VOL 10, NO. 8, August 2004
Patents related to
non patentable status of living Of the 600 applications, 96 organisms changed with the applications relates to fermentation bacteria, virus and landmark decision of the Supreme (fig 1). Main applicants are CSIR
fungi - the Indian
Court, USA in Diamond vs.
(13), Gist Brocades (8), Biocon India Chakraborty in 1980 when the (5), and F. Hoffmann L Roche (5).
genetically modified bacterium was Among the 294 applications granted a patent. In India such relating to bacteria, 110 applications The number of patent applications landmark decision was made on pertain to the compounds having related to bacteria, virus and fungi 15th January 2002 where Kolkata antibacterial activity and processes filed in India has recorded substantial High Court granted patent to for the preparation of the same.
increase in the years 2001 and Dimminaco A.G. for invention While 15 patent applications belong 2002. In the last issue we had to modification of bacterial genome.
presented a broader view of patent In India 600 applications related 23 patent applications are related applications filed in India in the to bacteria, virus and fungi have to the prophylactic use of lactic area of biotechnology. This time,we focus on patents related tomicroorganisms. Bacteria, fungi Patent applications related to Fermentation
and virus constitute the major groupof microorganisms. These microorganisms have been exploited extensively by biotechnologists.
The genetic material of these microorganisms serving as raw materials, are tailored by the biotechnologists with the scissors of restriction endonucleases, stitch with ligases and converted into desirable form using sophisticated techniques of genetic engineering.
The field of application of genetic engineering is broad and covers, for example, the use of fungi in been filed since 1995 till June acid bacteria and 11 applications bakery, wine and antibiotic industry, 2003. Of these 600 applications, related to the genetic use of Bacillus bacteria for the manufacture of thuringiensis. 7 patent applications vaccines, modification of plants/ applications, 45 are convention have been filed for the detection of insects genome (transgenic plants) applications and 299 are non bacteia. Forty six applications speak and the like.
convention applications. Two about the industrial use of bacteria For over two hundred years living hundred and ninety four (294) viz., production of enzymes organisms have been excluded from applications are related to bacteria, (amylase, protease, cellulose, patent laws; life forms were 189 applications to virus and 21 lactamase) and polyhydroxy- considered a ‘product of nature' applications to fungi.
butyrates, extraction of metals, bio- and not a human invention. The Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
bleaching, lignin degradation, viral proteins and peptides. There of applications for inventions involving bioremediation of petroleum products, are 26 patent applications for methods viruses were filed as shown below soil nutrition and functional group of detection of virus. Methodologies transformation etc.
of detection involve the use of Main applicants are enlisted in The maximum number of applications polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Table 2 below. Indian companies were filed in year 2002 (69) followed using specific primers in kits, seem to be very active in this area.
by 48 in year 2001 as shown in fig 2.
chemical and immunodetection. Six Main applicants filing bacteria applications have been filed for Patent Applications related to bacteria
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Reliance Life Sciences Asgrow Seed company Another microorganism we have mentioned above is fungi. Only 21 applications have been filed in the area of fungi. Out of these applications, 8 applications involvethe methods and composition of anti fungal compounds. Rest of the applications belongs to the culture media for growth of fungi and related applications are given virus cell lines. Virus is used as a increasing the fatty acid content.
vehicle for carrying foreign gene CSIR (8) and BASFAktiengesellschaft (7) are main and transferring to the host genome.
There are 7 patent applications applicants in this field while other where virus has been used as vector.
applicants are Novo Nordisk (2), These applications disclose the Max Planck (1), Tata Energy use of Baculovirus, retrovirus, Research Institute (1).
Societe des Produits adenovirus and vaccinia virus as Dr. Reddys Research One single area which has been vector. These applications mainly addressed in these applications is relate to hepatitis virus (38), human the area of health and it is good to see immunodeficiency virus (21), herpes that a few Indian agencies are in the virus (11) and rabies virus (8).
forefront. Does it forecast the It was in the years 2001 and emergence of the Indian biotechnology 2002 when the maximum number industry? Perhaps yes! 10. F Hoffmann La Roche Patent applications related to virus
Virus is a unique microorganism that lies on the threshold of life. It behaves live inside the body and can be crystallized if brought out.
189 applications have been filed that are related to virus directly or indirectly. Among these, 66 applications belong to control of virus that includes herbal compositions, vaccines, antibody production using attenuated virus, Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
No more needle
be absorbed directly through themucous membranes and epithelium pricking for drug
of the respiratory tract, thereby minimizing initial inactivation ofbioactive substances by the liver.
Case study on applicator for
Inhalational delivery provides drugs inhalational or mucosal delivery
directly to therapeutic sites of action (such as the lungs or the sinuses).
This mode of administration has been particularly effective for the New medical technology invented delivery of pulmonary drugs (such by Hewlett Packard Development as asthma medications) and peptide Company would eliminate the need based drugs (usually via intranasal for injections for administration of administration), using metered dose inhalers (MDIs).
particularly for peptide drugs like insulin. The method works on theprinciple of delivering the drug directly The present invention addresses into the lungs through inhalation the problems of the prior art by rather than injecting it like they do devising a method and device for it at present. Although the method improving the topical or inhalational is not universally applicable to all application of drugs, or mucosal illnesses, it could be one of the delivery of drugs, by using applicators most important breakthroughs for based on inkjet technologies. The the treatment of diabetes and a applicator for inhalational or mucosal welcome relief for diabetic patients, delivery of a bioactive composition to a subject, such as a pulmonary especially when a majority of them uses a jet dispenser, such as a inhaler for the mouth of a person.
have to constantly monitor their piezoelectric or thermal jet dispenser.
The system consists of a dispenser glucose levels by self-administering The dispenser includes a container 30 connected to one or more ejection insulin through injections or or reservoir for holding the bioactive heads, such as fluid ejection heads automatic injectors attached to the composition and delivering it to a 40, 42, 44 and 46, by conduit fluid body. A US patent has been granted fluid ejection head for ejection through tubing system 58. The ejection to Hewlett Packard's technology a dispenser orifice, or an array of heads are held in place within spacer on February 3, 2004.
dispenser orifices contained on one 35 by intermediate spacer wall 48, or more ejection heads. The thermal and each ejection head contains Background of the Invention
or piezoelectric jet dispenser propels at least one orifice for ejection of Administration of therapeutically precise amounts of droplets from droplets of the bioactive composition effective doses of many medications the dispenser toward a mucosal from the dispenser. Ejection heads can be difficult in some instances.
For example, some drugs according to principles in the The applicator is suitable for (particularly peptide based drugs, thermal inkjet technology, using use in a variety of ways. For example, such as insulin) are partially or piezoelectric ejection techniques, the applicator may be intermittently totally inactivated by the highly or other manners of fluid ejection.
used to introduce an agent into a acidic environment of the stomach Indeed, the ejection of some target body orifice, such as the if orally ingested. Another problem chemicals may be benefited by a mouth, for administration of the is the "first pass" effect, which thermal ink ejection technology, bioactive agent. Alternatively, the refers to the partial inactivation of in which elevated temperature can applicator may be used to apply orally ingested drugs in the liver activate the agent. In contrast, the agent to an area of skin for after they have been absorbed from other agents may chemically topical application of a bioactive the gastrointestinal system and degrade and lose some or all composition, or used to transdermally before they have exerted their full bioactivity when heated in a thermal introduce the bioactive agent.
therapeutic effect.
system, and such compositions Inhalational administration has been Fig. 1 illustrates a mucosal or used as an alternative route of inhalational application system for piezoelectric or other non-thermal drug delivery. Inhaled drugs can administering a bioactive composition ejecting head technology.
Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
Contd from.3 crystal display 105, to indicate distribution to multiple parts of the No more needles .
which selections have been made respiratory system, such as The reservoirs 52-56 may be using keypad 104. Alternatively, distributing larger droplets throughout inserted into receptacles formed keypad may be eliminated, and the bronchi and smaller droplets within main body 32 accessible the controller 100 programmed to deep into the lungs, such as to from the outside of the applicator display various selections on screen bronchioles or alveoli.
30. Thus, reservoirs 52-56 may be 105. Scrolling buttons 106 and 108 There are 30 claims out of which removed from applicator 30 when may allow different instructions or the first claim is reproduced: empty and new reservoirs 52-56 selections to be scrolled across, inserted into applicator 30 without or up and down along, screen 105, 1. An applicator for delivering a breaking open main body 32.
including information such as desired bioactive composition, comprising: The conduit system 58 may dosages, frequency, and potential an inkjet dispenser comprising include discrete fluid conduits, with side effects.
an orifice for high-speed ejection each conduit independently The reservoir holding the bioactive of droplets from the dispenser, the connecting an individual replaceable composition may be a fixed part of inkjet dispenser further comprising fluid reservoir to an individual fluid the applicator or is replaceable.
ejection head. The conduits 62, 64 One or more bioactive compositions a replaceable fluid reservoir for and 66 deliver fluid from the respective can be contained within multiple holding and delivering the bioactive reservoirs 52, 54 and 56 to their replaceable reservoirs, for example, composition to the orifice for ejection respective associated ejection heads a series of replaceable reservoirs therethrough, the replaceable fluid 42, 44 and 46. For example, could contain a single drug in reservoir at least partially insertable replaceable fluid reservoir 52 is in sequentially increasing or decreasing through the body; and fluid connection with fluid ejection concentrations, or a series of different, a body orifice spacer positioned head 42 via conduit 62, and but related, drugs for the treatment between the dispenser orifice and replaceable fluid reservoir 56 is in of a particular condition.
a target during ejection of the bioactive fluid connection with fluid ejection The bioactive composition may composition to the target; head 46 via conduit 66.
be in any of the forms, liquid, gel wherein the dispenser comprises The dispenser also includes a or powder. One of the reservoirs a first orifice and a second orifice, controller 110 for manually or can contain a bioactive agent in the first orifice operable to dispense automatically dispensing the powder or other dry form and the droplets of a predetermined size, bioactive substance from the powder can be dispensed from the the second orifice operable to dispenser at selected times. The container, and may in some instances dispense droplets of a predetermined controller may take the form of an be combined with a liquid en route size different than the size of droplets actuator that is manually depressed to the target body orifice or mucosal dispensed from the first orifice.
to activate the dispenser and delivery site.
dispense the agent. The controller The invention incorporates certain The droplets of bioactive could be a programmable device novel features resulting in various composition delivered by the or could include an audible or visible applicator can be of varying sizes.
cue, such as a tone or light, to The applicator is capable of • The inhalers presently available alert the subject that a dose of the dispensing very small and accurate are thrown away after the drug bioactive composition is ready to amounts of fluids including liquids is finished. The applicator in be dispensed.
and powders. The droplets can be the invention, on the other hand, The applicator may include an sized for respiratory inhalation or contains multiple replaceable input keypad, such as an alpha or for delivery to bronchial airways or reservoirs which provides a cost- alphanumeric keypad. Using keypad, to nasal membranes or passages.
effective alternative, since only a physician, nurse, pharmacist, or The droplet sizes that can be the empty reservoirs and not other health professional, or the dispensed by the applicator is of the entire applicator would need subject 24 to which the fluid will be the order of 2 to 8 micrometers or to be thrown.
administered, may input variations less. The droplet size from the • The multiple reservoirs in the in the amount of and types of fluids available inhalators is of the order applicator also allow multiple dispensed by fluid ejection heads of a few picolitres. The jet dispenser drug compositions to be 40-46. Applicator 30 also may include is also capable of dispensing dispensed simultaneously or a display screen, such as liquid differently sized droplets for Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
Instacare and applied for interim or of the Central Government or as injunction restraining Instacare from a counter-claim in a suit for manufacturing the combination infringement of the patent. According drugs. The trial judge vacated the to our view, the defendants loses patent battle
initial ex parte ad-interim injunction contentions relied on Section 64 granted to Cadila.
