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2014 aats guidelines for the prevention and management of perioperative atrial fibrillation and flutter for thoracic surgical procedures

Clinical Guidelines 2014 AATS guidelines for the prevention and management ofperioperative atrial fibrillation and flutter for thoracicsurgical procedures Gyorgy Frendl, MD, Alissa C. Sodickson, Mina K. Chung, Albert L. Waldo, MD, Bernard J. Gersh, MB, ChB, James E. Tisdale, PharmD,Hugh Calkins, MD,Sary Aranki, Tsuyoshi Kaneko, Stephen Cassivi, MD,Sidney C. Smith, Jr, Dawood Darbar, Jon O. Wee, Thomas K. Waddell, MD, MSc, PhD,David Amar, MD,and Dale Adler, M


treatment of 1Dr Sultana Khanum, former Regional Adviser, Nutrition for Health and Development, WHO South-East Asia Regional OfficeProfessor Ann Ashworth & Ms Claire Schofield, London School of Hygiene and Tropical MedicineProfessor Alan Jackson, University of Southampton Guidelines for the inpatient treatment of severely malnourished children


International Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2016; Vol: 3, Issue: 3, 14-18 Research Article ISSN: 2394-613X FORMULATION AND EVALUATION OF FAST DISSOLVING TABLETS OF PERINDOPRIL USING NATURAL AND SYNTHETIC SUPER DISINTEGRANTS P. Sobhita Rani *, Srilakshmi N, T Neelima Rani, Singireddy Anandam Malla Reddy Pharmacy College, Maisammaguda, Dhulapally, Hyderabad (India) *Corresponding Author

Manual del visitador de barcos

International Christian Maritime Association MANUAL DEL VISITADOR DE BARCOS Secretariat 15 Lambs Passage London EC1Y 8TQ Tel. +44 20 7256 9216 www.icma.as © ICMA 2005 Manual del Visitador de Barcos Este manual pretende ofrecer asesoramiento a personas dedicadas a la atención pastoral y al servicio de los marinos, tanto en puerto como a bordo de los barcos. Ha sido elaborado teniendo en cuenta de las experiencias de las misiones para los marinos que integran la Asociación Marítimo Cristiana Internacional (ICMA). La presente edición está basada en una edición previa, redactada en 1977 por el Consejo Internacional de Agencias de Marinos. Se ha revisado varias veces, incluyendo sugerencias de capellanes y visitadores de barcos. Esta edición contiene un apéndice con referencias de numerosas organizaciones de apoyo al bienestar en el ámbito marítimo.

Interdisciplinary institute for innovation

Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation Behind the scenes of scientific articles: defining categories of fraud and regulating cases David Pontille Working Paper 13-MS-03 Centre de sociologie de l'innovation MINES ParisTech, CNRS UMR 7185 60 boulevard Saint Michel

First report of fluazuron resistance in rhipicephalus microplus: a field tick population resistant to six classes of acaricides

Contents lists available at Veterinary Parasitology First report of fluazuron resistance in Rhipicephalus microplus: A field tick population resistant to six classes of acaricides José Reck , Guilherme Marcondes Klafke , Anelise Webster, Bruno Dall'Agnol, Ramon Scheffer, Ugo Araújo Souza, Vivian Bamberg Corassini, Rafael Vargas, Julsan Silveira dos Santos, João Ricardo de Souza Martins


In Vitro - Ex Vivo Correlation of Fluticasone Propionate Pharmacokinetic Profiles Maria Börjel1,2, Ewa Selg2 and Per Gerde1,2 ([email protected]) 1 Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB, Stockholm, Sweden; 2 Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden INTRODUCTION In inhalation drug development there is a need not only for traditional particle


Gobierno de Costa Rica Instituto Costarricense sobre Drogas Unidad de Información y Estadística Nacional sobre Drogas Boletín de la Unidad de Información y Estadística Nacional sobre Drogas del Instituto Costarricense sobre Drogas - N° [email protected] Estimado lector: En este número presentamos varios artículos relacionados con el


Nutrition Considerations in Lymphedema The benefits of a balanced diet Nutrition and health typically go hand in hand. This article is an overview of how to maintain good health and how diet can impact lymphedema. Sodium Detector As an oncology dietitian, I often see how a water tends to follow salt. Thus, excess salt Learn how much sodium is in the

