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SOLICITUD DE PROPUESTAS DE COMPRA PARA PROPIEDAD ANTIGUO SEARS El Banco Gubernamental de Fomento para Puerto Rico (en adelante "BGF", el "Banco") está facultado por su Carta Constitucional, Cuarta Unidad, Inciso (E) (1) para transmitir inmuebles que haya adquirido. Ante eso, el Banco interesa recibir ofertas de compra para una parcela de terreno localizada en el sitio El Monte del término municipal de Hato Rey, San Juan, Puerto Rico


BRITTON-HECLA JR. HIGH & HIGH SCHOOL HOME OF THE BRAVES Britton, SD 57430 Telephone: (605) 448-2234 ext. 1 www.britton.k12.sd.us Steve Benson-Superintendent Carrie James-Principal Sheila Anderson- Counselor Brian Freeman- Activities Director MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Britton-Hecla School District is to promote a positive, challenging and safe environment for every student. Our goal is to provide all students with the life skills necessary for continuous growth as productive global citizens through a cooperative effort of school, family, business and community. WELCOME We welcome you as a member of the Britton-Hecla student body. As a citizen of this school, you are expected to follow the rules that are established for all students. Your success in this school will be directly proportional to your efforts. Please call on your teachers for the help that you need to be successful. FACULTY TEACHING ASSIGNMENTS Sheila Anderson

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When printing this form make sure the following selections are indicated: - Under "Page Scaling" select "None" - Under "Print What" select "Document" Initial Bed Type: Place in Observation Admit to Inpatient Non-monitored bed Principal Diagnosis: Medications may be stopped based on the current Medical Staff Bylaws automatic stop order policy. A therapeutic equivalent drug approved by Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee may be

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Share this: March 2016 Volume 11 Number 1 Now Is the Time… to Register From the Editor for the 2016 BIO Conference The generosity of BIO memberswhen it comes to stepping up andhelping out is one of the mostgratifying things for me here atTBC. When I put out a call forassistance, people respond. Casein point: This month differentorganizations in New York areoffering programs of interest tobiographers that I would like tocover in the April issue. Ourdedicated and intrepid NYCcorrespondent, Dona M unker,would attend all of them if shecould, but logistics make itimpossible. At BIO board member

Incorporation of company

Delhi I Mumbai I Pune I Kanpur WEEKLY UPDATES OCTOBER 7TH – 12TH, 2013 Corporate Office: 63/12, 1st Floor, Main Rama Road, New Delhi – 110015 Delhi I Mumbai I Pune I Kanpur SEBI UPDATES RBI UPDATES SERVICE TAX UPDATES Corporate Office: 63/12, 1st Floor, Main Rama Road, New Delhi – 110015

Awm278 1.15

Brain Advance Access published December 3, 2007 Brain (2007) Page 1 of 15 Neural correlates of tic severity and cognitivecontrol in children with Tourette syndrome C. L. Baym,1,4, B. A. Corbett,1,2,3, S. B. Wright1,5 and S. A. Bunge1,5,6 1Center for Mind and Brain, 2Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, 3MIND Institute, University of Californiaat Davis, 4Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 5Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute and6Department of Psychology, University of California at Berkeley, USA

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UNEP/POPS/COP.6/INF/4/Rev.1 Distr.: General 24 April 2013 Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants Sixth meeting Geneva, 28 April–10 May 2013 Item 5 (a) (ii) of the provisional agenda∗ Matters related to the implementation of the Convention: measures to reduce or eliminate releases from intentional production and use: exemptions


Sicherheitsdatenblatt gemäß Verordnung (EG) 1907/2006 Handelsname : Kunstharzspachtel 1022 Überarbeitet am : Version (Überarbeitung) : Druckdatum : 1. Bezeichnung des Stoffs bzw. des Gemischs und des Unternehmens 1.1 Produktidentifikator

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The Acute Effects of Pterocarpus Marsupium Supplementation on Insulin-Dependent and Insulin-Independent Signaling Pathways at Rest, After an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test and After Intense Exercise in Overweight Pre-Diabetic Females. Brian Shelmadine, Ph.D. Dissertation Chairpersons: Matthew B. Cooke, Ph.D. and Darryn S. Willoughby, Ph.D. Increasing physical activity and modifying diet to incorporate more phytonutrients has


