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A Guide to the City of Greater Sudbury Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplaces Un guide du règlement 2002-300 de la Ville du Grand Sudbury interdisant l'usage du tabac dans les endroits publics et les lieux de travail To make an appointment with a By-law Enforcement Officer, please call Smoke-Free By-law Enforcement • 688-7726.
Pour prendre rendez-vous avec un agent d'Exécution des règlements, veuillez composer le numéro qui suit : Exécution du règlement anti-tabac • 688-7726 Let's Clear the Air at Work
The Problem
Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) - sometimes called "second-hand smoke" -exposes employees (both smokers and non-smokers) to several thousandchemicals, including over 40 chemicals that are known to cause cancer.
ETS increases your risk for heart disease, a variety of cancers andrespiratory diseases such as bronchitis.
Every year exposure to ETS causes between 1,100 and 7,800 deaths inCanada, at least one-third of them in Ontario.
Exposure to ETS aggravates asthma and allergies and irritates the eyes,nose, throat and lungs.
Approximately 80 percent of a non-smoker's exposure to ETS happens at work.
The Solution
Smoke-free workplace policies protect the health of all employees byeliminating or restricting exposure to ETS.
Ninety percent of Ontario workers - including 70 percent who smoke -support smoke-free work environments that protect health.
Smoke-free workplace policies help people who smoke to cut down or quit.
They also help former smokers stay smoke-free.
What You Can Do
Focus on tobacco, not on people who smoke.
Support friends at work who want to cut down or quit.
Find out more about ETS and workplace policies.
For more information please contact the Tobacco Action Line: 522-3433
Adapted with permission from the Program Training & Consultation Centre resource
"Clearing the Air in Workplaces."
Summary of
Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplaces By-law 2002-300

The Council of the City of Greater Sudbury has the authority under the Municipal Act topass By-laws prohibiting and regulating the smoking of tobacco and the carrying of lightedtobacco products in public places and workplaces.
It has been determined that second-hand tobacco smoke is a health hazard and/ordiscomfort for the inhabitants and workers of the City of Greater Sudbury and that it isdesirable for the health, safety and welfare of inhabitants and workers to provide for asmoke-free environment.
Public Places are defined as the common areas of a public building, indoor servicecounters, public transportation and all places of public assembly including, but not limitedto, structures used for education, worship, business, recreation, entertainment andamusement.
Workplaces are defined as any enclosed area in which an employee works, includingcommon areas such as staff lounges, washrooms, lobbies and parking garages.
There is no allowance for designated smoking rooms.
A designated public place with a separately ventilated smoking area which was fullyconstructed and in operation on or before October 23, 2002, and which complied then andcontinues to comply with all requirements established under By-law 2001-7L, may continueto permit smoking within the separately ventilated smoking area until May 31, 2004.
Employers/Supervisors/Owners are required to adopt and implement a non-smoking policyin compliance with City of Greater Sudbury By-law 2002-300 by May 31, 2003.
Responsibilities include posting a non-smoking policy in the workplace, posting no-smokingsigns in all common areas and at all public entrances, removing ashtrays and other tobaccoreceptacles, informing all employees that smoking is prohibited and prohibiting smoking inall public places and workplaces.
Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers can carry out investigations or inspections in publicplaces or workplaces with respect to this by-law. Any employer or employee who isconvicted of an offence under this by-law is subject to a fine of up to $5000 under theProvincial Offences Act.
For a complete copy of the Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplaces By-law please call688 - 7726. Copies are available for download from Smoking By-Law Enforcement • 688-7726 • Exécution du règlement anti-tabac
Questions and Answers about the City of Greater Sudbury
Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplaces By-law 2002-300

When will the by-law take effect?
The Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplaces By-law takes effect on May 31, 2003.
At that time, all indoor public places and workplaces must be smoke-free.
There is no allowance for designated smoking rooms.
My business has a separately ventilated smoking area for my customers.
Is smoking still permitted in this area?

