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Outcomes From Treatment of Infertility WithNatural Procreative Technology in an Irish GeneralPractice Joseph B. Stanford, MD, MSPH, Tracey A. Parnell, MD, and Phil C. Boyle, MB Objectives: We evaluated outcomes in couples treated for infertility with natural procreative technology(NaProTechnology, NPT), a systematic medical approach for optimizing physiologic conditions for con-ception in vivo, from an Irish general practice.


Brain 2011: 134; 892–902 A JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGY The clinical and molecular genetic featuresof idiopathic infantile periodic alternatingnystagmus Mervyn G. Thomas,1 Moira Crosier,2 Susan Lindsay,2 Anil Kumar,1 Shery Thomas,1Masasuke Araki,3 Chris J. Talbot,4 Rebecca J. McLean,1 Mylvaganam Surendran,1 Katie Taylor,5Bart P. Leroy,6 Anthony T. Moore,7,8 David G. Hunter,9 Richard W. Hertle,10,11 Patrick Tarpey,12Andrea Langmann,13 Susanne Lindner,13 Martina Brandner13 and Irene Gottlob1


Food Bioprocess TechnolDOI 10.1007/s11947-008-0072-z Optimization of Fermentation Parameters for HigherLovastatin Production in Red Mold Rice through Co-cultureof Monascus purpureus and Monascus ruber Bibhu Prasad Panda & Saleem Javed & Mohammad Ali Received: 4 January 2008 / Accepted: 19 February 2008 # Springer Science + Business Media, LLC 2008 Abstract Monascus, fermented rice (red mold rice), has

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Safe Use of Injectable Medicines – 19.09 SECTION: MEDICINES MANAGEMENT POLICY AND PROCEDURE NO: NATURE AND SCOPE: POLICY AND PROCEDURE - TRUST WIDE SUBJECT: SAFE USE OF INJECTABLE MEDICINES This policy and procedure is concerned with the safe use of injectable medicines within the Trust

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CONSENSO ESPAÑOL SOBRE LA TERAPIA ELECTROCONVULSIVA T E C COORDINADOR DEL CONSENSO MIGUEL BERNARDO PONENTES ENRIQUE BUISÁN ADELA FAULÍ JOSEP GASCÓN CARMEN GOMAR ANA GONZÁLEZ-PINTO EMILIO MIRÓ RAMÓN PIGEM JORGE PLA PEDRO POZO CARMEN RUMEU PERE ANTON SOLER COMITÉ DE CONSENSO ALFONSO ACOSTA Psiquiatra - Salamanca ENRIQUE ALVAREZ Psiquiatra - Barcelona JULIO ARTIEDA Neurofisiólogo - Pamplona JOSÉ LUIS AYUSO Psiquiatra - Madrid ENRIQUE BACA Psiquiatra - Madrid CARLOS BALLÚS Psiquiatra - Barcelona DEMETRIO BARCIA Psiquiatra - Murcia JULIO BOBES Psiquiatra - Oviedo MANUEL BOUSOÑO Psiquiatra - Oviedo LEONARDO CASAIS Psiquiatra - Cádiz MIGUEL CASAS Psiquiatra - Barcelona AMELIA CABELLO Anestesióloga - Vitoria ANTONIO COLODRÓN Psiquiatra - Madrid VALENTÍN CONDE Psiquiatra - Valladolid JOSÉ MARÍA COSTA Psiquiatra - Barcelona DOLORES CRESPO Psiquiatra - Madrid JUAN CUYAUT Psiquiatra - Madrid JESUS DE LA GÁNDARA Psiquiatra - Burgos FRANCISCO DÍEZ Psiquiatra - Santander ALICIA DURÁN Psicóloga - Barcelona JUAN GIBERT Farmacólogo - Cádiz JOSÉ GINER Psiquiatra - Sevilla JOSÉ MANUEL GONZÁLEZ Psiquiatra - Cádiz RAMÓN GRACIA Psiquiatra - Tenerife MIGUEL GUTIERREZ Psiquiatra - Vitoria ANGELS JUNOY Enonomista - Barcelona MARIBEL LEAL Enfermera -Valencia CARMEN LEAL Psiquiatra - Valencia GINÉS LLORCA Psiquiatra - Salamanca JUAN JOSÉ LÓPEZ-IBOR Psiquiatra - Madrid GRACIELA MARTINEZ Anestesióloga - Barcelona ANGEL OMS Anestesiólogo - Barcelona LEOPOLDO ORTEGA-MONASTERIO Forense - Barcelona ALFREDO PANADERO Anestesiólogo - Pamplona MIGUEL ROCA Psiquiatra - Palma de Mallorca ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ Psiquiatra - Santiago Compostela JOSÉ EMILIO ROJO Psiquiatra - Barcelona CARMEN ROVIROSA Enfermera - Barcelona JERÓNIMO SAIZ Psiquiatra - Madrid IGNACIO SANCHO Magistrado juez - Barcelona ANTONIO SEVA Psiquiatra - Zaragoza MANUEL VALDÉS Psiquiatra - Barcelona


