Peradeniya University Alumni Australia, Victoria Chapter for the year 2010 -2011 PUAAVic, PO Box 750, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150 19th November 2011 1 UNIVERSITY OF PERADENIYA
The Peradeniya University Alumni Australia Victoria Chapter has come a long way from its small beginnings. In our formative years we were simply focused on building a community of alumni in Victoria who had enjoyed the Peradeniya experience. In the years since then, the alumni association has been successful in bringing the Peradeniya community together. This has gone a long way towards making us feel comfortable and secure in our adopted land. We have derived much emotional fulfilment and joy from the community we continue to build and nurture. We have made and enjoyed many wonderful friendships and continue to do so. The Alumni is aware that not every event or project appeals to all its members. For some the annual dinner dance is an occasion to meet, greet and have some fun together. Others derive much greater pleasure from a cultural event. Yet for others a weekend away together with their friends is an ideal time to relax and leisurely enjoy each other's company. While we continue to provide such outlets to make our community stronger and more closely bonded, we have tried to give such occasions more meaning by utilising the profits from such events towards putting back something to Peradeniya University. 1.2 PAST GLORY
I entered the university in the latter part of the sixties, so did a large section of the alumni in Victoria. It was a time when the government had introduced measures to standardise entry to assist students from the disadvantaged areas. It was also a time when students could study for the first time in the Sinhala and Tamil languages to enter the more lucrative courses accessible through the science stream previously available only in English. This resulted in a rich community of students from a varied backgrounds being thrown together. At the time, the university was still well funded by the government. The academic staff were quite dedicated and content. Sports facilities were well maintained. All the meals were served in the dining halls. The creative arts flourished with the culmination in the production of some of the greatest works of Sinhala theatre by Professor Ediriweera Sarathchandra. Not only did we get a valuable education but we were oblivious to the fact that we had been afforded a rare edifying experience we would cherish right through our lives. 1.3 DECLINE
Sadly over the years since then, the university experience has continued to decline as a result of funding constraints. In the recent past the government understandably has had to fund the military by drastically cutting back on services including university education. The decline however began to occur much earlier. Successive governments have overcrowded the university without increasing its facilities. They have gradually wrested its autonomy. The ruling class has abandoned the university as their children no longer aspire to study in local universities. The frustration, particularly among students in the less lucrative fields of study, has increased with declining prospects for employment. Students returning with foreign degrees are being preferred by the private sector. Many higher educational institutes affiliated to foreign universities have sprung up in competition. Even the current mood of the government is towards promoting and investing in a private university model, thereby reducing the funds for the local universities even further. PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 1.4 WHAT THE VICTORIA CHAPTER OF THE ALUMNI CAN DO
The situation would make some of us despondent and resigned to the idea that the future prospects for the university are bleak. Yet for others it may become a spur to find out what they could do to improve the experience. In this respect, there is reason to be hopeful that all our chapters in Australia are attempting to assist the university in a number of ways. What we can do today may be quite modest but as we become better organised, and as we find investment opportunities at Peradeniya more accountable and effective, more people will become convinced that we can make a difference. As we grow in strength we may even find a strong political voice to influence greater interest and investment in Peradeniya. It has been suggested that the alumni who entered the university in more recent times do not harbour the same affection for the university as those who entered it some four decades ago. I believe this is a mistaken notion. Whenever a group of adolescence live and learn together in such freedom as at the Peradeniya University, they would find their own enjoyment and will continue to do so even if in the earlier era things were more comfortable than now. I think the significant difference is that those of us who were at the university long ago have now reached an age when we find that our immediate familial responsibilities are diminishing. As a result we are looking to satisfy our self-actualisation needs. The younger alumni members are still looking after young families and are trying to establish themselves. We have no reason to doubt that as they mature and as their commitments become less burdensome, their commitment and contribution to the University will come through and will not be any less than those from any earlier era. PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 2 THE YEAR THAT WAS
