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2013 Tri-State CACS Annual Symposium
New Challenges and Opportunities
Facing the Global Chemical Enterprise
The Department of Medicinal Chemistry Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, Rutgers University 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Saturday, June 22, 2013 Busch Campus Center
Rutgers University
604 Bartholomew Rd
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Job Fair and Career Consultation Abstracts & Speaker Biosketches Morning session Afternoon session Tri-State CACS Officers Website: Email: [email protected]


Welcome to the 2013 Tri-State CACS Annual Symposium!
On behalf of the Tri-State CACS Board, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to our sponsors and
volunteers for their support and contributions to this symposium and to our organization.
We are living in a world that is also changing constantly. The American chemical and pharmaceutical
industries as a whole and the Chinese-American chemical professionals in particular are presented with
unprecedented challenges and opportunities in this rapidly shifting global environment. For a business to
survive and to thrive, it must constantly innovate and reinvent itself, locally and globally. Chemical and
pharmaceutical businesses are no exceptions. For each participant in the chemistry enterprise, one must realize
that he/she needs to constantly sharpen his/her existing skills and promptly master new skills in order to
Again, we are very pleased to have a group of prominent leaders from chemical, pharmaceutical, educational,
legal organizations as well as small businesses to join us at this year's symposium. We are extremely pleased to
have the first Chinese American President of the American Chemical Society, Dr. Marinda Li Wu, join us this
year. These leaders will share their wisdom and perspectives on "New Challenges and Opportunities Facing
the Global Chemical Enterprise",
that will inspire, educate and entertain our curious minds, no matter which
branch of the chemical enterprise we are interested in. We thank all of the speakers for taking the time to share
their visions about the future growth drivers and their leadership experience as well as to provide career advices.
The presentations will be accompanied by a vendor exhibition, job search consultation, advertisement of new
job openings from both local and overseas companies. In addition, this symposium serves as an excellent
networking opportunity for chemical professionals to meet and interact with people from diverse chemical
We thank you for making this symposium part of your weekend and for making CACS a more valuable
professional organization to all of us.
Wendy Zhong, Ph.D. Mark Zhen, Ph.D. Fanwen Zeng, Ph.D. Immediate Past-President Website: Email: [email protected]

Program Schedule
Registration / Breakfast & Coffee Morning Session
(Session Chairs: Drs. Shel Zhang and Min Liu) Globalized Chemistry Enterprise and Global Challenges
Opening Remarks, Wendy Zhong, Ph.D., 2013 President, Tri-State CACS
Marinda Li Wu, Ph.D., 2013 President, American Chemical Society
Partners for Progress and Prosperity Brian Maurer, Global R&D Director, the Dow Chemical Company and Chairman of the Chemistry
Council of New Jersey
A New Renaissance for the Chemical Industry
Zhihong Ge, Ph.D., Executive Director of Global Analytical Chemistry, Merck Research Laboratory
Analytical Technology to Enable Drug Discovery and Development
Vendor Show, Coffee Break & Networking
Vivian Yao, Worldwide Vice President of Human Resources, Global Surgery Innovation, Johnson &
Career Development and Talent Management in Medical Devices Tian Yang, Ph.D., Director of Preclinical Drug Evaluation, Global Alliance for Tuberculosis Drug
Discovery and Development
Drug Safety Challenges in Drug Discovery –Examples in Tuberculosis Drug Discovery and Treatment Lunch Break (on site) Afternoon Session
(Session Chairs: Drs. Mark Zhen and Peng Zhang) Sharpen Your Saw for Global Opportunities
Hai-Lung Dai, Ph.D., Laura H. Carnell Professor of Chemistry, Provost and Sr. Vice President for
International Affairs, Temple University
New Paradigms for Educating Chemistry Professionals in a Globalized World Fang Liu, Ph.D., Shareholder and Attorney at Law, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC
Patent Attorney – Alternative Career Opportunity Vendor Show, Coffee / Ice Cream Break / Networking
Changxi Miao, Ph.D., Vice Chief Engineer, Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical
Technology, SINOPEC
Recent Advance in Technologies of Coal to Chemicals Developed by SINOPEC
Gautam Saxena, President & CEO, Integrated Analysis Inc.
Private Cloud Informatics Technology for Mass Spectrometry: 100x Faster, 30% More Identifications, Zero Hardware and
Global Collaborations
Closing Remarks, Mark Zhen, Ph.D., 2013 President-Elect, Tri-State CACS
Website: Email: [email protected]