(1) (e) of the Act according to A patent dispute over a process patent for a combination drug held Aggrieved, Cadila filed an appeal which the patent must be revoked by Cadila Pharmaceuticals settled in the Gujarat High Court contending on the ground that the invention
in the High Court of Ahmedabad on so far as claimed in any claim
of the complete specification is

May 2, 2001 ultimately resulted in • Cadila has been granted the not new, having regard to what
revocation of the process patent patent for the novel process held by Cadila.
was publicly known or publicly
after satisfying the patent granting used in India before the priority
The plaintiff/appellant, Cadila procedure under the law which date of the claim or to what was
Pharmaceuticals Ltd was granted includes advertisement for published in India or elsewhere
an Indian patent in March 2000 opposition from interested parties.
in any of the documents referred
(Patent no 183097) which claimed Instacare, however, did not avail to in Section 13.
a novel drug delivery process for a the opportunity of issuing notice combination medicine. The of opposition before the patent The contentions were further combination medicine is a penicillin- was granted nor did they seek based on the fact that combination based antibiotic combined with a revocation of the patent after drugs were already known to the dose of microorganism lactobacilli, the patent was granted. Cadila pharmaceutical world and Cadila's which counteracts the side effects emphasized that Instacare claim to have invented a new process caused by the antibiotic such as therefore had no right to defend is wholly baseless and could not nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea etc.
the action for infringement and have been patented. Instacare also The combination of lactobacilli with Cadila cannot be deprived of contended that they have been the antibiotic normally affects the the fruits of its invention.
marketing its Hipen LB and HiponexLB drugs since 1999 which was lactobacilli which loses its virality • Cadila's patent applications for after a certain period. The plaintiff prior to the grant of Cadila's process protection in foreign countries invented a novel drug delivery process patent in 2000.
would be affected unless the which involves delivering lactobacilli patent was protected in the home The court after hearing the in combination with a penicillin- arguments affirmed the trial based antibiotic, but isolated by a court's rejection of application • The expert appointed by the thin protective film which prevents for interim injunction and held court opined that the international the antibiotic from reacting with that though Instacare has chosen search report relating to a the lactobacilli. Such combination not to serve notice of opposition corresponding PCT application medicine when consumed orally, under Section 25 of the Patent failed to reveal any valid citations enables the lactobacilli to be effective Act or apply for revocation of relevant to the novelty and inventive for a long time and also counteracts the patent under Section 64 of merit of the claimed invention, the side effects of the antibiotic.
the Act, Section 107 of the Act therefore establishing the novelty Cadila thus claimed the exclusive empowers Instacare to defend and inventive merit of the present right to manufacture and market the suit for infringement. The invention beyond doubt.
its innovative drug named LMX for court also held that documentary The defendant Instacare evidence from various books a period of five years and the right Laboratories contentions relied on to exclude others from indicate that the process of Section 107 of the Patent Act manufacturing, distributing or selling making combination drugs from according to which Instacare had a pharmaceutical product a chemical substance (an anti- the right to defend the infringement infective agent such as penicillin) incorporating the patented process.
suit on all grounds available in Instacare Laboratories Pvt Ltd, the and a microorganism (such as Section 64 of the Act.
defendants were selling a similar lactobacilli) and isolating one Section 64 of the Patent Act combination drug incorporating the of the ingredients by giving it a deals with the revocation of patents coating of protective film are patented process under the names on various grounds based on the ‘Hipen LB' and ‘Hiponex LB'. Cadila both known and well accepted petition of any person interested filed an infringement suit against process. The process for making Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
to educate the public about what maker, and is pressing ahead with it calls illegitimate Websites.
The US Court of Appeals for the other parts of the suit. Rambus is The Tribune, August 5,
federal court has reversed the district suing Infineon, Micron Technology court's judgment that intertool failed Inc. and Hynix Semiconductor Inc.
Mumbai based Sun Pharma has to satisfy the written description in Germany and the US, claiming been sued by Medimmune Oncology requirement. The court emphasized they infringed patents after refusing for a patent infringement by Sun's the ‘complete and exacting' detail to sign licensing agreements.
filing in the US market for generic of the claimed structure and the Business Line, July 21,2004
version of cancer-related drug Ethyol preamble's lack of any additional Luxury Jeweller Tiffany & Co (amifostine). Sun Pharma had filed structure that the specification had has sued eBay Inc, claiming the a Drug master File for generic Ethyol emphasized as important. Thus online auctioneer has contributed earlier this year. The drug is reported the preamble phrase was not to violations of the Tiffany trademark to have clocked revenues of $94 considered as a limitation.
by letting counterfeit items be sold million in 2003 in the US and its Patent World, July/August 2004
on its website. A study in certain patens expire in July 2012/December Microsoft responded to the pieces of ‘Tiffany' jewelry sold on 2017. The patent-challenge route European Commission's eBay this year showed that 73% adopted by Sun Pharma may be a anticompetitive ruling against the of the jewellery was counterfeit.