User manual v1.2EWK2 compatible with: • ESIM264 v7.14.00 and up + EWT1 v16.18 and up. • ESIM364 v02.04.10 and up. • EPIR2 v01.01.08 and up. • EPIR3 all versions EWK2A compatible with: • ESIM364 v02.10.03 and up. • EPIR2 v01.02.00 and up. • EPIR3 v01.03.00 and up. Main features:• Alarm system arming & disarming;


Imaginez-vous… Imaginez-vous… ne plus devoir passer du temps à chercher des solutions pour résoudre vos problèmes et passer enfin du temps à faire ce que vous aimez le plus. Imaginez-vous… ne plus devoir expérimenter produits après produits ou régimes après régimes mais atteindre enfin votre plus haut niveau de beauté naturellement pour le reste de votre vie.


3rd World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering & Technology 27-29 September 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal Environmental Risks of Some Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in Surface Water in Ho Chi Minh City O VU HOANG ANH , BUI QUANG MINH , PHAM HONG NHAT 1Institute of Environmental Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam


Breastfeeding is Best! It seems that every year in the summer just before remember being quite shocked to see an old picture of Canadians celebrate World Breastfeeding Week there one of my children bottle feeding when I ‘remembered' is media coverage of something that undermines him as exclusively breastfed. breastfeeding. This year we seem to have gotten an

Alcohol and drug screening of occupational drivers for preventing injury

Alcohol and drug screening of occupational drivers for preventing injury (Review) Cashman CM, Ruotsalainen JH, Greiner BA, Beirne PV, Verbeek JH This is a reprint of a Cochrane review, prepared and maintained by The Cochrane Collaboration and published in The Cochrane Library2009, Issue 2 Alcohol and drug screening of occupational drivers for preventing injury (Review)Copyright © 2009 The Cochrane Collaboration. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


COURSE GUIDE 2D ANIMATION 3D DESIGN FILM & VIDEO GAME DESIGN DIGITAL DESIGN MOBILE APPS & IT Welcome to Operating since 1999, AIT has educated thousands of students from all over the world who have gone on to build successful careers in the creative industry.AIT's cutting-edge courses are delivered using


 Micro hematocrit tubes Precalibrated pipettes Blood gas capillary tubes End-to-End micro pipettes Capillary and Melting point tubes Steel blood lancets Produced/distributed by: VITREX MEDICAL A/S Vasekaer 6-8 2730 Herlev Denmark Phone +45 44 94 70 11 Fax +45 44 53 17 11 Micro hematocrit tubesMikrohämatokritröhrchenTubes microhématocritesTubi per microematocrito Tubos microhematocritos


PHILIPPINE BIDDING DOCUMENTS (As Harmonized with Development Partners) PROCUREMENT OF MEDICINES AND MEDICAL & DENTAL SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT (REBID) BFP BAC IB No. 2013-05(R) Government of the Republic of the Philippines BUREAU OF FIRE PROTECTION National Headquarters Fourth Edition These Philippine Bidding Documents (PBDs) for the procurement of Goods through


Framework guidance for GMS contract 2014/15 Section 1 Introduction Section 2 Summary of all indicators Section 3 Clinical domain Section 4 Public health domain Public health additional services Section 5 Queries Section 6 Exception reporting Section 7 Glossary of acronyms Section 8 Changes to QOF quick guide Framework guidance for GMS contract 2014/15 Section 1: Introduction


Bioscience at a Crossroads Access and Benefit Sharing in a Time of Scientific, Technological and Industry Change:The Food and Beverage Sector Bioscience at a Crossroads: Access and Benefit Sharing in a Time of Scientific, Technological and Industry Change: The Food and Beverage Sector About the Author and Acknowledgements:Rachel Wynberg holds a Bio-economy Research Chair at the University of


Available online at www.buuconference.buu.ac.th The 5th Burapha University International Conference 2016 "Harmonization of Knowledge towards the Betterment of Society" Effects of ethanol and surfactants on physical properties of elastic liposomes Chungrida Kao-ian, Waraporn Suwakul, Nontima Vardhanabhuti* Department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University,


IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ PROPER USE OF THIS MEDICATION Usual dose:Adults and children over 12: Take 1 or 2 caplets every four to six hours as needed. Do not exceed 6 caplets in 24 hours, unless directed by a phys-ician. Consult your physician if symptoms persist for more than 5 days.Overdose: In case of drug overdose, contact a doctor, hospital emergency

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Design of the hiv prevention trials network (hptn) protocol 054: a cluster randomized crossover trial to evaluate combined access to nevirapine in developing countries

Design of the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN) Protocol 054: A cluster randomized crossover trial to evaluate combined access to Nevirapine in developing countriesJim HughesUniversity of Washington, [email protected] Robert L. GoldenbergUniversity of Alabama, [email protected] Catherine M. WilfertElizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation/Duke University, [email protected]


Arthropods in Cattle Dung on Canada's Grasslands Kevin D. Floate Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Lethbridge Research Centre 5403 - 1 Avenue South, P.O. Box 3000 Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1J 4B1 Abstract. Fresh cattle dung is a nutrient-rich habitat that is quickly colonized by a speciose and abundant assemblage of organisms. The ease with which this habitat is manipulated by using artificially formed pats (size,


Active International Research into Cardiometabolic and Liver Effects of a Proprietary Calabrian Bergamot Citrus Extract By James Ehrlich, MD and Jay Williams, PhD A team of Italian physicians and food scientists are leading an aggressive international research agenda into the salutary cardiovascular, metabolic, and hepatic properties of a juice extract of the bergamot citrus fruit (Citrus bergamia, Rutaceae), endemic to Calabria, Italy. After developing one of Europe's top medical research facilities at the Interregional Research Center for Food Safety and Health at the University of Catanzaro, the group has recruited academic physicians from Rome, Australia, and the United States to study the properties of a highly concentrated juice extract called(Bergamot Polyphenol Fraction/BPF 38%). Over the past few years, the group has organized international symposia, published book chapters, and has authored numerous publications concentrating its efforts on three key areas affecting at least 30% of western civilization -- high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, and fatty liver disease. Safe and effective management of dyslipidemia (elevated cholesterol) with a "natural statin" It is well known that statin cholesterol medications have a long list of adverse side effects, including muscle aches, memory loss, and an elevated risk for diabetes. Finding a natural and safe lipid-lowering alternative is a topic of increased interest among clinicians and proactive citizens. Bergamot polyphenolic fraction (BPF) has been shown to lower LDL- cholesterol , raise HDL-cholesterol and favorably improve the dangerous lipoprotein particle characteristics seen in most Americans who consume excessive carbohydrates. Dietary polyphenols (especially bioflavonoids) may prevent atherosclerosis due to their anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory proprieties. Among the citrus family (Rutaceae), bergamot fruits contain a very high content of flavonoids, including "statin-like" bruteridin and melitidin, two polyphenols which contain the same HMG-CoA reductase enzymatic activity found in all pharmacologic statins.

Quarterwatch: may 2015

May 6, 2015 — Data from 2014 Quarter 2 NEW SAFETY PERSPECTIVES Zolpidem (AMBIEN) safety profile shows widespread unsafe use Adverse event signals for canagliflozin (INVOKANA), a new diabetes medication 20,632 incomplete rosiglitazone (AVANDIA) reports of heart attack and stroke Executive Summary In this issue, we examine why unsafe use of zolpidem (AMBIEN), a largely generic drug taken by more

