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Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 37, 166–173 c 2007 The Authors Journal compilation  c 2007 Blackwell Publishing Ltd Continued need of appropriate betalactam-derived skin test reagents for themanagement of allergy to betalactams M. Blanca , A. Romano , M. J. Torres , P. Demolyz and A. DeWeck‰ Allergy Service, Carlos Haya Hospital, M ´ alaga, Spain, Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, UCSC-Allergy Unit, Complesso Integrato Columbus, Rome


Clinical Neurophysiology 119 (2008) 842–852 Non-provocative diagnostics of photosensitivity using visual evoked potentials Joost Vermeulen a,1, Stiliyan Kalitzin b,*, Jaime Parra c, Erwin Dekker c, Albert Vossepoel f, Fernando Lopes da Silva d,e a Quantitative Imaging Group, Department of Imaging Science and Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology,