Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist and Cosmetic Tattooist
Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 GORDANA IS A LEADER IN HAIR AND MAKEUP FOR PROMINENT AUSTRALIAN AND OVERSEAS CELEBRITIESGordana's clients have included Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Zac Effron, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Reece Witherspoon. Music clients have included Sir Paul McCartney, Kate Cebrano and Shirley MacLaine Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 Cosmetic Tattoo's will save you time and frustration. You will look good 24 hours a day and you will hardly need any more makeup. You can swim, sleep, perspire, have a sauna, play sport, wash your hair, eat and still look GREAT! It won't wash off and lasts for years. All of our treatments are performed in very CLEAN, HYGIENIC WILL ENHANCE conditions. We only use the finest quality equipment and needles are individually packed in sterile packets - the needles and the attachments are disposed of after each treatment in a Sharps container - EACH CLIENT HAS A NEW NEEDLE, NEW MACHINE ATTACHMENTS AND NEW PRODUCT. Using the manual method, the needles come in sterile packs, and then the colour is gently pricked into the The Cosmetic Tattoo Machine works on the same principle, the needle vibrates up and down and implants colour into the Skin creating your Cosmetic Tattoo Treatment. Any instrument used that is not disposable is AUTOCLAVED on our premises, the same sterilising procedure that is used by Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals. Your protection is our priority.
Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 WHAT ARE PIGMENT IS IT LIKE A REGULAR LOTIONS AND ARE THEY SAFE? Most of the Pigments used are Iron Oxide and It is essentially the same procedure and result when you puncture the skin with any object, inserting Titanium Dioxide, a safe non-reactive substance. colour, it is called tattoo. The 3 major differences are: The Pigment Lotions are specifically manufactured for implantation into human skin. Most of the Pigment Lotions are inorganic excluding some of Cosmetic Tattooists use either a Rotary Body tattoo artists use a high powered the Lip Colours which are organic. A coloured Pen Style Machine which runs quieter, Coil Machine and Power box.
powder is suspended in a solution of distilled is lighter and is easier to control. Or a water, alcohol, and glycerine, which results in a Universal Machine uses all disposable smooth, fine, creamy liquid. There are over 400 pre-mixed colours and more colours can be created by mixing colours together. I will either Cosmetic Tattoo usually don't go quite Regular body tattoo's generally need to create or select the colours as close to your as deep as Body Tattooist, It is a much penetrate the skin deeper as the skin requirements as possible. I use colours imported more delicate process. on your body is usually much tougher from four reputable manufacturers in the USA, than your facial skin.
all tested and proven for over 30 years. Product ingredients are listed on our bottles. The main Always choose a Cosmetic Tattooist Body tattooists usually have a difference between our lotions and regular tattoo to work on your face - they should limited understanding of the special inks is that Cosmetic Tattoo Pigment Colours are understand the skin, facial structure, considerations needed when tattooing softer, and have been blended specifically for the have experience with makeup designs the face cosmetically.
face, all are pre-mixed and pasteurised. Most body and have the variety of suitable colours Tattooists mix their coloured powder with alcohol to work on the face for successful long- and do not list the ingredients on their bottles.
lasting results.
Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 DOES IT HURT, IS IT TATTOO LOOK LIKE? Usually it looks as if you applied a pencil, a softer, I do use pain control products to alleviate any more muted look. Immediately after the treatment discomfort. A pre-deadener is used in most the colour will be stronger, brighter and possibly treatments prior to the procedure on intact skin, darker than your desired colour. In most cases after puncturing the skin I apply an anaesthetic gel you do lose approximately 20-40% of intense and together they are very effective. Many clients colour during the healing process within 4-14 compare it to a tickling or irritating sensation. days. Full lip Treatment colour loss can be up to Every person has a different pain threshold, and 60%, after the healing process. The amount of yes, it can hurt one person more than another colour retention will depend on the colour, type but the long-term results far outweigh the short of skin and if you have followed the Home Care time of discomfort. Some clients choose to take instructions. Colour retention is individual. It is best pain relieving tablets prior to having a treatment. to wait between 6-8 weeks to judge and see the In the case of a lip treatment a local anaesthetic is final colour result and you need to return then for administered by a Dentist and you will feel nothing. your adjustment appointment.