ANTIOXIDANT COMPOUNDS IN NEEM Overview Antioxidants are compounds that protect cells against reactive oxygen cells – or free radicals -- in the body. Although they are created as part of the body's normal metabolic functions, free radicals react with other cells and may interfere with their ability to function. Free radicals are believed to play a role in many health conditions, ranging from cancer and atherosclerosis to wrinkles caused by too much sun.


Multiple daily administrations of low-dosesublingual immunotherapy in allergicrhinoconjunctivitisVasco Bordignon, MD,* and Samuele E. Burastero, MD† Background: Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is an efficacious treatment for allergic rhinoconjunctivitis.Objective: To investigate whether the number of daily administrations of SLIT can affect its efficacy.Methods: In an open study, 64 patients with allergic seasonal rhinoconjunctivitis to grass or birch pollens were assigned to


president's message. 5 our group comprehensive business data . 6 financial data. 7 2012 sales distribution. 8 growth path . 10 the Mediterranean fish farming industry . 12 KEGOagri . 17 PROTEUS . 20 ILKNAK . 22 PREDOMAR. 23

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Assessment and Management of Psychiatric Issues in the HIV Positive Patient Carrie L. Ernst, MD Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai March 26, 2014 Disclosure Author/royalties: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc Speaker's Bureau (spouse): AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Objectives

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Ozurdex® dexamethasone ocular implant for uveitis Lead author: Stephen Erhorn NHS Regional Drug & Therapeutics Centre (Newcastle) ©NETAG January 2012 Ozurdex® for uveitis • Ozurdex® is a biodegradable implant which is injected into the eye and releases dexamethasone, a steroid, over a period of up to about six months. It has been recommended by NICE for the treatment of retinal vein occlusions. It is also licensed for the treatment of posterior segment uveitis, a rare and potentially serious inflammatory eye condition.


NF Conference 2015, Monterey, Kalifornien, USA 32. internationale NF-Konferenz der Children s Tumor Foundation (CTF) The Path FORWARD / Der Weg nach vorne Tag 1 / 6.6.2015  Beginn der Konferenz, Begrüßung durch die CTF-Präsidentin A. Bakker  Keynote 1: A. Barker – „Biomarkers –The best of times and the worst of times"  Session 1: Diagnosing NF  Begrüßungsdinner, Verleihung des "von Recklinghausen Award"

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Henryka Lesniewska Préface du Dr Bernard Croisile à la maladie Prévenir, surmonter, ralentir Faire face à la maladie BAT2.indd 1 À mon ami Bernard Blache, pour avoir corrigé patiemment mes erreurs de français et pour ses idées créatives. Au docteur Philippe Barboux, chef du service de gériatrie au CH d'Arpajon, qui m'a fait confiance et m'a permis d'explorer

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The National Flooring Company Ltd Health & Safety Policy Version 10, 14/2/2012 Health & Safety Policy Arrangements for Health & Safety at Work General Statement of Intent The Managing Director of The National Flooring Co Ltd regards the promotion of Health & Safety measures at work as an important objective for all. It is, therefore, the organization's policy to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent personal injury and hazards to health of all persons who may come into contact with our undertaking.

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Developed with assistance from InfraTrain New Zealand Ltd, WITT Research Committee and New Zealand Institute of Highway Technology Ltd NZRF Roadmarking Materials Guide – Introduction Introduction The NZ Roadmarkers Federation developed the roadmarking materials guide in 2004, and undertook a revision in 2009. It brings together technical information about the range of marking materials, and associated products that are used by the pavement marking industry. The Guide was written by Ross Ridings of Quality Surveillance Ltd. This version of the Guide has involved input from a technical advisory group consisting of: Alan Parker, 3M New Zealand Ltd Alister Harlow, NZRF Bob Carnaby, Potters Industries Pty Ltd Bob Currie, Britesite (NZ) Ltd David Goddard, Damar Industries (NZ) Ltd Rob Dunne, Damar Industries (NZ) Ltd Steven Borrie, Rohm & Haas All information not contributed by these people or the companies they represent has been sourced from the public domain. The development of the document has been assisted by InfraTrain New Zealand Ltd, the WITT Research Committee and New Zealand Institute of Highway Technology Ltd who use the material as a training resource. The guide should be regarded as a ‘work in progress' and we welcome feedback from industry to make the document appropriate to users' needs. We particularly welcome information from users on recorded environmental hazards, and recorded health and safety incidents. REVIEW AND AMENDMENT This document has been developed by Quality Surveillance Ltd (QSL) for the New Zealand Roadmarkers Federation Inc (NZRF).

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Results are reported according to the level ofbacterial DNA detected in preserved milk. Bacterialgrowth in transit does not occur in preserved samplesbut multiple pathogens can still be detected. Mastitis pathogen testresult interpretationIndividual cowThis test by qPCR is designed to detect the presence of: • 11 key mastitis pathogens (responsible for >95% of cases)

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Annals of Oncology Advance Access published July 31, 2008 Annals of Oncology Biweekly fluorouracil, leucovorin, oxaliplatin, anddocetaxel (FLOT) for patients with metastaticadenocarcinoma of the stomach or esophagogastricjunction: a phase II trial of the ArbeitsgemeinschaftInternistische Onkologie S.-E. Al-Batran1*, J. T. Hartmann2, R. Hofheinz3, N. Homann4, V. Rethwisch5, S. Probst6,J. Stoehlmacher7, M. R. Clemens8, R. Mahlberg8, M. Fritz9, G. Seipelt10, M. Sievert11,C. Pauligk1, A. Atmaca1 & E. Ja¨ger11Klinik fu¨r Onkologie und Ha¨matologie, Krankenhaus Nordwest, Frankfurt; 2Department of Medical Oncology, Hematology, Immunology, Rheumatology and PulmologySouth West Cancer Center, Eberhard-Karls-University, Tuebingen; 3Department of Medicine III, Universita¨tsklinikum Mannheim; 4Department of Medicine I, University

Nexium wavelength service definition

Service Definition Wavelength Service This Service Definition describes Nexium's Wavelength Service from the customer's perspective. In this document the product is described in terms of an overview, service specification, service levels, orderable service options and technical specifications. This document details standard aspects of Nexium's Wavelength Service. Specific customer requirements may vary, and the specifications and service levels presented are as per the base offering.


The Georgian Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Acronyms ARI Acute Biosafety Level 2 Biosafety Level 3 Community Network of Reference Laboratories for Human Influenza in Europe Economic Association Agreement Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System Food and Agriculture Organization Health Care Workers Health and Social Programs Agency International Classification of Diseases

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New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies 8, 2 (December, 2006): 134-156. Discussion Paper—An Insider's View The Notion of Modesty in Muslim Women's Clothing: An Islamic Point of View AISHA WOOD BOULANOUAR1 University of Otago This essay looks at the religious reasons for the wearing of clothing that conforms to the guidelines provided in the Islamic teachings. It discusses the inner character of Islam and explains how all permissible Muslim behaviour flows from the basic concept hay'a, or modesty. The explanation of these ideas in English-language writing is discussed; and also how some misunderstandings and misrepresentations result. The purpose of this work is to make clear the religious reasons Muslims, especially women, choose the form of dress they do, wherever they reside—even in New Zealand.


Common dispensing errors and how to avoid? Objectives • Highlight common dispensing errors which occur in community pharmacies and learn from these • Identify how the NPA can support you in the event of a dispensing • Help you to improve patient safety, by adopting procedures within the pharmacy which promote good dispensing practices


Welcome to the 2009 Survey Welcome to the National Hydrocephalus Foundations 2009 Survey. This is the fourth survey conducted by National Hydrocephalus Foundation in its 30 year history. Over the past 30 years, our knowledge of hydrocephalus diagnosis, treatment, population and living with the condition has advanced. Because of the advancements during the period, the focus and questions on each survey were slightly different which makes a direct correlation between surveys impossible.


