To bring outstanding wireless communication products to people's lives throughout the world.
Uniden's uh073sx radio is designed to meet the water proofing
standard of JIS7.
Being defined as having no ingress of water when immersed at 1 metre for 30 minutes.
The uh073sx will only meet this rating if fully assembled and all rubber seals and bungs are well maintained and correctly fitted. This means that the speaker microphone bung is inserted, and the battery pack and antenna are attached and securely fastened.
M This equipment contains a Lithium Ion Battery Pack.
M The Lithium Ion Battery Pack contained in this equipment may
explode if disposed of in a fire.
M Do not short-circuit the Battery Pack.
M Do not charge the Lithium Ion Battery Pack used in this equipment in any charger other than the one designed to charge this Battery Pack. Using another charger may damage the Battery Pack or cause the Battery Pack to explode.
M Lithium Ion batteries must be disposed of properly.
The citizen band radio service is licenced in Australia by
ACMA Radio-communications (Citizen Band Radio
Stations) Class Licence and in New Zealand by MED
General User Licence for Citizen Band Radio and
operation is subject to conditions contained in those

Features .2Included in your Package .3Optional Accessories . 3 Mounting the Drop-in Charger .4Attaching the Antenna .4Attaching the Battery Pack .5Attaching the Beltclip .5Charging the Battery Pack.6Battery Level Display.7 Power On/Off .8Volume.8Adjusting the Key Beeps .8Roger Beep .9Selecting Channel .9Squelch.10To Transmit and Receive .11Using a Repeater Channel .12To Operate uh073sx in Duplex Mode .13Scanning.13 Open Scan (OS) Mode.13Group Scan (GS) Mode.14Programming Scan Channels .15 Priority Channel .15 Choosing a Priority Channel.15 Drop-Out Delay.15Advanced Features .16 Power Save .18Back Lighting .18Keypad Lock .18Busy Channel Lock-out (BCL) .19Monitor .19 UHF Channel and Frequencies.20
CTCSS Codes and Frequencies .21
Warranty .22
Controls and Indicators .23

The uh073sx is a JIS7 Waterproof, portable two-way UHF-CB radio. It is compact, rugged and fits easily in your hand. This hand held UHF radio will give you consistent, outstanding performance in virtually all conditions and situations. To ensure that you get the most from the uh073sx features, please read this operating guide carefully before using the unit.
! 40 UHF CB Channels
! 3W Max TX Power ! 1W/3W Switchable TX Power ! Waterproof (meets JIS7 waterproof specifications) ! Rubber Grips/Seal ! 38 Built-in CTCSS codes ! Backlit Keypad & LCD Display ! Open and Group Scan ! Busy Channel Lockout Function ! Battery Type: Lithium-lon Rechargeable ! Low Battery Alert ! Battery strength Indicator ! Auto Battery Save ! Battery Cover with charge contacts INCLUDED IN YOUR PACKAGE
If any of these items are missing from the box, contact your Uniden Dealer, immediately. M VOX HeadsetM External Speaker Mic Mounting the Drop-in Charger
1. Mount the drop-in charger to either a table or wall.
Table:Attach the drop-in charger using the mountingscrews and washers.
Wall:Insert the two mounting screws into the wallkeeping the same space as the holes on thecharger.
Place the charger with the screwsthrough the larger holes then turn thecharger.
2. Plug one end of the AC adapter into the wall outlet and the other end into the drop-in charger.
When you mount the drop-in charger in a mobilevehicle, use the optional cigarette lead instead.
Attaching the Antenna
Attach the antenna to the uh073sx.
Be sure the antenna is firmly seated.
Attaching the Battery Pack
1. Place the battery pack onto the back of the radio. It will only fit in one way.
2. Snap the battery release clip until it clicks.
Be sure the battery pack fits tightly againstthe uh073sx body.