Sports med 2006; 36 (10): 881-909

Sports Med 2006; 36 (10): 881-909  2006 Adis Data Information BV. All rights reserved. Central FatigueThe Serotonin Hypothesis and Beyond Romain Meeusen,1 Philip Watson,2 Hiroshi Hasegawa,1,3 Bart Roelands1 andMaria F. Piacentini1,4 1 Department Human Physiology and Sportsmedicine, Faculty of Physical Education and

Tecnointelecto vol.6 no.1-ene-03-10-final

CIENCIAS EXACTAS Y NATURALES Description of Cuautlaleyrodes canis gen. et sp. nov. of Whiteflies (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) from Mexico. Carapia-Ruiz V. E., Castillo-Gutiérrez A., Ortega-Saad Y., Hernández-Velásquez V. M., Peña-Chora G. and Núñez-Valdez M. E. …………….……………….……….……….……………………………….….2


Heteronormativity in Action: Reproducing the Heterosexual Nuclear Family in After-hours Medical Calls CELIA KITZINGER, University of York Heterosexism has become a recognized social problem since the rise of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgen- dered (LGBT) activism in the 1970s. One of its manifestations is heteronormativity: the mundane production ofheterosexuality as the normal, natural, taken-for-granted sexuality. My research uses conversation analysis toexplore heteronormativity as an ongoing, situated, practical accomplishment by people oriented to other actionsentirely. I show that family reference terms—across a dataset of 59 after-hours calls to the doctor—are deployedso as to construct a normative version of the heterosexual nuclear family: a married couple, co-resident with theirbiological, dependent children. I examine the inferences normatively attached to family reference terms, considerhow these inferences are used interactionally, and document how this everyday talk-in-interaction both reflectsand reconstitutes the culturally normative definition of the family. This research advances our understanding ofnormativity by showing how a social problem can exist even when there is no orientation to "trouble" in inter-action. Here, the persistent and untroubled reproduction of a taken-for-granted heteronormative world bothreflects heterosexual privilege and (by extrapolation) perpetuates the oppression of non-heterosexual people,denied access to key social institutions such as marriage and unable to take for granted access to their culture'sfamily reference terms. The article shows how the heteronormative social order is reproduced at the level of mun-dane social interaction, through the everyday conversational practices of ordinary folk.


Valsartan in a Japanese population with hypertension and other cardiovascular disease (Jikei Heart Study): a randomised, open-label, blinded endpoint morbidity-mortality study Seibu Mochizuki, Björn Dahlöf, Mitsuyuki Shimizu, Katsunori Ikewaki, Makoto Yoshikawa, Ikuo Taniguchi, Makoto Ohta, Taku Yamada, Kazuhiko Ogawa, Kiyoshi Kanae, Makoto Kawai, Shingo Seki, Fumiko Okazaki, Masayuki Taniguchi, Satoru Yoshida, Naoko Tajima, for the Jikei Heart Study group*


FLORIDA INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN & MACHINE COGNITION volume 10 issue 1 New Research New cyber threats, Computers developing IHMC-NASA partnership Cmap conference lands new security tools understanding of language on Earth and in space ©2013 IHMC As science and technology push the boundaries of what people and machines can do, IHMC's researchers continue to meet the challenges found at the cutting edge where human and machine meet. That was evidenced by the strong pace of research grants coming our way as 2012 drew to a close.

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SCUOLA DI PREGHIERA E CRESCITA "CONTEMPLATORI DEL SACRO CUORE DI GIANFRANCO BENEDETTO Rinnovare il Rinnovamento Nello Spirito Santo Ci incontreremo qui con un altro libro inedito di Gianfranco Benedetto, che ha partecipato per 16 anni nella "corrente di grazia" che rappresenta il Rinnovamento Nello Spirito o Rinnovamento Carismatico. E analizzato in questo elaborato