A designated public place with a separately ventilated smoking area which was fullyconstructed and in operation on or before October 23, 2002, and which complied then andcontinues to comply with all requirements established in Section 11 of By-law 2001-7L of theCity of Greater Sudbury, may continue to permit smoking within the separately ventilatedsmoking area until May 31, 2004.
Is smoking permitted on outdoor patios at restaurants and bars?
Yes, provided the outdoor patio is not enclosed.
What is the fine for not complying with the new by-law?
The maximum fine under the Provincial Offences Act is $5,000.
Who will enforce the by-law?
City of Greater Sudbury By-law Enforcement Officers will enforce the by-law through ongoing,regular inspections and in response to complaints from business owners or from members of thepublic. By-law Enforcement Officers and the Greater Sudbury Police Service work in partnership toensure that all municipal by-laws are enforced.
What do I have to do to comply with the new by-law?
As of May 31, 2003 you are required to: • Post required No-Smoking signs;• Ensure that all staff are aware of the by-law requirements and are prepared to approach and advise patrons who violate the by-law; • Post a non-smoking policy. Samples are available at the City of Greater Sudbury;• Remove all ashtrays;• Ensure that patrons and employees do not smoke inside the building;• Ensure that By-law Enforcement Officers are not hindered or obstructed when inspecting premises for compliance.
In cases where it is clear that the proprietor is not making a sincere effort to prohibit smokingby patrons, the owners and/or staff can be charged.
Smoke-Free By-Law Enforcement • 688-7726 • Exécution du règlement anti-tabac
Questions and Answers about the City of Greater Sudbury
Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplaces By-law 2002-300

How can my establishment deal with patrons who refuse to comply with the by-law?
In the hospitality industry in particular, some patrons may continue to smoke or refuse to go outsidedespite an owner's best efforts. Here are some suggestions to encourage compliance:• Show concern while speaking directly to the patron;• Respect personal space and explain that the by-law prohibits smoking inside;• Politely and calmly ask the person to extinguish the cigarette or go outside to smoke;• Ask the disruptive patron to leave if the situation becomes threatening. Seek Police assistance if the situation escalates. It is a Provincial Offence under the Trespass to Property Act to refuse to leave apremises.
What can businesses do to ease the transition to becoming smoke-free?
• Start informing your employees and customers of the coming change;• Train employees about the by-law, including what to say to patrons or fellow employees who are smoking. For example: "I'm sorry, but there is no smoking inside the bar/restaurant.
You are welcome to smoke outside if you wish." • You may wish to voluntarily go smoke-free before May 31 or offer "smoke-free" events to help your customers adjust to the upcoming by-law; • Display posters with information about the effective date;• Install a cigarette butt receptacle outside your establishment well away from entranceways and exits.
How far does an outdoor smoking area have to be from a public entrance?
An outdoor smoking area must be located at least 9 metres (30 feet) away from an entrance to apublic building or workplace.
Can I still use the no-smoking signs I have posted now?
Yes, no-smoking signs provided by all former municipalities are valid and legal.
How can I obtain more information about the new by-law?
Every owner/manager is entitled to receive a copy of a Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplacesinformation kit through the City of Greater Sudbury. For a complete copy of the by-lawplease call the Smoke-Free By-law Enforcement Line • 688-7726 or download a copy From now until the end of May 2003, City of Greater Sudbury By-lawEnforcement Officers will visit public places and workplaces to answer any questions you may have.
During the month of June, By-law Enforcement Officers will regularly visit restaurants and bars to issuecourtesy warnings to patrons or proprietors who are not complying with the new by-law.
Who do I call if I have more questions or if I want to issue a complaint under the new by-law?
The City of Greater Sudbury has installed an action line for questions and enforcement of the newPublic Places and Workplaces By-law. Call seven days a week • 688-7726.
Smoke-Free By-Law Enforcement • 688-7726 • Exécution du règlement anti-tabac
to Introduce Greater Sudbury's
Post "NO SMOKING" signs at all entrancesand in all public washrooms by May 31, 2003as required by the by-law.
You may wish to have information availableon the hazards of second-hand smoke foryour customers and employees.
Make sure all employees are aware of the by-law.
Remove all ashtrays and cigarette receptaclesby May 31, 2003.
Call the City of Greater Sudbury at 688-7726for help to enforce the by-law.
Focus on smoking not on the smoker. Designateand prepare specific outdoor smoking sites.
Provide containers for discarded cigarettes.
Refer customers who have concerns or questionsto the City of Greater Sudbury at 688-7726.
Thinking of quitting smoking?
The Sudbury & District Health Unit and the
Sudbury Council on Tobacco or Health can help!

! Nicotine makes tobacco addictive, creating a strong dependence similar to cocaine or heroin. (Health Canada) ! There are more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke (over 40 are known to cause cancer).
! A smoker can spend $2,000 a year to support a pack-a-day habit.
! Every year in Canada it costs an employer $2,565 per smoking employee as a result of decreased productivity (when smoking takes place oncompany time-Conference Board of Canada).
! Every year in Ontario 14,000 people die from smoking-related diseases.
In 1998 this included an estimated 5,300 people who died from lungcancer.
! Non-smoking spouses living with smokers face a 20-30% increase in the risk of dying from heart disease and heart attack.
! Tobacco and second-hand smoke cause cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and adverse effects in pregnancy, in smokers andnon-smokers.
! Quitting smoking is the single most effective thing that smokers can do to enhance the quality and length of their lives.
In Sudbury, less than 30% of residents smoke.
! The majority of smokers would like to quit.
! More than half of all smokers are thinking of quitting in the next 6 months.
! One third of all smokers make a serious quit attempt every year.
Smoking Cessation Resources
! Ask your: Physician, Dentist, Pharmacist, Public Health Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Midwife.
! Call the Smokers' Health Centre at 522-6237, ext. 2507.
! The Pregnancy, Parenting Outreach Program is designed for substance abusing women who are pregnant and/or raising children age 6 and under. Our in-home individual counselling isfor women who wish to decrease or to quit using cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. We also havereferral services, agency resources and workshops for the districts of Manitoulin and Sudbury.
For more information, please call 674-8159.
! The Workplace Wellness staff at the Sudbury & District Health Unit is available to assist you.
For more information, please call 522-9200, ext. 290.
! The following agencies can be contracted to come to your workplace with one-on-one support services: Pastoral Institute of Northern Ontario, 673-4446 Victorian Order of Nurses (VON), 671-1575.
! Smokers & Quitters: Offered every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. by the Sudbury & District Health Unit.
Meetings are held at the Health Unit Office at the YMCA Centre For Life on Durham Street.
Please call the Sudbury & District Health Unit at 522-9200, ext. 290.
! Soutien pour sevrage : Six sessions followed by monthly support group meetings offered by the Centre de santé communautaire de Sudbury. Open to all ages. For more information,please call 670-2274.
! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: One hour stop-smoking workshops in your home or in a group setting. For more information, please call 523-1560.
! Seventh Day Adventist Church: Breathe Free one-week smoking cessation program. For more information, please call 566-6150 ! Canadian Cancer Society's Smokers' Helpline: Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call 1-877-513-5333.
! Smoke-Free Buddies: Offered by the Sudbury & District Health Unit. Please call 522-9200, ! Habitrol: Please call 1-888-227-5777.
! Zyban: Please call 1-800-489-8424.
Smoking Cessation Resources
! You Can Stop Smoking by Julie Rubenstein, Jacqueline Rogers ($8.99).
! If Only I Could Quit: Recovery from Nicotine Addiction by Karen Casey ($16.95).
! Recovery from Smoking: Quitting with the Twelve Step Process by Christopher D. Hoffman, Elizabeth H. Hoffman ($17.95).
! Quit and Stay Quit: A Personal Program to Stop Smoking by Terry A. Rustin ($22.50).
At the Greater Sudbury Public Library
! Butt Out: The Proven Quit Smoking Plan (video).
! Stop Smoking the Subliminal Way (audio).
! The Respiratory System, Readers Digest.
! Breathing Free by Teresa Hale.
! Smoking by Judith Condon.
! Everything you need to know about smoking by Elizabeth Keyishian.
! Smoking by Lila Ganco.
Pamphlets and booklets
! Please call the Sudbury & District Health Unit Tobacco Action Line at 522-3433.
! Please call the Canadian Cancer Society at 670-1234.
! Please call the Lung Association at 1-800-972-2636.
! Please call the Heart & Stroke Foundation at 673-2228.
Alternative Therapies
• Magneto Therapy & Acupuncture Clinic, 983-0511 • Robert Fera, 522-7678.
