gETTINg TO KNOW YOUR TRIA SKIN REJUVENATINg LASER ENJOY pROfESSIONAL ANTI-AgEINg RESULTS AT HOME. BEfORE USINg YOUR TRIA SKIN REJUVENATINg LASER fOR THE fIRST TIME With the Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser you can reverse multiple signs of ageing, restoring your skin's natural radiance. Your new device is a true revolution in personal skincare HOW TO USE YOUR TRIA SKIN REJUVENATINg LASER because it gives you the benefits of professional laser skin rejuvenation through short, simple, daily treatments in the comfort of your own home. The laser light stimulates your HELpfUL TIpS fOR BEST RESULTS body's own natural renewal process, regenerating cells and producing new collagen. The result is more youthful-looking skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles, a more even HOW OfTEN TO USE YOUR TRIA SKIN REJUVENATINg LASER colour, and a smoother texture. Proven over a decade of clinical use and favoured by dermatologists, laser skin rejuvenation treats multiple signs of ageing safely and with TAKINg CARE Of YOUR TRIA SKIN REJUVENATINg LASER better results than traditional anti-ageing creams and lotions. You'll have visible results in as few as two weeks.
Before you use your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser, please read these Instructions for Use and watch the DVD (video also available at for important safety information and to ensure best results.
IMpORTANT SAfETY INfORMATION getting tO knOW YOuR tRia Skin Rejuvenating LaSeR DEVICE LOCK INDICATOR Lights if the device is locked. • TRIA SKIN REJUVENATINg LASER • pOWER SUppLY AND CORD Lights if there is a device • CHARgINg CRADLE • INSTRUCTIONS fOR USE • INSTRUCTIONAL DVD COMpLETION INDICATOR Lights when treatment is complete.
Shows the selected iMPORtant FeatuReS: treatment level.
BATTERY INDICATOR LASER TREATMENT TIp Turns the device on/off and Lights when battery is low, Glows purple when Emits laser light adjusts the treatment level.
flashes when charging.
gliding & making during treatment.
skin contact.
pOWER SUppLY AND CORD To lock the device: First, your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser must Holds and charges be on. Then press the power button for several seconds until the to a power socket. padlock icon illuminates on the display.
NOTE: When the device is locked it will not power on. The blue padlock icon will light when you press the power button. To unlock the device: Press and hold the power button until you TRIA SKIN REJUVENATINg LASER hear four beeps. Then release your finger from the power button. 5 BeFORe uSing YOuR tRia Skin HOW tO uSe YOuR tRia Skin Rejuvenating LaSeR FOR tHe FiRSt tiMe Rejuvenating LaSeR CHARgE YOUR TRIA SKIN THE TRIA SKIN REJUVENATINg LASER 2. SELECT YOUR TREATMENT LEVEL REJUVENATINg LASER IS INDICATED fOR THE TREATMENT Of • Remove your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser • Insert the cord into the power supply and WRINKLES, SKIN DISCOLOURATION from its charging cradle and press the the charging cradle. Then plug the power power button to turn it on.
supply into a socket.
• Use the power button to select your • Place your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW DESCRIBE desired treatment level (LOW, MEDIUM, into the charging cradle.
HOW TO USE YOUR TRIA SKIN or HIGH). For convenience, your Tria Skin • When your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser REJUVENATINg LASER CORRECTLY.
Rejuvenating Laser remembers the is charging, the battery indicator will flash. treatment level you last used.
When fully charged (about 2½ hours), the 1. pREpARE YOUR SKIN battery indicator will turn off.
• Thoroughly wash and dry your face.
• For your convenience, your Tria Skin • For best results, use the Tria Rejuvenating Rejuvenating Laser may be stored in its Laser Priming Cleanser, which is specially charging cradle between treatments. • Please visit formulated to remove makeup, sunscreen This ensures that it is always fully charged, or call Tria Beauty Customer and other products that can block the laser and ready for treatment.
Services on 0800 0484 322 to activate. light and make it less effective.