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Keep Your Brain Young: Read, Be Bilingual, Drink Coffee Stephen Krashen Published in: Language Magazine, October, 2010 My grandfather told me about senility, I'm not worried about that. My grandfather said, "When you become senile, you won't know it." (Bill Cosby) There are three things you can do to stay young mentally and you can do all three at the same time. Read: Older people who read more do better on tests of mental ability. If fact they do a lot better. The standard test used to detect dementia is the MMSE, a short test of arithmetic, memory and spatial relations. A research team (Galluccia et al, 2009) found that older people (average age 84) who said they read novels and non-fiction averaged 27.3 on the MMSE, which is in the normal range (27-30). Those who said they only read newspapers averaged 26, which is just below normal (20-26 = "some impairment), but those who said they did no reading averaged 21, well inside the "impaired" range). Smith (1996) reported that in general older people do not do as well as younger people on reading tests. But older (e.g. age 65 and older) who said they wide variety of types of reading, or genres (e.g. fiction, current affairs or history, religion/inspiration, science/social science/) not only read better than their age-mates who read less widely, but read just as well as younger adults (age 19 to 24) who read just one type of reading material. Smith concludes that " …extensive reading practice may help to ameliorate possible cognitive declines later in life" (p. 217). A popular research design in dementia studies is to test older people who don't have any signs of problems, and then retest them years later, comparing those who develop problems and those who don't, called "prospective" studies. In one prospective study, Verghese et. al. (2003) reported that 68% of those who developed dementia five years after initial testing said they read books or newspapers frequently (at least several times per week), but 86% of those who did not were frequent readers, a significant difference. Geda and colleagues (2009) recently reported similar results.


Mattie Lou Koster, 1912-2001 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS BEBRF Founder MEDICAL ADVISORY BOARD Q What are the early symptoms of benign essential blepharospasm? Botox ® (onabotulinumtoxinA) Mark Hallett, M.D., Chair . . . . . Bethesda, MD Xeomin ® (incobotulinumtoxinA) Brian D. Berman, M.D., M.S. . . . . .Denver, CO A • Dry eyes

Bozen2008 169.182

Systems Chemistry, May 26th – 30th, 2008, Bozen, Italy The Chemistry of Signal Transduction in Harald Lanig and Timothy Clark Na¨gelsbachstraße 25, 90152 Erlangen, Germany Received: 28th October 2008 / Published: 16th March 2009 Signal transduction proteins in biological systems must be very flexibleto undergo the allosteric changes necessary for their function. It iscurrent practice to investigate the modes of action of these systemsby X-ray spectroscopy of the different states trapped as crystals. Un-fortunately, the forces acting on the proteins by packing effects maylead to distortions comparable to the changes that occur during theallosteric movements. This makes it questionable as to whether X-raystructures can be used to deduce induction mechanisms. In this work,we show for DNA-binding tetracycline repressor proteins that molecu-lar dynamics simulations offer an interesting alternative for determin-ing the induction state and possible mechanisms switching betweenthem. Based on data sampled for different repressor classes with sev-eral force field parameter sets, we show that MD simulations haveconvincing advantages over the analysis of static structures influencedby crystal packing.

Conforms to regulation (ec) no

Page:1/18 Conforme au règlement (CE) n° 1907/2006 (REACH), Annexe II, modifié par le règlement (UE) n° 453/2010 FICHE DE DONNÉES DE SÉCURITÉ SUN TABLETS CLASSIC SECTION 1: Identification de la substance/du mélange et de la société/l'entreprise 1.1 Identificateur de produit Nom du produit

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N e w s l e t t e r vol. 10, no. 4 - 2007 "the recent initiative of EU Commission to identify "lead markets for biobased products" has shown that there is a need for realistic surveys in the EU-markets for RRMs and RRM based products.In the last edition of Green Tech letters 3/2007 the French Agency ADEME published the results of the ALCIMED survey on existing markets and future perspectives in France.


The Brotherhood Synagogue 28 Gramercy Park South new york, ny 10003 Phone (212) 674-5750 Fax (212) 505-6707 Volume XXXiV number Xi Av / Elul 5776 September 2016 Elie Wieselzt"l: Words and Memories by rabbi daniel Alder FridAy, SEPTEMBEr 2, 7:30 pm SATurdAy, SEPTEMBEr 3, 9:30 am Among the more poignant remembrances "Sir," I said, "you speak of Christ, Christians

Association analysis of cyp2c9*3 and phenytoin-induced severe cutaneous adverse reactions (scars) in thai epilepsy children

Journal of Human Genetics (2015) 60, 413–417 & 2015 The Japan Society of Human Genetics All rights reserved 1434-5161/15 Association analysis of CYP2C9*3 andphenytoin-induced severe cutaneous adversereactions (SCARs) in Thai epilepsy children Supharat Suvichapanich1,5, Jiraphun Jittikoon2,5, Nuanjun Wichukchinda3, Wasu Kamchaisatian4,Anannit Visudtibhan4, Suwat Benjapopitak4, Somjai Nakornchai1, Wiparat Manuyakorn4 andSurakameth Mahasirimongkol3


For University of Manitoba Students Travelling Abroad For University of Manitoba Students Travelling Abroad Prepared by the International Centre for Students 2009 Table of Contents Chapter One: General Travel Advice Your Responsibilities Understanding & Accepting Your Responsibilities Acknowledgement of Responsibility & Liability Waiver

Brief treatment 3:2

Overview of Treatments for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and SpectrumConditions: Conceptualization, Theory, and Practice Nicholas Maltby, PhD David F. Tolin, PhD This paper presents an overview of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and theobsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders (OCSDs) by outlining the major arguments for and against the spectrum construct. Cognitive, behavioral, and biological models are reviewed, as are assessment strategies for adults and children. Treatment options forOCD are critically evaluated, and it is argued that exposure and ritual prevention (ERP)has the best support as the first-line psychological treatment. Suggestions forovercoming the most common obstacles faced during treatment are provided. Inaddition, strategies for dealing with partial or nonresponse or treatment refusal arediscussed. Stepped-care models are presented as a potential method of addressing theproblems caused by the expense and time commitment of existing treatments. [BriefTreatment and Crisis Intervention 3:127–144 (2003)]


UNIVERSIDAD DE LA REPÚBLICAFACULTAD DE ENFERMERÍA Factores que inciden en el consumo de psicofármacos en el personal de enfermería de una institución médica del interior del Uruguay Br. Alvarez, Catalina Br. Lapido, Soledad Br. Lorduguin, Florencia Br. Mantuani, Flavia M Prof. Agda. Esp. Lic. Enf. Garay, Margarita Prof. Agdo. Mg. Lic. Enf. Díaz, Álvaro

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Bio/Bio News – January 2015 Mitochondria are structures found in the cells of all BIO/BIO FAC ULTY IN THE NEW S eukaryotes, organisms with one or more cells containing a nuclei and organelles that perform specific tasks. Enclosed in OLD DRUG MAY TEACH NEW TRICKS IN membrane, mitochondria are responsible for supplying the cell with energy and are connected to a cell's life and death.


Amtliche Mitteilung An einen Haushalt Österreichische Post AG Info.Mail Entgelt bezahlt Verlagspostamt 8190 Birkfeld www.birkfeld.at Jahrgang 40 Ausgabe 164 Dezember 2015 Frohe Weihnachten ein paar Tage Ruhe, Zeit, spazieren zu gehen und die Gedanken schweifen zu lassen, Zeit für sich, für die Familie, für Freunde. Zeit, um Kraft zu sammeln für

Hss 250: the social history of mental illness

HSS 250: The Social History of Mental Illness Hans Pols () Taught at the University of Pennsylvania, 1995, 1996 This course will explore the social construction of mental illness throughout American history, from the eighteenth century until the present time. It will consider changing definitions of insanity, as well as conceptions of the sane and normal, changing attitudes towards the mentally ill, and the development of institutional, medical, and cultural responses to the mentally ill. The course will start with the establishment of mental asylums in the 18th and 19th centuries in America as the prime method of dealing with mental illness. The rise of psychiatry as a medical specialty in relation the asylum care will be investigated as well.


RISING HEALTH CARE COSTS IN MASSACHUSETTS: WHAT IT MEANS FOR CONSUMERS APRIL 2015 Jennifer Rosinski and Robert Seifert University of Massachusetts Medical School As health care costs rise throughout the country, Americans are paying more for care, even when they are insured. A recent issue brief1 found that persistent underinsurance affects a significant portion of the U.S. population, who as a result do not enjoy the financial protection that insurance is supposed to provide. According to the report, "more than one of five 19-to-64-year-old adults who were insured all year spent 5 percent or more of their income on out-of-pocket costs, not including premiums, and 13 percent spent 10 percent or more." The situation in Massachusetts is similar to the one in the U.S. as a whole. The cost of health care is a problem for many people across the economic spectrum. Though the Commonwealth leads the nation in health insurance coverage, with 95 percent of Massachusetts adults insured, a significant number of people struggle with the affordability of health care.


