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IKEA FAMILY Product Offers
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sElJE bedside table
(Normal Price 999 thB)
BrAVUr wall clock
Pigmented epoxy/polyester powder coating, steel. (Normal Price 1,550 thB)
W46xD37, H55.5cm. White.
Steel, glass. Ø59, D8cm.
soft toy rabbit
(Normal Price 239 thB)
100% polyester. W20xL36,
DINErA coffee cup
and saucer 199 thB/6-pc

(Normal Price 399 thB)
Stoneware. V18cl. VIttsJÖ tV bench 1,990 thB
Ø11, H8cm. Beige. (Normal Price 3,190 thB)
GUlÖrt rug, low pile
tVINGEN bath
Steel, tempered glass. W150xD40, 1,590 thB
towel 199 thB
H33cm. Black-brown.
(Normal Price 1,990 thB)
(Normal Price
100% polypropylene. 100% cotton. W70xL140cm. White, blue.
table lamp

chair cushion

(Normal Price 790 thB)
(Normal Price 249 thB)
Ø27cm, H31cm. Orange/ 100% cotton. W40xD38, H7cm. ErIK drawer unit with
drawers on castors
1,690 thB
(Normal Price 2,690 thB)

stOCKhOlm bowl 599 thB
Pigmented epoxy/polyester (Normal Price 999 thB)
powder coating, steel. Stainless steel. Ø42, H9.5cm.
rÖNNsKÄr shelving unit
W53xL56, H15cm. Silver.
(Normal Price 990 thB)
Steel, tempered glass. W42xD40, H176cm. Black.
baking mould

ÄPPlArÖ storage
bench 1,590 thB
kitchen island 11,900
(Normal Price 15,900 thB)
(Normal Price
(Normal Price 259 thB)
1,990 thB)
Solid oak, solid birch, stainless steel. W79xL126, V1.5l. Light blue.
H90cm. White.
W80xD41, H44cm. Brown.
Offers valid from Today – 28 Dec 2014. While stocks last. BE FIrst wIth thE lAtEst
"While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that information is correct at the time of print, IKEA reserves the right to correct any misprints or adjust price due to situations beyond our control. All featured products are available on a while stocks last basis." 02 So What's New? 03 Soft Toy Competition 04 Bedroom 08 Bathroom 11 Special Promotion
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Imagination comes to life
so what's new?
IKEA soft toy Drawing Competition
For your convenience, the self-service
8 - 23 November 2014 at Småland, G floor, IKEA Bangna! kiosk allows IKEA FAmIly members to…
Come co-create with us! • Print your replacement card in case you have lost We invite you to enter the first ever, soft toys or forgotten your membership card global drawing competition and stand a chance • Reactivate your expired membership Dear IKEA FAmIly members,
of having your dream soft toy comes to life.
• Collect your temporary membership card in case you have already registered online via IKEA FAMILY Aged 12 and below?
It's easy to forget each other in our stressful start to the day, where we might be more three easy steps to participate:
touchy with our smartphones than our loved ones. In a quickly growing digital society, are • Imagine the best soft toy you can have we more touchy-feely with our smartphone • Collect the official drawing paper in front of than loved ones? Are high tech mornings Småland at IKEA Bangna! contributing to low-touch lives? • Start drawing and submit it in front of It's a well-known fact that a warm touch, Småland at IKEA Bangna! a loving hug or even a friendly handshake releases the "cuddle chemical" oxytocin More information which helps us relax and lowers anxiety while simultaneously creating feelings of happiness Terms & Conditions apply.
and joy. But touch deprivation is a real thing, and whatever our relationship status may be, we need more human contact than we're getting.
So we say "Kick start your morning with a hug!" Put the gadgets down and connect for real with your loved ones. Maybe you can prepare a meal together or just swing by the IKEA store and check out the latest products we have to offer.
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• Enjoy up to 30% discount on 2x FAMILY meal set (includes soft drink) with each visit.
Lacia Sherlock
store manager, IKEA Bangna
02 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 03
There is a lot more
to consider when
planning a bedroom
then simply choosing
Curtains offer versatile
a comfortable bed,
solutions. hang them
mUlIG clothes bar
around a bed or across
mattress and relaxing
the room. they also add
lighting. Equally
a decorative effect.
important is making
the most of all your
storage possibilities
for clothes, bed linen
and other personal
BrImNEs headboard
possessions. You also
with storage
want good lighting
4,990 thB
and a style that suits
An open storage unit provides
your personality and
privacy as well as extra storage
what to consider when planning a bed area
space. Choose a storage system
leaves you relaxed
that is versatile enough to be
Firstly, decide on what type of bed comfort, style of bed and space used as open storage for clothes
and refreshed after
for storage you need. Whether you choose open or closed storage, anywhere in the home, and/or
a good night's sleep.
both solutions have advantages and disadvantages. For example, For small spaces, a bed with built-in
furnishing a walk-in closet.
closed storage will protect your clothes from dust.
shelves/storage offers the same
Get started now at
function as a bedside table.
Secondly, decide how you want to organise your clothes - by usage?, or
By season? By style? This will influence your choice and placement ask a co-worker in the
of interior fittings, such as shelves, baskets, drawers, etc. Lastly, think about where you most need task, general and mood light.
Bedroom area for help.
having spotlights above the wardrobe,
Using a wall lamp on each side of the
or ones that turned on when the wardrobe
double bed provides you with light
doors open; provide a convenient overview.
but does not disturb your partner.
mAlm bedframe
with 4 storage boxes

Bed linen provides more than
13,490 thB
comfort. It can also contributes
to a bedroom's overall colour
scheme or style.