‘jackpot' if they win the case.
company by filing two requests at The lawsuit asks the eBay be stopped Business line, August 22, 2004
the Court of First Instance in from listing any Tiffany merchandise International sports apparel Luxembourg. The first requests a that is not genuine and for eBay to company Lacoste had filed a lawsuit suspension of the Commission's account for profits it made on the alleging that the Chennai-based remedies, arguing that they harm counterfeit Tiffany merchandise or exporter, Global Impex India, used software developers, website else pay up to $1 million for each its registered trademark "Lacoste" developers as well as Microsoft.
type of fake Tiffany merchandise and copyright logo "Crocodile" to The second filing appeals against sold on the website.
promote its goods and to confuse the Commission's ruling arguing The Economic Times, June 23,
the customer in believing that the that the decision creates an untested product was emanating from the new law. It says that once IPRs Data center gear makers Radware international company. The Delhi are lost they cannot be recovered and F5 Networks battle over patents High court has restrained the Indian and hence a stay is necessary.
again. Radware, which makes export firm from carrying out its Patent World, July/August 2004
networking products that balance business which was adversely L.G.Phillips LCD, the world's traffic between servers, has filed a affecting Lacoste's reputation.
second biggest maker of flat screens lawsuit against competitor F5 Asian Age, August 21, 2004
for laptops, computer monitors and Networks for infringing on a April televisions, has filed patent 2004 patent. The patent is for largest drugmaker, gave up its fight infringement lawsuit against US technology that determines the to protect a key ingredient in its and Taiwanese rivals ViewSonic proximity of devices within a network leading anti-diabetes medicine sold Corp and Tatung. L.G.Phillips LCD when making load-balancing in China, the second reverse in a is a joint venture between LG decisions. Radware is seeking an month for a Western drug company Electronics and Phillips Electronics.
undisclosed amount of monetary in the $10-billion market. Glaxo The Lawsuit is the latest in a series damages as well as permanent won't proceed with a counter-suit of patent infringement suits in Asia injunctive relief.
against Chinese drugmakers that that reflect a sharp competition in The Financial Express, July 23, 2004
challenged its patent for rosiglitazone, the electronics market.
The world's biggest drugmaker, one of three patented ingredients The Times of India, June 3, 2004
Pfizer Inc, is taking legal action in Avandia. China wants to cut the Rambus Inc, a computer-memory against dozens of online pharmacies price of Western medicines and chip designer, withdrew parts of which it alleges are selling counterfeit make them widely available to its patent infringement claim against versions of the erectile dysfunction Chinese patients.
Infineon Technologies AG, Europe's drug Viagra. The company has The Economic Times, August
launched an advertising campaign Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
Patents for Opposition
Mysore silk is the next The following patent applications have been accepted by the Patent ‘indegenous' product in line for a Office and published in the Gazette of India. These can now be opposed Geographical Indications (GI) tag.
by filing opposition applications within a period of four months from the The GI registration accords unique dates given. Six digit numbers allotted after acceptance by the Patent identity to this silk, its source and Office are given before the applicant names and patent application processessing as a ‘traditional numbers given in brackets. Names of the branches of the Patent Office knowledge' product. Mysore silk are denoted in the application number, e.g. ‘Bom' for Bombay branch.
will be the ninth such TK productthat has a unique geographic origin.
An opposition application should be submitted at the appropriate office Eight products which have been where the concerned application was originally filed.
granted GI include Darjeeling tea,Pochampalli sarees, Salem fabric, May 22, 2004
Goan feni, Solapur fabric, Pavitra 192791. Jophnson And Johnson Medical Bioabsorbable medical device from oxidized modaram (ring) from Payyanur Inc, United States (1209/CAL/97) kerela, Chanderi saree and Aranmul 192792. The Trustees Of Princeton A process for preparing a composite kannadi (mirror) from Kerela.
University U S A (642/CAL/94) consisting of a supporting substrate with Deccan Herald, August 18, 2004
a photochemically active multi layeredfilm Counterfeits and passoffs 192793. Copeland Corporation SA (342/ A scroll type machine continue to trouble the FMGC industry, with the Government 192794. Owens Corning Canada Inc A machine for making chopped strand estimated to lose close to Rs 900 Canada (801/CAL/97) mat and a process for making choppedstrand mat crore per annum in unpaid excise 192795. Kone Oy Finland (2032/CAL/97) Sliding safety gear duty, sales tax and other levies.
192796. Kabushiki Kaisha Mihama FICCI informed that a raid conducted Seisakusho Japan (1802/CAL/97) An improved clamping band by the Delhi Police in collaboration 192797. LG Electronics Inc Korea (1561/ with the Chamber's Brand Protection Apparatus for supplying cold air an Committee (BPC) during the 192798. Fianara Internation B V The weekend in the Capital uncovered Netherland (84/CAL/01) Rs 5 crore worth of machinery and 192799. Steel Authority Of India Ltd India(1594/CAL/97) A low cost process for producting low packaging materials being used to sulphur and phosphorus content ductile manufacture counterfeit products.
192800. Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Holographic plates of Sunsilk, Clinic Co Ltd Japan (1224/CAL/97) A nitrogen oxide reducing apparatus in Plus, Chik Shampoo and Ariel 192801. Steel Authority Of India Limited oil fired absorption refrigerating apparatus detergent have been seized along New Delhi (1185/DEL/95) A completely cement free refractory with large quantities of packing castable composition (ZCC) and a process material of many popular brands.
