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Advertising Supplement takes six to 12 months. DSEK corneal transplant surgery, a newly refined technique, seeks to only replace the damaged inner cells of Making Surgery Decisions the cornea. Recovery of vision usually takes three to four months, with the surgical wound only slightly larger than a cataract The decision to have surgery should never be made lightly. back to everyday activities in a week instead of the traditional six- Regardless of whether the procedure is inpatient or outpatient, week recovery period. This procedure is becoming the standard of invasive or minimally invasive, patients should always consider care for hysterectomies. Almost all patients are good candidates, Otolaryngology: Finley offers ear, nose and throat (ENT) several important variables. How long will it take to recover? How as new procedures pose considerably less risk, offering a much and head and neck specialists who perform a variety of surgeries much work will be missed? What are the potential risks? For how easier recovery.
including image-guided sinus surgery, balloon sinusplasty, much of the cost is the patient responsible vs. insurance? procedures to improve nasal breathing and nasal reconstruction. Orthopedics: Finley is respected as a Blue Distinction® Finley has the only image-guidance system for sinus surgery in Should a person choose surgery, he or she can take comfort in Center+ for Knee and Hip Replacement. Our nationally recognized the Tri-State area, which allows safer, more thorough work on the the fact that Finley Hospital provides the full scope of surgical Orthopedics specialists treat everything from chronic back pain, to sinuses. We also offer facial plastic surgeries including facelifts, approaches for our patients. Nationally recognized as a leading tennis elbow, arthritis, hip replacements and sports-related injuries rhinoplasty, repair of facial skin and bone trauma and removal community hospital, Finley's compliment of surgical options can like total knee replacements and arthroscopic-assisted rotator and repair of facial skin cancers. Ear surgeries offered include ease the burden of surgery by allowing patients to remain in their cuff repair. Finley Orthopedics focuses on human movement, BAHA implants for single-sided deafness, stapedectomy, repair of hometown for their procedures rather than traveling to other whether it's through surgical procedures, physical therapy, injury eardrum perforations and mastoidectomy. communities.
prevention or educational programs. By providing a coordinated plan of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, our Plastic Surgery: From abdominoplasty to liposuction and skin- Finley is committed to putting superior treatment and care within team is dedicated to offering you the best care through a program smoothing surgeries, Finley's plastic surgeons are professionally reach for the tri-state residents. Finley's physicians continually offers fewer healthcare hassles and a faster recovery. trained to provide a wide variety of plastic surgery services. work to refine traditional surgical techniques while acquiring Whether recovering from an accident or becoming a new you, new skills using the latest surgical technologies. Also, not only Dubuque Orthopaedic Surgeons, PC, physicians are experts in rest assured that our qualified surgeons have the training and do patients receive the best of care in the operating room, the arthroscopically-assisted rotator cuff repair, and the regular and experience to provide a safe surgery with pleasing results.
hospital's private hospital suites and wide range of services and the reverse total shoulder arthroplasty surgical procedures, which amenities ensure a safe and restful environment for recovery.
helps a growing number of persons experiencing shoulder pain Podiatry: Our most common foot surgery involves the removal and limitations in motion due to arthritis. Many people do not of bunions. Bunions occur when long-term irritation causes the In the 1980s, the vast majority of surgeries performed were have an active or intact rotator cuff, so standard methods of repair joint between the foot and big toe to thicken and enlarge, resulting "open" procedures, resulting in large incisions, long hospital stays or replacement are not applicable. Like all joint replacements, in a deformity and discomfort. Other podiatric problems we work and recovery times. Today, more than 80 percent can be done on patients seem to have more function and less discomfort over the to correct include hammertoes, toe fusions, tarsal tunnels, plantar an outpatient or minimally invasive basis with a much shorter first six to 12 months after surgery. fascia releases and "flat feet." hospital stay, if there is one at all. The pioneering of laparoscopic surgery, using a small camera and miniature instruments attached We also offer the leading-edge Custom Cutting Blocks for Total Trauma: The most common reasons for trauma surgery result to two or three small surgical tubes, made many of the open Knee Replacement surgery. Using customized blocks for each from sporting or vehicular accidents. These incidents often require procedures of the past obsolete and vastly enhanced the patient patient, the ends of the femur (thighbone) and tibia (shinbone) are a combination of surgery types and surgeons working together experience. cut in a specific fashion to be resurfaced with metal components. for the best patient outcome. Our orthopedic specialists can fix Using an MRI or CT scan in conjunction with computer broken bones, while general surgeons repair damaged organs and Now Finley physicians are pioneering another remarkable programs and x-rays determines the exact angles needed for otolaryngologists treat ear, nose and throat issues. Our expert staff technology, the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, for numerous optimum longevity of the replacement. These technologies allow is well versed in attending to the multitude of surgical needs that types of procedures. Under the guidance of highly skilled for a quicker, more precise process that results in less pain than the often come with these situations.