Curriculum vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE Presentado por Francisco Gabriel Acién Fernández Almería, Noviembre de 2015 Currículum vitae F. Gabriel Acién Fernández Contenido Francisco Gabriel Acién Fernández Curriculum vitae Francisco Gabriel Acién Fernández Curriculum vitae DATOS PERSONALES APELLIDOS Y NOMBRE: Acién Fernández, Francisco Gabriel NÚMERO DEL DNI: 08.912.410 W LUGAR Y FECHA DE EXPEDICIÓN: El Ejido, 20-05-1994 NACIMIENTO (PROVINCIA Y LOCALIDAD): Almería, Dalias FECHA: 12-08-1969 RESIDENCIA: PROVINCIA Almería LOCALIDAD Aguadulce. DOMICILIO Plaza Hnos. Martín Escudero, nº36. TELÉFONO: (950)347631 ESTADO CIVIL: Casado FACULTAD ACTUAL: Facultad de Ciencias Experimentales de Almería. DEPARTAMENTO: Ingeniería Química. CATEGORÍA: Profesor Titular de Universidad N.R.P. 0891241035 A0504 orcid.org/0000-0002-8434-0365 Scopus: 55385950700 2.

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The hygienic status of raw and sour milk from smallholder dairy farms and local markets and potential risk for public health in The Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Animal Health Research Working Paper 3 . Michaela Hempen Fred Unger Susanne Münstermann Momar Talla Seck Vincent Niamy International


1021-1030 20/3/06 19:21 Page 1021 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY 28: 1021-1030, 2006 Cimetidine, an unexpected anti-tumor agent, and its potential for the treatment of glioblastoma (Review) FLORENCE LEFRANC1, PAUL YEATON3, JACQUES BROTCHI1 and ROBERT KISS2 1Department of Neurosurgery, Erasmus University Hospital, 2Laboratory of Toxicology,

Migration solutions with simatic pcs 7

© Siemens AG 2009 Migration solutions with the SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System Catalog ST PCS 7.2 • October 2009 SIMATIC PCS 7 Answers for industry. © Siemens AG 2009 Training for Automation and Process Control System Industrial Solutions Interactive Catalog CA 01 SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Control System


Fast Track Underwriting - Customer Medical Questionnaire Stomach and bowel disorders (not crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis) Name of customer applying for cover Application number Financial adviser Guide to filling in this questionnaire 1 Make sure you fill in the customer details above. 2 You should read the important note below about telling us about material facts.

Microsoft word - dpp mrp paper 2 april 2015

Minor Research Project A study on Lok Adalat with special reference to the Satara City University Grant Commission, New Delhi Dr. Deepa Pravin Patil Ismailsaheb Mulla Law College, Satara CERTIFICATE This is to certify that a copy of the final report of Minor Research Project entitled "A Study on Lok Adalat in Satara City" by Dr. Deepa


t i o n a l H C o s p i t a l o U f B a h r a i Sn W.L.L Vol. 2 Issue No. 18 The Second Physician Attribute: Medical and Clinical Knowledge Medicine changes rapidly. Clinical practice and standards advance fast. We in the Hospital place great importance to the management of change. We al think that proper management of change is the

Doing business in (insert country name here)

Doing Business in Cameroon: 2013 Country Commercial Guide for U.S. Companies INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT, U.S. & FOREIGN COMMERCIAL SERVICE AND U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE, 2010. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. Chapter 1: Doing Business In Cameroon M arket Overview • Cameroon is the largest economy in the six-nation Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC). With a population of over 20 million people, the IMF estimated Cameroon's GDP (at purchasing power parity) for 2012 to be over $50 billion. The IMF projects 5% growth in 2013 and notes that Cameroon boasts one of the highest per capita GDPs (by purchasing power parity) in sub-Saharan Africa, at $2,366. • Cameroon has a wealth of natural resources, including rich potential in the agricultural, forestry, and mining sectors, an ample labor force, and an enviable location between markets in Nigeria to the west and Central Africa, Chad, Republic of Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea to the south and east. Cameroon is often described as "Africa in Miniature" because of its ethnic, linguistic, and geographic diversity. • The Bank of Central African States (BEAC) sets some aspects of monetary policy for Cameroon and other CEMAC members. CEMAC's currency, the Central African CFA Franc (CFA), is managed by BEAC and guaranteed at a rate of 655.957 CFA to the euro by the French Treasury. Cameroon is also a member of a much larger economic zone called Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS or CEEAC), which includes the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, and which represents a market of 120 million people. • Cameroon's major exports are oil, timber, and cash crops such as cocoa, coffee, rubber, cotton, and bananas. Cameroon imports mainly semi-processed products, industrial inputs, machinery, food products, pharmaceuticals, automobile, machinery, and light crude oil from neighboring countries. The European Union is Cameroon's main trading partner. Nigeria and France are Cameroon's major suppliers of imported goods and services. • A committee commissioned by the Government of the Republic of Cameroon (GRC) in May 2007 found the United States to be the largest single foreign investor in Cameroon, in large part due to the substantial American equity in the Chad-Cameroon pipeline and the power sector. Trade between the two countries has been on a steady increase since 2009, almost doubling by 2012, as Cameroonians continue to discover and appreciate the high standards and quality of U.S. goods. • Yaounde is the nation's political capital, but Douala, the largest city, serves as the country's commercial center. Almost all transport in and out of Cameroon, Chad, and