Organise your drawers
swing doors, open doors, mirrored doors, no doors - it's your choice.
with dividers to keep
But do make the most of available space with interior fittings such as
the contents orderly
A bed with built-in storage hides clutter and
baskets, storage boxes, shelves and drawers. this allows you to tailor a
and easily accessible.
provides extra space for storing everything from
storage solution that is perfect for your needs. you can even customise
bed linen to clothing in a dust-free environment.
the wardrobe compartments according to his-and-her requirements.
04 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 05
when living in small spaces with a soft bed to
the drawer. The opening is designed for sleep on, make sure you choose a model that
you to put a power strip to connect your is specially designed for everyday/night use.
mobile charger, lamp, computer, etc. Then add a flexible light that is adjustable
You can lead the power strip cord inside for glare-free light when sitting on the sofa,
lying in bed or on a sofa bed. this will help to
Create a
the leg of the bedside table and down reduce eyestrain. In addition, almost any small
stable and
to the power socket on the wall. That's moveable furniture can double as a bedside
right – you can actually hide the cord table, for example, a footstool or a coffee table.
in the leg of the bedside table so it If you open the drawer on the front, 1,990 thB
which has a bevelled lower edge instead of a handle, you'll find a drawer and a shelf inside. On top of the drawer, there's a removable insert with two compartments for mobile phones, watches and jewellery. And even though A bedside table
the bedside table has all these features with drawer and/
it still looks remarkably simple with a or built-in storage
slender shape that makes it fit even in helps to keep
items hidden from
bedrooms of the smaller kind.
view but within
12,090 thB
W158xL212, H100cm. White.
Next to the bedside table you'll find the bed frame. What is it that we look for in a bed frame? Well, for one thing, we want it to be sturdy. Which is why we made NORDLI bed frame in a solid material so it sits firmly on the ground. But just because it's solid doesn't mean it has to look heavy, we thought, and NORDLI bed frame and bedside table gave NORDLI taller legs that also make may look like any other bed frame it easier for you to vacuum under the and bedside table. But they're not. bed and give room for storage boxes. Instead, every detail in the design is The small round pads under the legs so well-thought-out that you can't see raise the legs a bit from the ground. how smart they are, even though you'll notice it. Every day you use them, 365 We know it's a small detail, but with NORDLI every detail is important. to prevent light from entering
Something you'll notice every time the bedroom and disturbing
You may not have given much thought you sleep in your bed or put a book, your sleep or comfort, choose
a window treatment such as a

to the bedside table. But we have. The or tablet, on your bedside table. roller blind that can block out
bedside table is an unsung hero that's 365 days a year.
there every night when you fall asleep and every morning when you wake up. And as such, it has an important task – to make you feel comfortable.
bedside table

"NORDLI bed frame and bedside That's why we had your comfort 2,990 thB
table are furniture pieces for foremost in mind when we started everyday use that exude quality W158xL212, H100cm. White.
working with NORDLI bed frame and and simplicity. And give a pleasant bedside table. What is it that people experience every day you use them. look for in a bedside table? And what The bed frame is extra sturdy and Bedside rugs and mats
short of space? many
should a bedside table be like today, has tall legs, which makes cleaning offer a warm welcome
overnight guests? A bunk
when we use our mobile phones, easier. And the bedside table can on cold floor surfaces.
bed is an ideal solution.
tablets and computers in bed? drawer for your jewellery and watch and hide a power strip for lamps, mobile a larger drawer for magazines, a tissue phone chargers, etc. and the cord A bedside table provides a place to box, etc. A place for all the things that can be hidden in one of the back put a lamp, eyeglasses and a book, are good to have close by while you legs. NORDLI has all the good but it should also provide an easy and sleep, quite simply.
features that make it so easy to like. attractive way to lead cords to mobile Every day." 1,990 thB
Need more ideas for your bedroom? Download our latest phones, tablets and anything else you The most fantastic thing about NORDLI Bed and Bath brochure!
may need to charge overnight. And bedside table is what's on the back it would also be nice to have a little of it – an opening to the shelf inside 06 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 07
A big mirror makes the room appear twice as big. Diffused
lighting on either side of the mirror creates a soft but
The most private
functional light and minimises shadows on the face. Ceiling
lamps and recessed spotlights are suitable in bathrooms as
and public room
they do not hang down and get in the way of cabinet doors.
The bathroom is where most people
start and end their day. And with
several family members, it can get busy
at times. Planning a bathroom where
everything is within reach for all family
members is the first step.
Closed storage protects against dust, hides clutter and creates a unified look.
GODmOrGON storage unit,
set of 3 399 thB