Avoid exposing the Lithium Ion battery, attached or unattached tothe radio, in direct sunshine, heated cars, or in areas withtemperatures below –20°C (–4°F) or above +60°C (+140°F).
Exposing the chemicals contained within the battery pack totemperatures above +60 °C (+140° F) may cause the battery torupture, fail or reduce performance.
In case of exposure to cell contents, wash the affected areathoroughly, and seek medical attention.
Additional battery cautions should be applied as described on pagei of your Owner 's Manual.
Attaching the Beltclip
1. Hold the beltclip in the direction.
2. Apply it to the hanger piece on the back of the radio. Then slide it up.
3. You will hear a click. The beltclip is firmly 4. To take the beltclip off the radio, turn it and slid it up.
Charging the Battery Pack
Your radio is powered by a specially designed Lithium Ion battery pack.
! Before operating the uh073sx, charge the Lithium Ion battery pack for 5 hours without interruption in the drop-in charger.
1. Place the uh073sx in the drop-in charger.
2. The red LED illuminates and stays ON, until fully ! The charger won't overcharge the battery pack. When charging is completed, the charge LED is no longer illuminated.
! Do not transmit when the uh073sx is in the drop-in charger!
! You can monitor incoming calls while the uh073sx is in the drop-in charger.
Battery Level Display
The BATTERY icon in the top right hand corner of the screen indicates theuh073sx current battery voltage level at all times. The battery level is displayed in4 levels.
Battery 100% full Battery approx. 40% capacity LEVEL 1 (flashing) When PTT is pressed at Level Empty, battery icon and
channel number will flash, transmission is disabled. Recharge the battery at any time. From empty the battery will take up to 5 hours to fully charge. Battery Life : 12 Hours (Typical) This is based on the following Duty Cycle: Transmit (Low Power) See the Controls and Indicators page at the back of this operating guide for button and key operations.
To turn the unit ON, rotate the [ON/OFF VOL]
clockwise. A channel number and battery level should appear on the display.
To turn the unit OFF, rotate the [ON/OFF VOL]
knob counter-clockwise. The display will disappear.
Rotate the [ON/OFF VOL] knob clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust
speaker volume to desired listening level.
Your radio emits a beep each time-one of the keys (except for the PTT or mon)
are pressed.
To turn OFF this beep: Press and hold while turning on the radio.
To turn ON this beep: Press and hold while turning on the radio.
Roger Beep is a BEEP that is sent to notify the end of transmission (both PTT
and VOX transmission.) Roger Beep can be heard through the speaker when
Key Beep is on. Roger Beep is transmitted even if key beep is turned off.
However Roger Beep will not be heard from the speaker.
To turn OFF Roger Beep: Press and hold while turning on the radio.
To turn ON Roger Beep: Press and hold while turning on the radio.
Press or to select the desired channel.
If you press and hold the or ,channel number will scroll rapidly. SQUELCH
The squelch is used to eliminate any annoying background noise when there
are no signals present.
Make sure to first select a channel not in use before setting the squelch in your uh073sx UHF-CB radio. Think of squelch as a gate. Turn [SQ] fully
clockwise. This raises the "Squelch Gate" so high that only the very strong signals can get through.
Turn [SQ] fully counter clockwise until you hear a
hiss. This opens the "Squelch Gate" so that
everything gets through noise, weak signal, and strong signals.
To set the "Squelch Gate" to the desired level, turn [SQ] counter-clockwise until you hear noise. Then
turn the [SQ] clockwise just until the noise
stopped. Now only the desired signal can get If an incoming signal is very weak there is a possibility that you will have a choppy or broken reception, due to the sensitivity of the squelch. In this case, simply rotate the [SQ] clockwise
until the weak signal is heard clearly. TO TRANSMIT AND RECEIVE
The uh073sx uses the 40 UHF-CB Channels. For your reference a list of the
available channels and corresponding frequencies is printed at the end of this 1. The maximum RF transmit power of uh073sx is 3 Watts.