April 2013 – March 2014 IAP-Network StUDyS Developing crucial Statistical methods for Understanding major complex Dynamic Systems in natural, biomedical and social sciences ordinator: Ir ene Gijbels, KUL-1 Phase VII, Contract P7/06 1 General information and list of abbreviations Main achievements per work package . . . . . . . . . . . Most important network activities . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Chem. Res. Toxicol. 2006, 19, 164-172 The Greater Reactivity of Estradiol-3,4-quinone vs Estradiol-2,3-quinone with DNA in the Formation of Depurinating Adducts: Implications for Tumor-Initiating Activity Muhammad Zahid, Ekta Kohli, Muhammad Saeed, Eleanor Rogan, and Ercole Cavalieri* Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases, UniVersity of Nebraska Medical Center,

Aids in africa

Order Code IB10050 CRS Issue Brief for Congress Received through the CRS Web AIDS in Africa Updated August 28, 2003 Raymond W. Copson Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division Congressional Research Service ˜ The Library of Congress MOST RECENT DEVELOPMENTS BACKGROUND AND ANALYSIS Characteristics of the African Epidemic


Assessment of the U.S. Fibromyalgia Market in Support of S1 Filing (Phase 2) Presented to TONIX Pharmaceuticals Frost & Sullivan Healthcare and Life Sciences Consulting Group CONFIDENTIAL This report is solely for the use of client personnel. No part of it may be circulated, quoted, or reproduced for distribution outside the client organization without prior written approval from Frost & Sullivan. This material was used by Frost & Sullivan during an oral presentation; it is not a complete record of the discussion.


Learning the Relationships between Drug, Symptom, and Medical Condition Mentions in Social Media Information Retrieval Lab Information Retrieval Lab Information Retrieval Lab Department of Computer Science Department of Computer Science Department of Computer Science Georgetown University Georgetown University Georgetown University (i.e., healthy, exposed, or infected) over time based on theusers' tweets. Paul and Dredze (2011) propose the Ailment


Safe harbor This presentation may include forward-looking statements that are based on our management's beliefs andassumptions and on information currently available to our management.The inclusion of forward-looking statements should not be regarded as a representation by Cosmo that any ofits plans will be achieved. Actual results may differ materially from those set forth in this presentation due tothe risks and uncertainties inherent in Cosmo's ability to develop and expand its business, successfullycomplete development of its current product candidates and current and future collaborations for thedevelopment and commercialisation of its product candidates and reduce costs (including staff costs), themarket for drugs to treat IBD diseases, Cosmo's anticipated future revenues, capital expenditures and financialresources and other similar statements, may be "forward-looking" and as such involve risks and uncertaintiesand risks related to the collaboration between Partners and Cosmo, including the potential for delays in thedevelopment programs for Budesonide MMX® and Rifamycin SV MMX®. No assurance can be given that theresults anticipated in such forward looking statements will occur. Actual events or results may differ materiallyfrom Cosmo's expectations due to factors which include, but are not limited to, increased competition, Cosmo'sability to finance expansion plans, the results of Cosmo's research and development activities, the success ofCosmo's products, regulatory, legislative and judicial developments or changes in market and/or overalleconomic conditions. Cosmo assumes no responsibility to update forward-looking statements or to adapt themto future events or developments.You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as ofthe date hereof, and Cosmo undertakes no obligation to revise or update this presentation.


Antiviral Research 71 (2006) 154–163 Antiviral drugs for cytomegalovirus diseases Department of Clinical Virology, Division of Virology, GlaxoSmithKline Inc., RTP, NC, United States Received 15 March 2006; accepted 4 May 2006 Dedicated to Prof. Erik De Clercq on the occasion of reaching the status of Emeritus-Professor at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in September 2006


Istruzioni per l’uso Posizionamento e collegamentoReversibilità apertura porte Italiano, 1 Descrizione dell’apparecchio, 3Vista d'insieme Accessori, 4 Avvio e utilizzo, 5-6Avviare l'apparecchio Sistema di raffreddamentoUtilizzare al meglio il frigorifero Utilizzare al meglio il congelatore Manutenzione e cura, 7Escludere la corrente elettrica


Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Evaluating Android Anti-malware against Transformation Attacks Vaibhav Rastogi, Yan Chen, and Xuxian Jiang† Northwestern University, †North Carolina State University Technical Report NU-EECS-13-01 Mobile malware threats (e.g., on Android) have recently become a real concern. Inthis paper, we evaluate the state-of-the-art commercial mobile anti-malware productsfor Android and test how resistant they are against various common obfuscationtechniques (even with known malware). Such an evaluation is important for not onlymeasuring the available defense against mobile malware threats but also proposingeffective, next-generation solutions. We developed DroidChameleon, a systematicframework with various transformation techniques, and used it for our study.Our results on ten popular commercial anti-malware applications for Android areworrisome: none of these tools is resistant against common malware transformationtechniques. Moreover, a majority of them can be trivially defeated by applying slighttransformation over known malware with little effort for malware authors. Finally,in the light of our results, we propose possible remedies for improving the currentstate of malware detection on mobile devices.


Dasgupta S. :- Scientific Writing – Some Rules Art and Science of Scientific Writing: Some Rules Samir Dasgupta* [This write-up is primarily intended to give some tips to the post-graduate students and junior researchers for their manuscript or thesis preparation] A. Twelve rules for reporting numbers in scientific publications

Microsoft word - nutz_201.doc

Heft Nutztierhaltung 2/01 Abdruck in Absprache mit der Redaktion und unter Quellenangabe gestattet Inhaltsverzeichnis: • Veranstaltungen . 1 • Von Borell, E.: Editorial: 15. IGN-Tagung "Tierschutz und Nutztierhaltung" (2001) . 3 • EKAH und EKTV (Hrsg.): Die Würde des Tieres (2001) . 4 • Brilling, W.: Rinderzucht im Wandel (2001) . 4

Prefeasibility report for setting up of diagnostic centre at district hospital uttara kannada

Prefeasibility Report for Setting up of Diagnostic Centre at District Hospital Uttara Kannada Karnataka Infrastructure Development Department Project Submitted by ICRA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED, NOIDA Submitted to Karnataka Infrastructure Development Department Infrastructure Development Dept. (PPP Cell), 1 Prefeasibility Report for Setting up of Diagnostic Centre at District Hospital Karwar






A triage guide for tinnitus James A. Henry, PhD; Tara L. Zaugg, AuD; Paula J. Myers, PhD; Caroline J. Kendall, PhD; Ringing in the ears may be symptomatic of a serious Elias M. Michaelides, MD condition—or it may be benign. Th is guide can help you Veterans Affairs RR&D National Center for tell the diff erence. Rehabilitative Auditory Research, VA Medical Center, Portland, Ore (Drs. Henry and Zaugg); Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, Oregon Health & Science


Health Insurance Guide Book Dear Valued Customer, Welcome TO THE WORLD OF IFFCO TOKIO GENERAL INSURANCE Co. Ltd. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing a Health Insurance cover from IFFCO TOKIO GENERAL INSURANCE Co. Ltd. We assure you quality and hassle free health claims services whenever and wherever you need.

