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NEWSLETTER - MAY 2014 welcome to the may 2014 edition of the boys clubhouse newsletter.
in this monthly publication we hope to share with you information on our activities, courses and projects.
A LETTER RECEIVED: Dear Boys' Clubhouse,
I can't believe I am actually writing this letter. I never ever thought I would. My parents threw me out of home
when I was 21. A the time I was bitter but looking back it was not their fault - I must have been impossible to live
with. I spent some nights sleeping rough but then I heard that The Clubhouse had an emergency accommodation
shelter so I contacted Ari and moved in. Initially I was feeling at an all-time low and spent all day in bed but slowly I
gained some confidence and now I have a good job in the catering industry - which I always wanted to do and I
have a reason to get out of bed each day.
Thank you YS Jacobowitz and Kosher Kingdom for organising surplus to Yael Provisor. The wedding in Manchester was a sandwiches and baked goods to be brought to our centre for the momentous occasion and was enhanced of course by our boys to enjoy. Many of our clients are living alone and have to fend Nachman team.
for themselves. These food opportunities ensure that no-one ever Mazel Tov to Eli and Avital Tescher on the safe arrival of their first goes hungry and that boys can get a good start to their day! baby boy. We wish them much health and happiness.
boys. In the past our boys have enjoyed graffiti and photography courses at their centre by Golders Hill Park. Together we are starting a new empolyability project. With some our clients looking seriously into employment options we are beginning a new course called ‘Ready toWork@. This will help them to create Cv's, teach them interview techniques and train them in the art of being a good employee. At the end ofthe 5 week course the boys will be assisted to find work placements.
In addition some of our more musically gifted clients are starting a new DJ course at the LJCC centre. It is hoped that this will help thembecome more professional and give them a platform to get work in the music world.
Activities & Trips: In
Activities & Trips:
celebration of reaching the V.I.P. Visit: Chief Inspector
Colindale Police Station visited our HQ to see first-hand the milestone, the boys were treated programmes we are running. He was noticeable impressed by Paintballing in Hemel Hempstead.
the wide variety of courses, It was a day to remember with each learning opportunities and work of the boys receiving over 300 placements that we are offering paintballs and 4 hours to use them and discussed possible avenues in a variety of different tasks. it was of funding for some of our involved as the boys had to worktogether in teams to fulfil specificmissions.
some of the boys whose lives have been fundamentally transformed by our work. We invite you to be part of our on-going programme of saving lives and building futures. We would be honoured if you choose to attend our dinner and become part of our very special community.
The setting will be as unique as The Clubhouse itself. Hostesed against the backdrop of the Metropolitan Police Historic Fleet of vintage andiconic vehicles from the last six decades, the venue will be totally transformed into a showcase of Police memorabilia.
stores and warehouses around North West London, selling a vast range of supplies, it has begun training some of our clients and offering them work experience. We currently have 3 boys working full time for them.
y London NW4 3NL - T - el: 020 8090 5094 - F el: 020 8090 5094 - F x: 0844 545 0043 - Email: in [email protected] www t red Charity No.: 1131948

Grants: Three year funding has been granted by the Samuel
Sebba Charitable Trust to pay for support costs. This provides its 8th month since inception. It continues to go from not only stability to the project but also a platform for further strength to strength. With over 3,500 items already sold the growth. Oxford and St George and The Percy Bilton Charitable Trust turnover is now averaging £1200 per month. A special milestone have also provided specialist camera equipment to enhance the was reached when we hit 1,500 positive feedback responses from presentation of goods sold on an ebay platform. We are again customers, demonstrating how the boys' efforts have excelled thankful to the Clildrens Aid Committee for its support with our beyond all expectations. We have had to expand our operations under 18s;' work. We have also a number of philatelic experts who team. We now employ 3 boys to maintain a high level of service .
know how to dispose of stamp collections - all proceeds to The Boys We recently added a range of jewellery to our sales lines and are hopeful that sales will increase even further.
At the Boys' Clubhouse we made sure that Purim 5774 was a year toremember. A stage was erected on Purim morning, in the road, at HeatherGardens. Entertainment included a live 3 piece band and street dancing; allprofessionally managed by our boys. The boys also managed popcorn andcandyfloss stands for community to enjoy. Some of the older boys drovearound in an especially modified "Reliant Robin" car with a loudspeaker,calling on people from all over the neighbourhood to come and enjoythemselves at this event.
Later in the evening 2 groups went around collecting tzedakah from people'shouses whilst also entertaining families with the famous "penguin dance".
T Are you in dispute with your utility suppliers? Are you locked into an unfair gas or electricity contract? Do
you really know the hidden charges paid for your utility supplies? Let us see if we can not only reduce your current
costs but get you refunds too. Call us today on 020 8449 6510 for a free appraisal by our sponsor. The Boys
Clubhouse will receive 20% of all fees earned on the referral.

y London NW4 3NL - T - el: 020 8090 5094 - F el: 020 8090 5094 - F x: 0844 545 0043 - Email: in [email protected] www t red Charity No.: 1131948


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