To switch to low power, press . LOW appears on the LCD.
To switch back to higher power, press 1/3wagain. LOW indicator disappears from the LCD.
2. Before you transmit, listen for activity on the selected channel.
3. When the channel is clear, press and hold the to transmit. TX appears on the LCD.
Hold the radio with microphone approximately five cms in front of your mouth with the antenna at approximately 45* angle away from your head. Speak in a clear, normal 4. When you have finished speaking, release the and listen for a response. TX indicator then disappears on the LCD.
The display shows BUSY when a transmission
is being received by your radio.
UHF CB Repeaters are used to retransmit or relay your signal. Repeaters will
extend the range of your radio and overcome the shielding effect caused by solid obstructions.
In normal Simplex operation, your radio transmits on one particular frequency and receives on that same frequency. If there is a barrier (i.e. a Tall Building) that partially blocks your transmitted signal, the possibility of the other radio receiving the signal is very slim. Valleys, metallic structures, etc., tend to act as a screen between radios.
Standard Operation without the aid of a Repeater Station Normal Simplex Operation Transmitting on CH 01 Operation with the aid of a Repeater With Duplex operation, the signal coming from your radio is received by the Repeater station and then re-transmitted at the same time on another channel.
Your uh073sx is designed with duplex capability on Channels 1 to 8. When any of these channels are set to operate in duplex mode during transmission, the uh073sx automatically sends the signal at a frequency 30 channels above the original in order to access the repeater station. After transmitting, the radio reverts back to its original operating frequency.
1. CH01 is on Duplex Mode - will receive on CH01 but Transmit on CH31 2. CH02 is on Duplex Mode - will Receive on CH02 but Transmit on CH32, etc….
Refer to UHF Channel & Frequencies table on page 20.
Eg. CH01 is being used in your area for repeater use.
Press momentarily . The DUP icon appears.
Press again to deactivate the duplex operation.
uh073sx will return to simplex operation.
Check with your local retailer for available repeaters. SCANNING
The uh073sx has two types of scanning; Open Scanning (OS) and Group
Scanning (GS).
Scanning allows you to search for active channels programmed in the OS or GS memory.
To initiate scanning; 1. Assuming the unit is on CH17 when switched on.
2. Press scan and scanning starts. Scan icon flashes during scanning.
Open Scan (OS) Mode (the absence of GS icon indicates that the unit is on
Allows continuous scanning of channels stored in the Open Scan (OS) memory.
If an active channel is found, scanning will stop on that channel.
The factory has preprogrammed all the 40 UHF channels into the Open Scan channel memory. However, you can change or customize the channels by following the steps on programming Scan Channels on page 15. Example: CH40 becomes active
If the received signal cease, the unit will wait for at least 3 seconds for the signal to return, otherwise scanning resumes.
To skip the active channel, press mem momentarily. Scanning resumes.
To deactivate SCAN, press scan or
If SCAN is deactivated while in an active channel, the uh073sx will stay on that active channel. If no other channels are active, the uh073sx will reinstate the starting channel. Group Scan (GS) Mode
Allows you to monitor a Priority Channel while scanning.
To use GS Mode Scanning, press the icon appears on the GS Scanning checks the Priority channel activity regularly.
If GS Scanning is initiated when there are no channels programmed in GS memory, an error tone will be heard and scanning will not start. If the Priority channel becomes active the radio will stay on that channel for as long as the signal is present. If the received signal ceases, Priority scanning continues after 3 seconds.
If scanning stops on a channel which is not a Priority Channel the uh073sx will continue monitoring the Priority Channel for activity while listening to the active one. To deactivate SCAN, press the scan or
If SCAN is deactivated while it is turned to an active channel, the uh073sx will stay on that active channel. If none of the channels are active, the uh073sx will reinstate the Priority channel. Programming Scan Channels
1. Select which Scanning Mode you wish to use OS or GS Mode.
OS is indicated by the absence of the GS icon. 2. Select the channel you want to store by pressing 3. Press and hold mem for 1.5 secs. to store. MEM icon appears and two
short tone beeps are heard.
