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Dear Valued Customer: Thank you for choosing Advanced Bionics® and welcome to the new HiResolution® Bionic Ear System Product Table of Contents We invite you to explore this catalogue that describes components and accessories currently available for both Ear-level and Body-worn processors, Harmony™ and Platinum Sound Processor™.
We hope you will find it a useful reference and complement to Advanced Bionics Order Forms.
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Headpieces and Processor Modules .2Audio Earhook and Diagnostic Options .4 If you have any comments on how we may improve this catalogue or any aspects of our product range or service Power Options and Chargers .6 please contact us at : Accent Color Covers and Headpiece Caps .8Carrying Cases .10 E-mail : [email protected] : +33 (0)3 89 65 98 00 Platinum Series™body-worn processor Thank you for giving Advanced Bionics the opportunity to serve you.
Power Supplies .12Headpieces, Cables and Audio Accessories .14Carrying Cases .16 Advanced Bionics, a Boston Scientific Company ear-level processor, Headpieces and Processor Modules Harmony Processor Modules Processor Controls The Harmony Processor Module contains the advanced sound • Volume wheel provides visual markings for parents and processing electronics, and volume and program controls. It can be ordered without accessories, as a back-up processor or a • Programs are changed using a three-position program replacement. The product is available in three base colors.
• LED Diagnostic Indicator gives valuable processor status Silver Metallic Dark Sienna Metallic Beige Beige Metallic Ref. CI-5235-300 • Easy to conceal, smaller, and Discreet and easy to conceal, the Harmony Headpiece comes attached to its coloured cable. The HiRes 90K Harmony Headpiece • Ultra-light for comfort, incorporates a concave underside to comfortably conform to the convenience and retention slightly curved shape of HiRes 90K implant. It is designed for comfort and improved retention and comes with a slightly longer cable (11 cm).
Accent Color Cover & Headpiece Cap Rechargeable PowerCel• Easy-to-change power options slide on quickly • Power supply comes in three different sizes; • One-of-a kind input allows PowerCel™ Slim, the earhook to transform Silver Metallic Plug Ref. CI-5304-124 CI-5304-133 into a valuable audio or (with black cable) diagnostic accessory Dark Sienna Plug Ref. CI-5304-224 CI-5304-223 • Audio earhook options (with black cable) easily snap on and off Ref. CI-5304-314 CI-5304-313 saving time and fuss (with black cable) Audio Earkook and Diagnostic Options The HiRes Auria® has a specially designed feature Direct Connect that allows the earhook to transform into a valuable The Direct Connect provides access to a variety of battery powered audio devices (e.g. FM or IR systems) via a detachable cable that ends in a 3.5 mm Audio earhooks come in three base colors to match stereo socket. The Direct Connect can the base color of your Processor Module. They are also also be used as a standalone earhook by available in small and standard sizes to fit both children detaching the cable.
and adult ears.
Standard size Small size Ref. CI-5840-100 Ref. CI-5840-200 Beige Metallic Ref. CI-5840-300 Standard Earhook Direct Connect Cable The standard earhook serves to hold the processor on the ear and The Direct Connect cable provides the interface utilizes the built-in microphone on the Processor Module.
between the Auria Direct Connect and assistive listening devices, including the Audio Interface Cable (CI-5815). The cable is black, comes with a rugged Standard size Small size clip with stereo to mono adapter and is available in Ref. CI-5730-100 3 lengths. The Direct Connect Cable connects the Ref. CI-5730-200 earhook to a female input jack.
Beige Metallic Ref. CI-5730-300 28 cm length Ref. CI-5841-410 T-Mic Microphone The T-Mic is a custom in-the-ear microphone for everyday use including hearing in noisy environments, and to gain effortless access to cellular telephones, consumer audio electronics and assistive listening technology.
The Audio Interface CableThe Audio Interface Cable is used with the Direct Standard size Small size Connect and Direct Connect Cable (CI-5841) to connect Ref. CI-5830-100 the processor to battery powered audio devices.
Ref. CI-5830-200 Beige Metallic Ref. CI-5830-300 iConnect™ AdapterThe iConnect™ provides cable-free access to the most common External T-Coil advanced miniaturized FM receivers. With a separate power The external Tcoil can be used instead of the Harmony source, it provides reliable FM reception without compromising in-built Tcoil when manual fine tuning of inductive loop regular power supply. The iConnect attaches securely to the signal reception is required.
Harmony so active children can confidently participate in daily school activities.
Standard size Small size Ref. CI-5751-100 Ref. CI-5751-200 Beige Metallic Ref. CI-5751-300 Rechargeable Power Options and Chargers Advanced Bionics patented Lithium Ion rechargeable PowerCel Charger Kit PowerCel™ technology provides the power required for The PowerCel Charger Kit includes the following HiResolution Sound.
three components which can be purchased separately.
PowerCel™ are cost effective and ecologically friendly.
PowerCels come in three PowerCel Charger base colors to match the Simultaneously charges four rechargeable base color of your Processor PowerCel Charger Power SupplyConnects to the charger and wall outlet.
Ref. CI-5610-002 PowerCel SlimPowerCel Slim is a sleek and discreet rechargeable battery that provides an average of 9 hours of operation before it needs to be charged. PowerCel Slim can be recharged hundreds of times before it needs to be replaced.
PowerCel Charger Power Supply AdaptersAccommodates power needs worldwide (3 adapters PowerCel Plus UK Specific Cable PowerCel Plus offers approximately twice the battery operating The UK power cord is 2 metres long and allows to time of the PowerCel Slim, providing the convenience of a full day plug more easily the power supply in low lying wall of operation. PowerCel Plus can be recharged hundreds of times before it needs to be replaced.