Bavarian nordic: debunking the management narrative

August 2015 Bavarian Nordic (BAVA DC/BVNRY) Debunking the Management Narrative During Bavarian Nordic's second-quarter earnings call, the company's management sought to downplay our critique of Prostvac's clinical data. But its arguments rely on cherry-picked studies and inappropriate comparisons; in many cases, moreover, the presentation simply ignored our detailed analysis in favor of repeating the same old claims as if we had not already addressed them. Below we highlight some of the problems with Bavarian Nordic's case. In attempting to characterize placebo-group survival in the pivotal Prostvac Phase 2 (Kantoff, et al., 2010) as typical, the company uses misleading benchmarks, comparing the minimally symptomatic, chemotherapy-naïve, relatively healthy men in that trial to patients in other trials who are highly symptomatic, have sometimes progressed after chemotherapy, and often have less favorable disease characteristics, like visceral metastases and high Gleason scores – all issues we discussed in our original report. Regarding immune responses, Bavarian Nordic re-frames data that fellow cancer-vaccine advocates have described as "somewhat disheartening" (Kissick & Sanda, 2015) as if it were highly impressive, ignoring multiple studies that found no significant responses at all. On the bigger-picture question – what would allow Prostvac to succeed where so many other highly similar agents have failed? – the company remains silent, just as it continues to remain silent on the risk that future smallpox-vaccine orders will be slashed based on its own data showing that a far smaller dose can achieve the same benefit. Survival data

Caffeine and health formatted.pub

CAFFEINE FACT SHEET: CAFFEINE AND HEALTH NTERNATIONAL FOOD INFORMATION COUNCIL FOUNDATION Many women, especially those of childbearing age, are concerned about con-suming too much caffeine. From reproductive effects to osteoporosis, scientists worldwide have studied the effects of caffeine on women's health. This fact sheet reviews the latest research on caffeine and women's health, summarizing the major findings. When taken together, the collective research supports moderate consumption of caffeine (up to 300 mg/day or three cups of coffee) for women, including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Pii: s0967-0637(00)00042-x

Deep-Sea Research I 48 (2001) 405}437 Physical-biological coupling in the Algerian Basin (SW Mediterranean): In#uence of mesoscale instabilities on the biomass and production of phytoplankton and bacterioplankton XoseH Anxelu G. MoraHn *, Isabelle Taupier-Letage, Evaristo VaHzquez-DommHnguez , SimoHn Ruiz, Laura Arin , Patrick Raimbault, Marta Estrada Dept. Biologia Marina i Oceanograxa, Institut de Cie%ncies del Mar, CSIC, Pg. Joan de Borbo&, s/n, E-08039 Barcelona, Spain

پرستاری خون

نوخ یراتسرپ متفه هسلج THE PATIENT WITH SICKLE CELL CRISIS NURSING DIAGNOSES:• • Acute pain related to tissue hypoxia due to agglutination of sickled cells within blood vessels • • Risk for infection• • Risk for powerlessness related to illness-induced • • Deficient knowledge regarding sickle crisis prevention.


Neuroendocrinology Letters Volume 29 No. 1 2008 The gut-brain barrier in major depression: Intestinal mucosal dysfunction with an increased translocation of LPS from gram negative enterobacteria (leaky gut) plays a role in the inflammatory pathophysiology of depression Michael Maes 1, Marta Kubera 2 and Jean-Claude Leunis 3 1. MCare4U Outpatient Clinics, Belgium;


Inter national Organization for Succulent Plant Study para el Estudio de Plantas Suculentas de Recherche sur les Plantes Succulentes Inter nationale Organisation A short history of Repertorium Plantarum Succulentarum The first issue of Repertorium Plantarum Succulentarum (RPS) was produced in 1951 byMichael Roan (1909−2003), one of the founder members of the International Organizationfor Succulent Plant Study (IOS) in 1950. It listed the ‘majority of the new names [ofsucculent plants] published the previous year'. The first issue, edited by Roan himself withthe help of A.J.A Uitewaal (1899−1963), was published for IOS by the National Cactus &Succulent Society, and the next four (with Gordon Rowley as Associate and later JointEditor) by Roan's newly formed British Section of the IOS. For issues 5−12, GordonRowley became the sole editor. Issue 6 was published by IOS with assistance by theAcclimatisation Garden Pinya de Rosa, Costa Brava, Spain, owned by Fernando Riviere deCaralt, another founder member of IOS.

