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An Introduction to Stealth View Facilities Services India.
Stealth View is in a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.
Stealth-View Facility Services India, started business with Electronic Security, Safety & Access control portfolio & today Stealth View is one of the very few organisations that can deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services.
We have around 5 years of rich & qualitative experience in System Integration & Installation in Indian market.
Company has Expertise in strategic projects for supply and installation of CCTV/ DVR Systems, Remote Surveillance Solution, Time Attendance & Access Control, Entrance Automation, Fire Alarm System, Video Conferencing, Home Security Systems.
Our team has a vast experience in installation, system integration, service capability & delivery ability which enables us to provide practical & value embedded solutions to our clients. By providing services to clients, we have built a reputation based on technology enabled performance, reliability and flexibility We work with organisations of all kinds - including commercial, education, finance, government and public sector, healthcare, retail and leisure, transport and distribution, utilities, media and even entertainment.
Our Services portfolio offers:
Electronic security & Access system installation & maintenance.
Green housekeeping Guesthouse management Residential flats sanitization Washroom services - fragrance, hand wash, feminine hygiene, auto sanitizers & complete washroom sanitization with the best available technology - equipments & chemicals (All eco friendly) Chair & carpet cleaning Mechanized road cleaning Company fleet management & Vehicle Tracking system technology Company & Employee Vehicles consultation - procurement, service, accident & insurance Vending solution - Tea & Coffee HVAC installation & Maintenance Electro Mechanical services Manpower support - Top, Middle & Lower management team Regards,Team Stealth ViewPlease feel free to reach us at: Mob: +91 9769698343 Email: [email protected] Website: www.facilityservicesindia.com / www.stealthview.in Integral programmable timer with up to 8 "start / stop" times per day.
Variable output from 02mg/hr to 80 mg/hr – select the output to suit the location.
Hinged opening – the unit is easy to service and mantain.
Destroys bacteria Eliminates unpleasant malodours Safety "cut off" switch - complete user safety Suitable for fixed installation or portable applications Ceramic plate / fan upgrade – long lasting performance. Lens for private labelling opportunities – promote your brand Suitable for fixed installation or portable applications Fully programmable dispenser - Choice of number of refills per year; 8, 12, 16 or 24 hour operation; start time; and days of operation (5, 6 or 7) Visible Countdown clock showing time until next dose Patented automatic reset button when refill is replaced Non-return valve for compatibility with pressurised systems Part of co-ordinated range of dispensers Rental button for 30 / 45 / 60 days (if applicable) Lockable dispenser for added security Dispenser also available in Satin Chrome or Bright Chrome colour options.
10 year guarantee against defects in parts & workmanship Quadrasan® 300 is a concentrated cleaning and sanitizing formulation that produces good foaming action, counteracts the formation of scale and attacks malodours at source. Biosolve™ 300 is a complex and biological formulation containing powerful cleaning agents and bacterial strains selected for their ability to digest waste materials preventing the formulation of scale and organic build up. (This option is particularly suitable for use in conjunction with Water Management Systems).
Effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on and around toilet seat fixtures, surfaces and other fixtures and fittings Mildly perfumed refills Part of Co-ordinated range of dispensers Has a unique branding facility which allows you to label the dispenser with your logo at no extra cost.
Lockable dispenser for added security Dispenser also available in Satin Chrome and Bright Chrome Colour options. Ideal for areas such as washrooms, offices, toilet areas, care homes, hotels, reception areas, school classrooms. Installing Safeseat® surface sanitizer system is a positive demonstration of commitment to staff, visitor & customer welfare.
P.H. balanced pleasantly fragranced soap options Luxury, anti-bacterial and waterless instant hand sanitizer refills available "Push to dispense" system Part of Co-ordinated range of dispensers Has a unique branding facility which allows you to label the dispenser with your logo at no extra cost. Lockable dispenser for added security Dispenser also available in Satin Chrome and Bright Chrome Colour options.
Fully programmable - Choice of low / medium / high output options, hours of operation, days of operation, start time Easily replaceable and safe to handle solid ceramic cartridge refill Unique private labelling facility, with no extra cost or commitment to volume Part of co-ordinated range of dispensers Suitable for fixed installation or portable applications lockable dispenser for added security 10 year guarantee on parts and workmanship Cartridge life of up to 4 weeks (dependent on location conditions) Fully programmable dispenser: Choice of number of refills per year 8, 12, 16 or 24 hour operation choice of start time choice of days of operation (5,6, or 7) High quality fragrances available with 3000 metered sprays per refill Barcode number included on packaging Aesthetically pleasing and attractive design Suitable for hanging on wire displays or free standing on trade counters Cardboard insert containing installation instructions Ideal for areas such as washrooms, offices, toilet areas, care homes, hotels, reception areas, school classrooms and anywhere where fragrance is required.
Slim profile for universal cubicle access Automatic no-touch option available – battery operated Bracket supplied for wall mounting if preferred Unique replaceable cardboard cartridge system for added safety. Plastic liners available Part of Co-ordinated range of dispensers Has a unique branding facility which allows you to label the dispenser with your logo at no Also available is Biosan® sanitizing powder which allows the controlled release of sanitizing vapours throughout the unit for up to 8 weeks and allowing:a) Fast kill of all tested pathogens and viruses including Hepatitis B and H.I.V.b) Powerful odour controlc) Natural insect repellent Choice of 10 fragrances available 2 piece actuator on aerosol ensures optimum fragrance dispersal Fully compliant with aerosol legislation Stealth View's Sanitary Unit – A proven sanitary disposal system
The one piece slim line design and curved front of this sanitary disposal system ensures that installation is possible even in the smallest cubicles. The unit is stylish and highly functional, with a resistance to the build up of dirt therefore being easy to clean.
512mm(h) x 345mm(w) x 182mm(d) Stealth View's Sanitizer – safe, effective & natural
• Safe and easy to use
• Provides total control of odours
• Highly effective against bacteria and viruses
• Reduced waste disposal: saves costs
• Patented technology, developed in Britain
Stealth View's sanitizing agent: controlled release of sanitizing vapours throughout the unit for up to 8 weeks; fast kill of all
tested pathogens and viruses including Hepatitis B and H.I.V.; powerful odour control; natural insect repellent Throughout the entire bin environment, the BIO – Active vapours released by Sanitizer penetrates & dissolves the cell wall of the pathogen causing its destruction.
Types of Home care solutions:
This can be Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly. We will give you as much information as we can so that you can decide what service is best. We are very flexible so if you want to change the frequency later that's fine. Each clean is tailor made to your own needs so that you know exactly what tasks will be done.
This can be anything from a deep clean of a kitchen to the whole house top to bottom. Getting to the places that maybe haven't been visited for a while. Again we will offer advice and then take our instruction from you.
At a stressful time when moving home, the last thing you need to be doing is cleaning the house. Let us take away at least one less Moving in? We will make your new home shine like a new pin ready for you to
Whether you are a tenant, landlord, letting or estate agent….we can help.
Had work done to your house? Can't face having to clean up? Dust Do the sensible thing and get it all done by us in a day.
We work closely to offer added services such as carpet cleaning, pest management, HVAC, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electricals and decorating.
Electronic Surveillance & Security Systems
Ideal Setups for ALARM SYSTEM

Any residential home
Offices and businesses
Main access points to the house or office
Open areas
Outside Passageways
Window Banks
In the garden area
Why Stealth View alarm system?
There is no doubt that security alarm systems are the single most robust and reliable intruder detection means in the market. If you are starting with home or office security then a security alarm system should be the heart of your intruder
defence. If you already have a security alarm system then expanding your alarm system and upgrade reprogramming will give you the best value.
Stealth View's expert advise will prove indispensable in avoiding false alarms by specifying detectors fit for purpose
ranging from standard PIR (passive infra red) detectors for rooms and living areas to digital temperature corrected detectors for kitchens and garages. Pet friendly detectors are a common installation. Our training and experience make alarm system programming and customization our speciality. All this happens behind the scenes on our computers to make the daily operation of your security alarm system effortless and straightforward.
Ideal Setups for CCTVs
Outside the driveway gate Perimeter visuals Manufacturing or work areas In fact all Industries – Security solutions is the need of the hour Babies rooms or play rooms Main access points to the house or office Why CCTV?
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of
CCTV camera systems tell the whole picture. There is no more conclusive proof of security breach than visual
confirmation using CCTV camera systems. Most other forms of domestic security will notify of alarm activation, be it an
electric fence or a security alarm system, but usually require some confirmation and what better way to do that than by CCTV camera systems. Video can be stored for playback at a later stage and present key evidence as to what unfolded
during the period of interest.
Split Screens and Recording…
Stealth View's CCTV camera systems can display anything from single images for gate or driveway cameras to multiple split screens for complete security or control room surveillance. Our software allows movement detection which immediately maximizes the camera display where movement has been detected allowing you to see who or what is We can link your security alarm system to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to record should the alarm system detect a breach in security. Our CCTV camera systems can be viewed over the web on the internet so you can be in control from you office or while out of office or on holiday. A less costly option than recording is merely to split the multiple cameras onto a screen through a splitter unit. There is a considerable saving in cost and while present, one is able to view the same images and benefit from installed security system.