Polystyrene-acrylic plastic. W34xD17, H3cm.
Consider how people move about in the room.
Also ensure enough space for easy access
when standing infront of cabinets and opening
their drawers/doors to reach inside. If there is

Add storage under the wash
space, then two washbasins allow more than
basin for efficient use of space.
one person to get ready at the same time.
A mirror with shelves, rail and hooks A wall-mounted extendable magnifying Some cosmetics and hygiene products serves several functions in a small room.
mirror next to a wall-mounted mirror is contain chemicals that need to be practical for applying make-up and for discarded instead of being flushed lIllÅNGEN mirror 1,650 thB
checking the hair from all angles.
down the toilets. Having a waste bin W60xD11, H78cm. Max load 2kg.
will provide convenience.
FrÄCK mirror 359 thB
Stainless steel/glass. Ø17cm.
KNODD bin with lid 299 thB
Powder-coated steel. Ø34, H32cm.
Holds 16L. White.
step stool

Water and slippery surfaces are potential Bathroom floors and walls are most Free-standing pieces provide additional hazards in the bathroom and simple exposed to water, spills and frequent storage that do not damage walls precautions can be taken to prevent use than most rooms in the home. with screws. Open storage allows an accidents. All solutions need to be safe The materials need to be durable and overview and puts often used items and possible to apply at home.
easy to clean.
within easy reach.
A combination of shelf with rails is A wall-mounted or foldable drying rack Place wall-mounted hooks within reach A stool in the bathroom helps adults sKOGhAll bath mat 279 thB
rÖNNsKÄr shelving unit 990 thB
suitable for storing both wet and can comfortable fit into the smallest of but away from the shower where water reach things stored up high, and helps 100% cotton. W50xL80cm. Dark Lilac.
Anti-corrosive phosphate coated steel. areas, such as in the shower.
may penetrate the drilled holes. Use children to manage on their own. It W42xD40, H176cm. Black.
hooks/knobs with suction cups to avoid needs to be stable to stand on, and rÖNNsKÄr wash basin shelf 690 thB
GrUNDtAl rail 185 thB L80cm.
GrUNDtAl drying rack 599 thB
drilling holes in tiled walls. The height at equipped with anti-slip strips to Anti-corrosive phosphate coated steel. GrUNDtAl towel hanger/shelf 590 thB
Stainless steel. W56xD54cm.
which these hooks are placed can also be prevent slipping.
W57xD42, H70cm. Black.
adjusted to suit your growing child.
08 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 09
for IKEA FAmIly members!
1. Get free IKEA 365+ FAst Pillow (690 thB)
wall-mounted storage and
furniture on wheels make it