ACTIVATE YOUR TRIA SKIN WATCH THE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO REJUVENATINg LASER • We've included an Instructional DVD with • A one-time activation is required before your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser.
you use your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser • This exclusive DVD gives you helpful for the first time.
information and techniques for using • This takes only a few minutes and will also your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser. register you for your warranty. • Videos are also available at 7

3. TREAT YOUR SKIN WARNINg: Do not use the Tria Skin 3. TREAT YOUR SKIN (CONTINUED) Keep the device moving in good skin contact • When treating, divide your face into 4 Rejuvenating Laser on your eye or eyelid, or • To treat each zone, place the entire to keep the purple contact light glowing. zones as shown in the picture below to within the eye socket. This could cause serious laser tip flat against your skin and glide ensure even treatment over the entire face. eye injury. Treat around the eyes only where it slowly from side-to-side to cover the Treat zone 1 until the device beeps, then you can feel bone underneath the skin.
entire zone as shown in the pictures below. move on to zones 2, 3 and 4, in that order. 9 3. TREAT YOUR SKIN (CONTINUED) • Treat each zone until your Tria Skin NOTE: You may feel a slight stinging or 4. NOURISH YOUR SKIN • When treating your forehead you Rejuvenating Laser beeps. This will take warming sensation during treatment. This is • For best results, use the Tria may find it helpful to hold your device about 30 seconds for each zone on LOW, normal and generally subsides within 30 Rejuvenating Laser Finishing Serum, horizontally and move it up and down. 1 minute for each zone on MEDIUM and minutes. Use of the Tria Rejuvenating Laser which is specially formulated to Remember to keep the device moving and 2.5 minutes for each zone on HIGH. Finishing Serum helps reduce these sensations.
improve your laser rejuvenation in good skin contact to keep the purple contact light glowing.
• Your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser will beep NOTE: During treatment or immediately after, – Soothing and hydrating the skin once after the first zone is treated, twice you may also develop a temporary redness or – Exfoliating dead cells after the second zone is treated and three slight swelling of your skin. This is normal and – Brightening skin tone times after the third zone is treated. most people find that this diminishes over – Reducing pore size time as their skin adjusts to the treatments. – Reducing the appearance of • After you treat all four zones, the Use of the Tria Rejuvenating Laser Finishing fine lines and wrinkles treatment completion indicator Serum will help soothe your skin.
(checkmark) will light, a special tone will NOTE: Apply a premium quality sunscreen sound, and the Tria Skin Rejuvenating every morning. With daily sunscreen, you'll Laser will automatically turn off. protect the benefits from your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser treatments, maintain results longer, and help prevent new photodamage (sun damage). 11 HeLPFuL tiPS FOR BeSt ReSuLtS HOW OFten tO uSe YOuR tRia Skin Rejuvenating LaSeR Watch the instructional DVD Treat in the evening • For the first 8 weeks, use your Tria Skin • Stop using your Tria Skin Your DVD contains videos demonstrating Treat in the evening before bedtime to allow Rejuvenating Laser once per day. We Rejuvenating Laser for the next how best to hold and move your any redness or swelling to diminish overnight. recommend making it part of your evening 4 weeks to allow maximum cellular Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser skincare routine. Users typically notice an and collagen regeneration.
across your skin. Videos are also Use the MEDIUM or HIgH treatment level improvement in as few as 2 weeks with the • After this 4 week period, you may begin available at It may take a week or so for your skin best results occurring a few weeks after another 8 week treatment cycle.
to adjust to the laser treatment. During the full 8 week course of treatment. practice your technique this period you may want to use the Watch yourself in a mirror the first few LOW treatment level. Once your skin has times you treat. You'll see the glow of adjusted, use a higher treatment level for the purple contact light when you keep the device flat against your skin and continually moving. 13 taking CaRe OF YOuR tRia Skin Rejuvenating LaSeR CHARgINg CRADLE ELECTRICAL INpUT: For best results, keep the laser window The device does not need regular or If you travel with your Tria Skin 100-240 VAC, 0.2 A max and device tip clean. Oils, lotions, makeup, special maintenance. If you think your Rejuvenating Laser, pack the device and or other debris can block the laser light or device or charging cradle is not working charging cradle in its original packaging keep the device from functioning properly. properly or is damaged, do not use the to prevent damage. Class 1M, 1440 nm, 12 mJ/pulse max device. Call Tria Beauty Customer Services If the laser window or device tip does for assistance.
The charging cradle will operate properly NOTE: This Class 1M laser device emits become visibly dirty, clean it with dry at all common household voltages invisible laser radiation. Do not treat the (any supply between 100 and 240 VAC eyes, eyelids or point directly at the eye. Do Keep the device and charging at 50-60 Hz). You may need a plug not view directly with optical instruments, If other parts of the device or charging cradle away from water, dampness, adapter so that the charging cradle can such as microscopes and telescopes. This cradle become dirty, clean as needed with or debris that may get inside the plug into the wall socket.
device is safe to eyes and skin if used in antibacterial wipes. device or the charging cradle.
accordance with these Instructions for Use. LIfE Of THE DEVICE Make sure the charging cradle is not The device is designed to work properly for plugged in and do not get water or other This device contains lithium years of normal use. There are no parts that liquid inside any part of the device or the batteries. Please follow the regulations need regular replacement. The device is charging cradle.
where you live for recycling or disposing working properly if it functions as described of electrical devices. in this booklet. 15 Use this chart to help solve any problems that may arise. If you still have problems, please IT'S pOSSIBLE THAT HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT call Tria Beauty Customer Services on 0800 0484 322.
When I am using my Charge your Tria Skin Tria Skin Rejuvenating Rejuvenating Laser Rejuvenating Laser by placing it IT'S pOSSIBLE THAT HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT Laser the contact light isn't charged.
in the charging cradle. doesn't glow purple.
The device fault Turn your Tria Skin Rejuvenating indicator (!) is lit.
Rejuvenating Laser isn't Laser off, then back on. If the The laser treatment Make a slow, steady gliding working properly.
indicator remains lit, contact tip isn't making good motion with good skin contact. Customer Services.
contact with your skin. Check that the device is sitting Charge your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser Rejuvenating Laser isn't correctly in the charging cradle. Rejuvenating Laser Rejuvenating Laser and restart doesn't charge when connected properly.
Then check that the cable is isn't working properly.
your treatment session. If the properly connected at both problem persists, contact the charging cradle.
ends and fully plugged into the Customer Services.
wall outlet. (see page 6) The power socket in Try a different power socket.
When I am using my The laser treatment Make a slow, steady gliding your home isn't working.
Tria Skin Rejuvenating tip isn't making good motion with good skin contact. Laser the contact contact with your skin.
light illuminates Re-position your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser Rejuvenating Laser in the isn't sitting in the charging cradle, making sure it Dirt or debris is Clean the laser treatment tip with rests against the bottom of the blocking the laser dry cotton buds. cradle. Check that the battery treatment tip.
indicator is flashing. 17 iMPORtant SaFetY inFORMatiOn Read the following important • Do not treat the skin more than once per IT'S pOSSIBLE THAT HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT safety information before using the day (once every 24 hours). Doing this You accidentally Hold down the power button device. If you have any questions could result in increased risk of skin injury.
Rejuvenating Laser released the power for 1-2 seconds, then release. contact Tria Beauty Customer Services • Do not treat if your skin is significantly red won't turn off.
button too quickly.
(see back page for details) or a health or swollen from a previous treatment. care professional.
Wait until the redness and swelling have Unlock your Tria Skin disappeared before treating again. If you Rejuvenating Laser Rejuvenating Laser Rejuvenating Laser. have skin redness or swelling that lasts for won't turn on.
more than 3 days, stop using the device • Do not treat your eye or eyelids. Do not and contact a health care professional.
First, your Tria Skin aim the laser directly into your eyes. Doing • Do not treat body areas other than the Rejuvenating Laser Rejuvenating Laser Rejuvenating Laser must be on. this could cause serious eye injury such as face. Using this device on other areas of isn't turned on.