practitioners, the da Vinci system promises incredible precision, traditional procedure. fewer complications, less scarring and even faster recovery times. At Finley the understanding, critical assessment, mastery and Procedures, which not so long ago, were always performed in Urology: Delhi Urology is offering leading-edge urology skilled application of both traditional and innovative standards an open operation – such as hysterectomies, gynecological and surgical procedures at Finley. In hand-assisted laparoscopic of surgical practice are very evident. We work closely with area gallbladder surgeries and prostatectomies – are expertly performed nephrectomy, a minimally invasive partial removal of renal physicians to provide high-quality, technologically advanced using laparscopy or robotics. Plus, the number of procedures that tumors on the kidney or an assisted renal surgery through a small surgical care. From refining techniques developed decades ago to can be done using robotics is steadily increasing.
incision is both possible. A third option is renal cryoblation, in mastering today's innovative robotics surgery, a lot has changed which kidney tumors are frozen and destroyed. These procedures over the years, but patients can rest assured that Finley's highly To provide the healthcare you deserve, Finley offers specialized offer minimal wait time, a quicker recovery and return to normal experienced surgical teams will put the expert care they deserve surgical treatments in the following areas: activities much sooner than traditional open surgery. Patients can within reach.
also expect faster recovery times with our evolving capability to General Surgery: General Surgery focuses on abdominal provide robotic surgeries for prostatectomies and nephrectomies.
If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a condition requiring concerns ranging from the stomach to the liver and gallbladder, surgery, explore all your options, including the most-effective, and sometimes the thyroid gland. Our General Surgery team also Ophthalmology: The most common ocular procedure least-invasive surgical treatments available. And remember, treats diseases involving the skin, breasts, soft tissue and hernias.
performed at Finley is cataract surgery. Intraocular lens implants, you don't have to leave Dubuque to get the finest in surgical care such as new multi-focal and toric implants, aid patients in their thanks to the remarkable surgical team at The Finley Hospital. Gynecology: Dubuque Obstetrics & Gynecology, PC, physicians visual recovery. Surgery for crossed eyes, corneal transplants, have been performing laparoscopic hysterectomies at Finley glaucoma and plastic surgery for eyelid problems is common, and for years, and now offer robotic hysterectomies. Laparoscopic lasers are used to treat glaucoma and retinal disorders. hysterectomy patients experience three tiny half-inch incisions versus the three- to four-inch abdominal incision and hospital stay Another innovative ocular surgery is Descement's Stripping that come with traditional abdominal hysterectomies. Patients Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK). Although the traditional who undergo laparoscopic and robotic hysterectomies can be corneal transplant is very successful, recovery of vision usually Advertising Supplement Health & Power of Living • Telegraph Herald • Sunday, March 17, 2013 3

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Advertising Supplement Shingles, also called Herpes Zoster, is a receive the vaccine even if he/she has had painful skin rash. It usually occurs on one shingles, to help prevent future occurrences side of the face or body, and can last for of the disease. There is no specific time that a weeks. The main symptom is pain, but can person must wait after having the shingles to also include headache, fever, and chills. The get the vaccine. However, it is recommended pain can last for months to years after the that a person should wait at least until the rash clears up, which is called post-herpetic shingles rash has resolved before receiving neuralgia. Shingles is caused by the same the vaccine. virus as chickenpox, so only someone who has had chickenpox can get shingles. A Zostavax® is given as a one-time vaccine person cannot catch shingles from another under the skin (subcutaneously) in the back person who has shingles. However, a person of the upper arm. The most common side Most Prescriptions who has never had chickenpox could get effects are redness or soreness at the injection chickenpox from a person with shingles, but site. Some people develop a chickenpox- this is uncommon.