24 hour Day/Night surveillance
Stealth View's CCTV camera systems vary substantially according to need. We supply and install everything from basic day/night all-weather colour cameras for the commercial or domestic installation to full night vision colour cameras in protective housings for residential and business surveillance. The CCTV cameras we supply have night vision ranges anything from 10 meters to 40 meters and the weather proof casings ensure long lasting installations.
Stealth View supports wired or wireless CCTV camera systems and has the functionality to allow discrete camera viewing on your cell phone.
IP Cameras
A growing branch in CCTV is internet protocol cameras (IP cameras), which allow homeowners and businesses to view their camera(s) through any internet connection available through a computer or a 3G phone.
Internet protocol is a protocol used for communicating data across a packet-switched network using the internet protocol suite, also referred to as TCP/IP.
Ideal Setups – Access System
Any Commercial or Residential Premises where reliable security devices will dramatically enhance lifestyle and comfort of work & reside Office parks and security complexes Access Control:
An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they
are allowed to enter or exit.Access control keypads are secure practical solutions to restricted entry of premises. They can be coupled to anything from sliding gate motors in driveways to magnetic door locks in offices to striker locks for pedestrian gates. Often the factors of access are characterized as: Something you have, such as an access badge or passcard, Something you know, e.g. a PIN, or password.
Something you are, typically a biometric input (Typical biometric technologies include fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition, retinal scan, voice, and hand geometry.
Fire Alarm System
Ideal Setups for FIRE ALARM SYSTEM
Any residential home Offices and businesses Driveway protection Main access points to the house or office Outside Passageways Entertainment Areas In the garden area Fire Alarm System
An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes
associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is either classified as automatic, manually activated, or both. Automatic fire alarm systems can be used to notify people to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, to summon emergency services, and to prepare the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire and smoke.
GPS Tracking System
Ideal Setups for GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Security & fleet management
Car Navigation
Marine Navigation
Vehicle Tracing & Location Base Services
Vehicle Tracking System
A vehicle tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with purpose-
designed computer software to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location, collecting data in the process. Modern vehicle tracking systems commonly use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology for locating the vehicle, but other types of automatic vehicle location technology can also be used. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.
Active versus passive tracking
Vehicle Tracking devices are classified as "Passive" and "Active". "Passive" devices store GPS location, speed, heading
and sometimes a trigger event such as key on/off, door open/closed. Once the vehicle returns to a predetermined point, the device is removed and the data downloaded to a computer for evaluation. "Active" devices also collect the same
information but usually transmit the data in real-time via cellular or satellite networks to a computer or data center for Ideal Setups for Time Attendance Recorder
Manufacturing or Commercial areas
Education Institutions
In fact all Industries – Security solutions is the need of the hour
Main access points to the office
Helps you to tracks employees' / Student/ Faculty time attendance details and provides a daily reconciliation of time records as reports or for further processing (e.g. by payroll software).
As a result, the software cuts down on administrative time, Safeguards from error, and save a substantial amount of money that could have been lost due to mishandled time cards and employees punching in for each other.
It helps to increase productivity, track employee attendance more accurately, and exercise tighter control over employee time and attendance errors. It is a complete and a cost effective solution for Time Keeping/HR department for T&A.
The various Components of the System are as follows:
Biometric (Fingerprint) / Card Readers to collect and store punches.
Smart Attendance System (Desktop Based) Software.
Remote Attendance System(Web based)
Combine WEB BASED attendance & Desktop Based, with Optional SMS reporting features.
What the Present System can be Scaled To:
Customized SMS alerts automatically generated from the Centralized Database.
Customized MIS, Reports, Alerts and features can be added.
Accounting, HR & Payroll Systems can be customized.
Video Door Phone
Ideal Setups for Video Door Phones
Private Bungalows
Resorts & Leisure Retreats
Restricted areas in Banks, Schools, Offices, Lab Testing areas, etc
Security Rooms
Video Door Phone (VDP)
It is a solution for security and can be used in home automation as well. The Need Video door phone has become a necessity of our life because we love our families and we want to protect them. We require a way to see the visitor and have a conversation before allowing the visitor into the property.
It can also be used to keep a watch on children when they are playing in the garden or any other activity in relation to security necessity.
The high quality video door phone is a state-of-the-art product which comprises of: • An indoor unit with a monitor • An outdoor unit with an in-built microphone and camera The hands-free video door phone enables the person inside the house to see the visitor and have a conversation before entry into the house.

Source: http://www.facilityservicesindia.com/e-catalogue.pdf


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