D--ijest-journa 10054.mdi

Int. J. Environ. Sci. Tech., 7 (1), 165-174, Winter 2010ISSN: 1735-1472 E. I. Madukasi et al. © IRSEN, CEERS, IAU Potentials of phototrophic bacteria in treating pharmaceutical wastewater State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resource and Environment, Harbin Institute of Technology, 202 Haihe Road Harbin, Nangang district, Harbin 150090, P R China

Norma oficial mexicana nom

NORMA Oficial Mexicana NOM-030-SSA2-1999, Para la prevención, tratamiento y control de la hipertensión arterial. Al margen un sello con el Escudo Nacional, que dice: Estados Unidos Mexicanos.- Secretaría de Salud. NORMA OFICIAL MEXICANA NOM-030-SSA2-1999, PARA LA PREVENCION, TRATAMIENTO Y CONTROL DE LA HIPERTENSION ARTERIAL. ROBERTO TAPIA CONYER, Presidente del Comité Consultivo Nacional de Normalización de Prevención y Control de Enfermedades, con fundamento en los artículos 39 de la Ley Orgánica de la Administración Pública Federal; 3o., fracciones II y XVI, 13 apartado A), fracción I, 133, fracción I, 158 y demás relativos de la Ley General de Salud; 38, fracción II, 40, fracciones III y XI, 41 y 47, fracción IV de la Ley Federal sobre Metrología y Normalización; 28 y 34 del Reglamento de la Ley Federal sobre Metrología y Normalización; 7, fracciones V y XIX, y 38, fracción VI, del Reglamento Interior de la Secretaría de Salud, me permito ordenar la publicación en el Diario Oficial de la Federación la Norma Oficial Mexicana PROY-NOM-030-SSA2-1999, Para la prevención, tratamiento y control de la hipertensión arterial, y


SAFE MEDICATION PRACTICES HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis and the Need for Drug Interaction Screening Roger Cheng, Julie Greenall, Christine Koczmara, and Sylvia Hyland Contributions to this column are prepared by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMPCanada), a key partner in the Canadian Medication Incident and Prevention System, and include, withpermission, material from the ISMP Canada Safety Bulletin. The present article is based on "Drug interaction incident with HIV post-exposure prophylaxis", ISMP Can Saf Bull 2008;8(3):1-2. From time totime, ISMP Canada invites others to share learning based on local initiatives.


SECCIÓN INVESTIGATIVA Revista Areté: ISSN: 1657-2513 2013, vol. 13 N° 1. 138-151 teNdeNcias de iNVestigaciÓN FoNoaudiolÓgica: eNcueNtRos NacioNales de iNVestigaciÓN Angélica María Lizarazo-Camacho2 y Diana Fique Ortega3 Fecha de Recepción: 1 de agosto de 2013 Fecha de Aprobación: 5 de octubre de 2013 Citar como: Lizarazo-Camacho, A. & Fique, D. (2013). Tendencias de la investigación fonoaudiológica: Encuentros Nacionales de Investigación en Fonoaudiología. Revista

Blastocyst culture selects for euploid embryos: comparison of blastomere and trophectoderm biopsies

Blastocyst culture selects for euploidembryos: comparison of blastomere andtrophectoderm biopsies Alexis Adler *, Hsaio-Ling Lee, David H McCulloh, Esmeralda Ampeloquio,Melicia Clarke-Williams, Brooke Hodes Wertz, James Grifo New York University Fertility Center, New York University Langone School of Medicine, 660 1st Ave., 5th Floor, New York,NY 10016, United States* Corresponding author. E-mail address: (A Adler).