like rash at the injection site, and this rash should be covered until it disappears as a A vaccine for shingles, called Zostavax®, precaution. People who have an allergy to has been available since 2006. It is gelatin, an antibiotic called neomycin, or who Pharmacy about
recommended by the Center for Disease are pregnant should not receive the vaccine. our prescription
Control for adults 60 years and older to People with weakened immune systems due RX# For Your Health!
rewards program!
prevent shingles. Anyone age 60 years or to AIDS, high doses of steroid medications, older should get the vaccine, regardless if chemotherapy/radiation, or a history of • Free Delivery he/she recalls having the chickenpox. There cancer such as leukemia or lymphoma is no maximum age for vaccination. The should also not receive the shingles vaccine. • Ready Refill vaccine is FDA approved for people 50 and If a person has a minor illness, such as • 99¢ Prescriptions older, but the Center for Disease Control a cold, he/she may receive the vaccine. Many locations in
does not have a recommendation for routine However, if a person has a moderate/severe • Immunizations the tri-state area
use of the vaccine in people 50 through 59 illness, it is advised to wait until they recover years old. The vaccine reduces the risk of before receiving the vaccine. Zostavax® is • Convenient Drive-thru shingles by 50% and also reduces the risk of available by prescription from your health post-herpetic pain by 67%. A person can still care provider.
Hair Color Controversy.
is your hair color touched by nature? DISCOVER THE SOURCE OF
By: Lisa Ploessl & Linda Wilming hair. This advanced blonding formula is also Explore a fresh palette of hair Contempo Salon Spa 97% naturally derived ingredients and can color inspired by nature, from deliver lightening for your blondest blondes. the most healthy-looking blondes We have all heard about some of the The plant-derived proteins maintain the under the sun to lustrous reds claims out there that hair color may cause hairs condition while adding incredible and deep browns that are cancer, especially the darker shades. Well.
shine, all with a pure plant aroma.
virtually fade resistant. Each discover our hair color with the energy of shade is 97% naturally derived, Left to right: Hillary Dotterweich, Kristen Malm, Angela Averkamp, Lisa Ploessl, plants, only from Aveda. These innovative As a growing salon spa the change we have and infused with conditioning Kelsey Lown, Linda Wilming, Abby Smith, formulas leave hair essentially damage-free seen in our hair color business is phenomenal. sunflower, castor and jojoba Robin Marty and Brittany Barnett and are non-carcinogenic. They are 97% We color our clients hair for fun to add life, oils for essentially damage-free to 99% naturally derived from plants and individuality, shine and beauty not just to non-petroleum based minerals. All of which over gray anymore. Now all new employees results. Allow a Contempo expert produce a superior color that resists fading. come to us with a love of doing hair color. to take you on a customized color Our color adds incredible shine with essential As a team we are committed to giving our journey. Make your appointment oils, lavender for relaxing experience and clients the ultimate in service and fashion with us today.
contains a natural anti-oxidant to help forward looks from hair color, hair cuts, Thank you protect hair against UV aggression.
make-up and spa services.
Tri-States for voting us Among these innovative formulas is an We, at Contempo Salon Spa, have a best of the 3343 Hillcrest Rd. Dubuque
incredible blonde series, called Shades of commitment to education and preserving Tri-States Enlightenment, enlightened chemistry for our environment.
for 12 years!

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Every Reason to Eat Right No matter what your fitness goals- they your muscle is going to be covered up by a start with good nutrition and a smart fitness layer of fat and become a hidden treasure.
program. Fitness is 80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise. You must have a sound nutrition Our society spends trillions of dollars on plan that includes fruits, vegetables, lean luxury items. Why not invest in yourself? meats, and healthy fats. If you are eating You only get one heart, one body and properly you will maximize your workouts one life. My advice: Take the best care of and reach peak performance. your body by feeding it the highest quality nutrients to maximize your workouts and The first step to good nutrition is meal feel good for a lifetime.