2.1.1 INTER UNIVERSITY CRICKET MATCH On the 26th of January 2011 the Australia day, the alumni engaged in two cricket matches, one for men and another for women against teams from the alumni of Kelaniya University. The matches were played over a BBQ and replaced the outdoor event the alumni used to have each year. This event was significant because it was the first event in which two main universities from Sri Lanka brought their alumni together. Subsequent to this event a dialogue sprung up between four universities and we expect all four universities to take part in the cricket match next year. 2.1.2 AN EVENING WITH JAYALATH MANORATNE In the Easter holidays of 2011 Jayalath Manoratne visited Australia. The alumni proudly showcased the considerable talents of our own alumnus with an evening with Jayalath Manoratne. It was a very enjoyable night when Jayalath Manoratne was able to trace the traditions of the performing arts of the country. His erudite expose was punctuated by his ready wit and self-deprecating humour. It is a pity that a larger audience could not witness this wonderful performance mainly because of the timing of the event. 2.1.3 HANTANE NITE 2011 This year the Hantane Nite was held at the Box Hill Town Hall and a large group of people enjoyed the event. The event again had started at the foyer when people met and had a drink in a relaxed manner before they got into the more formal proceedings. It had all the grandeur and allurement the occasion demanded. The event has progressively improved over the years and today it is an important event in the Sri Lankan Calendar. As in previous years, this year too, the event had a fund raising component to it and a significant profit was secured. 2.1.4 WORKSHOP FOR NEW MIGRANTS SEEKING EMPLOYMENT This was the second year in succession when this seminar was held. The alumni secured two speakers who had many years of experience in providing such services. It was attended by a large number of prospective employees who had recently migrated and were looking for employment. Many were encouraged by meeting each other and by the speakers. 2.1.5 SALE OF GREETING CARDS FOR MUSEUM PROJECT The university has planned on building a museum and an art gallery for valuable books and works of art it had been generously gifted by well-wishers. The alumni printed and sold greeting cards both to collect funds and to create awareness of the project. 2.1.6 WEEKEND TRIP TO SILVERWATER RESORT, SAN REMO This year the annual trip was held over the weekend before the Melbourne cup at the Silverwater Resort in San Remo. The highlight of the weekend was the dinner with live music at the resort. As has now become the custom skits were presented by four groups. They were based on campus life to the great amusement and enjoyment of all present. On the other days as evening fell, people gathered into a house and sang late into the night the golden oldies and songs from the theatre. PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 As I write this report arrangements are afoot to hold a family night following the Annual General Meeting. 2.2 FORTHCOMING PROJECTS
2.2.1 BOOK DONATIONS The ongoing attempt to secure books requested by the university has continued into the second year. This has been by far the largest investment made by the alumni. Many alumni members directly funded some of the books. The contribution made by Basil de Silva in gifting his large private collection of books in Mathematical Statistics needs specific mention. Alumni Academics & Professionals would be approached to find out what books they can spare for donation and a list created and forwarded to the faculty libraries. The association will be ready to make its first remittance for this project. 2.2.3 SCHOLARSHIPS The association is taking steps to launch a scholarship program in the following year. For this purpose a reserve has been created. 2.2.4 INVESTMENT IN ALUMNI COMMUNITY IN VICTORIA During a recent discussion on allocation of funds there was a strong view expressed that some funds should be reinvested in the community to promote more participation and attract new members. As a result a reserve has now been created for this purpose. 2.3 RELATIONSHIPS