Amenazas a la Seguridad: Documento 9: La Legalización ¿Una alternativa viable para el Perú? Hecho el depósito Legal en la Biblioteca Nacional del Perú. Registro Nº 2010-07026 El autor desea dejar constancia de su agradecimiento a todas aquellas instituciones y personas que contribuyeron a la elaboración de este documento. En particular a Carmen


Internet Explorative research into the causes and consequences of compulsive internet use IVOHeemraadssingel 1943021 DM RotterdamT 010 425 33 66F 010 276 39 [email protected] Pwned* by the Internet Explorative research into the causes and consequences of compulsive internet use


ABSTRACT N°488 - CIGR Section 6 – NANTES – APRIL 2011 Sym'Previus : Probabilistic approach to simulate bacterial growth in food Florence POSTOLLEC PhD IDEA UNIT PROJECT MANAGER Interactions & dynamics of microbial ecosystems in food Research and Innovation Dpt Créac'h Gwen - F29196 Quimper Cedex - FRANCE


CSTX-13, a highly synergistically acting two-chainneurotoxic enhancer in the venom of the spiderCupiennius salei (Ctenidae)Benno Wullschleger*, Lucia Kuhn-Nentwig*†, Jan Tromp‡, Urs Ka¨mpfer‡, Johann Schaller‡, Stefan Schu¨rch‡,and Wolfgang Nentwig* *Zoological Institute, University of Bern, Baltzerstrasse 6, CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland; and ‡Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bern,Freiestrasse 3, CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland


Dr. Joel Rodríguez Saldaña Fecha de nacimiento:16 de Junio de 1953, México, D.F. Lugar de nacimiento: México, D.F. Página web: Act. 240815 Facultad de Medicina, U.N.A.M., México D.F. 1969-1974 Examen Profesional:11 de enero de 1974 Internado rotatorio de Pregrado: Clínica Hospital No. 1, I.M.S.S., Durango, Dgo., del16 de enero al 31 de diciembre de 1973.

Promoting gut health with probiotics: living medicines for treating digestive disorders

Promoting Gut Health with ProbioticsLiving Medicines for Treating Digestive Disorders Sala Horowitz, Ph.D. first brought the health benefits of beneficial bacteria to publicattention. Believing that this process could enhance health andlongevity, Dr. Metchnikoff named one of the primary bacteria in Probiotics are foods or dietary supplements that contain live yogurt cultures, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, for the famously long-

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Researchmaster Infection & Immuntiy Laboratory rotations & Reaearch topics IMMUNOLOGY – LABROTATIONS & RESEARCH TOPICS Researchmaster Infection & Immuntiy Laboratory rotations & Reaearch topics Title: (Immuno)pathogenesis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia Workgroupleader: dr. A.W. Langerak T: 010-704 4089 E: [email protected] W: http://www.erasmusmc.nl/immunologie/onderzoek/moleculaireimmunologie/mid/?lang=en Background Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is the most frequent type of leukemic proliferation in the Western world. CLL is found in adults and typically associated with age. The majority of CLL cases is of B-cell type, while a minority derives from T lymphocytes (also called T-cell large granular lymphocyte leukemia, T-LGL). Over the last years it has become increasingly clear that CLL is a heterogeneous disease, with a variable clinical course and differences in survival. CLL is an example of a multi-factorial disease, in which both genetic and micro-environmental factors contribute to leukemogenesis. Although in recent years many studies have focused on prognostic markers, there is still no complete picture of the factors that are involved in the (immuno)pathogenesis and that are determining for the prognosis.

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The Journal of Mental Health Policy and EconomicsJ Ment Health Policy Econ 7, 77-85 (2004) Should Clozapine Continue to be Restricted to Third-Line Status for Schizophrenia?: A Decision-Analytic Model Philip S. Wang,1* David A. Ganz,2 Joshua S. Benner,3 Robert J. Glynn,4 Jerry Avorn5 1MD, DrPH, Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics, Department of Medicine,

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STANDING ORDERS FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF WARFARIN Dose adjustment and INR testing frequency Applicable to: Pharmacists Issued by: Pharmacy warfarin management project medical Standing Order used for the Pharmacy based anticoagulant management Project. Dr Paul Harper, Consultant Haematologist, Palmerston North Hospital To improve the safety of Warfarin management by providing anticoagulant control through a pharmacist led service using point of care testing (CoaguChek XS Plus) and online computer decision support (INR Online Ltd).


Information Critical Care Management of the Adult Patient In Ireland with Ebola Virus Disease 2014 / 2015 Report of : Critical Care Advisory Group on Ebola Virus Disease Intensive Care Society of Ireland Interim Guidelines Update 4th January 2015 (to be updated with evolving international guidelines)