planning. Failing to plan is planning to fail. -Traci Cooley Write it down. Buy what is on your list. Go home and make it. Constantly ask yourself: Traci Cooley is a nutrition and fitness expert Am I eating breakfast? Do I have healthy at Signature Health and Fitness in Dubuque, snacks on hand? Am I getting to the gym? IA. Signature offers monthly memberships, Am I drinking enough water? state-of-the art equipment, fitness classes, personal training, a protein smoothie bar, All of your hard work during exercise will be supplements and nutrition coaching. You do covered up if you're not eating properly. Our not have to be a member of the gym to sign bodies are really good at storing fat. When up for classes or nutrition programs. View you exercise you're working hard to build online: Call: 563- lean muscle. If you are not eating properly 587-8052 What is Concierge Medicine? As health care becomes one of the top three expenses in their members. Memberships are often as low as $59-$150/ many homes, the timing is right in exploring new medical month, often depending on the age of the individual, rather care provision service options. then the past medical history. Patients are seen when they Health care is one of the few topics that involve every person need to be seen and time is spent on promoting wellness as in our country. Everyone needs it, yet not all can afford well as prevention and treatment of illness. it. For some, it involves prioritizing their health over other Members typically do not have to pay additional co- expenditures. Unfortunately, many believe their health care payments or other fees when receiving their primary and is the responsibility of others. As we enter an era of health preventative care. care reform, we all need to be concerned about exactly how Some members have high deductible health insurance, often this health care will be delivered. with patient responsibility between $2500 and $5200 out- Does your health care provider already appear to be of-pocket before insurance will cover anything, whereas rushed? Are you aware of the continuous rise in the costs most concierge or private pay health memberships cost only of health care provision? How will medical practices operate $800-$1500/annually. The two can compliment each other when Medicare reimbursement is expected to decline by yet and allow efficient, quality health care provision with your another 2-3%? Many providers are already restricting their best interest in mind. practices from accepting any new Medicare patients in fear New Concierge type medicinal practices have climbed by of the impact this will have on their ability to cover their over 30% in the past two years. By offering this concierge or direct pay service, health care providers are able to decrease Health care providers are looking for new methods of significant overhead expenses now used in attempting to practice in effort to provide quality, affordable health care, capture payment for care provided weeks to months prior without jeopardizing your health and providing assembly from government programs and insurance companies. Not line health care. many other industries provide service now and receive payment much later, often at a fraction of what was charged. Concierge care is a manner in which medical providers bill One cannot even order a 99 cent iTunes without first putting patients and employers directly for the annual services they through a form of payment that is deducted immediately. provide to the patients. In offering health care memberships, Concierge providers are able to devote their time to their similarly priced to fitness center memberships, the patients members. Who could ask for anything more? are offered unlimited medical visits for preventative and primary care health services throughout the year. The Look for an Affordable Healthcare concierge option for you patient's health needs are only a phone call away, many and your family, today offering same day appointments including weekend and evening availability. Kelly McMahon MSN/MBA/HCA ARNP, President Women's Wellness Center, Westside Medicine The participating providers for concierge care limit the number of members they will accept, thereby having the 4170 Pennsylvania Ave, Dubuque, IA 52002 ability to focus completely on the health and wellness of 563-588-0011 6 Sunday, March 17, 2013 • Telegraph Herald • Health & Power of Living
Advertising Supplement UNDERSTANDING SHOULDER PAIN By Gerald Meester, MD The rotator cuff is a powerful team of muscles and connecting tendons types of surgery that help restore function and reduce pain in your Dubuque Orthopaedic Surgeons, P.C. that attach your upper arm to your shoulder blade. Your rotator cuff shoulder. You may be a candidate for arthroscopy of the shoulder with helps you reach, throw, push, pull and lift. Without your rotator cuff, de-impingement of the acromioclavicular joint or arthroscopy with your shoulder would be nearly useless.
repair of the torn rotator cuff. Arthroscopic surgery is usually a Same Living with a painful shoulder can be very Day Surgery. There is also open rotator cuff repair that is sometimes disturbing – it will disturb your sleep, it When pain tells you something is wrong, you may wonder what necessary and even a total shoulder replacement for severely arthritic will disturb your ability to perform in has caused this. One type of injury to the rotator cuff is overuse shoulder joints. These surgeries may require a longer hospital stay. sports, it will disturb your ability to tendinitis. Activities like golfing, pitching a ball or carrying luggage Most times, you will be placed on a program of physical therapy to function at work, it will disturb your may cause repetitive stress within the rotator cuff. This can lead to rehabilitate your should after surgery.