4. To remove the channels from Memory, press and hold for 1.5 secs.
once more. Two short tone beeps are heard and the MEM icon disappears.
The Priority Channel feature allows user to monitor one of 40 channels in the
uh073sx, monitoring it every 1.5 secs. during Group Scanning.
Choosing a Priority Channel
The starting channel, when Group Scanning is initiated, is always the Priority Channel. To change the priority channel setting while scanning, (eg. PRI Channel is CH17 (476.825 MHz )); a. press , to select a higher channel (scanning b. press , to select a lower channel.
While scanning, the uh073sx stops at a busy channel and receives a
transmission. When the received signal is over, the unit will wait for 3 seconds for the return of the signal, otherwise, the radio resumes scanning.
CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System)
CTCSS is a feature that allows a group to talk to each other without hearing other users on the same channel.
Programming CTCSS Code
1. Select a desired channel to be used with CTCSS.
2. Press and hold for 1.5 secs. CTCSS icon blinks.
3. Press or to select the desired CTCSS code.
4. Press to save the selected code. CTCSS icon stop The uh073sx will return to standby mode after 10 secs. of no activity. CTCSS code can be programmed on every channel. There are 38 available CTCSS tone per channel. CTCSS Scan Operation
1. Press to st
art scanning (GS or OS) mode.
2. Press and hold to change to CTCSS scan mode.
3. When a signal is sensed on a CTCSS CH, the uh073sx stops for about 400msecs (decode time) to decode the CTCSS code. If there is no code or thereceive code does not match the one programmed on the unit, the unitresumes scanning.
Channels 5 and 35 are used for emergency channels. CTCSS will not operate on these channels. MBuilt-in Voice Activated Circuit (VOX) feature enables the user to
transmit automatically by speaking on the microphone of the VOX headset (not supplied) without pressing the PTT switch.
VOX feature will not work without the Vox Headset Microphone. The built in mic of uh073sx is temporarily disabled, however accidental pressing of PTT will cause the unit to transmit briefly.
To activate VOX
1. Press and hold for 1.5 secs. "VOX" icon blinks.
2. Press either or within 10 secs. to select the desired VOX sensitivity level (9 with the lowest sensitivity to 1 with the highest sensitivity).
3. Press to save the selected level. "VOX" icon stop 4. Install VOX Headset (not supplied) to uh073sx.
To De-activate VOX
1. Remove VOX Headset from uh073sx.
2. Press and hold for 1.5 secs. until "VOX" blinks.
3. Press repeatedly and until "oF" is displayed.
4. Press to save the setting. "VOX" icon disappears.
Changing the VOX sensitivity setting to "oF" without removing the microphone will cause the unit to transmit continuously. POWER SAVE
Battery Save feature extends the battery life by switching the receiver circuit
power ON and OFF. This feature automatically activates during standby mode
(RX mode without signal).
The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and function keys are backlit for easy
viewing at night or in low light situations. The back lighting automatically
switches ON every time a key (except PTT) is pressed. It turns OFF 5 secs
after the last key is pressed.
To prevent accidental entries, you can lock the keypad.
Press and hold the button until it beeps to activate Key Lock.
icon appears.
To unlock the keypad, press and hold the lock button again. icon
When the Key Lock is active, a warning beep will be heard if you attempt to press keys. (except for the PTT button) BUSY CHANNEL LOCK-OUT (BCL)
This feature prevents accidental transmission on a busy channel.
This is recommended on channels where CTCSS is being used. If the
channel is "active" and the signal is coming from a non or different CTCSS
code user the BCL feature will prevent you from transmitting.
To activate BCL
Press and hold for 1.5 secs. until "BCL" appears on display
To De-activate BCL
Press and hold for 1.5 secs. until "BCL" disappears from the display
This feature enables users to listen in for weak signals on the current channel
at the press of a button.