NUEVA SOCIEDAD  Alberto Zalles Cueto De la revuelta Las recientes revueltas campesina a la campesinas en Bolivia sonla expresión de la emergencia de un proyecto políticoautonomista aymara. En este trabajo se muestran las condiciones históricas yculturales de ese movimiento,


iPECS SBG-1000 Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide iPECS SBG-1000 Quick Start Guide Regulatory and Safety Notices Before connecting the Smart Business gateway to the telephone network, you may be required to notify your local serving telephone company of your intention to use "customer provided equipment." You may further be required to provide any or all of the following information:


J Clin Pathol 2001;54:553–555 Salicylic acid in the serum of subjects not takingaspirin. Comparison of salicylic acidconcentrations in the serum of vegetarians,non-vegetarians, and patients taking low doseaspirin C J Blacklock, J R Lawrence, D Wiles, E A Malcolm, I H Gibson, C J Kelly, J R Paterson Keywords: salicylic acid; salicylates; diet; low dose


A Production Guidefor North Carolina North Carolina Cooperative Extension ServiceNorth Carolina State University North Carolina State University Description and Stages of Growth . 3 General Culture . 4 Site Selection . 4 Shade Requirements . 5 Site Preparation . 5 Transplanting Roots . 7 Shade Management . 8 Fertilization . 8 Pest Management. 8 Seed Production, Harvesting, and Handling. 9


Es materialmente imposible que un P A Í S • jurista esté al tanto de toda laproducción legislativa que le afecta. Escritura PÚBLICA Escritura PÚBLICA En 2004 entrarán en funcionamiento 52 juzgados mercantiles Asuntos de carácter mercantil Apuesta jurídica Los principales asuntos que fallarán los nue-

Immediateearly function of neoss implants placed in maxillas and posterior mandibles: an 18month prospective case series study

Immediate/Early Function of Neoss ImplantsPlaced in Maxillas and Posterior Mandibles:An 18-Month Prospective Case Series StudyLeonardo Vanden Bogaerde, MD, DDS;* Giorgio Pedretti, MD, DDS;† Lars Sennerby, DDS, PhD;‡Neil Meredith, DDS, PhD§ Background: An increasing number of studies show that immediate/early function of dental implants can be as successfulas two-stage procedures. However, the results may not be universal for all implant types and it is important that newimplants are tested for this treatment modality.

Validation of the spanish version of the test for respiratory and asthma control in kids (track) in a population of hispanic preschoolers

Validation of the Spanish version of the Test forRespiratory and Asthma Control in Kids (TRACK) in apopulation of Hispanic preschoolers Carlos E. Rodríguez-Martínez, MD, Gustavo Nino, MD, and Jose A. Castro-Rodriguez, MD, Bogota,Colombia; Washington, DC; and Santiago, Chile What is already known about this topic? The only questionnaire intended to measure asthma control in childrenyounger than 5 years old, the Test for Respiratory and Asthma Control in Kids, needs additional validation studies.

Operational procedure directives - nb 911 - 2009

Operating Procedures Directive Section: A-1 Name: Introduction Public Safety "Working together to build a safer New Brunswick" Operating Procedures Directive TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTIONS Compliance NB 9-1-1 Call Procedures 9-1-1 Caller to Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)


Transplant Patient Education Medications After Transplant Medicine Dos and Don'ts 1. Always take your medicines as directed. Medicines play an important role after transplant. Never stop, start or change your dose without Some of them will be taken for the rest of your approval from the transplant team. life to prevent your body from rejecting your new organ(s) and to treat any other medical health

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Q&A: 2009 Prohibited List What major changes does the 2009 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods include compared to the 2008 List? • The 2009 List includes modifications in relation to the status of specified substances in order to align the 2009 List with the more flexible sanctions, able to be imposed in cases involving "specified substances", set forth in the revised World Anti-Doping Code (2009 Code) to come into effect on January 1, 2009.