ability to clean your house, it will disturb irritation, bruising or fraying of the muscles and tendons. You may Dr. Gerald Meester your ability to carry out activities of daily also experience a pinching sensation from impingement of the joint, If you are experiencing shoulder pain, the physicians at Dubuque living. Shoulder pain is one of the leading pain from calcium deposits and pain from splitting or tears of the Orthopaedic Surgeons, P.C. are happy to help you determine the orthopedic complaints by patients. rotator cuff. Any of these conditions can make your shoulder weak, cause of your pain and recommend treatment. Call to schedule your tender and painful.
appointment at 563-557-5999. We are located on The Finley Hospital There are many reasons why you could be having shoulder pain. campus in the Delhi Medical Center at 1500 Delhi Street, Suite 4200, One of the more common reasons is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can Care for your shoulder pain will most likely begin with non-surgical in Dubuque, Iowa.
affect any joint in your body and the common symptoms are pain and treatment. Your physician may order x-rays and possibly an MRI. stiffness, weak muscles or wobbly joints and joints that have lost their You may be placed on an exercise program to restore strength to your normal shape and motion. When osteoarthritis affects your shoulder shoulder and help reduce your pain. You and your physician may joint, there is wearing away of the joint when the cartilage becomes determine that a cortisone injection is appropriate to help relieve your cracked and pitted and the joint socket may wear down. Without the symptoms. There are medications that your physician can prescribe cushion of cartilage, the joint becomes stiff and painful and may feel or suggest that may help your pain.
as if it is grinding or slipping out of place when you move your arm. A chronic rotator cuff tear may lead to severe arthritis when the bone If your pain doesn't quit on a non-surgical treatment program, you is exposed and develop growths called spurs. and your doctor may decide that you need surgery. There are several

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WHAT ABOUT HOME SAFETY CANES and WALKERS and WALKER ACCESSORIES folds easily. This type of wheelchair is ideal for a family member to There is a wide range of cane styles to choose from. Single leg, use to assist in transporting an individual who has difficulty walking Executive Director Finley Hartig Homecare tri-pod and quad canes.Walkers are lightweight and fold compactly. from the car to a doctor's appointment or other outside activity.
Wheels and walker skis can be added to assist with gliding the walker For many people there really is "No place like home". As you age over carpet and outdoor surfaces. They all help in providing stability MANUAL WHEELCHAIRS there may be the need to make appropriate changes in your home to when walking.
There are a variety of manual wheelchairs available to assist an make it a safer environment to live in. There are a variety of medical individual who has difficulty ambulating in their home environment equipment options that are available to improve the safety in and 4 WHEELED WALKERS with a SEAT and HANDBRAKES safely. They allow the individual to access areas of the home to around the home. 4 Wheeled walkers with seats and handbrakes offer a stylish design complete activities of daily living safely and independently. with the ability to safely ambulate indoors and outdoors. They fold BATHROOM AND TUB SAFETY compactly, have large tires and travel easily over rough terrain and POWER TRANSPORT WHEELCHAIRS Bathtub chairs and Transfer benches enable an individual to transfer attached baskets provide space to hold and carry items securely. The newest innovative and attractive product available to provide safely with greater ease into and out of the tub. Grab bars installed The seat assists in providing a safe area to rest when an individual safety in the home environment and outdoors is the POWER securely are additional alternatives that assist with entering and exiting tires easily while ambulating. The handbrakes assist in controlling Personal TRANSPORT WHEELCHAIR. This is a lightweight, the tub safely. Hand held shower heads and bath tub mats also support speed and lock securely when an individual decides to use the seat to comfortable, easily transportable power wheelchair that provides an the ability of the individual to shower safely and independently.
conserve energy.
affordable alternative for individuals who have difficulty ambulating long distances in their home or outside of their home. It is an ideal LIFT CHAIR RECLINERS solution for the individual who lives in an assisted living home and The BATH TUB LIFT is the newest innovative and attractive Lift chair recliners assist an individual in safely standing from a has difficulty ambulating in the hallways or to the dining room and product available to provide safety in the bathtub. The Bath Tub Lift seating position. They also offer the ability to recline in the chair to other common areas.
gently and safely lowers and raises a person into the tub so they can rest in a several comfortable positions. Lift Chairs are available in a enjoy the therapy of a bath. The Bath Lift provides a great solution variety of styles, sizes and fabrics. and cost effective alternative to expensive and labor intensive You do not have to be limited by stairs anymore! A Bruno Stairlift TRANSPORT WHEEL CHAIRS provides a safe ideal solution so you can enjoy the home you love, This is a lightweight, compact manual wheelchair that is portable and upstairs and down.