2.3.1 COMMITTEE, FINANCIAL MEMBERS AND ALUMNI IN VICTORIA The association has never discriminated between a financial member and a non-financial member when it organised any event or project. This has prompted some to question the value of being a financial member. The only difference is that a financial member has the privilege to serve in the committee. We believe that to be a member would be perceived as a badge of honour. A serious attempt has also been made to obscure the demarcation between the committee and general membership. This is particularly evident in the many alumni who voluntarily worked in sub committees to bring events to fruition. We hope the structure of the organisation continues to move in this direction. 2.3.2 BETWEEN CHAPTERS Another important relationship we have strengthened this year was between the three Peradeniya Alumni chapters in Australia, namely New South Wales, Western Australia and us. We had already been sharing a common website for some years now. This year both organisations assisted in the sale of greeting cards and some costs were shared between New South Wales and us in bringing Jayalath Manoratne. PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 2.3.3 CANBERRA CHAPTER We welcome the newest chapter that of Canberra to the fold of Peradeniya Alumni chapters in Australia. 2.3.4 INTER UNIVERSITY IN VICTORIA As mentioned earlier, following the cricket match we have formed a joint working group with the other universities in establishing an informal committee to look at the possibility of launching joint ventures. 2.4 FUTURE
It is usually futile to speak about the future. Our alumni association is a living organisation of capable people who will continue to rotate within the committee and carry it to places we cannot easily predict. However, we attempt with each cycle to contribute to some worthwhile traditions for the good of the organisation. 2.4.1 MEMBERSHIP The organisation does not discriminate any alumnus of our university in Victoria from any event or project on the basis of whether the alumnus is a financial member. We promote every alumnus in Victoria to take up membership not because of it offers them any advantage but because it provides an avenue to influence the direction and continued growth of the organisation. 2.4.2 DEMOGRAPHY The committee realised that the composition of the membership and participation of alumni was not representative of the alumni population in Victoria. It has recognised that the younger alumni are not as well represented in the executive committee. It also recognised that ethnic diversity was lacking. It has accordingly taken steps to positively reinforce these groups so that they could formulate and include new events more relevant to their demographic groups and thereby provide a more universal appeal to all alumni. 2.4.3 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE A fine tradition that has come into being in the organisation is the one term president. Attempts are being made to impress upon new entrants that they should look at a short stint at the committee and achieve whatever they set out to do in that period. The committee then becomes a place to do rather than a place to be. Past committee members are further encouraged to serve in sub-committees and re-enter the committee after some time. All this will assist in the membership taking ownership for the organisation rather than creating a perception that it is an organisation run by a narrow group. 2.4.4 STRUCTURES It is hoped that more sub-committees would be formed with non committee members so that the committee will simply take responsibility and determine between competing projects and events while sub-committees will execute them. This we hope would retain capable members contributing to the organisation after they leave the committee. PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 3 FINANCIAL REPORT
The annual report has been prepared for the period in which the executive committee was elected at the last Annual General Meeting whereas the financial report covers the period from 1st July 2010 to 30th June 2011. This year the surplus at the end of the year has doubled that of the two previous years. This has been the result of two additional revenue generating activities of the sale of greeting cards and the Monaratne Sajyaa held in April. However the Hantane Nite remains the activity which provides the greatest surplus. The accounts have been presented slightly differently. Activities such as direct donations provided for specific support of individuals or organisations have been removed from income and expenses and presented under donations. This prevents distortion of revenue and expenditure figures. A similar approach is taken for the activities where only the surplus after expenses is taken as revenue. Details of income and expenses for each project are provided as notes. The committee has decided to create the following reserves for the surpluses of this year and the previous years after preserving sufficient working capital for on-going operations. Donation to the Museum & Art Gallery Project Reserve for ongoing donation of library books Reserve for scholarship fund Reserve to invest in community programs PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 3.2 INCOME AND EXPENDITURE STATEMENT FOR THE 1ST JULY 2010 TO 30TH JUNE 2011
