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forgetting things? The brain is considered the boss of the body as it is in-charge of everything that happens in our body — i.e. from helping you to remember simple tasks like where you have left your keys, special occasions like birthdays & anniversaries, to helping you do things which you would have never given much thought to, like blinking your eyes, breathing, and a lot more! Our brain is such a complex and important organ that if anything goes wrong, our entire body will suffer. A decline in one's memory and poor In addition, our brain performance can also be affected by concentration are some of the tell-tale signs of poor brain performance. one and/or a combination of the following factors: What are the culprits, you may ask? Very often it is due to one's poor  Increasing Age nutritional status:  Stress  Lack of or poor quality sleep (and it worsens under Brain Function
Inadequate Intake or Deficiency of:
prolonged periods of insufficient sleep or rest) Short-term memory loss Omega 3, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C  Drug and/or alcohol abuse Omega 3, B vitamins (B6, B12 &  Psychiatric conditions like severe depression (In terms of problem-solving Folate), Iron, Flavonoids, Vitamins C, performance, memory, focus & Omega 3, B vitamins (B6, B12 & Alzheimer's Disease Degeneration of brain tissue Omega-3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E Key Nutrients for Maintaining A Healthy Brain Function
Importance for Brain Health / Function  Must be supplied by our diet as our body cannot make them.  Important for proper brain (and eye) development and function. Acids (DHA & EPA)  DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is important as it is the main building block of the brain, thus is needed for retaining brain functions.  Required to keep the brain sharp and energized.  A deficiency in any B-vitamin can affect one's focus and/or concentration level, as well as memory function.  Flavonoids are plant-based compounds found to have strong antioxidant properties.  Protect brain cells from free radical damage, thus may be useful in the reducing risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or dementia.  Good food sources of flavonoids include curcumin/turmeric, raw/dark cocoa, green tea, dark-coloured fruits (e.g. blueberries, raspberries) and red wine.  Like flavonoids, these vitamins protect the brain from free radical damage.  Important for keeping brain cells healthy. (e.g. Phosphatidylserine,  Improve communication between neurons of brain cells, therefore is useful for improving Phosphatidylcholine) Ginkgo, Gotu Kola  Improves good blood circulation to the brain, thus useful for enhancing memory and con- Lemon Balm, L-Theanine,  Natural relaxants that calm the mind, hence promoting good focus and concentration. GABA (Gammamino-butyric  Ideal for individuals whose memory/concentration level suffers under periods of stress or VITAKIDS RECOMMENDS
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reach 40 years old. 4. Natrol L-Theanine / NOW GABA
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Microsoft word - cr2032spec_en_withlogo.doc

This specification is applicable to Lithium-Manganese Dioxide Battery CR2032 2. Battery type and ratings 2.1 Battery type CR2032 2.2 Nominal voltage 3 V 2.3 Nominal capacity 210mAh (on continuous discharged at 20±2℃ under 15KΩ, load to 2.0V end-voltage) 2.4 Outer dimensions outer dimensions shall be as shown in (Fig1.) dimension drawing 2.5 Weight 3.0 grams.(approx) 2.6 Terminals positive can (Mark "+")、negative cap (Mark " - ") 2.7 Operating temperature range -20℃ ~ + 60℃ 2.8 Electrochemistry Positive: MnO2

Nsp022 313.327

SCAN (2009) 4, 313–327 Medial cortex activity, self-reflection anddepression Marcia K. Johnson, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Karen J. Mitchell, and Yael LevinDepartment of Psychology, Yale University, PO Box 208205, New Haven, CT 06520-8205, USA Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we investigated neural activity associated with self-reflection in depressed[current major depressive episode (MDE)] and healthy control participants, focusing on medial cortex areas previously shownto be associated with self-reflection. Both the MDE and healthy control groups showed greater activity in anterior medial cortex(medial frontal gyrus, anterior cingulate gyrus) when cued to think about hopes and aspirations compared with duties andobligations, and greater activity in posterior medial cortex (precuneus, posterior cingulate) when cued to think about dutiesand obligations (Experiment 1). However, the MDE group showed less activity than controls in the same area of medial frontalcortex when self-referential cues were more ambiguous with respect to valence (Experiment 2), and less deactivation in a non-self-referential condition in both experiments. Furthermore, individual differences in rumination were positively correlated withactivity in both anterior and posterior medial cortex during non-self-referential conditions. These results provide convergingevidence for a dissociation of anterior and posterior medial cortex depending on the focus of self-relevant thought. They alsoprovide neural evidence consistent with behavioral findings that depression is associated with disruption of positively valencedthoughts in response to ambiguous cues, and difficulty disengaging from self-reflection when it is appropriate to do so.