We make life Your lifestyle doesn't have to be limited.
easy to enjoy! Bruno Stairlift provides ease in managing stairs
with straight or curved rails. We will measure, install and service.
Rio Bath Lifts aid in the safety and freedom of bathing in your own bath. Modern, easy assembly and cost-effective.
Call or visit us today for more information. 2282 University Ave. Dubuque, Iowa 563.588.8707 "We put the CARE in Homecare"
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Advertising Supplement Easy Ways to Be More Active " Embracing an active lifestyle that leaves behind the dropping them off in your car.
comforts of the couch can be a difficult adjustment. But the payoffs of adopting a more active lifestyle Do Your Own Chores It might be easier to cut your landscaper a check and let him look after your property, but that big The positive mental effects related to physical green yard outside your front door presents a great activity are no accident, as numerous studies have opportunity for you to be more physically active. shown exercise can stimulate chemicals in your brain Mow your own lawn, choosing a push mower that improve your mood while also lowering stress instead of a ride-on mower, and tend to your trees, and helping you relax. According to the Centers for shrubs and flowers yourself. Disease Control and Prevention, aerobic exercise or a mix of aerobic exercise and strength-training Embrace a Cause If the known physical and mental benefits of an active real Results
activities three to five times a week for 30 to 60 minutes has been shown to improve cognitive ability lifestyle are not proving to be ample motivation and judgement, reduce a person's risk of developing in your quest to be more physically active, then More classes, more instructors, experience our growth!
depression and improve sleep.
perhaps the opportunity to help others might do the Choreographed to today's hottest music, Jazzercise is a fusion of dance, resistance training, Pilates, trick. Numerous charities sponsor charity walks or yoga, and kickboxing. You'll burn up to 600 calories in one fun & powerfully effective 60-minute A few minor adjustments to your current routine runs that provide participants with an opportunity might be all it takes to reap the rewards of living a to raise money for a good cause. total body workout. Every Jazzercise group fitness class combines dance-based cardio with strength more active lifestyle.
training and stretching to sculpt, tone and lengthen muscles for maximum fat burn. Join a Sports League Walk This Way Start dancing yourself fit and change the shape of your body today!
Many men and women played in recreational sports Walking more can help many people quickly and leagues as a youth or young adult. Unfortunately, easily improve their physical and mental condition. Bring this ad & get 3 months of Unlimited Classes for just $79
it's easy to abandon those recreational activities Instead of retiring to the couch after dinner, take a with auto pay registration. (no joining fee) when the responsibilities of work and family take walk around the neighborhood with your family or Valid for new customers and those not registered over. But joining a sports league is a great way to 2 Locations, 1 Great Price!
significant other. Walking after dinner is a great way since December 2012. Expires March 31st.
reach your weekly exercise goals, meet new friends 2095 Kerper Blvd. Class Schedule to get in some daily cardiovascular exercise, and a and reconnect with a game you might have loved post-dinner walk might encourage you to eat less.
Dubuque Jazzercise
Mon.-Fri. 5:45 am; 8:45 am (childcare avail.); 4:30 pm; M-Th. 5:45 pm; T & Th. 7 pm; Sat. 7:30 am & 8:45 am; Sun. 5:45 pm Walking can be incorporated into your daily routine 2095 Kerper Blvd, Dubuque
Getting off the couch and embracing an active Courtside - Holliday Dr. Class Schedule in other ways as well. On shopping trips, park lifestyle has both physical and mental benefits that Mon. 5:15 pm; T & Th. 5 pm further away from the store so you can walk more. can improve all aspects of daily life.
(beginning April 1 - M, T & Th. 5:20 pm) And walk kids to school or the bus stop instead of Complete Allergy
Sinus headaches, stuffy noses, allergy symptoms. most of us get them from time to time. But when sinus pain and pressure or serious allergy problems start interfering with your quality of life, it's defi nitely time to see us.
Call 563.588.0506 or toll-free 800.848.7507 today to schedule an appointment.