Then press the power button a permanent or temporary vision loss or the body has not been tested and the risks for at least four seconds until blindness. Treat around the eyes only are unknown.
the padlock icon illuminates on where you can feel bone beneath the skin.
• Do not allow children to play with or the display.
• Do not treat skin that is infected, burned use the device. Doing this could result in or cut. Doing this could cause discomfort significant skin or eye injury.
You accidentally Unlock your Tria Skin or irritation. Wait for these conditions to • Do not use if you are under the age of 18. Rejuvenating Laser is locked your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser. heal before using the device.
This device has not been tested on persons locked/the device lock Rejuvenating Laser.
• Do not treat tattooed skin or areas with under the age of 18 and the risks are unknown.
indicator is lit.
permanent makeup. Doing this could result • Do not use if the device or charging cradle in a damaged tattoo or increased risk of 19 Consult a health care professional before using this device if: When you are treating, you may feel mild To avoid potential device damage • You have a significant medical skin discomfort such as stinging, itching or or personal injury.
condition, your skin is unusually prickling. There can also be a warming or • Do not drop the device on hard surfaces.
sensitive to light, or your skin easily heat sensation similar to that caused by a • Only use the charging cradle supplied develops a rash or an allergic reaction.
sunburn. These sensations are normal and with the device.
• You are taking a medicine, such as generally subside within minutes • Do not use if the device or charging cradle isotretinoin or other oral retinoid (e.g. or hours and lessen with continued use is wet or could fall into water while it is Accutane), that requires you to avoid as the skin becomes accustomed to the plugged in.
sunlight or that contains a steroid, or you treatment. Use of the Tria Rejuvenating • Do not attempt to open or repair the have a medical condition that increases Laser Finishing Serum can help minimise device or charging cradle.
sensitivity to light.
these side affects. failure to follow these precautions could • You are undergoing professional cosmetic Other side effects that may occur in result in device damage or injury, including treatments, such as a skin peel, laser normal use include: vision loss or potentially fatal electrical shock. resurfacing or having toxins (e.g., Botox) • Skin redness. This typically resolves or fillers injected.
overnight or within 3 days.
• You are pregnant. This device has not • Skin swelling. This generally been tested on pregnant women and the diminishes overnight.
risks are unknown.
• Flaking or dryness.
failure to follow these warnings may • Slight temporary darkening of the skin.
result in potential skin injury.
If you have more significant or persistent side effects, discontinue treatment and contact Tria Beauty Customer Services or a health care professional. 21 If you have questions about your Tria WHAT IS COVERED BY THE LIMITED Rejuvenating Laser; normal wear and tear; receipt) prior to the replacement of any Skin Rejuvenating Laser or you're not alteration; overuse; professional use or Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser covered completely satisfied, please refer to the This one year limited warranty covers by the limited warranty. information below and contact Tria defects in materials and workmanship in Beauty Customer Services. your Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser if you HOW LONg DOES THIS LIMITED WARRANTY LIMITATIONS AND purchased it from an authorised partner or directly from the manufacturer (Tria The limited warranty begins on the date THIS WARRAnTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC This document gives you additional legal Beauty). Your one year limited warranty is of purchase and expires one year later. The LEGAL RIGHTS, AnD IS In ADDITIOn protection for Tria Beauty products. valid for you alone, the original purchaser warranty period is not extended if your Tria TO YOUR STATUTORY RIGHTS. YOUR It is in addition to and not in substitution and cannot be transferred. Skin Rejuvenating Laser is replaced by Tria REMEDIES FOR THE BREACH OF THIS for your statutory rights as a consumer Beauty during the warranty period. LIMITED WARRAnTY ARE LIMITED SOLELY against Tria Beauty relating to faulty or WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY THIS TO THE REPLACEMEnT OF YOUR TRIA misdescribed goods or services. LIMITED WARRANTY? WHAT WILL TRIA BEAUTY DO If YOUR LASER AS SET FORTH In THIS Tria Beauty's obligations over and above This limited warranty is effective only if TRIA SKIN REJUVENATINg LASER IS WARRAnTY STATEMEnT. your normal legal rights to replace faulty the Tria Laser is purchased and used in product are set out in this document. the United Kingdom. This limited warranty If you discover a covered defect in your In nO EVEnT SHALL TRIA BEAUTY BE So please read this document carefully does not cover damage, defects or failure Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser before the LIABLE FOR AnY SPECIAL, InCIDEnTAL, and keep a copy safe. The Tria Skin caused by abuse or misuse; improper care; one year warranty period expires, contact COnSEQUEnTIAL, PUnITIVE, OR InDIRECT Rejuvenating Laser comes with a one impact or insertion of foreign objects; our Customer Services department for DAMAGES BASED UPOn BREACH OF year limited warranty detailed below.