Battery Charger Car AdapterAllows to connect the PowerCel Charger to car's cigarette lighter when traveling.

Accent Color Covers and Headpiece Caps The Freedom of Choice Cover for PowerCel Slim To accent the style or make the Harmony disappear with Fits the Harmony with the PowerCel colours that blend to match hair colour and skin tone.
Slim power option.
To select covers: • choose your colour option Blending colours Ref. CI-7120-001 • see next page to find out its reference.
Metallic colours Ref. CI-7120-002 Sophista colours Ref. CI-7120-003 Techno colours Ref. CI-7120-004 Cover for PowerCel PlusFits the Harmony with the PowerCel Plus power option.
Blending colours Ref. CI-7121-001 Metallic colours Ref. CI-7121-002 Sophista colours Ref. CI-7121-003 Techno colours Ref. CI-7121-004 Headpiece Cap Blending colours Ref. CI-7123-001 Metallic colours Ref. CI-7123-002 Sophista colours Ref. CI-7123-003 Techno colours Ref. CI-7123-004 Carrying Cases Little Things WalletA small and convenient carrying case for one, two or more PowerCels and/or audio earhook options like the Harmony T-coil and Direct Connect & cables.
PowerCel Key Chain WalletConveniently holds a spare PowerCel.
Carrying CaseThis custom-designed carrying case provides storage for the HiRes Harmony and its accessories. Compartments are provided for the Harmony, PowerCels and other accessories. Additionally, the Harmony Carrying case contains a built-in dri-aid kit to reduce Travel CaseThe travel case comfortably holds the Harmony carrying case, the charger, the power supply and adapters. It can be carried by the handle or by the supplied clip-on shoulder strap.
Platinum Series™ Processor Body-worn processor and Power Supplies Platinum Sound Processor Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery The Platinum Sound Processor (PSP) is a small body - worn processor, preferred by some The Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery parents of young children who are too small to wear the ear-level HiRes Auria Processor. delivers long-lasting economical Some adults prefer it because they enjoy wearing only a headpiece on the head and performance. Battery provides power nothing on the ear. The Platinum Sound Processor is also an alternative option for those for approximately 10-12 hours per with vision or dexterity problems. The Platinum Sound Processor provides the same charge and can be recharged hundreds processing programs as the ear-level Auria with equivalent sound quality.
of time before it needs to be replaced.
ChargerCharges two batteries simultaneously.
Charger Power SupplyPowers the charger.
Power Supply Cord North, Central & South America Ref. AB-7620Continental Europe United Kingdom & Hong-Kong Ref. AB-7640 Battery Charger Car Adapter The Car Adapter allows to connect the battery charger to car's cigarette lighter when traveling.
Easy-to-use controls Rechargeable Battery Headpiece and color cap AA Battery Compartment Built-in microphone The AA Battery Compartment allows to use three disposable AA batteries to power the processor. This is an excellent feature for camping or during emergencies when there is a power outage.
Platinum Series™ Processor Headpieces, Cables and Audio Accesories The Platinum Headpiece features an integrated microphone The Auxiliary Microphone allows allowing to wear nothing on the ear. It comes with 6 interchangeable the microphone to be positioned so color caps and removal tool, and a clip to secure to hair if needed. nothing needs to be worn on the ear. It Incorporating a concave underside to comfortably conform to the can be particularly helpful for hearing in slightly curved shape of HiRes 90K implant, the HiRes 90K Platinum loud environments, or while in the car.
Headpiece is designed for comfort and improved retention.
To work with CII implant
To work with HiRes® 90K
Telecoil Pickup Headpiece Cables (Set of 2) The Telecoil Pickup can be used with hearing aid compatible telephones or other telecoil systems.
Ref. MMT-5402R MMT-5402RB Ref. MMT-5403R MMT-5403RB Ref. MMT-5404R MMT-5404RB Ref. MMT-5401R MMT-5401RB Ref. MMT-5405R MMT-5405RB Telephone AdapterThe Telephone Adapter connects the telephone directly to the sound processor and cuts out environmental Cable Clips (Set of 5) To secure cables when clipped onto clothing.
Microphone Tester EarphonesMicrophone Tester Earphones enables parents and teachers to hear the audio input coming from the microphone, and is used to monitor and troubleshoot the audio input of the processor, headpiece and cable.
Ear worn accessory that helps retain the headpiece on the head for young children.
Platinum Series™ Processor Carrying cases Leather Carrying case Harness Carrying case This elegant leather case is designed to carry and protect your This soft, lightweight harness provides processor, and features a snap closure and built-in belt/pocket added security for young children. Features Velcro fastenings. Sport Carrying CaseThis nylon case is casual, hard-wearing and water resistant, with Hip Patch Case (Blue Denim) extra padding for protection closure and built-in belt/pocket clip.
The Hip Patch Case features a separate zippered compartment to hold a second battery or other important items. Features Velcro closure and built-in belt/pocket clip and includes interchangeable Soccer Ball, "Whatever" and Rainbow Velcro patches.
Purple Pack Cloth Ref. AB-7430-70Blue Denim AA battery caseThe AA Battery Case is longer and accommodates the processor and AA Battery Compartment. It features Velcro fastenings and Control Panel Cover built-in belt clip with security loop.
Designed to fit over the controls of the Platinum Sound Processor to minimize the chance of changing control settings inadvertently.


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