30th June 2011
30th June 2010
30th June 2009
Surplus from Hantane Nite (Current Year) Surplus from Jayalath Manoratne Sajjya Surplus from Greeting Cards Residual Surplus Hantane Nite (Previous Year) Web Services refunds NSW & WA Echo Cardiogram Project Receipts Expenditure
Annual General Meeting Australia Post PO Box Consumer Affairs corporate charges Cricket Match expenses Income Over Expenditure
Incidental Donations
Flowers for funeral BikeOz Charity Ride – Donation - Contributions Jagath Dissanayake – Donation - Contributions Louis Braille Anniversary – Donation - Contributions Book for the Library - Donations Income Over Expenditure after Incidental
Funds Reserved for Donations
Donation for the Museum & Art Gallery Reserve for Donations for Library Books Reserve for Scholarships program Reserve for Community programs Excess Funds after donations
Members Funds Brought Forward from Last
Donations of Books for the Library Less Direct Donations for Books Members Funds Retained from Last Year
PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 3.3 FINANCIAL POSITION AS AT 30TH JUNE 2011
30th June 2011
30th June 2010
30th June 2009
Web Services Receivable Card in Stock & On Consignment Hantane Nite Receivables Liabilities
Hantane Nite Payables Expenses for Greeting Cards Payable Jayalath Manoratne Show Payable Web Services Payable Net Assets
Represented by
Members' Funds
Reserve for the Museum & Art Reserve for Library Books Reserve for Scholarships Reserve for Community Programs Retained from Previous Year Retained from Current Year PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 3.4 NOTES TO THE TWO STATEMENTS
Note 1 - Hantane Nite 2011
Hantane Nite remains the event which brings in the la rganis ation. Each year the exp en ses have rise n only moderately but the revenue has increased more than the expenses. The surplus has increased steadily over the three years. As the event is held in June, large amounts in receivables and payables necessarily result in the balance sheet. These together with the breakdown of the expenses are displayed below. Year to 30 Jun 2011
Year to 30 Jun 2010
Year to 30 Jun 2009
Donations Received at the gate Excess income banked Receivables
Hall Hire & Charges - Note 1a Souvenir Printing Menu & Ticket Printing & Freight Soft Drinks & Bites Video, Screens expenses Payables
Surplus from Hantane Nite
Note 2 – Jayalath Manoratne Sajjya
This is not an annual event. However the organisation may seek to p resent a ala Cultural sh ow every n expenses were shared with NSW. Year to 30 Jun 2011
Donations received Excess income banked Expenses
Donation to Artistes NSW for shared expenses Expenses at rehearsals Food & Beverages including rehearsals Surplus from Manoratne Sajyaa
Total Payable Amount
PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 Note 3 - Greeting Cards
The cards were sold to create awareness and support the Peradeniya University ject. The card s on consignment & on stock have been taken to stock at cost price including cost borne by benefactor. Net realisable value of the cards in stock $476.40. Year to 30 Jun 2011
Donations - Girl & Bird Card (780 cards) Donations - Dancer Card (300 cards) Expenditure
Postage & Handling Less Cost of Consignment & Stock Less Cost borne by benefactor Surplus from Greeting Cards - P & L
Total Payable Amount
On Consignment & Stock - Girl & Bird On Consignment & Stock – Dancer Card in Stock & On Consignment
Note 4 - Previous year's HantaneNight
The Hanatane Night of 2009 being accounted for as income in 2009 distorts the 2009 income results. The $65 shown as cash on hand was analysed as revenue from Hantane Nite for last year. Year to 30 J un 2010
Year to 30 J un 2009
Note 5 - Weekend Trips
Year to 30 Jun 2011
Payments Received PUUAViC Spent in advance Year to 30 J un 2010
Year to 30 J un 2009
Note 6 - Contributions for Book Donation
Year to 30 Jun 2011
This was utilised in subsequent years. Note 6 - Annual General Meeting
Year to 30 Jun 2011
Year to 30 Jun 2010
Year to 30 Jun 2009
Donations at the gate Expenditure
Supplies, plastic cutlery etc. Gifts to musicians Note 7 - PUAAViC Banners
Year to 30 Jun 2011
Year to 30 Jun 2010
Year to 30 Jun 2009
expensed in the year and not capitalised Year to 30 Jun 2010
Year to 30 Jun 2009
Note 8 - Books for the Library Project
Year to 30 Jun 2011
Specific Donations received Donations provided PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011
Note 9 - Book Donations (Accounting for remittances)
All amounts in Sri Lanka Rupees Description
669,101.00 152,476.00
Book Supplier
Jaya book center 19/08/2010 CR10605 25/08/2010 CR10716 26/08/2010 CR10732 27/08/2010 CR10765 27/08/2010 CR10770 Jaya book center 12/05/2011 GaminiH Total Used
627,699.03 151,081.60
Balance at Hand
PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 3.5 INTERIM ACCOUNTS UNTIL 7TH NOVEMBER 2011
Financial Position as at 0 7/11/2011