192802. Council Of Scientific And Industrial of preparing the composition Research New Delhi ( 437/DEL/95) A process for the synthesis of 3s 2 Business line, August 18, 2004
substituted 1 2 3 4 tetrahydro 9h pyrido The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) 3 4 b indole 3 carboxylic acids useful as claims to have seized pirated software 192803. Steel Authority Of India Ltd New potential anti cholecystokinin agents Delhi (1279/DEL/95) A shutter device for actuating a gamma and VCDs/DVDs/MP3 worth Rs 7.15 ray source of fail safe pushing operation crore during raids in New Delhi, (Farsh 192804. Saitec S R L An Italian Company Bazar, Nehru Place, Palika Bazar Italy (1314/DEL/95) Apparatus for preparing solid forms with and Shalimar Bagh) over the past two controlled release of active ingredients 192805. De La Rue Glori Switzerland and method carried out therein The Hindustan Times, August 6, 2004
192806. LG Electronics Inc Korea (1899/ Karnal-based Directorate of Wheat Apparatus for packing content of a Research (DWR) has been granted 192807. Esco Corporation United States a process patent to use a chemical Of America (1571/DEL/95) A lock pin fort coupling a point to an agent for imparting sterility in the crop.
192808. Rameshwar Dayal Srivastava adapter to form an excavating tooth The patent has been granted by the India (1423/DEL/95 ) Adjustable R.C.C. door frame Indian Patent Office for a process 192809. Intel Corporation United StatesOf America (1876/DEL/95) An encoding system Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
192810. Laboratories Cusi S A Spain A container for pharmaceutical substances Contd from.7 and a process for assembling thereof Domestic News .
192811. Maytag Corporation USA (1635/ of making the chemical used in hybrid wheat seed production leading 192812. Sony Corporation Japan (2165/ A transmitting receiving apparatus to a significant step towards increasing wheat output by around 192813. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A device for the measurement of thoracic Research New Delhi (1794/DEL/95) gas volume for diagnosis of lung diseases 20% to over 100 million tones. The 192814. Steel Authority Of India Limited Process of manufacturing coiled spring corresponding US patent application New Delhi (1077/DEL/95) is also pending in the USPTO since 192815. Steel Authority Of India Limited An improved burner operable from lean New Delhi (2234/DEL/95) gases and low viscous oils suppliedsimultaneously or singly Business line, August 30, 2004
192816. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for the preparation The Union Cabinet has referred Research New Delhi (503/DEL/95) of para di alkyl benzene the Patents Amendment Bill to a 192817. Alcan International Ltd Canada A process for manufacturing a metal group of ministers to study the strip and an apparatus for the same implications of some of the 192818. Arun Kumar Delhi (1048/DEL/ A door viewer mounted in a door contentious issues in the third Patents Amendment Bill before approving 192819. Buehler Ag Switzerland (1446/ Micro metering device it. The government is seeking 192820. Allied Tube And Conduit Coating apparatus and method for applying amendments to the Patents Act to Corporation United States Of America a coating to a length of horizontally oriented fulfill India's obligations under the commitment to the WTO of having 192821. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for the production in place product patents by 2005.
Research New Delhi (411/DEL/01) of fructiooligosaccharides using cultureboth of aureobasidium pullulans The group of ministers on Patents 192822. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of 1 arylaikyl includes Defence Minister Shri P Research New Delhi (1206/DEL/01) 5 oxo proline carboxamide aryalkyl 5 oxo Mukherjee, Health Minister Shri A proline carboxamide useful as thrombin Ramdoss, Human Resources Minister Shri A Singh, Commerce 192823. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for the preparation Research New Delhi (495/DEL/99) of a hydrophilic bone inductive protein and Industry Minister Shri Kamal 192824.Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for the preparation Nath, Science and Technology Research New Delhi (1355/DEL/99) of soy protein hydrolysate from legumes Minister Shri Kapil Sibbal, Chemical 192825. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the production of 6 0 beta and Fertilizer Minister Shri Ram Research New Delhi (1124/DEL/00) d glucopyranosyl oxy benzene ethylamine Bilas Paswan and Agriculture 192826. Council Of Scientific And Industrial High yielding substrate for cultivation of Minister Shri Sharad Pawar.
Research New Delhi (278/DEL/00) mushrooms using coir waste Central Chronicle, August 27, 2004
192827. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of 3 sulfanyl Research New Delhi (299/DEL/00) Music piracy level in India is 192828. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of pyridine estimated at over 25%, according Research New Delhi (407/DEL/01) o a recent study by Pricewaterhouse- 192829. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for preparation of an artificial Coopers (PwC). Among Asian Research New Delhi (3322/DEL/98) countries, Hong Kong, the 192830. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of a Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand Research New Delhi (2713/DEL/98) are at India's level. Piracy in Indonesia, 192831. Council Of Scientific And IndustrialResearch New Delhi (1772/DEL/98) A synergistic composition of polymeric Malaysia and Pakistan is much blend useful for preparation of higher at over 50%. China tops the 192832. Council Of Scientific And Industrial biodegradable polymer device list in the region with over 90% Research New Delhi (3692/DEL/98) A process for the preparation of a piracy rate.