Every client says it's worth it! RANGE FROM 4 TO 14 DAYS Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 WHAT OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS little under the skin, giving a hazed, smudged, which means some skins hold the colour more bruised effect of colour. It only happens in a permanently, especially in the eye area, whereas Colour matching can be difficult but we do very small percentage of people but you must others fade leaving a lighter residue of colour endeavour to get the match close to your be aware that it can happen and is beyond our in the skin. These treatments have only been colour request. Many things can alter the control. This can happen during the treatment, performed in the Western world for around final result of the Pigment colour in the skin - or days after the treatment. We do take every 30 years, and the colours lasting in the skin is client's skin undertone, acid, and oils in your precaution, depositing small amounts of Pigment still under consideration. It is recommended skin and neglecting to follow the HOME CARE lightly in that area. a retouch of colour be done about every 17 INSTRUCTIONS. Some dark skins are unsuitable months (approx. $260.00) to keep the colour for tattooing. We do not use black alone on Colour implanted around the corners of the eyes refreshed but this depends on the colour first the eyebrows, brown and orange is mixed, the may last indefinitely.
reason being black can take on a black/blue Colour feathering around the Lip line has effect, as often seen in body tattoos. occurred with a small number of clients. If you All blacks tattooed into the skin will eventually suffer with severe allergies we recommend a look a little bluish. This could be immediately patch test of products prior to your treatment after the healing, months or even years later - on If you have a history of COLD SORES, fever or eyeliner and body tattoos. The darker the skin sun blisters, or any type of sore on the lips, you tone, particularly olive skin, the less obvious will have a recurrence after lip treatments, as the black pigment will look and the more chance it virus lies dormant in the body and any trauma or could take on a bluish hue. The permanency of the treatments can stress will activate it. We recommend a two week vary, remember it is a tattoo and tattoos are course of Blackmores ‘L-Lysine' tablets prior to We have also seen black and blue colours when permanent. In most cases colour has still any lip procedure, the tablets contain L-Lysine, implanted as Eyeliner, in some skins, spread a been obvious in some skins for over 24 years, an Amino Acid, together with Zinc and Vitamin Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 C. On the day of your treatment double the IT IS IMPORTANT TO INFORM US AT THE TIME to work and go about your regular activities dose for one week. Avoid nuts, cocoa powder, OF MAKING YOUR APPOINTMENT IF YOU immediately. It is only with the full lip treatment chocolate, peanut butter, brown rice, oats and ARE PREGNANT, ARE ON MEDICATION, OR that swelling can last for 24-48 hours or a little other grains, as these encourage Herpes. For HAVE ANY MEDICAL PROBLEMS (where a longer and the lips will be dry. Some mature age best results, ask your Doctor for a Prescription doctor's letter will be necessary), that may be a clients may experience very sore and rough lips for Zovirax, Famvir, or Valtrex (1000mg) tablets contra-indication to having a treatment, or suffer for approximately 7 days. Please note: Dental or similar tablet with a different brand name. with keloid scarring on the face. Extended sun Braces must be removed before tattooing as exposure, using Retina-A, Glycolic Acid Peels, The dosage per day must be 1000mg in total, they can alter the lip shape.
Laser will fade out colour from all treatments. commencing tablets the day before the Lip Sunblock is necessary at all times.