Web Services Receivable Card in Stock & On Consignment Hantane Nite 2011 Receivables AGM 2012 prepayments Liabilities
Hantane Nite 2011 Payables Expenses for Greeting Cards Payable Jayalath Manoratne Show Payable Web Services Payable Net Assets
Represented by
Members' Funds
Retained from Previous Year Reserve for the Museum & Art Gallery Reserve for Library Books Reserve for Scholarships Reserve for Community Activity Surplus in the period 1st July to 7 Nov Activity during the period 1st July 2011 to 7th November

Membership Received Expenditure
General expenses PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 4 AUDITOR'S REPORT

PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011


Executive Committee 2010-2011
Mr. Gamini de Alwis
Committee Members
Dr. Basil de Silva - Vice President Dr. Thilak Gunatillake Mr. Ajith de Silva - Vice President Dr. Daya Dayawansa Dr. Nimal Nilaweera Mr. Prem Kanahara Mr . Prasanna Kalusinghe - Treasurer Mr. Gamini Hemachandra Mr. Gamini Maharage Dr. Chakra Wijesundera Mr. Sunil Aratchchi - Public Officer Mr. Sarath Jayasuriya Mr. Chaminda Jayasena - Assistant Secretary Mr. Nirmalal Dias - Assistant Treasurer The executive committee of Peradeniya University Alumni Australia Victoria Chapter declare that: 1. The financial statements, comprising the statement of income & expenditure, statement of financial position and the accompanying notes are in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards and  comply with Australian equivalents of the International Financial Reporting Standards (AIFRS) have been developed by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB)as required by Consumer Affairs Victoria and  give a true and fair view of the financial position as at 30 June 2011 and of the performance for the year ended on that date of the association. 2. The association has included in the notes to the financial statements an explicit and unreserved statement of compliance with Financial Reporting Standards. 3. In the executive committees' opinion, there are reasonable grounds to believe that the association company will be able to pay its debts as and when they become due and payable. This declaration is made in accordance with a resolution of the committee and is signed for and on behalf of the committee by PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 6 MINUTES OF THE AGM 2010-2011

: 13th November 2010 : 6:15pm – 7:30pm : 284 Thompson Road, Lower Templestowe, VIC 3107
1. Minutes of the last AGM - The secretary informed that the minutes is not available and will be
emailed to the committee in a later date. 2. Treasurer's Report - The treasurer presented the annual financial statement report prepared by
the auditor and the detailed income/expenditure statements. The treasurer's report was approved as proposed by Gamini Hemachandra and seconded by Nirmalal Dias. 3. President's Address - President Prem Kanahara addressed the meeting summarising the events
carried out during year 2009-2010 and thanked the committee and the members who lent support to fulfil the activities during his presidency. President stepped down from his position. Mrs Kusumi Soysa has presided as the interim president. 4. Election of 15 executive committee members for 2010-2011 Based on the nominations for the
15 positions in the executive committee, following committee members were appointed for the year of 2010-2011. Prem Kanahara Prasanna Kalusinghe Chaminda Jayasena Gamini Hemachandra Tilak Gunatillake Chakra Wijesundera Sarath Jayasuriya The 15 members of the executive committee then made the following appointments to the positions
Chakra Wijesundera Secretary
Prasanna Kalusinghe ChakraWijesundera Vice President
Gamini Hemachandra Chaminda Jayasena Vice President
Chaminda Jayasena Chakra Wijesundera Nimal Nilaweera Public Officer
Assistant Secretary
Chaminda Jayasena Gamini Hemachandra Assistant Treasurer
Gamini Hemachandra Chaminda Jayasena
5. Announcement of the office bearers for 2010-2011 - Secretary has announced the new office
bearers to the meeting. 6. Any other business and suggestions – It was decided that the dates for the main events of the
year should be finalised at the first committee meeting. The first committee meeting was to be held at Gamini de Alwis' residence on 4 December 2010. It was discussed that Jayalath Manoratne's stage play Anderae to be stage in Melbourne for the purpose of fundraising for the association. The invitation from Kelaniya University Alumni Associations for a cricket match on 12 December 2010 was also discussed. Prepared by
Nimal Nilaweera - Secretary PUUAViC
PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 7 THANK YOU
 Sarath Abeyakoon – The vice chancellor of Peradeniya University who despite his demanding schedule sent us a message for our souvenir and assisted us in Book Donation and the Museum & Art Gallery projects.  Paradeniya Alumni Association, the parent body - for helping in the distribution of the books  New South Wales Chapter & its president Wasantha Wickramanayake - for supporting the sale of greeting cards & collaborating with us in securing Jayalath Monoratne for the show.  Western Australia Chapter & its president Bandula Gunawardena at the time – Supporting the sale of greeting cards  Kelaniya University Alumni Association Australia & its president at the time Ajith Kumarapperuma - for jointly organising the cricket match. 7.2 HONORARY AUDITOR