composition useful for increasing shelf The Financial Express, August 26, 2004
192833. Council Of Scientific And Industrial life of fruits and vegetables Research New Delhi (730/DEL/00) An improved process for the isolation of The estimated loss to the Indian 192834. Council Of Scientific And Industrial bixin dye from bixa orellana (anneto) film industry due to pirated video Research New Delhi (1162/DEL/00) A process for preparation of a composition cassettes and discs per year was useful for effective protection against Rs 400 crore. Information in this 192835. Council Of Scientific And Industrial the ultraviolet uv radiation regard was provided to Rajya Sabha Research New Delhi (358/DEL/00) A method for the preparation of antimicrobial composition useful in the treatment by FICCI. The Government has of drug resistant bacterial infections been receiving from time to time Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
192836. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of Contd from.8 Research New Delhi (727/DEL/00) Domestic News .
homo 7 oxastigmastan 6 one representatives from the film industry 192837. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for preparation of vis-à-vis the need for strict action Research New Delhi (129/DEL/00) against piracy. The responsibility 192838. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for the preparation Research New Delhi (93/DEL/00) of a alpha formyl aryl acetates of dealing with offences under the 192839. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved culture medium for Copyright Act rests with the police Research New Delhi (267/DEL/0)0 haematococcus useful for enhanced authorities of the state government carotenoid production by heamatococcus and the Union territory Administration.
The Assam Tribune, August 18,
192840. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the isolation of trans tetracos Research New Delhi (379/DEL/0)0 15 enoic acid having hepatoprotective activity from indigofera sp India and US signed a letter of 192841. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for the preparation intent to work together to bring out Research New Delhi (570/DEL/9)9 of 2 aryl propionic acid "drought and saline resistant high- 192842. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for preparation of odourless yielding crop varieties through Research New Delhi (1195/DEL/99) biotechnology, that will have more 192843. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A method for simultaneous recovery of Research New Delhi (540/DEL/99) cephalosporin c and deacetyl cephalosporin nutritious contents like iron and c from fermentation both vitamins. After signing the agreement 192844. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for the preparation the Union Minister for Science and Research New Delhi (1561/DEL/99) of cycloalkylphenols Technology, Mr. Kapil Sibal, told 192845. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of that the two sides would not take Research New Delhi (413/DEL/01) intracellular phenyalalanine ammonia-lyaseenzyme any matter involving issues of 192846. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for preparation of intellectual property rights and the Research New Delhi (370/DEL/01) paste from onion and garlic bulbs having farmers will be free to use the seeds.
longer shelf stability The Tribune, June 30, 2004
192847. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for the preparation Research New Delhi (41/DEL/01) Thanks to a technique patented of food grade sodium benzoate 192848. Council Of Scientific And Industrial by a young Indian researcher Ajai A process for the preparation of novel Research New Delhi (166/DEL/0)1 K Sonkar, India may replace Japan, 192849. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of a novel Australia, America and several island Research New Delhi (92/DEL/01) cis cis 3 hydroxy 5 methylcarbonyloxy countries as the home for the world's cyclohexylacetate useful as an intermediate largest culture pearls. Dr. Sonkar for 6 hydroxymethyl 4 tertbutyldimethylsilyloxy 4 4r 6s tetra hydro has developed a special technique of implantation using the Pinctada 192850. Council Of Scientific And Industrial An improved process for the preparation margaritifera also known as the Research New Delhi (474/DEL/01) of 2 methyl 1 4 naphthoquinone black lip oyster to produce pearls.
192851. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of a The results of the first batch were Research New Delhi (94/DEL/01) formulation useful for the insect freestorage of cereals stunning wherein of the 1000 oysters 192852. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of novel that were implanted, 905 produced Research New Delhi (0047/DEL/00) 4 alkyl 7 o acetamid 2 yl 2h 1 benzopyran pearls and none of them died.
Hindustan Times, July 24, 2004
192853. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of alkyl A scientist from the National Research New Delhi (0048/DEL/01) aryl 3 amino 3 glycosylated propanoatesand corresponding propanoic acids Geophysical Research Laboratory 192854.Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the production of verbenol in Hyderabad, Dr. Vishnubhotla Research New Delhi (412/DEL/01) Chakravarthi, has obtained a US 192855. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of purified patent to develop software that will Research New Delhi (414/DEL/01) lecithin from crude rice bran oil help make accurate predictions of 192856. Council Of Scientific And Industrial A process for the preparation of an the distance at which hydrocarbons Research New Delhi (787/DEL/97) improved coating useful for coating thesurfaces of stainless steel and super (petrol, natural gas) are available 192857. Council Of Scientific And Industrial under the earth. The software would Research New Delhi (371/DEL/00) A process for the preparation of 4 be a great help in oil and gas 192858. Council Of Scientific And Industrial isobutylacetophene 4 ibap exploration as the margin of error Research New Delhi (153/DE/00) A process for the preparation of 4 aryl in the method is just 4% as compared 2 6 dimethyl 3 karboethoxy 5 carbomethoxy to 34% by conventional methods.
1 4 dihydropyridines useful as therapeuticagents Hindustan Times, July 19, 2004.