NEXT 43_SEPTEMBER 12 Dorothée Baumann, de la série Pleasure Arousal Dominance, 2011 NEXT 43_SEPTEMBER 12_P2 RUBRIQUES / SECTIONS Chères lectrices, chers lecteurs de NEXT, L'actualité de la rentrée culturelle est d'une grande diversité et d'une extraordinaire richesse ; j'espère que vous aurez le plaisir d'en découvrir un aperçu ici. En 2012, le Festival Images à Vevey et les Journées photographiques de Bienne sont d'excellentes occasions pour voir de nombreuses expositions de photographie contemporaine d'un niveau international. NEAR contribue a la réflexion sur le livre d'artiste en vous proposant une journée de rencontres, à ne

Core curriculum of multiple sclerosis

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF NEUROLOGY MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS FELLOWSHIP CORE CURRICULUM MS Section Education Working Group Introduction Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the most common demyelinating disease of the CNS and the second most common cause of disability among young adults. The complex and interdisciplinary management issues of the MS patient demand the participation of health care professionals from a variety of intergrated and interactive disciplines, with coordination of care often provided by the neurologist. It is therefore essential for the neurologist to have a thorough grounding in the disease across its broad spectrum, from basic scientific underpinnings including immunopathology to the broad array of its clinical manifestations and patient care needs. Conventional neurologic training usually provides brief encounters in clinic and classroom settings that foster fragmented exposure to the disease. Basic genetics, neuroimmunology and epidemiology are covered in the first two years of medical school, but often without clinical correlation. In the M3 and M4 years, emphasis is placed on clinical presentation and differential diagnosis without exploring the full bench to bedside spectrum of demyelianting disorders. The student clerkship experience with clinical MS care may be limited to interacting for a few days with an MS patient who is hospitalized for an acute and limited care need; such as an IV steroid infusion for an acute MS exacerbation. During residency, diagnosis and therapeutics are more fully explored, but often with limited individual patient continuity for what is a lifelong disorder; and often in departmental partitions that obscure the benefits of coordinated multi-disciplinary disease management. Further, pro-active care approached such as wellness management so actively favored by the MS patient are limited in the university setting. Scheduling demands and time constraints contribute to this fragmentation in MS training of the student and resident physician.With increasing financial pressures, and competition for health care resources, it is important to demonstrate that the optimal care of persons with chronic neurologic conditions such as MS is best implemented by specialist physicians (neurologists) who are most familiar with all of the medical, rehabilitative, psychosocial and vocational needs proper MS disease management requires. The AAN Section on MS Core Curriculum is designed to provide a concise yet comprehensive educational resource about MS, that may be utilized by neurologists to help understand and manage multiple facets of this complicated and interdisciplinary disease process. Basic science facts are presented and will serve as a context for understanding immunopathology and current therapeutic approaches, including immunomodulatory and symptomatic treatments. Clinical phenomenology and diagnostic evaluations are discussed in detail, including unusual presentations and symptoms, and the expanding differential diagnosis of CNS demyelianting disease beyond its "classic" and "conventional" borders. Finally, guidelines for the comprehensive management of persons with MS are provided, using information from each of the health care disciplines that are commonly involved. These latter include nursing, psychosocial and vocational strategies that are often not extensively covered in standard


Food Interactions with Prescription Drugs By Karen Lilyquist, RN, RD, PhD, LD Julie Stefanski, RDN, MEd, LDN, CDE Goal and Objectives The goal of this prescription drug-food interaction continuing education module is to inform dietitians, dietary managers, fitness professionals, health educators and occupational therapists regarding the adverse effects and effectiveness of prescription drugs caused by the intake of certain food, food substances and dietary supplements. After reading this module, the participant will be able to:


Pain before, during and after endodontic emergency treatment • Pain control before emergency treatment • Pain control during emergency treatment • Pain control after emergency treatment • Rules of thumb: • There is ample evidence that:  Pretreatment with antibiotics is not beneficial and seems  antibiotics are not efficacious in preventing post-

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ERT Conditions for Productive Learning in Networked Learning Environments: Leadership Report Main author: Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld (UAalborg) Nature of the milestone: Report Dissemination level: Public Planned delivery date: November 2007 No part of this document may be distributed outside the consortium / EC without


Patient Information Guide to Cardiac Angiogramand Angioplasty Croí works to improve the quality of life for all through the prevention and control of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Our specialist health team equip people with lifesaving skills; provide rapid access cardiac diagnostics; and develop and deliver innovative cardiovascular health care in the areas of prevention and


Journal of Medical Microbiology (2011), 60, 612–618 Chemical composition and antifungal activity of theessential oils of Lavandula viridis L'He´r. Mo´nica Zuzarte,1,2 Maria Jose´ Gonc¸alves,1 Carlos Cavaleiro,1Jorge Canhoto,2 Luı´s Vale-Silva,3 Maria Joa˜o Silva,3 Euge´nia Pinto3and Lı´gia Salgueiro1 1Center of Pharmaceutical Studies, Faculty of Pharmacy, Health Science Campus, University of