1,990 thB
when you purchase products from bed textile
easier to clean floors.
Stainless steel. W48xD24, H77cm.
department of 2,000 thB or more.*
2. Get free mAlm ChEst of 6 drawers (4,990 thB)
Industrial design and
when you purchase PAX wardrobe system and
functionality in a small space
Industrialism was one of the inspirations KOMPLEMENT interior fitting of 35,000 THB or more.**
behind the functionalist style that emerged in the '50s and '60s. The bathroom series GUNNERN gives something of a nostalgic W32xD10.4, H32cm. White.
trip back to a metal bathroom cabinet of that era which nowadays can mostly only mirror cabinet
be found in flea markets, with any luck. with 1 door
The rustic style originally derives from 1,290 thB
the design language of industrial buildings and public spaces, which are noted for functionality and durability.
The larger mirror cabinet has a mirrored door that can be angled and a small open shelf underneath. The smaller cabinet with its soft, rounded corners is perfect in tight spaces where it's best to avoid sharp protruding corners.
1 IKEA 365+ FAst
The table in three levels has been given Pillow, side back sleeper Chest of 6 drawers a somewhat special function to make it 4,990 thB
work especially well in a bathroom. Here, the designers were inspired by old dental W33xL50 cm. White W40xD48.5, H123 cm.
surgeries. The table top has namely a low 1,290 thB
White stained oak, mirror glass raised edge, which is not only a beautiful detail but is meant to prevent small power-coated steel.
things from slipping off. The table is also characterised by the same functional and White or grey.
honest simplicity. The visible fittings and terms & Conditions
ease of assembly are part of the overall 1.* The offer is only available to IKEA FAMILY members when purchasing products from Bed Textile department, i.e., pillows,
functional idea behind everything.
quilts, quilt covers, pillow cases, bed sheets, bed spreads, mattress protectors and pillow protectors total of 2,000 THB or more in a single transaction. 2.** The offer is only available to IKEA FAMILY members when purchasing PAX wardrobe
The entire series works equally well in system and KOMPLEMENT Interior fittings of 35,000 THB or more in a single transaction. 3.* A maximum of one IKEA
365+ FAST Pillow (690 THB)/ IKEA FAMILY member 4.** Maximum one MALM Chest of 6 drawers/IKEA FAMILY member.
a large home as a small one, in a guest 5. Please present your IKEA FAMILY card and the receipt at Costomer Service area, G floor, to collect an IKEA 365+
bathroom, family bathroom, cramped FAST Pillow. 6. The complimentary product is non-refundable or exchangeable for cash. 7. Returning or refunding the
merchandise with this offer will depend on the requirements and discretion of the Exchang and Return department. hallway or kitchen.
In that case, complimentary product must be returned upon the refunding of the merchandise. 8. IKEA Bangna reserves all
rights to alter or cancel the offer without prior notice. 9. The offer is valid from 1 – 30 November 2014 while stocks last.
10. Other terms and conditions apply.
10 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 11
• So, get the camera ready in the • Choice of props – Two rules of
is direct sunlight streaming in, use a angle you think is suitable and quickly thumb here: balance and creativity. thin curtain, a white sheet or a piece execute the shot as soon as the food Do not clutter your shot with too of parchment paper to diffuse it. many props (this can muddle up your For a brighter, more evenly lit picture!) and avoid burning a hole photograph, use a homemade bounce in your pocket with expensive ones. board to reflect light. Place it directly Consider what you already have opposite the light source. Good Food Styling Tips
3. setting the mood
and be creative with them - pretty bounce board options available from Plan ahead of time how you want each papers can become placemats; a stationery stores are white foam have you ever wonder how to take an appealing shot of food
dish to be presented. What is the clean curtain can be turned into a boards and boards with silver or pictures? here are 5 tips and tricks to help you improve your
overall mood you wish to convey? tablecloth; your food can also be gold aluminum foil.
food styling. Relax! At least, your subject does not talk and
photographed straight from your you don't have to try making it relax in front of the camera.
Choice of colours – You can
frying pan. And, don't forget - small here we go!
achieve warm or cool tones for the details are critical too. A fresh napkin, 5. Don't listen to your mum.
image through the choice of colours. a lit candle or flowers tied with a satin Play with your food!
Decide on what you prefer before the ribbon can create a mood of elegance.
Try out different plates and cutlery photography session and then choose • Angle – Just as we have our
and experiment with presentation. 1. Choosing your plates
your plates, cutlery, background, and In contrast, patterned plates will preferred angle when being You can only learn more about food any other additional props. A cool blue • size – The proportion of food to
complicate the composition and photographed, so does food. To find and understand its chemistry when tone will create a calm, harmonised 4. Capturing light
plate is important. Unless you are distract the eye from the food. You its most photogenic angle, capture the you are unafraid to make mistakes. image while warm colours such Light is one of the trickiest things aiming for an artistic visual spectacle can also use plain, colored plates to dish from multiple angles and camera Explore how the different styles and as red and coral are vibrant and to set up. So, rather than trying to in fine dining, the food served should liven up the dishes without spoiling heights to figure out which camera combinations or arrangements work create a good light set-up, the quicker be in proportion to the plate. It should the visual effect.
position best suits it.
way is to understand natural light and which combinations look best. It neither appear too scant with a lot is only then that • Choice of materials – Different
– diffused light is best for capturing of space around it, nor overcrowded, • timing – Set up for the shoot in
you will find your props and materials for the food – and know when it is at its best which creates a messy composition. 2. Capturing the essence
advance and capture food as soon as it distinctive style background can determine and for photography.
For example, you should vary your • Focus – While you may be