vandalism; improper storage; improper assistance. If it is indeed defective, we WARRAnTY, BREACH OF COnTRACT, TORT or incorrectly performed maintenance or will replace your Tria Skin Rejuvenating (InCLUDInG nEGLIGEnCE), OR OTHERWISE, repair; application of harmful chemicals; Laser. Customer Services will contact you EVEn IF TRIA BEAUTY IS ADVISED OR Acts of God, fire, or water; abrasives; and keep you updated on the progress of AWARE THAT SUCH DAMAGES MIGHT negligence; failure to follow manufacturer's return shipments. You may be required ARISE. SUCH DAMAGES InCLUDE, BUT ARE instructions; loss of the Tria Skin to show proof of purchase (for example a nOT LIMITED TO, LOSS OF USE OF THE 23 TRIA LASER, COST OF AnY SUBSTITUTE of England and Wales shall have non-exclusive in addition to those made herein. nothing in EQUIPMEnT, THE CLAIMS OF THIRD jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that these warranty terms excludes or limits your PARTIES, OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY. arises out of or in connection with this warranty statutory rights as a customer in respect of or its subject matter or formation (including faulty or misdescribed goods or services. nOTHInG In THIS WARRAnTY EXCLUDES non-contractual disputes or claims). OR LIMITS OUR LIABILITY FOR DEATH OR MISCELLANEOUS TERMS PERSOnAL InJURY CAUSED BY A DEFECT TIME fOR fILINg CLAIMS As used in this contract, "our", "we" and In THE TRIA LASER, OR FOR AnY OTHER Any claim for breach of this limited warranty "us" refer to Tria Beauty. "You" refers LIABILITY THAT CAnnOT BE EXCLUDED must be commenced by within twelve (12) to the original purchaser of the Tria Skin OR LIMITED BY LAW.
months following the original purchase of Rejuvenating Laser. A waiver of strict the Tria Skin Rejuvenating Laser. compliance with any term herein shall not be deemed a continuing waiver or Tria Beauty reserves the right to make ENTIRE AgREEMENT waive any other terms or conditions. changes and improvements to its Unless modified in writing and signed We shall be excused from performance products without incurring any obligation by both parties, these warranty terms, to the extent of any delay or inability to to incorporate such improvements in conditions, and limitations are understood perform arising due to weather events, products previously sold.
to be the complete and exclusive agreement disasters, acts of terror, governmental between the parties, superseding all prior action or regulation, labour or materials agreements and representations, oral or shortages or disputes, or other This warranty and any dispute or claim arising written, and all other communications circumstances not under our control. out of or in connection with it or its subject between the parties relating to the subject If any term herein is illegal, invalid, or matter or formation (including non-contractual matter of these warranty terms. no employee unenforceable, then such term shall be disputes or claims) shall be governed by of Tria Beauty or any other party (including ignored, but the remaining terms and and construed in accordance with the law of without limitation distributors, dealers, and conditions shall remain in effect. England and Wales. You agree that the courts retailers) is authorised to make any warranty 25 Tria Beauty UK LtdChiltern House45 Station RoadHenley on ThamesOxon, RG9 1AT, UK Customer Services0800 0484 [email protected] 2012 Tria Beauty, Inc. All rights reserved. Tria, Tria Beauty, and the Tria logoare registered trademarks of Tria Beauty, Inc. Patents pending.


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