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192859. Steel Authority Of India Limited An improved semi dry gunning mix for Research And Development Centre For repairing the eroded refractory linings Iron And Steel New Delhi (576/DEL/96) of steel teeming ladles and a method of The New Zealand Court of Appeal preparing the same has upheld a ruling by the High 192860. Steel Authority Of India Limited An improved method for cast iron ingot Court that claims for medical Research And Development Centre For Iron And Steel New Delhi (66/DEL/96) treatment for human beings are 192861. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd India An improved process for the isolation of not patentable. The Court of Appeal decided that "a claim to a method 192862. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd India A process for the preparation of 3 ethoxy of medical treatment did not satisfy 4 ethoxycarbonyl phenyl acetic acid the definition of ‘invention' in the 192863. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd India Process for the synthesis of novel New Zealand Patents Act." The New Zealand Government is also 192864. Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd India A process for the preparation of controlled examining the issue as part of a release formulations of ofloxacin three-stage review of the Patents 192865. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd India An improved impeller for centrifugall Patent World, July/August 2004
192866. Ambika Prasad And Trinetra New AC DC electro magnet device as Delhi (730/DEL/96) constitutional remedy for promotion of Biotechnology and pharma- ceutical patenting has finally leveled 192867. Fil Terwerk Mann Hummel Gmbh A fluid powered centrifugal cleaner device off after significant growth throughout Germany (195/DEL/96) the 1990s according to the latest 192868. Sony Corporation Japan (281/ Liquid crystal display device Biotechnology Innovation Report by Finnegan Henderson, released 192869. I M A Industria Macchine A method of manufacturing a filter bag Automatiche S P A Italy (749/DEL/96) by pleating and folding an elongatedly at BIO 2004. The report also found shaped tubular blank of filter paper that the ‘Biotech patent ownership' 192870. Smithkline Beecham P L C England A process for preparing 5 4 2 n methyl has shifted further in favour of the n 2 pyridyl amino ethoxy benzyl 2 4 private sector and away from the thiazolidinedione or a tautomeric form ownership by universities and the thereof or a salt thereof or a solvate May 29, 2004
Patent World, July/August 2004
192871. Praxair Technology Inc Brazil A process for preparing an improved Intellectual Property Rights are 192872. Indian Council Of Medical A process for the production of a key element of US trade policy Research India (179/DEL/01) mosquitocidal compound and a major obstacle for Russia to 192873. Squires Meryl Joan USA (503/ A process for preparing a synergistic overcome if it is to join the World herbal pharmaceutical composition Trade Organization (WTO). Piracy 192874. Bayer Corporation United States A process for the preparation of synthetic of software and video is thought to Of America (601/DEL/97) rob Russia's budget of between 192875. All India Institute Of Medical A process of coating elisa plates with a Science India (822/DEL/97) novel antigen mixture of indian subtype $1 billion to $4 billion year, according c HIV 1 gp 120/gp 41 and HIV 2 gp 36 to the figures from the Trade and envelop components and HIV 1 virus Economic Development Ministry's trade inspectorate. Russia is moving 192876. The Chief Controller Research A process for preparation of soluble fibre towards a trade deal with European Development Ministry Of Defence India enriched baked product for reducing blood sugar and blood cholesterol Union that would bring it close to 192877. Hovione Inter Ltd Switzerland A process for the preparation of 4 des joining the WTO. Even if the EU and Russia agree accession terms, 192878. Tencel Limited England (487/DEL/ Apparatus for the communication of sheets the United States and others still of wood pulp feedstock into platelets of have to give their approval.
Hindustan Times, June 3, 2004
192879. Centre For Development Of A forward error correction decoder device Telematics India (1696/DEL/94) for correcting upto two errors and Drug company Eli Lilly's research detecting three errors using modified rate and development centre is located 7 8 bch 128 112 coding scheme in a in Singapore inspite of the fact that satellite communication system the company has many Indians as 192880. K G M Associates India (88/ staff members. Singapore has marched ahead of India by not just 192881. Nippon Shokubai Co Ltd Japan A process for manufacturing a detergent creating a conducive environment, 192882. Basf Aktiengesellschaft Germany A process for the preparation of the but also by establishing the Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
192883. Central Sericultural Research A process for the preparation of a Contd from.10 And Training Institute India (1419/MAS/ International News .
necessary infrastructure to ‘entice' 192884. Katsu Manufacturing Co Ltd Japan An agitation apparatus for agitating pellets research-oriented companies to flock of synthetic resin to Singapore. A primary reason why 192885. Haraeus Electro Nite International A measuring cell to measure an electro Nv Belgium (314/MAS/96) chemical activity Singapore is chosen over India is 192886. Ciba Specialty Chemicals Holdings because they protect IPRs and there Inc Switzerland (293/MAS/96) exists clarity in regulation, besides 192887. Natco Pharma Limited India (876/ An improved process for the preparation other financial benefits. Besides companies such as Pfizer, Schering 192888. National Gypsum Properties LlC, A fiber board and a method of producing Plough, Wyeth and Siemens that have operation in Singapore, local 192889. Surendra Kumar Sood India (410/ A process for the preparation of deep and international biotech companies fat fried potato chips looking at drug discovery are also 192890. F Hoffmann La Roche Ag A process for the preparation of a 4 5 making a beeline to the city.
Switzerland (153/MAS/01) diamino shikimic acid derivative Business Line, June 29, 2004
192891. Dow Global Technologies Inc A process for preparing a supported USA (1572/MAS/95) catalyst component Shaolin Temple, the home of 192892. Aluminium Pechiney France (1694/ A process for preparing iron-free Kung Fu, has extended its self supersaturated sodium-aluminate solutions defense strategy from martial arts 192893. Andritz Oy Finland (142/MAS/ A method of producing black liquor from to trademark protection. Monks at a pulping process the 1,500-year-old Buddhist temple 192894. Palitex Project Company Gmbh A textile machine in Henan province plan to register Germany (288/MAS/96) the Shaolin name in more than 80 192895. Mudalthirumaligai Srinivasa A method of and an apparatus for Nandakumar India (427/MAS/96) continuous manufacture of steel countries to prevent what they claim 192896. Bottari Marco Italy (758/MAS/ A yarn center made from molded is its improper use to promote thermoplastic resin cigarettes, beer, lingerie and bogus 192897. Shell Internationale Research A process for the preparation of a The Netherlands (770/MAS/96) lubricating base oil Hindustan Times, July 7, 2004
192898. Luxfer Group Limited United A method of preparing a magnesium base Microsoft has been awarded US Kingdom (188/MAS/96) alloy for high pressure die casting patent 6,754,472, entitled: Method 192899. F Hoffmann La Roche Ag A process for preparing a pharmaceutical and apparatus for transmitting power Switzerland (763/MAS/00) composition having enhancedbioavailability and data using the human body.