Treatment and continuing for the following 4 days (1000mg per day). If you are still unsure ask for For mature clients who bruise easily, we our Cold Sore Information Sheet to be mailed or suggest Arnica tablets before Lip and Eyeliner Treatments. Lip clients if you are on BLOOD THINNERS, it is recommended that you either Zovirax Cream can be purchased at the chemist ask your doctor if you can go off the tablets to for around $17.00, and we also supply a Cold have lip Tattooing or perhaps re-consider having the treatment, due to excessive bleeding which Sore Gel for $10.00, use the cream/gel as means the skin doesn't accept the pigment very instructed to help prevent breakouts and must advice on which " well but again this does depend on the colour be used immediately after the cosmetic tattoo treatment constantly for at least 6 days. You treatment is best need to buy an anti-viral lip repair stick ‘Liprotek' from us at $26.00, it contains an anti-viral for prevention of cold sores plus it keeps the lips The healing time is minimal for all treatments and soft and helps with healing. If using Retina-A, you can range from 4 to 14 days, a small percentage will need to cease using it twelve weeks prior to of people do have some swelling, itchiness and your treatment.
tenderness but this should not affect your ability Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 WHO NEEDS COSMETIC TATTOO LIP LINE & BLEND FULL LIP COLOUR People who have over-plucked their This treatment is ideal for people who Lip blending is the art of outlining Ideal if you have very pale, uneven eyebrows, have gaps or scars and have no definite lip shape, pale lips, the lip shape then blending colour lip colour. This treatment looks the hair has not grown back, people sun damaged lips, uneven lips or lips from the lip line onto part of the lips, great on everyone, especially the suffering with Alopecia, loss of hair, that have lost the shape as a result of making the outline less obvious. mature client. A very light or dark lip people who have visual problems, cold sores or injury. Also if you would This can be in the same colour as outline is created and then a colour arthritis or people just wanting a like a definite lip shape to emphasise the lip line to look natural or a bold is implanted all over the lips. The definite shape to their eyebrows. or enlarge your mouth. Perfect for colour, this technique is best to fill lips appear highly coloured when Colour is implanted to your desired ladies with crease lines or those who in white areas where the lip line has first done, after healing they will lose shape framing the eye with a beautiful have had lip augmentation. Colour been extended away from the natural 20% to 60% of colour, depending defined brow. Eyebrows frame the can be implanted in a fine or thick lip line or to balance a crooked lip on the colour used, skin condition eyes and using my experience as line on the outer edge of Lips, giving shape. This treatment can make and home care attention. The lips are a Professional Make-up artist I can a lovely-defined shape to the mouth. the lips look fuller. A light to medium left tinted with an overall colour; we help with advice on which is the right This treatment also makes it easier to colour must be used for best results. have over 100 lip colours to select shape and colour for your face and apply lipstick. Every woman deserves Have naturally styled lips, everyday. from. With this treatment there is no skin tone. Colour can be implanted beautiful lips! need to wear lipstick or worry about as a solid look or hair strokes for a lipstick wearing off, even while you softer result. If you have hair we can eat, drink or kiss. Your lips will always tattoo a background colour. I can lift look a beautiful shape and colour, the brows giving your face a lift and a just add gloss. You can also rely on my experience for advice on the right colour and style for you.
Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 TREATMENT EXAMPLES Eyebrows by Gordana Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 TREATMENT EXAMPLES Eyebrows by Gordana Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 TREATMENT EXAMPLES Freshly done bottom Eyeliner Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 TREATMENT EXAMPLES Lip Liner by Gordana after 4 weeks CALL GORDANA TODAY ON Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278 CALL GORDANA TODAY ON 0412 546 278 TO MAKE A CHANGEEyebrows - $650 We are a member of Half Eyebrow - $500Eyeline Top - $550Eyeline Bottom - $550Lashline (fine) Top - $500 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Lashline (fine) Bottom - $500 Dr Freckle and Mr Hide operates by Lip line (outline only) - $550 appointment only. It is our policy to take $100 non-refundable booking fee for
Lip line (full lip) - $750 each appointment. If you do not show up for your appaointment, cancel or re- Retouch appointments are 4-6 weeks later and schedule within 24 hours your booking fee will not be redemable. We appreciate are an additional $100 your understanding our booking and cancellation policy so we can keep providing the best customer service to you.
All prices are subject to change without notice Ph: +61 [0] 412 546 278



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