is plated when the dish is still moist and enhance the mood of the overall set- plate sizes according to the food you tempted to rely on pretty plates to fresh. When exposed to air, meats dry through practice.
up with their textures. For example, • Outdoors – On a regular day
are featuring, such as placing a little make the food look more appealing, out and salads wilt. To combat these a wooden table would be suitable for outdoors, the morning hours of entrée on a 6-inch dish, rather than remember it is vital for the food itself challenges, brush the cooking juices a nature theme, while a silky fabric 7am - 9am, and the evening light of on a 12-inch dinner plate.
to look good. Always concentrate on over the meat; rinse the vegetables in 6.30pm - 7.30pm are the best timings capturing the essence of the dish, would lend a soft feel to the shot. cold water and apply the dressing with Classic, polished cutlery will give the for capturing food. These times are • style – Have a classic selection of
such as the tenderness of the roast a diffuser to keep the salad light and dish a contemporary mood while an when light is most diffused.
white plates and bowls. White is a with its creamy gravy. Identify the crisp. The shorter the wait time before aged embossed set will make it look neutral shade and will complement highlights of the dish and make every taking a shot, the higher the chance of more rustic.
Indoors – When shooting indoors,
the set up when the food is garnished. effort to focus on these areas.
capturing the food at its best.
set up next to the window. If there 12 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 13
The perfect tea party
Drink coffee, feel…
Drink tea, feel…
Quick-witted Two cups of coffee
Calm It is the drink most offered
a day make you more alert and help Planning for a tea party and coming up with the menu and the perfect theme may seem intimidating boost short-term memory.
stylish A wealth of elegant
at first but with this easy guide, it's really fairly simple.
Passionate Especially if you follow
traditions surround the consumption the lead of the Turkish who like their of tea, from traditional Japanese tea Pick a theme of your choice. It may range from Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters tea party to as classic coffee: ‘black as hell, strong as death ceremonies to English high tea.
as Victorian High Tea inspired kind of tea party. All props and decorations should be tie in with the theme and sweet as love'.
literate There are books about
picked including the colour scheme. tough Like the Cubans who take their
the wonder of tea dating back coffee café Cubano-style, served in Food and drinks play a big role in tea parties. The menu should always depend on how many guests a shot glass and drunk like tequila.
healthy There's a tea to tackle
you are inviting because you don't want to ended up either with food wastage or food shortage. Bite size Contrite Sales of decaffeinated
most health worries. Blackberry treats are always the best choice for a tea party such as scones, finger sandwiches, quiche, muffins, coffee spike in January – the time aids digestion and dandelion stress, cookies or even lighter savoury snacks like nuts, cheese and crackers or even any fruits of your choice. of New Year's resolutions.
Echinacea fights colds and rooibos Did you know? 400 billion cups of
eases insomnia.
Besides the planning, we have came up with our very own chocolate muffin recipe for your tea party too! coffee are drunk every year… 63% of Did you know? There are
drinkers prefer their coffee with milk more than 1,500 types of tea… and sugar… Cappuccino originated 98% of drinkers add milk to their tea… in the cafes of 19th century Vienna… China tops the tea league, Brazil is the largest producer of coffee distributing 935,000 tonnes a year… this is how you do it:
this is what you need:
1. Mix flour, brown sugar and baking powder in medium bowl. UTZ Certified Coffee
• 1 ¾ cup of all-purpose flour 2. Cut in the butter until mixture resembles breadcrumbs.
IKEA only uses coffee that has been certified by UTZ Certified, an independent, • ¼ cup of brown sugar 3. Blend in milk and egg in a small bowl. Stir into flour mixture.
not-for-profit organisation that operates the world's largest and fastest-growing • 1 teaspoon of baking powder 4. Gently stir in chopped IKEA dark chocolate.
certification programme for responsible coffee production. We want our co-workers • 1/3 cup of butter 5. Spoon batter into greased or paper-lined muffin trays. and customers to know that the coffee they drink has been produced with respect to • 1 cup of milk 6. Sprinkle with more chopped IKEA dark chocolate. people and the environment.
DRÖMMAR muffin tin 299 thB
7. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes or until toothpick inserted near Steel & coated with Teflon® Classic. • 100g of IKEA dark chocolate centers comes out clean.
IKEA customers can trace their coffee all the way to the plantation by entering the L39xW27cm. Red.
8. Cool in pan on wire rack for 5 minutes. Remove from pan, coffee variety and best-before-date of coffee purchased from Swedish Food Markets • Whipped cream cool slightly.
into a tracer tool at
UTZ Certified has a broad approach to sustainability, taking both people and the environment as well as good business practices into consideration.
10 IKEA Ps 2012 coffee table 2,490 thB
Foil finish. L70xW42, H48cm. White.
11 IKEA 365+ coffee cup 129 thB/ea
Feldspar porcelain. Holds 20cl.
12 UPPhEttA coffee/tea maker 499 thB
Glass, polypropylene plastic & stainless steel. Ø10, H22cm.
there is no trouble so great
13 BryGGKAFFE mEllANrOst
or grave that cannot be much
EKOlOGIsKt (250G) 280 thB
Organic/UTZ Certified Filter Coffee diminished by a nice cup of tea.
Bernard-Paul heroux
01 ANGENÄm dish 750 thB
06 KIVIK three-seat sofa combination
Aluminium & tinted clear lacquer. 13,900 thB 80% cotton & 20% polyester.
Ø45cm. Dark brown.
W270xD98, H83cm. Dansbo white. 02 AKtAD serving stand 590 thB
07 lAPPlJUNG rUtA cushion 399 thB/ea
Glass. Ø33, H13cm. Red. 08 GUrlI cushion cover 149 thB/ea
03 DrAGON teaspoon 69 thB/6-pc
100% cotton. L50xW50cm. Red.
Stainless steel. L13cm.
09 FrODIG series Tempered glass.
04 FANtAstIsK paper napkin
69 thB Ø17cm.
75 thB/100-pc Three-ply.
side plate 69 thB Ø21cm.
W40xL40cm. White.
89 thB Ø28cm.
VIttsJÖ coffee table
05 VIttsJÖ coffee table 1,690 thB
Tempered glass and foil finish. 1,690 thB
Ø75, H45cm. Black-brown/glass.
14 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 15
• Flooring should be chosen in
accordance with the function of the room. For instance, have an easy-to-clean surface e.g. ceramic tiles in the kitchen area.
• Using rugs on top of laminate flooring helps top absorb sound and soften the atmosphere.