192900. American Home Products A method of manufacturing pharmaceutical Microsoft envisages using the human Corporation USA (560/MAS/97) capsule and an apparatus thereof skin's conductive properties to link 192901. Maumee Research And A process for treating metal oxide fines a host of electronic devices around Engineering Incorporated USA (1428/MAS/ to recover elemental iron the body, from pagers to personal data assistants to mobile phones 192902. Mobil Oil Corporation United States A process for the polymerization of cyclic and microphones. The technology Of America (1340/MAS/95) ether monomers for the production ofpolyoxyalkylene polymer could usher in a new class of portable 192903. C S R Prabhu India (1334/MAS/ A process for the preparation of herbal and wearable electronic gizmos such biodegradable liquid fire extinguisher and as earrings that deliver sounds sent imparter of fire burn resistance from a phone worn on the belt, and 192904. Elf Atochem S.A. France (1153/ Process for the purification of special spectacles with screens that flash up accompanying images and 192905. Mitsubishi Denki Kabushiki Kaisha A stator of a magnet type rotating machine video footage. The patent says the Japan (1077/MAS/95) body could generate the power needed 192906. S K Corporation Korea (1040/ Process for separating the high boiling to run its various attached devices fraction from a crude butyne diol solution in a similar way to self-winding 192907. Robert Bosch Gmbh Germany A fuel injection valve for internal combustion watches. Most futuristically, it proposes 192908. Henkel Corporation USA (859/ A coated metal article and a method of that an area of skin could even act producing the same as a keypad, whereby you could 192909. Toshiba Lighting And Technology A compact fluorescent lamp unit type by tapping on your forearm.
Corporation Japan (798/MAS/95) Hindustan Times, July 7, 2004
192910. Indian Institute Of Science A process of preparing molybdenum Mylan laboratories acquired King Bangalore India (788/MAS/95) disilicide (MoSi ) Pharmaceuticals Inc for about $4 Visit us at www.indianpatents.org.in
Contd from.4 Contd from.5 Contd from.11 No more needles .
Cadila's combination .
International News .
sequentially. For example, a billion, adding a few branded drugs a combination drug of penicillin corticosteroid contained in one to Mylan's generic-drug offerings.
of the reservoirs can be The deal would help Mylan make lactobacilli (microorganism) may the jump from copy-cat drugs to administered to a subject having have been patented for the first more profitable patent-protected stable reactive airway disease time but what is patented is the drugs, a transition that almost every and if symptoms persist, then process and not the combination generic drug company aims to make.
the beta-agonist contained in drug itself. Thus, prima facie, the The Economic Times, July 27, 2004
another reservoir also can be process evolved by Cadila is not delivered. The multiple reservoirs Forgent Network Inc, a modest found to be patentable and Instacare software company, has found thus provide the flexibility to cannot be restrained from using goldmine in patents. Forgent has dispense drug compositions the process for its products and been hiring lawyers to extract revenue based on changing clinical marketing them. The court was from the company's store of old also of the opinion that the trial patents. The company has already • The applicator can be used for judge in vacating the ex parte ad reaped nearly $50 million by claiming intranasal or inhalation interim injunction and rejecting the that one of its patents cover JEPG, administration of both simple application for interim injunction the popular standard for digital and complex drug regimens to was justified.
images. The company is now treat various diseases, eg., Despite so much dispute in India demanding payment for a patent it vasopressin can be administered for this process patent, Cadila says underlies the digital-recorder intranasally to treat central Pharmaceuticals were successful diabetes insipidus, and opiods in getting their process patent granted The Financial Express, July
or benzodiazeprins can be by the British Patent Office and delivered by pulmonary inhalation United States Patent and Trademark Pfizer Inc failed to get a restraining for treatment of anxiety in lung Office in the year 2001 (PFC's order blocking Ivax Corp from selling cancer patients.
finding). Cadila Pharmaceuticals a copy of its Neurontin seizure • The controller in the applicator has also filed a complaint in the medicine, which generated $2.7 can be programmed to adjust Supreme Court seeking action billion in sales last year. Ivax is dosage of an administered drug against the patent infringement.
selling a tablet form of gobapentin, depending on the clinical Obtaining, maintaining and enforcing the main ingredient of Neurontin.
circumstances. The dosage can patents are not simple activities. Since Pfizer sells Neurontin in the In this case Cadila may use the capsule form, doctors have to specify be adjusted for a particular time wisdom of British and the US patent that Ivax's version is acceptable period, or based on an event offices to push its case in the before pharmacists can substitute that require a dosage modification Supreme Court . It would be an the Ivax drug when filling Neurontin (eg., an adverse drug reaction interesting battle to watch as it prescriptions. Pfizer will continue that requires reduction of drug may involve many technical brains with other legal options.
administration). The invention to establish/de establish the claims Business line, August 22, 2004
thus enables complex drugadministration.
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Iowa geological survey, guidebook 25. living karst

LIVING IN KARST Iowa Geological Survey Guidebook Series No. 25 IOWA FIELD CONFERENCE FOR PUBLIC POLICY MAKERS OCTOBER 11-12, 2005 Iowa Department of Natural Resources Jeffrey R. Vonk, Director October 2005 The collapse of rock and soil into underground crevices and caves causes sinkholes (circular pits)