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Nr. 2 - 2013 Informationsschrift der Gemeinde für Vahrn, Neustift, Schalders, Spiluck ostale – 70% - NE/BZ edizione in abbp – S.A. Eine Partner- 5 Jahre Fernwärme Spilucker Platte erhält Sommeremotionen in gemeinde für Vahrn in Schalders Vahrn – Brixen

Bts-78n wireless speaker user manual

Wireless Speaker (BTS-78N) Thank you for purchasing the Valore Wireless Speaker. Wireless and ultra-compact for you to enjoy your music conveniently wherever you go. It features an unique push and tilt on/off switch and three simple control buttons. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to 8 hours of playtime. Important: Please read the user manual thoroughly before using your wireless speaker.


Fiberoptic Endotracheal Intubation After Topicalizationwith In-Circuit Nebulized Lidocaine in a Child with aDifficult Airway Ban C. H. Tsui, MD, MSc, FRCP(C), and Kirsten Cunningham, MB ChB *Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada This case report describes the successful fiberoptic intuba- circle system via a T-piece adapter. This case suggests that


MARE NOSTRUM Miquel A. Baila Pallarés ASSOCIACIÓ CULTURAL AMICS DE VINARÒS BiBlioteca Mare NostruM Nº 37 Los conventos de Vinaròs fundaciones, conflictos y frustraciones CON LA COLABORACIÓN DE: Magnific Ajuntament de Vinaròs Serie investigación nº3. Datos catalográficos BAILA PALLARÉS, Miquel Àngel Los conventos de Vinaròs. Fundaciones, conflictos y frustraciones / Miquel Àngel Baila Pallarés.


ANSM - Mis à jour le : 15/11/2011 Dénomination du médicament ADVILCAPS 200 mg, capsule molle Veuillez lire attentivement cette notice avant d'utiliser ce médicament. Elle contient des informationsimportantes pour votre traitement. · Ce médicament peut être utilisé en automédication c'est-à-dire utilisé sans consultation ni prescriptiond'un médecin.

Isolation of the highly pathogenic and zoonotic agent burkholderia pseudomallei from a pet green iguana in prague, czech republic

Elschner et al. BMC Veterinary Research 2014, 10:283http://www.biomedcentral.com/1746-6148/10/283 Isolation of the highly pathogenic and zoonoticagent Burkholderia pseudomallei from a pet greenIguana in Prague, Czech Republic Mandy C Elschner1*, Jan Hnizdo2, Ivonne Stamm3, Hosny El-Adawy1, Katja Mertens1 and Falk Melzer1 Background: Melioidosis caused by Burkholderia (B.) pseudomallei is an endemic zoonotic disease mainly reportedfrom northern Australia and Southeast Asia. In Europe, cases of human melioidosis have been reported only frompatients travelling to endemic regions. Besides humans, B. pseudomallei has a very broad host range in domesticand wild animals. There are some reports about importation of B. pseudomallei-infected animals from endemicareas into Europe. The present report describes the first case of B. pseudomallei infection of a pet iguana in Europe.




Peradeniya University Alumni Australia, Victoria Chapter for the year 2010 -2011 PUAAVic, PO Box 750, Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150 19th November 2011 1 UNIVERSITY OF PERADENIYA 1.1 PERADENIYA UNIVERSITY ALUMNI AUSTRALIA VICTORIA CHAPTER The Peradeniya University Alumni Australia Victoria Chapter has come a long way from its small beginnings. In our formative years we were simply focused on building a community of alumni in Victoria who had enjoyed the Peradeniya experience. In the years since then, the alumni association has been successful in bringing the Peradeniya community together. This has gone a long way towards making us feel comfortable and secure in our adopted land. We have derived much emotional fulfilment and joy from the community we continue to build and nurture. We have made and enjoyed many wonderful friendships and continue to do so. The Alumni is aware that not every event or project appeals to all its members. For some the annual dinner dance is an occasion to meet, greet and have some fun together. Others derive much greater pleasure from a cultural event. Yet for others a weekend away together with their friends is an ideal time to relax and leisurely enjoy each other's company. While we continue to provide such outlets to make our community stronger and more closely bonded, we have tried to give such occasions more meaning by utilising the profits from such events towards putting back something to Peradeniya University.



Chaz cme-artikel

CHAZ CME-Artikel PD Dr. Karsten Knobloch Überlastungsreaktionen an Sehnen der unteren Extremität des Sportlers CME-Artikel CHAZ PD Dr. Karsten Knobloch Leitender Oberarzt Plastische, Hand- und Wiederherstellungschirurgie Med. Hochschule Hannover Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1 Tel. +49-511-532-8864 Fax +49-511-532-8890

Microsoft word - v-fuel company and technology sheet 2008.doc

COMPANY AND TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION SHEET V-Fuel Pty Ltd Energy storage has become the critical issue for the world's future energy supply and redox flow cells offer the best combination of energy efficiency, capital cost and life cycle costs compared with other technologies. The UNSW Vanadium Redox Flow Battery has been internationally acclaimed as the most promising technology currently available for new energy storage applications in the range from several kilowatts to several megawatts range where storage times up to several hours are required. With V-Fuel's recent advances in the development of a low cost stack technology for the VRB, the financial viability of the system can now be achieved so that energy storage products can be produced for a broad market. This emerging business opportunity has the potential to generate millions of dollars in export earnings, while also helping to alleviate serious global energy supply and environmental problems. V-Fuel Pty Ltd was established in January 2005 with the support of the Victorian Government funded Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies Pty Ltd to commercialise the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery developed at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Its principal shareholder, Magnam Technologies Pty Ltd is the initial Start-up company that was formed in 2003 by two of the original inventors of the Vanadium Redox Battery Technology (VRB), Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos of the School of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, UNSW and Mr Michael Kazacos. V-Fuel has developed new proprietary technology for the proven G1 VRB and has successfully secured an exclusive world-wide license for the new Generation 2 Vanadium Bromide Redox Battery (G2 V/Br) from the University of NSW commercial arm, NS Innovation Pty Ltd. With almost twice the energy density compared with the original VRB (G1), the G2 V/Br battery will allow V-Fuel to enter markets and applications where the battery weight or footprint area restrictions would preclude use of the G1 VRB. Having the same electrolyte in both half-cells, the V/Br system has no problems of cross-contamination and combines the best features of the G1 VRB system with a high energy density and wider temperature capability. A recent market analysis conducted from survey responses from a range of companies that have contacted V-Fuel to purchase redox batteries, has identified 2 primary stack products that will be developed and manufactured by V-Fuel. These are a 5 kW stack for use in small-scale systems with up to 50 kW power requirements, and a 50 kW stack for use in large-scale applications of 50 kW to several MW in size. V-Fuel is now ready to begin manufacture of 1-5 kW stacks for application in small to medium size energy storage systems and with its new low cost, high performance proprietary membrane, expects to be able to supply products at close to half the price as its current competitors.