• Large floor patterns demand large spaces.
• Light floors make the room appear larger, while dark floors make it appear smaller.
Co-ordinated colours create In these examples, the A dark colour on the back wall a harmonious and unified heaviest colour is on the floor. of a room visually decreases Congratulations on your
look. With colour, it is possible The lighter colours on the the depth of the room making • Painted wall surfaces are easier to to erase or accentuate walls make the room appear it appea wider. The back wall maintain and mare more durable appears to come forward. if treated witha silk or satin finish This effect is emphasised if When it comes to style, there is no such thing as "one size fits all". In a rather than a matt finish.
"warm" colours are used.
recent Life at Home survey conducted by IKEA, it showed us that ‘comfort' • A free-standing glass wall or a is not about any single home furnishing or product function, rather, it's about low wall within a room divides the creating an environment where household members can be with each other, functional space, creating new relax, and live their best lives. Home is about connecting with family and proportions; while still letting • Different colours, patterns friends to create and share memories. Each room has a story to tell; a laugh, light through and maintains an and application techniques open atmosphere.
a surprise, moments to remember. There are many things to think about.
change the room dramatical y.
• Using the same colour scheme • There are no set rules for within a home creates unity and how to work with several Balance and harmony
an illusion of more space.
colours in a room but • A balanced room is created through a harmonious interplay between material, • Using mirrors on walls can make usually the most successful colour, lighting, furnishings and the proportions of the room.
a room appear twice the size.
approach is to let one colour • However, to create an interesting and personal atmosphere, there needs to be • Furniture such as bookcases or dominate and to let the contrast between objects, patterns, shapes, sizes and textures.
sideboards can also act as room others be more neutral.
dividers with added storage functions.
Using different colours on Horizontal patterns make A vertical pattern on the walls the left and right long walls the room appear lower. make the room appear to create an imbalance and the A corresponding pattern along be higher. Different colours room feels incorrectly colour the floor would make the room further emphasis this. A • A ceiling that is slightly darker appear wider.
vertical pattern solely on the than the walls makes a room back wall creates a similar appear to be lower and wider. effect although not as strong. • A matt white ceiling reflects the Diagonal patterns, rectangles, light back into the room without circles, and so on, all create causing glare.
different visual effects.
An unbalanced room.
The balance of the room is improved you can do it yourself. But you don't have to.
• Windows are part of the with pictures.
0% interest.
architecture and need to be in We do our best to make shopping at our IKEA stores as easy as possible. But we also know 100% interested?
harmony with the size, shape that we all have moments when we don't have enough time or energy - moments when we and style of the room.
Be kinder on your need a help hand. Especially when moving to a new home. That's why we can arrange a menu • Larger windows can frame a view pocket and enjoy of services to make things a little easier for you. See more at
and let light in while smaller ones flexible payment at the ensure some privacy.
IKEA stores by opting for 0% Instalment Payment Plan and charge the purchase • A wide door suggests hospitality, (min. $500) to your a narrow door suggests a secret DBS, POSB, OCBC or UOB credit card. Terms Need help getting it home? Most IKEA products are designed to be assembled by • A space-saving sliding door can and conditions apply. How does door-to-door delivery the customer at home. If you prefer or need assistance also act as a wall.
The balance is improved with a The balance can also be improved See store for details.
sound? Just ask in-store at the assembling your furniture, we can recommend an coloured wall.
by adding another piece of furniture, Home Delivery counter.
independent in-home assembly service.
textiles or other objects.
16 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 17
Activities and functional needs
Furnishings is based on functional needs in different living situations. When Want to get a home
furnishings gift for
placing furniture in a room, start by considering the location of doors and a housewarming
KAJUtA table lamp
how people move about in or through the room. Then consider the functions party but not sure
of connecting rooms. E.g. how can you best utilise space in a living room with a dining area that is in connection to a kitchen? Also, think about the window what to get? Here
location. Can you make use of the daylight? Create space by placing the are some ideas.
furniture in functional groups to create a room within the room.
KryDDIG spice mill
IKEA Ps 2014
Come and go
clothes rack
When preparing for the day ahead, things need to be found in a hurry. The entrance 1,190 thB
need to be practical and work for the whole family. It's a place for storing of shoes, 01 hÄmtA carafe 349 thB
emptying of pockets, unloading keys, mail and mobile phones when entering a home.
H27cm. Holds 1.8L. Clear glass or grey.
02 KryDDIG spice mill 429 thB
Solid poplar/birch. H23cm. White or black.
03 FrÄJEN bath towel 299 thB
W70xL140cm. Available in various colours.
04 JÄmFÖrlIG handheld whisk 359 thB
L27cm. Black/red.
05 lyCKAD oven/serving dish 369 thB
Stoneware. W31xL21cm / W23xL15cm.
06 JÄmKA food container with lid,
set of 4 119 thB
Polypropylene plastic. Blue/white.
07 stOCKhOlm bowl 990 thB
Stainless steel. Ø4.2, H9.5cm. White.
08 IKEA Ps 2014 greenhouse 1,190 thB
09 FIXA rechargeable screwdriver 599 thB
Polypropylene plastic. Multicolour. Uses 3.6V. Includes 10 screwdriver bits.
Cooking and eat
10 IKEA Ps 2014 clothes rack 1,190 thB
Solid birch. Ø45, H180cm. With socialising comes a variety of needs Storage, functional solutions, activities Do you eat in the kitchen, in the dining Birch/white or green.
IKEA Ps 2014
from being comfortable to having the and safety need to be considered for room, in bed or infront of the TV? Do 11 GOttGÖrA lantern for candle in
metal cup 349 thB
flexibility to change or rearrange for all ages in the home whether getting you snack, throw dinner parties or have JÄmKA food
container with