Mr Jay Kanahara - Despite his busy work schedule as a senior manager at the ANZ bank he has graciously agreed to be our auditor in an honorary capacity and has audited our accounts. 7.3 MEMBERS FROM THE VICTORIAN COMMUNITY WHO HELPED US
Thusitha Karunaratne – for umpiring the cricket match and providing music at the San Remo - Sound control at Manoratne Sajyaa. Bhanuka Manoratne - Music arrangements and conducting at Manoratne Sajyaa. Srinath Maddumage - For compering at Manoratne Sajyaa Upali Perera - For playing the Serpina and bringing his students at Manoratne Sajyaa Milinda Rupasinghe - Allowed his residence to conduct practices. Rohan Weeraratne -for his contribution at the workshop for new migrants seeking employment Raja de Alwis & Community Radio 3WBC – Securing the Box Hill Town Hall for Hantane Nite 2011 Sampath & Eresha Wickremasinghe – for providing music at the San Remo dinner Sasanka Fernando – for providing music at the San Remo dinner Ranjith Wanasinghe – for providing music at the San Remo dinner Duleep Jayakody – for providing music for the family get together after the AGM 7.4 ALUMNI NOT IN THE COMMITTEE WHO MADE SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS
Jayalath & Jayanthi Manoratne - Conducting the show with affection of true alumni. Tilak & Lakshmi Abeyrama – for securing venues, assistance on Manoratne Sajyaa & AGM Ramya & Pathmasiri Hewarathne – for providing audio visual equipment, helping in all the events Bernard & Preethi Silva – for canvassing the participation of a large number of members for events Piyathilaka & Lakshmi Dewalagama- for helping with printing tickets for Manoratne Sajyaa Sunil & Lalitha Wickremasinghe – for the work done for the Manoratne Sajyaa PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011 Jean & Mangala Fernado – for the non-stop music at the San Remo weekend both at the formal dinner and the informal evening gatherings – for her contribution at the workshop for new migrants seeking employment Ravi & Pushpa Kumarasimghe – for providing music for the family get together after the AGM Nalini & Asela Devendra – for providing music for the family get together after the AGM 7.5 THE OUTGOING COMMITTEE
Whilst the whole committee and their spouses supported all the events, engaged in discussion and lent their time and energy, special mention is made of some of the specific work done. Gamini de Alwis – for developing relationships between organisations, stewardship of the executive committee Nimal & Rohini Nilaweera – for the work of secretary, organising the AGM, Hosting Manoratne at home, Table décor for Hantane Nite Prasanna & Dilmi Kalusinghe – for carefully carrying out the duties of a treasurer, printing of the souvenir, follow up in the employment workshop for new migrants Ajith & Mangala de Silva – for the execution & vision for Hantane Nite 2011 making it a grand affair attracting large participation, printing of tickets, creating posters. Daya & Rekha Dayawansa – for organisation of the weekend at San Remo, work at the foyer on Hantane Nite, for providing the vision for the future in bringing in younger committee members Chaminda & Senani Jayasena – for the work done and leadership role taken for the Manoratne Sajyaa, Kids corner at Hantane Nite and for employment workshop for new migrants Nirmalal & Hemamali Dias – for organising the cricket match & music at the weekend at San Remo, bringing about renewal in the committee Gamini & Kamini Maharage – for providing the music setup for Manoratne Sajyaa and at the weekend at San Remo Thilak & Chandra Gunatillake – for work on the weekend at San Remo, refreshments at events , bringing about renewal in the committee Chakra & Anoma Wijesundera – for the employment workshop for new migrants, banking of cash, bringing about renewal in the committee Gamini & Jayantha Hemachandra – for the work on the book donation, messages through emails, distribution & control of tickets auditing the website, maintaining the contact data base of Peradeniya Alumni. Prem & Sujatha Kanahara –for securing musicians, organising gifts and arranging for rehearsals for the Manoratne Sajyaa, taking a general leadership role for it. Sarath & Harsha Jayasuriya – Transporting souvenirs, helping with distribution of books& the attending to the drinks at the foyer on Hantane Nite Sunil & Nihathamani Aratchchi – for lodging statutory returns, assistance in securing the Box Hill Basil & Lalitha de Silva – Potential contributions was lost as they left for Sydney early in the year. PUAAViC Annual Report 2010-2011 19th November 2011


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