Website: Email: [email protected]

Vendor Show
9:00AM – 4:00PM
(Session Chairs: Drs. Jian Wang and Min Liu) The Dow Chemical Company Therm Fisher Scientific Primera Analytical Solutions
Johnson and Johnson Analytical Sales
SINOPEC (Shanghai)
Job Fair and Career Consultation
9:00AM – 4:00PM
(Coordinators: Drs. Lijuan Wang and Fanwen Zeng) Job fair will connect job seekers with hiring managers or job postings from companies in the US and China,
such as SINOPEC Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments,
Johnson and Johnson and The Dow Chemical Company. Please come to the booth area for more details.
Mr. Bill Suits, ACS career consultant, will provide free consultation about how to get a job, keep a job and build a successful career. Ms. Kathryn Moore and Dr. Jianxin Zhang from USDA will have a general career consultation on how to search and apply for job opportunities at government agencies such as USDA. Website: Email: [email protected]

Symposium Chair
Fanwen Zeng, Wendy Zhong, Lijuan Wang, Shel Zhang, Min Liu, Yingchun Lu, Mark Zhen, Yijun Lu, Rachel Xiaoqiu Wu, Peng Vendor Show
Jian Wang, Min Liu, Fanwen Zeng, Yijun Lu, Yingchun Lu Job Fair/
Career Consultation

Lijuan Wang, Fanwen Zeng Baoqing Ma, Fangbiao Li, Sam Xiang Zhu, Noah & Maria Li, Amber Zhen, Cindy & Patrick Ma, George Zeng, Lorraine Zhang Food/Beverage Services
Longqin Hu, Baoqing Ma, Yabin Lei, Sam Xiang Zhu Photography
Hongwei Shen, Fanwen Zeng Jack Zhigang Li, Hongwei Shen, Yabin Lei, Honghong Li Website: Email: [email protected]

Abstracts & Speaker Biosketches
Morning Session
Marinda Li Wu, Ph.D., 2013 President, American Chemical Society
"Partners for Progress and Prosperity"

: A major challenge facing the global chemistry enterprise is the need to promote a deeper appreciation
and understanding from our policy makers and the general public for the wonderful benefits that chemistry
contributes to everyday life. A brief overview of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and highlights of
various public outreach programs will be presented. My personal professional journey and experiences with
successful ways to show the general public the valuable contributions to society resulting from chemistry and
science will be shared. The audience should gain some ideas of how to effectively share enthusiasm for
chemistry and its benefits with young students and the general public through the ACS vision: "Improving
people's lives through the transforming power of chemistry."
I will conclude by discussing highlights of my
ACS Presidential initiatives for 2013 and welcome your feedback and ideas.
Bio: Dr. Marinda Li Wu received a B.S. cum laude with Distinction in Chemistry from
The Ohio State University in 1971 and a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the
University of Illinois in 1976. With over thirty years of experience working in the
chemical industry, she enjoyed many years working for Dow Chemical R&D as well as
Dow Plastics Marketing forging partnerships between industry, education, government
and communities. Dr. Wu also has entrepreneurial experience with various small
chemical companies and startups including "Science is Fun!" which she founded to
engage young students in the excitement of science and enhance public awareness of the
importance of supporting and improving science education.
As an ACS member for over forty years, Dr. Wu has served in many leadership roles at
both the local and national levels for the American Chemical Society. Dr. Wu was elected
to the ACS Board of Directors and served as Director-at-Large since 2006. In 2011, she was elected to the
Presidential succession of the American Chemical Society. As ACS President-Elect for 2012, she was invited to
give plenary lectures worldwide and made an honorary member of the Romanian Chemical Society and Polish
Chemical Society. She serves as ACS President in 2013 and Immediate Past President in 2014.
Dr. Wu serves on the University of Illinois Chemistry Alumni Advisory Board, the International Advisory Board
for the 45th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress 2015, the ACRICE-1 (1st African Conference on Research in
Chemistry Education) International Advisory Board, and the Board of Directors for the Chinese-American
Chemical Society. She holds 7 U.S. Patents and has published a polymer textbook chapter and numerous articles in
a variety of journals and magazines over the years.

Brian Maurer,
Global R&D Director – Dow Chemical and Chairman of the Chemistry Council of New Jersey
"A New Renaissance for the Chemical Industry"
Abstract: Not so long ago, many economists, policymakers, and business leaders had written off chemical
manufacturing in this nation and believed the sector's decline was irreversible. However, recent shale gas
developments have created a renewed optimism for the business of chemistry. This presentation will review the
Website: Email: [email protected] opportunities and challenges for a chemical manufacturing renaissance in the United States as well as the state of New Jersey.
Bio: Brian R. Maurer
is a global Sr. R&D Director for the Performance Plastics
division of the Dow Chemical Company. During his 30+ years with Dow Chemical,
more than half of his career was spent in three different global R&D Director roles.
Most recently he served as Sr. R&D Director of Dow's Electrical &
Telecommunications business. His global DE&T R&D organization developed novel
solutions for the effective transmission and distribution of power, video, voice and data.
Brian also served as Sr. R&D Director for Dow's Water Soluble Polymer business which
developed new technologies for pharmaceutical, personal care, food, construction
chemical, and paint applications. Finally, he served as Sr. R&D Director of Dow
Automotive which successfully developed plastic, fluid, film and foam technologies
used in auto interior and exterior applications.

From an external perspective, Brian serves as chairman of the Chemistry Council of New Jersey. The
CCNJ supports 55,000 employees, generates $25-30B in annual revenue, and is comprised of 125
member companies from across the state of NJ. From an academic perspective, he serves on technical
advisory boards at Georgia Tech (National Electric Energy Testing Research Applications Center),
Rutgers University (Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology) and Central Michigan University
(College of Science & Technology). He is currently a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers, the
Society of Automotive Engineers, and the American Chemical Society.
Brian is a chemistry graduate of Central Michigan University and has completed executive MBA training at Thunderbird University in Glendale, Arizona as well as IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is the author of ten patents/applications, was a recipient of Dow's "Inventor of the Year Award," received nine external innovation awards, and received Dow's "Genesis Award" for excellence in people leadership. Vivian Yao, Worldwide Vice President of Human Resources, Global Surgery Innovation, Johnson & Johnson
"Career Development and Talent Management in Medical Devices"
Vivian (Ying) Yao is the Worldwide Vice President of Human Resources for
Ethicon's Global Surgery Innovation Team. She drives the innovation strategic
capability development and talent agenda for the $12 billon global businesses. Vivian
also serves on the Johnson & Johnson Human Resources Council, as well as, the
MD&D Global Human Resources Leadership team.
Vivian joined Johnson & Johnson from General Electric (GE) where she served as the
Organization and Staffing Leader responsible for global talent development across the
company's commercial and communications functions, representing roughly 40,000
employees. Working in support of GE's executive commercial leadership team,
Vivian was responsible for building the commercial capabilities and global talent
pipeline in support of the GE platforms of ecomagination, devoted to reducing environmental impact with new technologies, and healthymagination, focused on achieving sustainable health through innovation. During her ten- year career at GE, Vivian served in many progressive HR generalist and business partner roles, including partner to GE Healthcare's Life Science Americas business. She has served as the architect of new commercial Website: Email: [email protected] operating models, business integrations and new capability builds globally and is well recognized as a leader
who drives employee engagement, performance and results.
Prior to joining GE, Vivian served as a consultant at Chicago-based Towers Perrin and as an HR consultant at
IBM's Storage System Division in San Jose, CA.
Vivian spent the early years of her career as an HR Partner for General Motors Asia working in China to
attract, develop and retain high-performing and high-potential employees.
Zhihong Ge, Ph.D., Executive Director of Global Analytical Chemistry, Merck Research Laboratory
"Analytical Technology to Enable Drug Discovery and Development"
The increasing pace of drug discovery and development in recent years demands more efficient and
innovative approaches for pharmaceutical research. Many emerging trends at Merck and across the industry
such as platform technologies and novel drug delivery techniques as well as new regulatory requirements have
posed new challenges for analytical science. In this presentation, examples of recent advances in analytical
technologies to enable drug discovery and development will be highlighted.
Bio: Dr. Zhihong Ge is an Executive Director and a leader of the global Analytical
Chemistry organization which spans Analytical and Physical Chemistry disciplines at
Merck Research Laboratories. The group is responsible for providing critical
measurement and analysis capabilities to support small molecule, peptide, siRNA,
experimental medicine, and Product Value Extension (PVE) pipeline from Discovery to
Phase IIB. This includes the development of analytical methods and specifications for
release of drug substance for safety and clinical studies, as well as for control of the
synthetic process through raw material analysis and in-process testing. She also
provides analytical data and information for Investigational New Drug (IND) filings.
Zhihong received her B.S. from Beijing University in 1987 and joined Merck in
1992 after completing her PhD at University of Washington. During her tenure at Merck, Zhihong has
participated in many development programs including marketed products Crixivan, Arcoxia and Isentress. In
1999, she created a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) group within the Process R&D and since then
introduced numerous "first kind to Merck" PAT technologies to monitor, optimize and control drug substance
synthetic processes.
Zhihong has been an author or co-author on more than 30 publications. She was a member of PhRMA PAT
Expert Working Group and PhRMA LD KIT (Limited Duration Key Issue Team) on Genotoxic Impurities.
Currently she participates in PhRMA ICH M7 Expert Working Group and International Consortium for
Innovation and Quality (IQ) Specification team.
Tian Yang, Ph.D., Director of Preclinical Drug Evaluation, Global Alliance for Tuberculosis Drug Discovery
and Development.
"Drug Safety Challenges in Drug Discovery – Examples in TB Drug Discovery and Treatment"