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By Emma Kraayenbrink, PharmD adjust your doses to be sure your blood is thinned enough so it bleeding and bruising. Mercy Family Pharmacy won't clot, but avoid side effects like bleeding. The blood draws can be as simple as a fingerstick, similar to how diabetics test their Most importantly, check with your anticoagulation clinic before Do you take a medication called blood sugars. The test is called an INR. It measures how quickly starting any new medication, including any over-the-counter warfarin or Coumadin? Do you blood clots. This number is usually 1.0 in people who do not take medication. Warfarin interacts with many other prescription know someone who does? Warfarin warfarin. The usual goal in warfarin therapy is to have a level medications and OTC products, especially herbal and natural or Coumadin is an "anticoagulant," between 2.0 and 3.0. This is a safe level so the blood will still clot products and nutritional supplements. Be sure your doctors are meaning it helps to thin the blood and easily enough. Patients on warfarin may have a new dose every aware of your warfarin therapy before they prescribe medications prevents clots. People who have had week, depending on their INR at each appointment. for you. Your warfarin dose may need to be adjusted, or you may blood clots in their legs or lungs take have to change to another medication less likely to interfere with Emma Kraayenbrink, PharmD warfarin to prevent the clots from It is extremely important to take warfarin everyday, exactly as warfarin. It is always important to discuss all medications you are coming back. Other people who have your doctor or pharmacist has directed. Some patients, who take taking with your doctor or pharmacist.
certain types of heart problems or heart valve replacements may a consistent dose of warfarin and INR within a safe range at each also take warfarin to prevent strokes. clinic visit, may be able to have only one blood test a month. Emma Kraayenbrink, PharmD is a pharmacy resident at Mercy Warfarin therapy may only last a few months or a year for people Family Pharmacy. Mercy Family Pharmacy provides anticoagulation While warfarin can help people, it can also have serious side with their first blood clot. Patients with recurrent clots or certain management services at their Cascade pharmacy location in effects. Severe bruising and bleeding are the most common. In heart conditions may have to take warfarin for the rest of their life. collaboration with the adjacent clinic, as well as at Crescent order to have successful anticoagulation therapy and lessen the Community Health Center in Dubuque, in collaboration with the chance of complications, it is important to understand warfarin People who take warfarin must also be careful about their diet practitioners there. For more information on these and other services and its side effects. If you take a blood thinning medication, your and the other medications they take. Certain foods like leafy, dark provided by Mercy Family Pharmacy, stop in to any one of our six doctor will usually refer you to an "anticoagulation clinic." green lettuces, spinach, kale, and broccoli cause warfarin to be community pharmacy locations or call us at 563.583.7379. less effective. This doesn't mean they can never be eaten, but it The doctors, nurses, and pharmacists at the clinic will help you is important to eat them in moderation and remain consistent in safely use your medication. At the clinic, they will do regular the amount you consume. Alcohol should be consumed only in blood draws to monitor your blood levels. Then, the clinic will moderation because large amounts can result in a high INR and 10 Sunday, March 17, 2013 • Telegraph Herald • Health & Power of Living
Advertising Supplement Some women seek medical attention for assisting patients through these difficult issues. their perimenopausal symptoms. But others don't experience symptoms severe enough to Her practice focuses on gynecology and pelvic warrant attention. Because subtle symptoms surgery; comprehensive examinations for may come on gradually, you may not menopause and prolapse problems; treatment realize that it's all connected to the same of endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain and thing — fluctuating levels of estrogen and contraception concerns; hysterectomy and progesterone.
alternatives to hysterectomy including: medications, myomectomy, and endometrial Women who experience anxiety, depression, ablation.
mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia, irregular cycles, and abnormal bleeding – may require For more information, contact Dr. Buckley at medical attention to alleviate these symptoms. Grant Regional Health Center 608.723.3249 Dr. Krynn Buckley has extensive experience in or at Dubuque's Established ubuque's Established What is assisted living? Retirement Community Retirement Communi By Jerry Bell, Manager, Sunset Park Place participation in decisions that emphasize Assisted and Independent Living
ndent Livin
choice, dignity, privacy, individuality and Assisted Living is a long-term care alternative independence. Celebrating 17 Years of Outstanding Service to Dubuqueland!