f it ' f iber n Orchard Peach AIM fit 'n fiber orchard peach is everyday fiber for safe, effective and consistent results. It provides ten grams of Key Benefits and Features dietary fiber through a unique array of synergistic herbs as well as fiber from psyllium husk, oat, apple, acacia, Boosts the fiber in your diet – safely and easily


Understanding Bowel IMPROVING DIGESTIVE HEALTH THROUGH Preparation Before Colonoscopy EXCELLENCE IN ENDOSCOPY What are the types of bowel prep? Understanding Bowel Preparation Before Colonoscopy Several types of bowel prep medications It is extremely important that your colon be thoroughly cleaned before your are available and are listed to the right.

Gender-specific immunological effects of the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor sildenafil in healthy mice

Contents lists available at Molecular Immunology Gender-specific immunological effects of the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor sildenafil in healthy mice Svetlana Karakhanova , Yuhui Yang , Julia Link , Sabine Soltek , Katharina von Ahn , Viktor Umansky , Jens Werner , Alexandr V. Bazhin a Department of General Surgery, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany b Cancer Center, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China


Juillet 2005—N°10 10, Chemin de la Redonne Le Petit Calanquais 13820 ENSUES LA REDONNE Association reconnue d'utilité publique par affiliation à la Confédération des C.I.Q. de Marseille et des Communes environnantes Sommaire : L'éditorial du Président Je suis fier de pouvoir faire L'opération « calanques pro- N'oubliez pas de consulter


J Comp Physiol B (2004) 174: 223–236DOI 10.1007/s00360-003-0405-1 A. R. Cooper Æ S. Morris Haemoglobin function and respiratory status of the PortJackson shark, Heterodontus portusjacksoni, in responseto lowered salinity Accepted: 20 October 2003 / Published online: 8 January 2004 Springer-Verlag 2004 Abstract Haemoglobin function and respiratory status Keywords Respiration Æ Haemoglobin Æ Shark Æ


Caffeine in Sport MECHANISMS OF ACTION In this report: Caffeine consumption can affect the body in a number of ways, principally through the Key Points inhibition (competitive blockade) of Sound evidence exists to demonstrate that adenosine receptors (2). Due to the complex caffeine has ergogenic effects on both short


H-SC Journal of Sciences (2016) Vol. V Farrar Performance Enhancing Drugs: Usage & Consequences Jacob M. Farrar '16 Department of Biology, Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943 Athletes devote a great deal of time and effort to substance or method meets any two of the their sports. Being a top athlete requires hours

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Dynamic Renal Radionuclide Studies – British Nuclear Medicine Society Dynamic Renal Radionuclide Studies This guideline must be read in conjunction with the BNMS Generic Guidelines. The purpose of this guideline is to assist specialists in Nuclear Medicine and Radionuclide Radiology in recommending, performing, interpreting and reporting the results of dynamic renal radionuclide studies. This guideline will assist


IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, VOL. 51, NO. 2, FEBRUARY 2004 Nonlinear Analysis of the Separate Contributions of Autonomic Nervous Systems to Heart Rate Variability Using Principal Dynamic Modes Yuru Zhong, Hengliang Wang, Ki Hwan Ju, Kung-Ming Jan, and Ki H. Chon*, Member, IEEE Abstract—This paper introduces a modified principal dynamic