Abstract: Decreasing the high attrition rate in drug discovery and development process is a primary goal of the
pharmaceutical industry. Drug candidates failed to be further development in clinical is mainly due to lack of
efficacy, adverse drug effect, poor bioavailability, and business/market. Thus one of the main challenges in drug
discovery and development is to define an appropriate balance between drug efficacy and potential adverse
effects as early as possible in order to reduce safety-related attrition, particularly in the more expensive late
Website: Email: [email protected] stages of clinical development. A number of in vitro assays have been developed to guide discovery lead optimization to reduce drug safety liabilities including in vitro pharmacological profiling, cell based toxicity, and screening of ion channels. The presentation will discuss in vitro toxicological ‘hit' and optimization strategies. Examples will be given from tuberculosis drug discovery and development.
Bio: Dr. Tian J Yang is Director of Preclinical Drug Evaluation at Global Alliance for
Tuberculosis Drug Discovery and Development. He is responsible for DMPK/Tox in
drug candidate optimization and preclinical development. Prior to joining TB Alliance,
Dr. Yang spent 5 years at Roche Nutley, served as head of enzymology group and then
head of drug metabolism group. Before working at Roche, Dr. Yang worked as a
research scientist at DuPont Pharma and BMS for 8 years in optimization of drug
candidate ADME properties and preclinical development. Dr. Yang received his Ph.D.
in pharmacology focused on liver injury and protection from Peking Union Medical
College in 1991. Following two years of postdoctoral research on CNS drug discovery
at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences at Bethesda, MD, he joined the
NCI/NIH as a staff fellow and senior staff fellow working on CYP monoclonal antibody
preparation and phenotype of drug and carcinogen metabolism. Website: Email: [email protected] Afternoon Session

Hai-Lung Dai, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Chemistry, Provost and Sr. Vice President for International
Affairs, Temple University

"New Paradigms for Educating Chemistry Professionals in a Globalized World"

Abstract: In today's ever more collaborative environment for education and research in a globalized world,
what lessons can we take from other societies and what new avenues can we explore in educating future
generations of chemists, or for that matter, scientists? The possibilities range from new paradigms for educating
secondary science teachers, to collaborative dual degree programs that enhance students' professional
capabilities, to dual doctoral degrees that both enrich the student's experience as well as the participating
institutions' ability to conduct research. Teacher education programs, dual bachelor-master degrees program,
and bilateral doctoral degree programs established at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University will
be highlighted as examples.
Hai-Lung Dai is Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Laura H.
Carnell Professor of Chemistry, and also continuing to serve as the Senior Vice Provost
for International Affairs at Temple University.
A graduate of National Taiwan University, he holds a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley, and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1984 he joined as faculty at the University of Pennsylvania where he was Chair of the Chemistry Department, funding Director of the Penn Science Teacher Institute, and the Hirschmann-Makineni Professor of Chemistry. During his two-term chairmanship, the Penn Chemistry Department ranked as high as #6 in the nation in terms of sponsored research funding. The chemistry teacher training programs that he created was cited by the National Academies as a model for content preparation for science teachers and he was invited to testify in the US Senate in 2006 on a HR bill aimed at science teacher training. In 2007, he moved to Temple University as Dean of the College of Science and Technology. As Senior Vice Provost for International Affairs since 2010, he oversees Education Abroad, which manages study abroad and Temple's overseas campus in Tokyo and Rome; International Programs, which facilitates and manages partnerships with foreign institutions and collaborative educational programs; International Students and Scholars Services; and International Student Recruiting and Admission. Under his leadership, Temple has created new dual bachelor's-master's degree, collaborative bachelor degree programs, and dual PhD degree programs for international students with partner universities in Asia and Europe and a liaison office in Beijing coordinating collaborative programs and student recruiting; vastly expanded Temple's partnerships all over the world; and raised awareness of globalization within Temple's campus. In Feb. of 2013, Dai was appointed to the position of Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. In this capacity he oversees a $600 million annual budget that supports the academic functions of 17 colleges and schools. Within the short period after assuming this responsibility, he led the effort to design and implement a new scholarship and financial aid plan that vastly expanded the offerings designed for improving student quality and reducing student debt, started investment in a new faculty recruiting campaign, and launched a series of effort aimed at improving the University's education quality and reputation. Website: Email: [email protected]
Fang Liu, Ph.D., Attorney at Law, Shareholder, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC
"Patent Attorney – Alternative Career Opportunity"