Celebrating 17 Years o
ng 17
7 Y
ears o Outstanding Service to Dubuqueland!
f Outsta ding Servic
for seniors who need assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), but desire to live as In 2000, about one in eight Americans was independently as possible. Assisted Living age 65 or older. By 2030, it is estimated that Luxurious, Affordable Town Homes Luxurious, Affordable Town Homes Communities offer assistance with ADLs approximately one in five will be age 65 Private Assisted Living Apartments Private Assisted Living Apartments such as bathing, grooming, mobility, dressing, or older. There are currently 308 certified meals, personal reminders and medication Assisted Living Communities in Iowa. Alzheimer's / Dementia Care management. A full-time nurse, 24 hour Due to the extended life expectancy of our staff, wellness and activity programs are all population, the number of Assisted Living "Quality Care and Service Options for Seniors." "Quality Care and Service "Quality Care and S ice Options for Seniors." parts of an Assisted Living Community. Communities will continue to grow to meet the demand for quality housing and care. We spoil our residents! sp il our residents! Assisted Living Communities are designed to be operated and staffed to best meet the needs For more information about Assisted Living, Call Today for Information 563-583-7939
Call Today for Information 563-583-7939
and desires of the resident. Assisted Living please give us a call at Sunset Park Place encourages family involvement and tenant (563) 583-7939. How to fit a ride into your busy schedule Cycling is a great way to get your exercise, Over the years groups of cyclists have it's fantastic for your cardiovascular grown into regular rides almost every system and it's easy on the knees! It's a day of the week at almost every skill lot of fun to cover all of those miles in a level. The most obvious benefits have workout, and the sensation of speed brings been great groups of friends that make back memories from our youth. The one getting your ride in a lot easier and more obstacle that seems to get in the way the fun. Joining any one of these groups is as most is time. easy as showing up for the next ride. And starting your own with a group of your One of the most effective strategy's to like-minded friends is as easy as a phone fitting a bike ride or any other kind of call. exercise into your busy life is to have a group of like minded friends hold you At Free Flight we have several groups that accountable. Many of us have thought are easy to join. Make 2013 your year to about how many other things we have to get on the bike, we're here to help!do, or how tired we are and have decided not to follow through on our plans to get in a workout. But what if we had a group of friends waiting for us to go for a ride together? How much harder would it be to let them down?


Colloque Supméca 2015 - Les Assemblages Mécaniques Développement d'un assemblage bimétallique hétérogène pour l'ultravide 1Sominex SAS, Recherche et Développement, 13, rue de la résistance, 14400 Bayeux, France Résumé. Sominex, PME manufacturière œuvrant dans le secteur de la recherche scientifique, cherche à se développer en innovant dans des produits et des procédés de fabrication permettant de répondre aux exigences de ses clients, notamment dans le domaine des accélérateurs de particules pour lequel le savoir-faire de l'entreprise est déjà bien reconnu. Dans ce cadre Sominex a développé une bride bimétallique constituée d'un anneau extérieur en acier inoxydable et d'un cœur en alliage d'aluminium. Ces deux matériaux, non miscible par soudage par voie liquide, sont assemblé conjointement de manière mécanique et par soudure par procédé de friction malaxage entre les deux matériaux. La liaison mécanique permettant d'assurer les caractéristiques mécaniques de l'assemblage et la soudure par friction malaxage son étanchéité. Ce procédé de soudage, développé de manière récente, permet dans ce cas, de générer des couches d'intermétalliques à l'interface des deux matériaux. Ces couches sont de suffisamment faible épaisseur (de 1 à 6 micromètres) pour ne pas fragiliser la liaison outre mesure, et leur grande compacité permet d'obtenir une étanchéité parfaite.

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Panax quinquefolius Telephone: (508) 389-6360/Fax: (508) 389-7891 State Status: Special Concern Federal Status: None Description: Ginseng is a perennial herb long known for the reputed medicinal and aphrodisiac properties of its aromatic root. The genus name Panax reflects the reputed value of various species of ginseng as a cure all--or panacea. The unbranched stem is 20 - 40 cm (8 - 15 in.) high and is topped by a single whorl of 1 to 5 palmately compound leaves. Usually, three compound leaves are produced, each with five serrate (pointed and toothed) leaflets. The tiny flowers are produced in a single, ball-like cluster in the fork where the leaf stalks meet the stem. The five-petalled flowers are white or greenish-yellow and are scented like lily-of-the-valley. They appear from late June to mid July. The fruits, bright red drupes one cm (0.4 in.) in diameter, are easily seen in the fall. (Ginseng plants less than three years old usually bear no fruit, and it takes 18-22 months between the time when the ripe fruit drops to the ground and the time the seed will