To use monitor
! For brief listening, press .
! For continuous listening. Press and hold for 2 sec. beep will be heard and the receiver circuit will stay open letting in both the noise & weak signals.
! Display shows MON and BUSY icons.
! To return to normal receive mode press .
Please follow these guidelines for channel use in Australia:• Channels 05 and 35 are Emergency Channels.
• Channel 11 is a Calling Channel.
• Channels 22 and 23 are for telemetry and telecommand applications and TX should be avoided on these channels.
General communication is accepted on all other channels with theseguidelines:• Channel 40 - road channel (Australia).
• Channels 01- 08 (and 31- 38) are repeater channels.
Two Year Limited Warranty

Note: Please keep your sales docket as it provides evidence of warranty.
Warrantor: Uniden Australia Pty Limited ABN 58 001 865 498 Uniden New Zealand Limited
Warranty only available in original country of purchase
Elements of Warranty:
Uniden warrants to the original retail owner for the duration of this
warranty, its uh073sx UHF CB Transceiver Radio (hereinafter referred to as the Product)
to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship with only the limitations or exclusions set out below.
Warranty Duration: This warranty to the original retail owner only, shall terminate and be
of no further effect TWO (2) years after the date of original retail sale. This warranty will
be deemed invalid if the Product is;
(A) Damaged or not maintained as reasonable and necessary,
(B) Modified, altered or used as part of any conversion kits, subassemblies, or any
configurations not sold by Uniden,
(C) Improperly installed,
(D) Repaired by someone other than an authorized Uniden Repair Agent for a defect or
malfunction covered by this warranty,
(E) Used in conjunction with any equipment or parts or as part of a system not
manufactured by Uniden, or
(F) Where the Serial Number label of the product has been removed or damaged beyond
Warranty only valid in the country of original retail/sale.
Parts Covered: This warranty covers for TWO (2) years, the Product and included
Statement of remedy: In the event that the Product does not conform to this warranty at
any time while this warranty is in effect, the warrantor at its discretion, will repair the
defect or replace the Product and return it to you without charge for parts or service. This
warranty does not provide for reimbursement or payment of incidental or consequential
This EXPRESS WARRANTY is in addition to and does not in any way affect your rights
under the TRADE PRACTICES ACT 1974 (Cth) (Australia) or the CONSUMER
Procedure for obtaining performance of warranty: In the event that the Product does
not conform to this warranty, the Product should be shipped or delivered, freight prepaid,
with evidence of original purchase, (eg. a copy of the sales docket) to the warrantor at: UNIDEN AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED UNIDEN NEW ZEALAND LTD Service Division 345 Princes Highway, 150 Harris Road, East Tamaki, Rockdale NSW 2216 Fax (02) 9599 3278 Fax (09) 274 4253 Customers in other states should ship or deliver the Product freight pre-paid to the nearest Uniden Authorized Repair Centre. (Contact Uniden for the Warranty Agent nearest you.) CONTROLS & INDICATORS
11 ON/OFF VOL Knob 12 Squelch Knob (SQ) 14 Monitor Button (mon) 4 Battery Release Clip 5 PTT (Push to Talk) Key 15 Open Scan/Group Scan 6 Memory Key (MEM) 16 Channel Up Button ( ) 7 Scan Button (SCAN)/ 17 Duplex Key (dup)/ Busy Channel Lock-Out CTCSS Key (ctcss) 18 Channel Down Button ( ) 8 TX Power/Lock Button 10 Speaker MIC (Optional) Jack LCD Display
M Battery Level Indicator G Busy Channel Lock Out 2007 Uniden Australia Pty Limited/Uniden New Zealand LimitedPart Code UTZZ01936ZA(0). Printed in China

Source: http://www.uniden.co.nz/resources_main/pdfs/uh073sx_OMforweb.pdf


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