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• Decorative effects by insert molding • Resistant to chemicals • High heat deflection temperature • Clear and transparent In long-lasting products such as cars and certain household appliances, and in medical equipment, intricately decorated panels, consoles, and operational controls should retain an attractive appearance over the entire lifetime of the product. Touching these surfaces often exposes them to The solution is to use surfaces of the destructive effects of sweat, skin oils, and TROGAMID® TCR film. Its high chemical resistance cosmetics such as sunscreens; even cleaning prevents corrosion over the long term and its agents can cause damage. Frequent changes in crystal clear optics allow the maximum of temperature, as occur when the vehicle stands freedom in surface design. under the scorching sun after a cool night, also take their toll. These conditions increase the likelihood of visible signs of degradation, such as stress cracks and • Colorless, transparent film clouding, on the surface. This leads to customer • Decoration by insert molding or overmolding of complaints, which damage the company's image. • Attractive deep-view effect • Weathering and UV resistant • Highly resistant to abrasion • High heat deflection temperature • Abrasion resistance comparable to the industry standard for uncoated films • Printable with special color systems • Good forming behaviour • Replication of mold details with extreme

Styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) Abrasion-resistant coated PMMA Film Fails in some cases Polycarbonate (PC) TROGAMID® TCR films are resistant to all Certain media like drugs, disinfectants, fat common household chemicals and everyday wear emulsions, and lipids are highly aggressive and tear. Only certain industrial chemicals such as toward plastics and when used in medical a few halogenated hydrocarbons and technology regularly lead to complications as a concentrated sulfuric acid cause surface swelling result of chemical stress ageing. or material damage. In this area as well, TROGAMID® has proved far Many years of experience, e.g., with sports superior to other transparent plastics such as glasses, show that the material is not affected by water, sweat, ink, lipstick, alkalines or weak acids. TROGAMID® is resistant to, for example, TROGAMID® even has long-term resistance to cyclosporins, lipids, phenytoin sodium, and a methanol and ethanol, which are contained in 1 percent propofol solution. many cleaning agents and cause stress cracks in a number of other transparent plastics after only a short time. Hydrocarbons such as fuels, lubricants and ethanol cause neither damage nor swelling of The basic material of TROGAMID® TCR films is highly resistant to heat deflection. With the use of appropriate material for in-mold lamination by injection, Vicat softening temperatures of 130°C (Method B) can be attained. This means that the TROGAMID® TCR film is far superior to other material can be used even in contact with boiling transparent plastics in its resistance to sunscreens and cosmetics. This has been confirmed in a comparative study in accordance with a VW test specification (see table above), in which the films were in contact with the creams at 80°C for 24 hours. The test is considered to have been passed Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) if the treatment causes no visible change in the material and the abrasion resistance remains at Polycarbonate (PC) the same level as before the test. Short-wavelength light degrades all plastics, It is recommended that the film be climatized causing embrittlement and increasing sensitivity under the conditions of the subsequent printing to stress cracks. process so as to prevent changes in length. The surface can be printed directly with the TROGAMID® TCR films, being based exclusively recommended inks and needs no further on aliphatic polyamide, are inherently and excellently protected against UV radiation and weathering. This also applies for their mechanical properties and for yellowing of the material. NoriAmid screen printing inks from Pröll KG are In accelerated weathering TROGAMID® proves to particularly suitable for printing. These inks have be extremely stable, which puts it on the same been specially designed for the film lamination outstanding level as PLEXIGLAS® (see diagram technique with TROGAMID® TCR films. The film thermoforms very well using standard Our TROGAMID® TCR films are largely UV technology. Especially, the high pressure forming transparent. If substrates are to be protected from process developed by equipment manufacturer weathering with TROGAMID® TCR film, suitable Niebling yields very good results. additive packages can be added. Detailed information on the printing process und on forming is available in the provisional technical communication 9/2010 from Pröll. TROGAMID® TCR films can be in-mold laminated The excellent chemical resistance requires the use by injection with the usual injection molding of special printing inks. The films can be excel- compounds if appropriate adhesion promoters are lently formed even to high forming depths. Mold surface structures are very accurately reproduced. Particularly low-stress components can be produced by combining TROGAMID® TCR films with TROGAMID® CX molding compounds. For overmolding of the film, the optical grade TROGAMID® myCX is recommended.

Test method Unit Tensile strength Elongation at break Tensile strength Elongation at break Vicat Softening Temperature Glass transition temperature Thermal linear expansion 400-960nm [D65/10°] Yellowness Index Refractive Index Water uptake (saturation) Dimensional change at saturation ® = registered trademark This information and all technical and other advice are based on Evonik's present knowledge and experience. However, Evonik assumes no liability for such information or advice, including the extent to which such information or advice may relate to third party intellectual property rights. Evonik reserves the right to make any changes to information or advice at any time, without prior or subsequent notice. Evonik disclaims all representations and warranties, whether express or implied, and shall have no liability for, merchantability of the product or its fitness for a particular purpose (even if Evonik is aware of such purpose), or otherwise. Evonik shall not be responsible for consequential, indirect or incidental damages (including loss of profits) of any kind. It is the customer's sole responsibility to arrange for inspection and testing of all products by qualified experts. Reference to trade names used by other companies is neither a recommen-dation nor an endorsement of the corresponding product, and does not imply that similar products could not be used. Contact Niebling HDVF Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 5 82377 Penzberg PHONE +49 8856 - 92 39 0 FAX [email protected] Contact NoriAmid Druckfarben Pröll KG Treuchtlinger Straße 29 91781 Weißenburg i. Bay. PHONE +49 9141906-0 FAX A +49 9141906-49 [email protected] Contact TROGAMID® TCR Folien H Kirschenalle 64293 Darmstadt PHONE+49 6151 18-1006 FAX A +49 6151 18-3689 [email protected] [email protected]


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