A daily life of a patent attorney will be discussed as well as how to become a patent attorney and basic patent
application filing requirements.
Bio: Fang Liu is a patent attorney with the firm Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC.
Ms. Liu's practice includes U.S. and foreign patent preparation and prosecution, and
patentability, validity and non-infringement opinions in matters pertaining to a wide
array of organic/inorganic chemical arts, such as pharmaceutical chemistry, polymer
chemistry, petroleum chemistry, nanotechnology, photographic and lithographic
chemistry, material chemistry, agricultural chemistry, food additives, and coating

Before joining Buchanan, Fang was a patent attorney with one of the largest
intellectual property boutique firms in Washington, D.C. Prior to her legal career,
she worked for more than 10 years in research and development as a research
associate and teaching assistant at several U.S. universities.
Fang is also a published author who has contributed to a number of articles and books on chemistry-related
While pursuing her Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Purdue University, she studied under Ei-ichi Negishi, the
Nobel Prize-winning scientist. Fang's postdoctoral adviser, Marye Anne Fox, is a recipient of the National
Medal of Science, the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on scientists, engineers and
Changxi Miao, Ph.D., Vice Chief Engineer, SINOPEC Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical
"Recent Advance in Technologies of Coal to Chemicals Developed by SINOPEC"
Coal to chemicals technologies have made a breakthrough in recent years in China, mainly driven by high crude oil price and strong market demand for chemicals. The latest advances in coal to chemicals technologies developed by SINOPEC were reviewed. SINOPEC methanol to olefins (S-MTO) technology has been commercialized successfully in 2011. Industrial demo tests of SINOPEC methanol
to propylene (S-MTP), syngas to ethylene glycol, methanol to xylene (MTX) and SNG
processes are being carried out. A great progress has been made in the research area of
methanol to aromatics (MTA), syngas to olefins (GTO) and acetic acid hydrogenation
technology etc. in lab scale.
Bio: Changxi Miao received his Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from Fudan
University in China in 1996. After graduation, he joined SINOPEC as a research staff. In
2002, he worked at University of California, Berkeley as a visiting scholar. In 2003, he
Website: Email: [email protected] was named Professor. Now he is Vice Chief Engineer of SINOPEC SRIPT and in charge of the R&D of styrene catalyst and technology. Dr. Miao has applied more than 120 patents. He is the author of more than 60 scientific papers in the fields of heterogeneous catalysis and chemical technology. Gautam Saxena, President & CEO, Integrated Analysis Inc.

"Private Cloud Informatics Technology for Mass Spectrometry: 100x Faster, 30% More Identifications,
Zero Hardware and Global Collaborations"

In the world of mass spectrometry, bioinformatics has been argued to be one of the biggest bottlenecks for
effective use of the mounds of generated MS data. A few of the biggest labs have invested multiple years and
millions of dollars building custom, proprietary internal informatics solution to address these informatics needs.
Even back in 2008, we wondered if there was a better way. Many years ago, a startup company that was spun
off from the University of Maryland approached us. They wanted to know if we could develop an informatics
solution for their MS needs. Rather than trying to build a custom solution for a single client, we decided to
approach the problem from the perspective of developing a more general, universally applicable MS informatics
product using all the knowledge we had gained in developing bid data solutions for clients in other fields.
We will share the story of the initial customer needs in 2008, how Johns Hopkins University (JHU) became
ultimately our key client from 2008 to the present day, our missteps along the way (both business and
technical), and ultimately the five major problems we discovered that almost all MS informatics suffered from:
1) securely and robustly storing massive amounts of MS data; 2) processing the MS data 100x faster compared
to traditional approaches by using private cloud technology; 3) enabling true global accessibility and
collaborations; 4) integrating disjointed MS informatics processes; and 5) eliminating/reducing the hidden costs
and complexities of these so-called "enterprise informatics" solutions.
We will conclude with the current state of affairs at JHU, in particular focusing on the exciting companies
-- with reputable venture capital funding -- that the JHU PIs have started based on the putative biomarkers
identified using mass spectrometry coupled with the above-referenced informatics solution.

Bio: Gautam Saxena graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer
Engineering (1999) from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). During his studies,
he founded two companies (a software consulting company and a tax company, the
latter of which was successfully sold.) From 2000 to 2002, he worked as the
"National Solutions Architect" and then the "Global Solutions Architect" for one of
the fastest growing and successful Silicon Valley companies, Informatica Inc. In
those roles, he worked with Informatica's largest clients to outline solutions for their
big data problems. In 2002, he founded Knights Consulting, which for the first six
years was a boutique consulting company focusing on big data projects for Global
100 clients such as National Institute of Health, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Johns Hopkins University, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Thomson Prometric, and Business Objects. In 2008, he renamed Knights Consulting to Integrated Analysis and began development of a software service which was focused on MS-based informatics. Website: Email: [email protected]
Bill Suits
ACS Career Consultant

Bill Suits
serves as a volunteer ACS Career Consultant who has assisted over
2000 in transition in the last twenty years. He continues to host monthly Careers
in Transition meeting in North Jersey. He served as Chair of the North Jersey
section and Chair of the inaugural MARM Board of directors. He continues as a
Councilor for North Jersey and has served on LSAC, CEPA and PR and
Communications committees nationally. After Graduating from the University of
Wisconsin where he played in the Rosebowl, he worked with Chromatography
suppliers in sales, marketing and application roles.
Website: Email: [email protected] Tri-State CACS Officers (2013)
Wendy Wenqing Zhong [email protected] Mark Yueqian Zhen [email protected] Immediate Past-President Fanwen Zeng Secretary Sunny Xuhong Wang [email protected] Rachel Xiaoqiu Wu [email protected]
Board of Directors
Lei, Yabin; Li, Jack Zhigang; Liu, Min; Lu, Yingchun; Ma, Baoqing; Shen,
Hongwei; Wang, Jian; Wang, Lijuan; Wang, Kun; Zeng, Fanwen; Zhen,
Yueqian (Mark); Zhang, Peng; Zhang, Shel; Zhong, Wendy; Zhou, Boli;
Zhu, Xiang (Sam).

Advisory Board
Cao, Guang; Cao, Ping; Chang, David Y.; Chen, Chien-Kuang; Chen, Guodong; Chen, K. Y.; Chen, Meng-Hsin; Chen, Shaoqing; Cheung, Hong-Son; Chiang, Joseph; Duh, How-Yunn; Guo, Paul; Ho, Teh C.; Hsieh, Tony Y.; Hu, Kevin; Hu, Longqin; Lan, Shih-Jung; Li, Ge; Ma, Wuping; Qian, Kuangnan; Shi, Shawn; Shih, Neng-Yang; Siew, Ernest; Su, Heng; Sun, Yongkui; Tan, Hock; Wang, Stephen; Wang, Sunny Xuhong; Wang, Yuguang; Wu, Xiaoqiu; Xia, Tianhui; Yeh, Lisa; Zhang, Donglu; Duxi Zhang, Zhang, Hongjian; Zhang, Xumu Website: Email: [email protected] Website: Email: [email protected] Sponsors

Tri-State CACS gratefully acknowledges the following sponsors for their support of Tri-State CACS and this symposium: Department of Medicinal Chemistry Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy Rutgers University Website: Email: [email protected]


WEEKLY GLOBAL ENERGY Markets SNAPSHOT September 1 – September 5, 2014 News you missed during the week… St Vincent Geothermal Power Plant Could Be Operational By 2018 St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, updating the country on the results of the surface exploration phase of the geothermal project stating that a recent report indicated Mount Soufriere is hosting a high temporary geothermal reservoir of commercial use. Gonsalves further mentioned that if everything "goes well and on scheduled", the geothermal plant is scheduled to begin operations in June 2018. St. Vincent and the Grenadines current peak demand for electricity is 20MW with 5MW generated by hydropower. The government is exploring the development of a 5 to 15 MW geothermal power plant to provide base load power to the country. (Source


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