LA NULIDAD COMO MEDIO DE CONTROL EN LA LEY 1.437 DE 2011 ¿UNA NUEVA INCONSTITUCIONALIDAD? DR. NESTOR RAUL SANCHEZ BAPTISTA Fecha de recepción: 27 de Abril de 2011 – Fecha de aceptación: 1 de junio de 2011 El artículo 137 de la Ley 1.437 de 2011 establece que la nulidad, como medio de control judicial contra los actos administrativos, procede contra los de carácter general y, excepcionalmente, contra ciertos y determinados actos de naturaleza particular y concreta, plasmando así en la ley lo que venía sosteniéndose en la jurisprudencia del Consejo de Estado colombiano, y modificando el postulado general establecido en el artículo 84 del CCA, según el cual la nulidad procede contra todos los actos administrativos definitivos, generales o particulares. Tal concepción jurisprudencial fue considerada contraria a la Constitución Política por la Corte Constitucional con la sentencia C-426 de 2002, en la medida en que era restrictiva del derecho de acceso a la justicia al contener limitaciones no establecidas en la ley. Ahora que fue incorporada a la ley surge el interrogante de si tal inconstitucionalidad fue superada, dado que en los considerandos de aquella se enfatizó en la estrecha relación existente entre la acción de nulidad y el principio de legalidad, para la salvaguarda de la integridad del ordenamiento jurídico sin limitaciones que se consideran constitucionalmente ilegítimas, desproporcionadas e irrazonables. Palabras Claves: Nulidad de actos administrativos, medios de control, guarda de la integridad del ordenamiento, derecho de acceso a la justicia, restricciones legales, inconstitucionalidad. Abstract


British Journal of Cancer (2003) 89, 431 – 436& 2003 Cancer Research UK All rights reserved 0007 – 0920/03 $25.00 Survival Analysis Part II: Multivariate data analysis – an introductionto concepts and methods  MJBradburn*,1,TGClark1,SBLove1 andDGAltman1 Cancer Research UK/NHS Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Institute of Health Sciences, Old Road, Oxford OX3 7LF, UK


The battery connector must be added to the power side of the controller (black HYDRA 120 & HYDRA 240 OPERATION MANUAL capacitors, receiver connector, and red and black wire side). The red wire is the positive (+) lead, and must match up to the positive lead from your battery. The black wire is the negative (-) lead, and must match up to the negative lead from


Fighting Image Spam The Issue Spammers are developing more and more sophisticated methods to avoid filters. Generally, this entails attempts at sending out e-mail "waves" in which each and every e-mail is in some way unique and different from its predecessors. The relative success of each wave is then analyzed by the

Boletín de infraestructuras de burgos

[Boletín de Infraestructuras de Burgos] [Cuarto trimestre 2011] Boletín de Infraestructuras de Burgos [ASOCIACIÓN PLAN ESTRATÉGICO DE BURGOS] [En este número] Ha pasado un año desde la publicación del último boletín. En este tiempo, la situación económica del país no ha permitido grandes novedades en el estado de la construcción de nuevas infraestructuras, salvo en la apertura

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APPENDIX 1 Levels and effects of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in seabirds Retinoids and α-tocopherol – potential biomarkers of POPs in birds? Kari Mette Murvoll Doctoral thesis for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) Norwegian University of Science and Technology Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology


BMC Molecular Biology Research articleSpinocerebellar ataxia type 8 larger triplet expansion alters histone modification and induces RNA fociI-Cheng Chen†1, Hsuan-Yuan Lin†1, Ghin-Chueh Lee1, Shih-Huan Kao1, Chiung-Mei Chen2, Yih-Ru Wu2, Hsiu-Mei Hsieh-Li1, Ming-Tsan Su1 and Guey-Jen Lee-Chen*1 Address: 1Department of Life Science, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei 116, Taiwan and 2Department of Neurology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Chang-Gung University College of Medicine, Taipei 105, Taiwan

Jahresbericht des bundespatentgerichts für das jahr 2005

herausgegeben von der Stelle für Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit des Bundespatentgerichts Hausanschrift: Cincinnatistraße 64 Internet: www.bpatg.de E-Mail: [email protected] Schwerpunkt auch dieses Jahresberichts ist die Dokumentation der Rechtsprechung des Bundespatentgerichts. In den Bereichen Patentrecht, Gebrauchsmusterrecht, Geschmacksmusterrecht und Markenrecht werden insbesondere die Entscheidungen


La nueva sede singular de Bilbao-Bizkaia Bilbao-Bizkaiko leku berezi berria Frontón Bizkaia nueva sede singular de Bilbao –Bizkaiko frontoia leku berezi berria. El frontón como lugar de eventos, centro de ocio y reunión. Frontoia, aisialdi , ekitaldi eta batzar leku bezala.