates are not received until the deadline of 28th February (or later), as imposed by the NHS Pensions Agency, the adjustments will not be made within the 2015/16 financial year. Please send completed annual certificates to: SBS Pensions, Third Floor East Wing, Cardinal Square, 10 Nottingham Road, Derby DE1 3QT. Local Estates Strategy (LES) update
NHS England and CCGs have been working together in partnership to actively move towards
developing a strategic approach towards an integrated, local estates strategy. This will involve us
al working with our partners and those who provide services across our areas for the benefit of
patients and the wider community. For Kernow CCG, the plans wil also support the "One Public
Estate" ethos already established in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly working with Cornwall Council,
Isles of Scilly unitary authority and other locally based public and third sector organisations to
maximise, where possible, whole system efficiency and effectiveness.
The purpose of the LES is to provide a longer term strategic plan for primary and community estate
development which wil help the local health economy to meet changes in demography and
demand for healthcare services. It will inform the estate requirements to support the delivery of
health care services in the future, meet the chal enges in funding and affordability whilst delivering
quality. It will have a major influence on future infrastructure funding applications by helping the
CCG and NHSE to prioritise applications. The LES will facilitate a distinct shift in the approach to
development and upkeep of both primary and community care-based estate and infrastructure.
This will be a change from a short-term, individual project-based approach to one of long-term,
strategic estates planning.
Cornwall LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) have been commissioned to undertake a data
capture and analysis piece of work with all GPs in Cornwall.
Capita are undertaking the strategic assessment and review of commissioning plans and strategies
across the CCG and local authority.
Project Timescales
The project consists of 3 key stages.
Stage 1: (Data Collection) has already begun and involves establishing a baseline of our current
estate and infrastructure information and in parallel, information is being collected on the current
and future clinical strategic priorities that will need to inform future estates requirements.
• Current estates and infrastructure information is being col ected by Cornwall 1st
Community (C1C).
• Stage 1 data collection is due to conclude by 06 November 2015. Stage 2: wil focus upon analysis of this data to produce an emerging estates strategy (involving
engagement with key stakeholders) for the CCG. Capita are responsible for collecting information
regarding the current and future plans for delivery of clinical services. Stage 2 is due to conclude
during early December 2015.
Stage 3: The final stage will be to finalise the LES (the strategy) obtain approval and gain final sign-
off late December/early January 2016.

How can you help?
Key to the success of the LES is the engagement and understanding of primary and community
healthcare services and their estate.
To this end, you wil shortly receive a survey questionnaire about your strategic plans via your
Locality Lead GP which we would like your practice to complete by the 28th October 2015.
If you have any queries on the survey, please contact Rob Winfield (Project Manager) from Capita.
Rob can be contacted via email as follows:
Regarding LIFT you may be contacted imminently by Ken Jones to provide estate information about
your surgery.
If you have any queries on the LES or would like to have more engagement with the project please
Steve Williams, Senior Strategic Development Manager - South West Community Health
Partnerships, Mobile phone number: 07748 637209 or by email

Source: https://www.england.nhs.uk/south/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2015/12/gp-bulletin-131.pdf




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