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Herbal medicine from Madison County, North Carolina Herbal Tincture Formulas
L X : milky oat seed, passionflower, wood betony. calms the mind & relaxes the body. great for sleep, anxiety, nervous agitation. M R: st. john's wort, lemon balm, rose. "In the depth of winter I found there was, within me, an invincible summer." –Albert Camus. for sadness, depression, the blues. elevates mood, restores confidence. T catnip, skullcap, kava kava, california poppy, wood betony. to promote a restful sleep. I MUNE BOOST : echinacea, myrrh, usnea, spilanthes. quick boost to immunity at onset or fear of illness. also a topical antiseptic. I F: ragweed, yerba santa, bayberry. for relief of hay fever, runny, stuffy nose, sneezing. also good for congestion & runny nose from the common cold. H GUMS: myrrh, bayberry, calendula, peppermint, glycerine. a mouthwash for swollen, sore, or receding gums, or to prevent them from getting that way. swish with a few drops in water. A P EASE: cramp bark, black cohosh, wild yam, angelica, motherwort. for relief of menstrual cramps. I D: gotu kola, holy basil, bacopa, calamus, licorice. improves concentration & mental clarity. good for studying, creating. helps dispel "brain fog" from marijuana use or any other cause. H AL: mimosa tree bark, hawthorn flower buds & berries, rose petals. for "broken hearts", grief, deep sadness. aids in recovery from unresolved grief, PTSD, depression, fear. R AK: skullcap, milky oat seed, lobelia. for relief of nicotine cravings. soothes nervous L SH: motherwort, black cohosh, vitex, dong quai, bugleweed, licorice. for relief of menopausal hot I : fennel, cardamom, turmeric, licorice. for overfullness or indigestion after meals. R : bitter orange peel, angelica root, artichoke leaf. to stimulate digestion before meals. Z : damiana, maca, muira puama, wood betony, rose water, honey, brandy. a delicious cordial to arouse & delight the sensual faculties. (no one-ounce bottles) Single Herb Tinctures
The descriptions given for each herb are included to give you an idea of the range of herbal actions, or to jog your memory about an herb you've heard of or may have used before. Each herb has actions & uses that are not listed here, and in general these medicines are much deeper & more complex than these blurbs indicate. It is probably best not to prescribe yourself an herb you've never used based solely on what is written here. Ask us or another herbalist first. R OT — delicious aromatic bitter. helpful for digestion, pelvic circulation, cramps. H — calm and building tonic adaptogen; the "ginseng of India" H SH — analgesic for dull, aching pain. relief for muscle & menstrual cramps. & more! H SH — tonic for structure of reproductive organs. emmenagogue. I — calming nervine, especially good for treating anxiety. A US — spicy, acrid, stimulates digestion. helps brain fog, rickety mind. R — suppresses hectic coughing. good when cough prevents sleep. relaxes lungs. A ON — warming astringent for bleeding, diarrhea, etc. can help control blood sugar. C A — powerful immune stimulant and blood cleanser. topical for wounds & bites. R — glycerin syrup. prevents & treats influenza & common cold. P NE — expectorant. helps strengthen grungy lungs. used in bronchitis, pneumonia. I N — simple & tasty bitter tonic to stimulate digestion. R — premier tonic for heart & cardiovascular system (long term). nourishes the spirit. I — great tonic for mind, energy, mood, metabolism. helps deal with stress. HOPS — intensely bitter & caustic tasting, but very very good for sleep! KAVA V — promotes a sense of well-being. relieves pain. relieves cramps. relaxes anxiety. L — brightening & uplifting. has power to calm as well as to stimulate. C — sweet, nutritive tonic. supports tired adrenals. anti-inflammatory. expectorant. I — superior relaxant, especially for lungs: asthma, coughs. cramps, too. S ED — superb nourishing tonic for the nervous system. helps quitting smoking. R — "collective happiness bark". bad dreams, irritability, depression, grief. T — calms the nerves; strengthens the heart; can lower overactive thyroid. R H — antiseptic, strong immune stimulant, anti-fungal. good for sinus infections. R PE — antiseptic; liver stimulant. good for chronic skin conditions, detoxification. W R — calms mind, especially racing or obsessive thoughts. good for sleep. L ASH — circulatory stimulant. warming to cold constitutions. W ED — mild anti-histamine to prevent or control hay fever, allergies, possibly hives. L — tonic to improve energy, mental alertness. helps body rise to challenges. R — adaptogen with an affinity for the lungs. eases anxiety, improves energy. I — tonic for fertility & libido. C P — calms nervous over-excitability. relieves seizures, delirium tremens (DT's). I ENARD — benefits lungs. lung grunge, shortness of breath, coughs. warming, delicious. H S — anti-inflammatory & local anesthetic. good for toothaches, colds & flu. W RT — can alleviate mild to moderate depression, also nerve pain. careful w/ meds. USNEA — antiseptic & immune stimulant for upper respiratory & urinary tract. VA I N — sedative & anti-spasmodic. I EX — very useful in many menstrual disorders. also may have use in treating addictions. D — used to prevent implantation of fertilized ovum in uterine lining. T NY — relaxes tense muscles. good for sore & overworked body, or when body is tense. C — bitter liver/detox herb. can help with skin & digestive conditions. This is only a partial list of herbs we have. If you don't see the one you want, ask. We might have it. We can put together custom formulas of your design. We can also help you design a formula. Tell us what's going on and we'll figure out a formula that will work with your body. In-depth health consultations are also available, in person or on the phone. These will usually relate to long-term health challenges, problems that doctors or other practitioners have been unable to resolve, etc. One of us will conduct an extensive interview and provide a detailed health care plan, which will include herbs and other recommendations. We will follow up with you and evolve the plan as necessary. Rates for consultations are flexible, trades are accepted, and no one is turned away for inability to pay. l . For example: A 1 oz. bottle of myrrh costs $8. A 2 oz. bottle of usnea costs $15. A 4 oz. bottle of Relax is $29. All three bottles in one order would be $52. If we are mailing the tinctures, shipping costs will have to be added. Save s We recycle used tincture bottles and trading us your used bottles (clean & with dropper) earns you a $1 cre



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Differential response to a selective cannabinoid receptorantagonist (SR141716: rimonabant) in female mice from linesselectively bred for high voluntary wheel-running behaviourBrooke K. Keeneya, David A. Raichlenb, Thomas H. Meeka,Rashmi S. Wijeratnea, Kevin M. Middletona,*, Gregory L. Gerdemanb,wand Theodore Garland Jra Exercise is a naturally rewarding behaviour in human