Texte de consensus sur la vaccination contre la grippe 2010

Texte de consensus sur la vaccination contre la grippe en 2010 En raison de l'apparition du nouveau virus de la grippe A(H1N1) qui s'est répandu sur la planète en 2009, la vaccination contre la grippe a été organisée l'année dernière de manière spécifique. Pour de nombreuses personnes, l'administration de deux vaccins différents a été recommandée : une injection du vaccin trivalent contre la grippe saisonnière et une injection du vaccin contre la grippe pandémique A(H1N1). Pour la saison 2010-2011, on revient à une vaccination classique de groupes à risque avec un seul vaccin trivalent, qui confère une protection contre trois souches virales différentes, dont la souche A(H1N1). Dans ce texte de consensus, rédigé par un groupe de travail spécifique, nous voulons donner des réponses à quelques questions souvent posées et clarifier quelques controverses et malentendus. Membres du groupe de travail : Dr Rik Baeten (Vlaams Griepplatform), Paul Geerts (Omtrent Gezondheid), Dr Vincent Momin (SSMG), Dr Patrick Trefois (Question Santé), Dr Nathalie Van de Vyver (Domus Medica), Dr Yves Van Laethem (ULB, Hôpital Saint Pierre), Dr Marc Van Ranst (KU Leuven, Federaal Griepcommissaris). Sommaire 1 - Quels virus provoquent-ils la grippe chez l'homme ? 2 - Quels virus de la grippe circuleront-ils cette année 2010 ? 3 - Dispersion du virus de la grippe 4. Quelle est la gravité de la grippe ? 5. Pourquoi vacciner contre la grippe ? 6. Quelle est l'efficacité du vaccin contre la grippe ? 7. Pourquoi est-il recommandé de répéter la vaccination contre la grippe annuellement ? 8. Les personnes qui ont présenté des symptômes de grippe durant l'hiver 2009-2010 doivent-elles être vaccinées cette année ? 9. Les personnes vaccinées contre la grippe pandémique en 2009 doivent-elles être à nouveau vaccinées cette année ? 10. Quand vacciner ? 11. Qui est-il recommandé de vacciner cette année contre la grippe ? 12. Quelles sont les personnes qui ne peuvent pas être vaccinées ? 13. Pour quelles personnes le vaccin est-il remboursé ? 14. Peut-on vacciner une femme pendant la grossesse. 15. Faut-il vacciner l'entourage familial des personnes à risque et les personnes qui soignent des enfants de moins de 6 mois ? 16. Faut-il vacciner les enfants en bonne santé ? 17. Le vaccin contre la grippe peut-il être administré simultanément à d'autres vaccins ? 18. Les patients présentant une affection inflammatoire chronique ont-ils un risque accru de grippe ou de complications suite à une grippe ? 19. Les patients cancéreux peuvent-ils être vaccinés ?


The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited takes no responsibility for the contents of thisannouncement, makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and expressly disclaimsany liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or anypart of the contents of this announcement. GREATERCHINA TECHNOLOGY GROUP LIMITED

P18-21 jul 30 ktn/snapshot y

18 Pulse 30 July 2008 diagnosisAnnular rash on 24Ten top tips A GPSI's guide tonew osteoporosis medicine crammerWhat helps the glans prevent migraine underlying causes and investigate further for neuromuscular disorders of the gut. If delayed GI motility is identified I often useprokinetics, probiotics and sometimes


Automatic Detection and Rating of Dementia of Alzheimer Type through Lexical Analysis of Spontaneous Speech Calvin Thomas, Vlado Keˇselj, and Nick Cercone Faculty of Computer Science Faculty of Medicine Saint Mary's University Abstract— Current methods of assessing dementia of and in normal conversation [5]. In developing new tests,

Chapter 3

PPG-TAB A: AMPLIFICATION OF THE MINIMAL STANDARDS OF FITNESS FOR DEPLOYMENT TO THE CENTCOM AOR; TO ACCOMPANY MOD ELEVEN TO USCENTCOM INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION AND INDIVIDUAL/UNIT DEPLOYMENT POLICY 1. General. This PPG-TAB A accompanies MOD ELEVEN, Section 15.C. and provides amplification of the minimal standards of fitness for deployment to the CENTCOM AOR, including a list of medical conditions that may be sufficient to deny medical clearance for or to disapprove deployment of a service member, civilian employee, volunteer, or contractor's employee. The list of deployment-limiting conditions is not comprehensive; there are many other conditions that may result in denial of medical clearance for deployment. Possession of one or more of the conditions listed in this tab does not automatically imply that the individual may not deploy. Rather, it imposes the requirement to obtain a knowledgeable physician's opinion as to the deployability status of the individual. "Medical conditions" as used here also include those health conditions usually referred to as dental, oral, psychological and/or emotional.


Drug Delivery TherapyPersonal theraPy manager for chronic Pain Helping You Enjoy More of What Life Has to Offer congratulations on your decision to get a medtronic drug pump. Drug delivery therapy can help you experience everyday life. We have developed this booklet to explain the myPtm™ Personal therapy manager, and how it can help you live with medtronic drug delivery therapy.as you rejoin your life, you may find that you experience increased pain when you do a particular activity or at certain times of the day. or it may be unpredictable and have no pattern. this is a relatively common experience,1 so medtronic developed a way for you to respond when the symptoms first start.the myPtm device allows you to get an extra dose of pain medication from your drug pump according to limits set by your physician. that way you may be able to do the things that are most important to you and enjoy more of what life has to offer.


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