Steel, Glass, Polyester powder different occasions. It can be through the dressed in the bedroom, bathroom, or cosy dinner-for-twos? Do you cook up a lid, set of 4
coating Height: 26 cm. Pink 12 lUNs writing/magnetic board 599 thB
1,190 thB
internet on your laptop, huddled around walk-in dressing room.
storm, or just need a microwave? the kitchen table, or in different clusters 13 KAJUtA table lamp 299 thB
in the living room.
rest and sleep
Epoxy/polyester powder coating steel. With the right type of storage, clothes How do you relax at home? Is it in Ø15, H31cm. White, grey or green.
are easier to find and will require less solitude or with friends? Some relax 14 OlUNDA picture 990 thB
care, such as ironing, which saves in bed with a good book, or in a cosy W30, H30cm. Butterflies. For easier cleaning and Motif created by Lola Frazer.
valuable time. It also lets you start your armchair listening to music. Others relax tidying up, ensure enough day possibly with less stress and panic.
with a glass of wine or when exercising. space around furniture. There are countess ways to wind down, Wall-mounted furniture and so think of what helps you to relax and furniture with castors also make cleaning easier. Also What are the needs that come from where it occurs.
think about storage for all different hobbies or interests? What are your cleaning equipment, the requirements for space, storage, See more tips and ideas for and ensure dangerous materials or lighting? Where do you each room at home at liquids and detergents are carry out the activity? Just a table or stored away from children.
out in the garden? 18 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 19
A memorable wedding requires planning and creative inputs from both partners. While it is an exciting journey, it can also be stressful. If you are looking to DIY your own décor, do plan early so that you have sufficient time to source the necessary items and add your own design. Enjoy a dose of inspiration with these décor items that are put together using selected IKEA products! • Pick a theme that you like
best and apply it consistently
across your wedding planning
e.g. choice of invitations,
flowers, etc
• Give some dimension to the
table display by adding items
of various heights.
• MÅLA easel 1,290 t
lid pine. W62xL43, H R plant pot 12
14cm, H18cm. Off-white. try these
Decorated ENsIDIG vase with paper doyleys and brown twine
As an alternative to fresh flowers, you can arrange SMYCKA
can add a nice vintage look to your reception décor. Add some
flowers in a vintage ROSÉPEPPAR plant pot that you can keep
quote tags for a personalised touch!
as home décor even after the wedding!
• Paint the
Create your own chalk board sign
wooden frame
• Tying helium
The MÅLA Easel makes a creative and sturdy balloons to
sign that can welcome your guests, provide one side of
his look? F
the stand
directions or to illustrate the seating plan.
Before you start, brainstorm on how you would like to design it. Confirm the choice of text, and then sketch out how you would space out the nscented c
motifs and words before actual drawing. It may take several attempts before you arrive at what you would like, but the beauty of chalk allows 20cm, H26cm.
Try to work on the actual drawing closer to your wedding day as the chalk drawing may fade with time.
Add some SKURAR plant pots with flowers to complete the look! Article contributed by Moments by
Stirring Hearts
, a social enterprise
that creates beautiful wedding

In addition to your wedding album, pick a few of your favourite
stationery and décor. photos from childhood, courtship or pre-wedding and insert
them into an array of IKEA photo frames!

20 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 21
For Dog Owners:
For small Animal Owners:
1. Is your child able to to clean out the cage at least once a week? 2. Are you able to take your pet to the vet 2. Is your child able for an annual check-up? to feed your dog 3. Are you able to ensure that your pet's cage is the right size? 4. Is your child able to feed your pet Enjoy 0% instalment plan for 6 months depending on its size and diet? the right kind of food to meet its 3. Is your child able to learn about the foods that are bad for your dog? 5. Is your child able to spend quality time when purchasing IKEA furniture or 4. Is your child able to regularly groom to interact with your pet? 6. When petting your small animal, is your child able to make sure that your pet is so you are thinking of
home furnishing products of 10,000 THB handled gently and with slow movements? 7. Is your child able to ensure that your getting a pet for your child?
small animal is getting enough exercise? What a lovely idea! 8. Is your child able to ensure that the water or more during 1 Sep – 31 Dec 2014.
you give your pet is clean and fresh? But before you rush off to the nearest 9. When purchasing beddings and litters, animal shelter to adopt one (because 5. Is your child able to ensure that the water do you first read the care section to see there's nothing quite like saving a life you're giving your dog is always fresh if it's appropriate for your pet? that is capable of loving you like no 10. Do you regularly check your pet's cage other), perhaps you want to take this 6. Are you able to regularly take your dog to to ensure that it is escape-proof? Simply inform the cashier that you would like to put
the vet for check-ups? casual quiz to see if you and your child your purchases on Instalment Payment Plan (IPP).
7. Is your child able to ensure that your dog make great pet parents? It's by no gets regular, daily walks/exercise? means a hard core quiz, but it does 8. Are you able to ensure that your dog give you a feel of what it takes to be a responsible pet owner.
9. Are you able to ensure that your dog, his bedding and your home are free from parasites such as fleas and ticks that can The participating credit cards:
cause serious diseases? For Cat Owners:
10. Is your child able to be familiar with your 3 yes-es or less - Better stick with
1. Are you able to dog's patterns in terms of eating, a stuffed toy first! ensure that your drinking, sleeping and relieving himself 4 to 6 yes-es - You are not the best
cat is spayed or as any major variation in these patterns pet owner, but not the worst either! could indicate serious illness? 6 to 9 yes-es - You're okay but you
2. Are you able to 11. As dogs never outgrow the need to chew, could use some improvements! is your child able to provide your dog with 10 yes-es or more - Your pet is lucky
chew toys to satisfy its urges? veterinary check-ups? 12. Is your child able to bathe your dog on 3. Is your child able to ensure that you're a regular basis appropriate to its breed giving your cat an appropriate amount of cat food and fresh water at all times? 13. Are you able to keep your dog's nails 4. Is your child able to regularly clean your short to keep it comfortable and prevent cat's litter box? 5. Are you able to kitty-proof your home? 14. Is your child able to clean your dog's teeth 6. Is your child able to play with your cat daily? regularly to prevent tooth decay and 7. Are you able to provide your cat fun and safe toys for exercise? 15. Are you able to keep poisonous substances FrEE VIP CArD membership
8. Is your child able to be intimately familiar in your home out of your dog's reach? for new member only
with your cat's normal behaviours and 16. Are you able to keep your vet's number habits as any changes to the normal handy in case of emergencies? (worth 100 thB for 12 months)
routine can indicate illness? 17. Is your child able to ensure that your terms & Conditions
9. Are you able to provide your cat a scratch dog is healthy by ensuring that its weight • Please cut out and show post to satisfy its need to scratch and to this voucher with IKEA FAMILY also prevent damage to your furniture? 18. Is your child able to be aware of the *Special for Krungsri Firstchoice cardholders, membership card to collect 10. Is your child able to regularly groom common health problems in your dog's enjoy 0.89% interest instalment payment plan breed, how to prevent them, and how to • Present the VIP card to receive discounts for 9 to 36 months when purchasing IKEA furniture 11. Are you able to provide your cat a collar recognise their onset? on PLC's products and services and an ID tag that includes your name, 19. Is your child able to ensure that your dog or home furnishing products with minimum purchase • 1 membership card per 1 voucher address, and telephone number? knows that you value its company by • The management reserves the right of 10,000 THB via Krungsri First Choice Card, 12. Are you able to get your cat vaccinated? spending quality time with him? to amend or withdraw any discount 13. If you're planning a trip away, are you 20. Are you able to expose your Krungsri First Choice VISA Card privileges as well as VIP cards terms able to make proper arrangements for dog to different people or Krungsri First Choice Debit Card. & conditions without prior notice and settings regularly • Promotion code: FOCPCCmEmCAr01
Click for more info. 14. Is your child able to regularly clean your so that it knows • Voucher validity: cat's teeth to ensure healthy gums Today – 31 December 2014 15. Are you able to always use a cat carrier More details at when transporting your cat? Article contributed by Pet Lovers Centre
22 iKeA fAmiLy news
iKeA fAmiLy news 23



Issue 17, Winter 2003/4 Also in this Issue AmigaOS 4: Hands OnWe get to try a development version of the OS everyone's been waiting for! Plus: News of an OS 4 pre-release for AmigaOne owners. Amiga OS 4.0 to be Spring 2004 Welcome to another issue of page). As I write this Mick has Total Amiga. It's been a while

February 2015 newsletter final

הרוםמה תרשרש "Chain of Tradition" The Newsletter of Traditional Congregation February-March 2015 Shevat-Adar 577 ‘ שת ןסינ ט Mark Your Calendars "Lunch and Schmooze with Rabbi Gordon" Tuesday, February 10 12 noon Wednesday, March 11 12 noon Join Rabbi Gordon for a relaxed lunch and schmooze—anything Jewish goes! See page 10 Knosh & Knowledge Brunch & Program