• Baihui Acupuncture Centre, 673-0522 • Health Coach +, 674-9111.
• Positive Edge, 675-5137, Group Sessions every Tuesday at the Holiday Inn
($85.00/person). • Beacon Hypnosis, 969-1589 • Ed Bassis, 673-4475.
Herbal Remedies:
• Available at most drug stores and herbal or natural food stores.
• Also look in the yellow pages under "Holistic Health Services".
Smoking Cessation Resources
Massage Therapy for Symptom and Stress Management:
• Body & Mind Massage Therapy, 566-8883 • Body @ Best Massage Therapy, 522-9153
• Maria Biasucci, 671-9973 • Collège Boréal, 521-6021 • Bodywise Therapy, 522-5885
• Chelmsford Massage Therapy Clinic, 855-5163 • All about Massage, 675-6777
• À ta Santé, 525-5967 • Brady Physiotherapy, 675-3855 • Lively Physiotherapy, 692-0743
• A Touch of Heaven, 670-0274 • Body in Balance Massage Therapy Clinic, 560-5031
• Back in Motion Massage Therapy, 969-9204 • Bodyworks Massage Therapy, 673-4855
• On-site Therapeutic Massage, 566-0726 • Michelutti Therapeutic Massage, 522-7780
• Lalonde Massage Therapy, 673-6123 • La Renaissance European Day Spa, 675-2333
Stress management:
• Service Familial de Sudbury-Family Service, 524-9629 • Self-help Network, 677-0308
• White Pine Counselling Centre, 521-0881 • The Family Enrichment Centre, 670-0606
Web Sites
For Adults:
• Habitrol http:// • Lung Association http://
• Canadian Cancer Society • Quit Net
• Heart & Stroke Foundation
• National Clearinghouse on Tobacco and Health
• CDC Tobacco Information
• Health Canada (e-quit) and • • • National Heart and Lung Association• Canadian Health Network For Teens:
• TeenNet
• BC Ministry of Health Tobacco Facts
• Teens and Tobacco
For Pregnant Women and Health Care Professionals:
Please note:
This list is provided for information only and should not be interpreted as an endorsement by
the Health Unit or the Sudbury Council on Tobacco or Health. Please refer to the Sudbury &
District Health Unit website at for the most updated version of this resource, or
call the Tobacco Action Line at 522-3433.
City of Greater Sudbury de la Ville du Grand Sudbury Effective May 31, 2003, a Non-Smoking Policy À compter du 31 mai 2003, il sera, en vertu de la will prohibit smoking in all interior areas of politique anti-tabac, interdit de fumer dans toutes these premises. There will be no allowance for les aires intérieures de nos locaux. La politique designated smoking rooms not established in ne prévoit la désignation d'aucune salle pour les accordance with City of Greater Sudbury fumeurs non aménagée selon les dispositions du By-law 2001-7L.
règlement 2001-7L de la Ville du Grand Sudbury.
Changes to the smoking policy are in Ces changements ont été apportés à la suite de accordance with the City of Greater Sudbury's l'adoption du Règlement de la Ville du Grand Smoke-Free Public Places and Workplaces Sudbury interdisant l'usage du tabac dans les By-law and are in response to concerns about endroits publics et les lieux de travail et des the health hazards of second-hand smoke. We préoccupations soulevées touchant les dangers hope to help reduce the potential smoke- de la fumée secondaire pour la santé. En faisant la related health problems of our employees by promotion d'un milieu de travail sans fumée, nous promoting a completely smoke-free work espérons contribuer à la réduction des problèmes de santé liés au tabac chez nos employés.

Workplace/Lieu de travail
A non-smoking workplace policy as required by City of Greater Sudbury By-Law 2002-300. Une politique sur les lieux de travail sans fumée telle qu'elle est requise par le Règlement municipal 2002-300 de la Ville du Grand Sudbury. As of May 31, 2003 all public places and workplaces in the City of Greater Sudbury are smoke-free.
Violations of the By-law may result in a substantial fine.
Your cooperation is appreciated.
Thank you for not smoking in this establishment. À partir du 31 mai 2003, tous les lieux publics et les milieux de travail dans la Ville du Grand Sudbury sont complètement sans fumée.
Toute infraction au Règlement municipal pourrait entraîner des amendes substantielles.
Nous apprécions votre collaboration.
Merci de ne pas fumer dans cet établissement. SMOKING BY-LAW ENFORCEMENT
City of Greater Sudbury By-law 2002-300 municipal de la Ville du Grand Sudbury


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